Monday, July 12, 2010

Two sets of standards

Poor 'holocaust' and Charlie Manson 'victim' Roman Polanski won't be extradited back to the U.S. for drugging and raping a child. He's suffered enough and it happened so many years ago said fellow pervert Woody Allen.

Certain Hollywood insiders must be ecstatic that they may be able to make a few more bucks off this sorry ass and his sorry ass films.

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson gets set up, runs his mouth again and Hollywood turns mean.
He could face a year in jail for misdemeanor batter or "the courts could upgrade the charge to assault with enhancement of great bodily injury,"  "The maximum penalty for that is four years behind bars in a state prison, and the D.A.'s office almost always seeks state prison under those charges."

Ari Emanuel, Mel's agent and Rahm's brother, drops him saying  "we can't represent a guy who said the N-word." I guess that means no invitation for Sunday dinner at the White House.

What I don't understand is why Mel didn't drop that scumbag Emanuel long ago.

Polanski free to roam Europe and Mel on the ropes again. Trash vs. trash talk.

I say we never go to a movie again. At least not until the real story of the USS Liberty and 9/11 make it to the silver screen. I don't even think Mel is ready to make those.


  1. I never go to movies anyway. I buy a cd maybe once a year for something out of the ordinary, like "Avatar."

    Before that however the last films were Gladiator, Tombstone and Braveheart. Have I missed anything?

    Mel should take to piracy and murder on the high seas, nobody would even notice.

  2. krazy uncle AdolfJuly 12, 2010 at 4:27 PM

    Mel pushes his balls around in a wheelbarrow. I love that guy! Polanskis is a puke chester molester piece of shit who should be drawn and quartered.

  3. rofl @ wheelbarrow imagery. Thanks Uncle Adolf.

    Thanks for the update on slimebag Polanski. I knew it would turn out this way,... did anyone ever really think otherwise? Hell he is a Talmudic Jew and we know all about their scriptures regarding "adult" men and underaged children.

    To be honest, with the rest of the horrors that beset us today, this is just a small potato indicative of the sickness that is trying to envelop us all. I know it sounds bad, but we have bigger fish to deal with than a shrimpy megalomaniac who has traded any artistic kudos he had for the title of "child molester set free".


    Corexit causing rupture of red blood cells, rectal bleeding and internal bleeding of Shrimpers exposed to it. It looks like the great dying is under way.

    Big sacrifice in the gulf this did get underway aroun late march early april satanic holidays right? Passover.

  5. Whoopi Goldburg made the comment " It wasn't rape rape" , even though she made her name in The Colour Purple, about men on women violence

    No doubt she's in the movie The Colour Green now, da Money.

    Re: Oil and pollution in Louisiana check the film GASLAND , a docu about Hydraulic Fracturing.
    One interviewed claimed that Louisiana got polluted when Katrina bowled over many of the 'frakking' rigs and their 'frakking' chemicals and polluted a lot of places.

    Halliburton are big in this game as well as with the BP thing.

    Anyhow US comapanies [ Chesapeake, Cabot] have already polluted the Gulf but perhaps have foisted it off on a 'foreign' company, [ if of course Global comapnies can ever be considered foreign]

    Fine film , worth a watch + fine banjo playing



    The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson

  7. Not long before the polanski trash is toasting in Hell, alongside woody allen, and other like minded zhids.
    Such behaviour is mandatory, according to their "holy" book.

    Cannibal Rabbi

  8. Polanski only safe in France, Poland, Switzerland

    too bad for sharkozy and his jewess carla bageli, both of 'em are over the age limit for pervy polanski!

  9. Speaking of not going to the movies again - never mind online monkey business, I recommend a ticket to Beijing or Shanghai. DVD shops are everywhere, easy to find, and discs go for a dollar a throw. With those sort of savings your ticket quickly pays for itself. The DVD's (apart from the very latest movies) are immaculate DVD to DVD copies.

    To be honest I don't know how things would go in the States but I've never had a DVD confiscated at airport customs. Do NOT leave them in their cover, ie. in a saleable state. Toss the cover and put the disc in one of those zip up books. The closest call I had was bringing 300 movies through Sydney and the customs guy at the x-ray says, 'You've sure got a lot of CD's.' My reply, 'Sure!'. Anyway, 3000 DVD's later...