Tuesday, November 23, 2010

9/11 NIST FOIA Photos - Part 4

From International Center for 9/11 Studies NIST FOIA

All the links below lead to more photos from the individual photographers and presentations.

Noah K. Murray

NOAA Overhead Views

Aris Economoplulos

George McNish

Jennifer Brown

John O'Boyle

Mitsu Yasukawa

Unknown 1 - Release 19

Unknown 2 - Release 19

Firefighter Presentation



Escape and Rescue



World Trade Center


Dennis M

Mike and Bob 9-12-01

Mike and Bob 9-13-01

WTC Attack

George Tapia




Unknown Source

9/11 NIST FOIA Photos - Part 1

9/11 NIST FOIA Photos - Part 2

9/11 NIST FOIA Photos - Part 3


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    Russia and China dropped the dollar on Tuesday. No one is talking about it. Isn't that odd that sabre rattling between the Koreas started on Wednesday, the day after. http://blacklistednews.com/China-Daily%3A-China%2C-Russia-quit-dollar-/11618/0/13/13/Y/M.html

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  3. Witnesses from the North tower report expolsive violence in the lobby, burned victims coming from the lobby before and as the first firemen got there. In the Naudet video there is no evidence of this as the firemen "stars" are filmed arriving -- no burned lobby, no blown out elevator doors, no victims, no stressed firemen. Blown out windows only. The witness accounts are horrifying, but the firemen in the video are not horrified in the least. So one cannot believe something just because it was filmed, performed, and creatively edited, claiming to be as it "really was."

  4. It has been suggested that some WTC jumpers were not, but were victims blasted out of windows--by internal explosions-- from where they were hanging out of to get air to breathe. Such as here:
    Inferno, View 21
    Many desperate victims in windows, blasted out by internal explosions?
    WTC, View 6
    falling woman looks like window breather in Inferno, View 21

    An important lesson learned from 9/11 is that protecting evidence and witnesses from officials is now a priority. All these surrendered photos and videos, if done by legitimate filmers, were probably edited by the government agencies to which they were given. Never again! should be the motto of all honest recorders of criminal events. Knowledgeable Americans cannot in any way give credibility to our criminal government ever again.

  5. anon @ 1:56 pm, The Naudet brothers were also there to 'document the event' and keep the visuals in tune with the official story. imho

    anon @ 3:44 pm, I've been wondering if any of those whose material was released to NIST have had anything to say about edits and omissions.

  6. All the groping, the fondling, the looting, the unwinnable wars, the führer state, the decline all traces back to 9/11. Way to keep after it K.S. Somebody has to do it.

  7. Sounds like your family, like mine, are typical americans. Able to see courruption everywhere, except in the holy temple of the pentagon/security complex. This comes from being raised in, among other things, a ruthless corporate emperium. Speaking strictly for myself, I dont think our oligarchs are afraid of 9-11 truth. They think it can be controlled/managed by our corporate bullshit machine, and/or pulled into the swamp of partisan politics where it can be discredited.