Tuesday, June 1, 2010

“He Don’t Say Nothin”

“He Don’t Say Nothin’,” as Uncle Remus put it, with improper grammar but with an accurate understanding that by not saying anything you can often convey a powerful or dangerous message.

Obama's teleprompter is silent as are all of congress concerning the Israeli murders on the high seas.

We're still waiting for one, just one, to condemn the attack but as the controlled Newsweek says, in an election year no one dare speak for fear of the jewish lobbies wrath.

At least for those who still vote, out of habit or hope, there's another criteria added to who not to vote for. Support for Israel, the fraudulent middle east wars, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve tell us who are against the interests of the American people. Every one of the spineless and bought creatures of the status quo needs to go. Too bad there's few alternatives in the corrupt system where dissent is only allowed for a weak few.

It's a given that if Iran had committed even a fraction of the carnage that Israel has we would have bombed the hell out of them or be in the midst of World War III by now. Scenarios where we all lose. Eventually that is most likely the plan.

The Obama administration and Congress are falling apart. The Gulf oil spill certainly proves that. Licking the feet of a criminal foreign state also proves it. Despite the best efforts of the main stream media liars, more and more folks are catching on every single day.

Silence in the face of injustice and criminality speaks volumes doesn't it.


  1. With everything under the sun being illegal I think its high time to outlaw Zionism as well.

  2. He could just order the bombing of Israel. Bomb them into the ground. Turn Irael into an ashtray so that the rest of the world can live in peace.
    I am sick of hearing about Israel. They don't deserve to exist.

  3. The US government is occupied Israeli trritory.

  4. Where the hell is Ron Paul? I have no illusions about him, I know hes never really been tough on Israel, but his silence is more deafening than most of the predictable cowards in Congress. Has Kucinich at least complained about it? Too bad McKinneys gone.

  5. I thought that Paul or Kucinich would have a statement by this evening but I can't find anything. They will have to speak sooner or later. Paul has for a long time called for the end of free US money for Israel and should use this event to reinforce that stance but I won't hold my breath.

  6. you told the story. the world is doomed. the us &
    israel working together are going to bring the whole planet down & I doubt there's anything we can do about it, except cry (and blog).

    Thanks for a GREAT blog. You're on my links list


  7. It's such an act. That pix you posted -- that's the image Obama wants to project. Serious, thoughtful, troubled. Awww. Thoughtful about off-shore drilling, thoughtful about sending troops to Afghanistan, thoughtful about sending troops to Arizona to initiate a police state (instead of to the Gulf to arrest BP execs and clean up the spill...). He's such a THOUGHTFUL FASCIST, THIEF & MURDERER-in-Chief. Tsk, tsk.

    PLAYING BASKETBALL in Chicago while Rome burns, oops I mean, the Gulf Coast dies. Out-Neroing Nero, but oh, so earnest, intelligent, dedicated.....

    I figured he got that idea from Zio-Sock Puppet Spielberg, in the film Munich, with its intelligent, regretful, conflicted ISRAELI ASSASSINS. Zionist neocon thugs now rule Hollywood AND Washington. It's all about the image, the spectacle. Hope, Change - they're like some kinda Disney mantras of sappy lying crud prettinesss where israel is forever victimized and the rest of the world can go to hell if they don't think so. Okay, i'm done -- for now.

  8. Barry's too broken up to say anything, ever since his lover, Benny zipped up his pants and walked away, leaving Mr. Sotero on his knees, crying.

    If Ron Paul doesn't denounce this act of barbarity, then I guess we know whose side he's on and goodbye to those illusions.

  9. US veteran on board 'Liberty' was flotilla passenger

    Man who served on ship bombed by Israel during 1967 war is missing in aftermath of flotilla clashes

    06.01.10, 09:13 / Israel News
    A US Navy veteran who was on board the USS Liberty, which Israel attacked during the Six Day War, is now missing after taking part in the conflict-ridden flotilla, US news agencies reported Tuesday.

    Sixty-three year-old Joe Miduras, of the Texas town of Corpus Christi, has not yet made contact with his wife, Jean. She has so far remained unconcerned, however, saying she didn't think he had been hurt.


    In other news, an extensive investigation into numerous, gruesome murders of young women in London's East End has been concluded.

    The Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate these crimes, Jack Ripper said he has found no evidence of wrongdoing, the women appear to have slit their own throats in some kind of bizarre act of self-mutilation.