Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amazing Stories

Gordon Duff now has 'sources' from within the ADL who say;

“If we had Wikileaks up to speed, the Goldstone Report would never have been heard of at all.  There isn’t anything that can’t be covered up by a Julian Assange scandal.  I just hope something doesn’t come up where it gets so serious that Assange will have to be assassinated.  He is really a loveable dupe.”
“I never knew Assange was working for us, not even when he started attacking the 9/11 Truth movement.  I really didn’t know for sure until a couple of days ago.  As for 9/11, that’s something else.  There are a couple of senior guys running around, saying they planned 9/11, not Mossad, military guys.  I don’t know if they are bullshitters or not.  They say it like this…’Of course, we did it, who else?  We don’t care, say whatever you want, who needs to hide anything, we can do whatever we want there"
“I have no idea what they were thinking back in Tel Aviv.  What kind of idiot would try to keep the Wikileaks and Israel thing quiet and then have the ADL run around like maniacs calling people names.  The ADL should keep to spray painting swastika’s on synagogues and sending articles to “Stormfront” and leave the thinking to people better equipped, if there still are people like that around….which I am not so sure of.”
There is a list, the Bush administration’s “working group” that green-lighted 9/11.  Of the five names on it,  three are Jews.  ” (ADL Source)
Wow ... truth tellers/leakers within the ADL. Who would have thunk it? Amazing! The internal investigation must have already begun. Better watch the news for an ADL employee suicide or a body found floating in a river.

Just don't question Gordon on this. He will delete the comments.   


  1. Something seems a tad off, doesn't it? Did you read his ufo post the other day? Yep, the site is salted with enough truth to get your hopes up, but designed to veer into the tall weeds as needed.

  2. I don't think he's any too fond of me either. I had to use the article though because it tied in with what i had to say. I just noticed that you are not in my blogroll. that looks like a serious disconnect to me which I will fix immediately.

    How's this for irony- WV- catergo

  3. Yep, I had many of my comments deleted specifically by Duff. He is not to be trusted. And I say this is someone who suggested Kenny add him to his blog roll. I still find articles there of value but Duff is suspect as hell and like Kenny said he may not even write his own articles. One article will be well written and right on target and the next will be some weird rambling crap. The very fact that he protects obvious fraud Sibel Edmonds is the first red flag.

  4. Well if that aint the height of irony. My comment about being censored by Duff in the past is now......censored? It was here before, now its gone. What gives?

  5. anon, your comment went to the blogger/google spam bucket for some reason. I had to manually post it. This seems to be happening quite often. Please let me know if it happens again because even though the comments show up in my email, I may overlook that they're not in the post.

    Thanks Les. Good smack upside the head to Assange and Foxman in your latest post.

  6. Oh ok, that was the first time it happened to me so I was surprised by it. No problem.

  7. Forget Assange and his $1,500,000 corporate book deal (some rebel, what a sell-out), instead read a book that’s really been BANNED like “America Deceived II” by E.A. Blayre III.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  8. Anyone who claims to have "sources" inside the ADL is either an Israeli intelligence asset himself or else a certifiable loon.

    Duff just forfeited whatever credibility he ever had.

  9. That is interesting on VT as in the past I have had a lot of comments disappear over there. Lately they don't post and even more strange I can't read the other comments. The top of the page will denote 34 comments or so and when I open it, there are no comments.

    GD says it is not him however, they have a lot of trouble but who knows.

  10. Another thing I have noticed is VT at least GD does not seem to want to discuss what happened in the gulf of Mexico. It would seem to be more than a minor subject to me.

  11. VT has a few good articles from time to time, even some great ones occasionally,and even some from Duff, but Duff is not to be trustet. Not that anyone in this line of activism is but Duff in particular just seems......off.

    And yes, he has personally censored people, including myself. He can blame the site all he wants, I know for a fact he has engaged in heavy censorship and Im glad this blog and others are taking note of it.

  12. anon @ 11:49am ... You're going to piss Gordon off. The comment at the Airshow Pilot article likely won't last so I made a screenshot.


  13. If Gordon Duff is more than peripherally connected to Bud Burrell of Arizona(by way of Agora Inc and Lila Rajiva),who lies and threatens my life on thesanitycheck dot con website for calling his penny stock scams,CMKX,USXP,etc., illegal pumps and dumps then we have a British and Rothschild connection in his 'international bank advisor' connections.
    Also has anyone noticed besides me that VT and Gordon Duff's new 'reporter' Gilad Atzmon, that anti-semite semite,(I know I'm joking and he's really a white guy impersonating a semite),has the very same last name is stock fraudster and 9/11 mass murder suspect of ICTS International, named Menachem Atzmon.The Israeli Shin Beit oys of ICTS International and their Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops,(that they took over along with contracts to protect Logan Boston and Newark airports through their ICTS International stock fraud) who were never questioned after 9/11 are also the ones who 'accidentally' allowed Richard Reid the 'shoe bomber' to fly from DeGualle Paris to U.S.just after 9/11/01 and more recently the 'crotch bomber' on flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit with his so-called 'crotch bomb'.
    Also one rumor that floats on VT is Duff is 'Islamic' and another is that his mother is Jewish.Any truth to either ? He has never commented to my knowledge.Gilad Atzmon is a very strange character and stranger still if he is related to Menachem Atzmon and has never disclosed.ICTS is even blamed by some for the London bombings of July 7,2005.Atzmon wrote about that but never mentioned his presumed Zionist relative mobney launderer(convicted in Israel)and 9/11 murder suspect.
    And yes Gordon Duff censors me for sure because of my leak of his email to me saying he has ex CIA STOCK FRAUDSTER AND MONEY LAUNDERER George Tenet 'on speed dial'.Also is his flight 253 articles earlier this year he mentioned ICTS International of course but made no mention of Menachem Atzmon et.al..
    Coincidence ?
    -Tony Ryals

  14. BWAHAHA! Thanks for that kenny, I knew he would dump the comment. What a damn coward, he wont answer about his shilling for obvious fraud Sibel Edmonds. There is no good reason and that coupled with his censorship, not to mention the example you provided above about his "ADL sources" provide ample evidence that he and possibly the entire site(is it his site?) is compromised in some way.

    I posted a link to this story but of course that was placed in moderation and never even showed up. Hopefully a few people caught the comment before it was sent down the memory hole by the heavy handed coward Duff.

  15. I commented here previously with the Sibel Edmonds Anonymous poster who had been deleted at VT. I've noticed multiple times since then that comments which challenge Duff's motives are inevitably removed. Sad to say but I think there is an agenda he's working, otherwise why not look less guilty and defend yourself? Such blatant image sanitizing of his comment section doesn't bode well. And I really had started off thinking he might be the catalyst that we could all galvanize behind- the right, left and center. I also don't believe he writes all his own pieces. A true investigative journalist would give at least some substantive responses in the comments section, to clarify or expound upon the issue in question. He never does. It's always just abbreviated answers, short humorous quips, a vague offer of proof by attributing the information to his most reliable but unnamed, untitled sources. There's never an informed, personalized connection he exhibits with his supposed writings. He more tends to deflect than engage when he comments. And the spelling and grammatical errors even there make me question his status as a professional writer. Count me among the doubters. I'm really sad to feel that way, he had such promise.

  16. I refuse to believe, as some do, that every Jew on the face of the Earth is some back-stabbing thief, drenched in blood.

    For if that were true, then all Americans could be classified as back-stabbing thieves, drenched in blood.

    Since the latter is not true, neither is the former.

    Maybe VT does have a source inside the ADL.

    We should be supporting the work VT has done to get out 9/11 Truth, and not sounding like some "Megaphonies."

    P.S. I too had trouble posting comments at VT and sent an email asking why?

    Got a reply that VT had a list of words, call them 'dual-use' if you want to, that was set up to automatically refuse to post that comment if certain 'dual-use' words were used or some comments were deleted after posting by that software matrix.

    Let's keep fighting one another and casting doubts on others trying to shine a light on 9/11 and the REAL perps will keep laughing their asses off while they ride to the bank.

    Our enslaved kids and grandkids will thank us for that.

  17. Greg, calling out disinfo is vital to winning. If we do not fight back against the frauds within then those frauds will control the narrative from within. It is a given that there will be plants/moles/agents etc. in our midst. Do we just give everyone a pass and hope for the best? Or should we demand better when people like Duff engage in suspicious activities like promoting Sibel"the hijackers are real! Really!" Edmonds and censoring even mildly critical comments/questions? I say the latter. I'm not talking a witch hunt here but when you engage in rampant censorship you better explain why.

    I love your site by the way.

  18. And for the record, I'm not prepared to say Duff is absolutely some sort of disinfo tool but unless and until he explains his protection of Sibel,his weird articles like the one above and his censorship practices I will continue to be highly skeptical of his motives. Again, I say this as someone who urged kenny to add VT to his blog roll. There are no sacred cows, nobody should get a pass.

  19. Greg, I agree there can be a tendency to be hyper-critical and overly suspicious and that's not good. I am also grateful for much of what Duff and others at VT have exposed. What does activate my distrust though is censoring. That's what drove us all to the internet in the first place. I don't like to have someone decide for me what ideas or opinions I can be exposed to and I don't believe for a second that the large number of deleted comments at Duff's site are due to software glitches. They are deleted due to content that is either unflattering to him or questioning of a perceived ulterior motive. If he even ignored them it would imply more integrity than banishing them from view. How can someone be an agent for truth and have right above the VT comment box "Tell us what you think" and then edit out the ones you don't like? I'll still read Duff for what value I can get out of it, but my faith in him has been diminished.

  20. I understand and respect your position Greg. But I still feel questioning is important. AJ has brought many around to 9/11 but that hasn't stopped you, me and many others from questioning some of his motives and omissions.

    Some of us have been known that 9/11 was a false flag since day one with our only goal being finding the truth and getting justice. We've also seen the infiltration of the movement at every turn. Skepticism and questioning have been our main tools so maybe we shouldn't abandon them just yet. Agree to disagree at times and try to keep the divide and conquer technique at bay. We still have 'hope' that the truth will win out in the end.

  21. I am all for the decent articles Duff puts out, I will link them. He has done some good over there.

    I was posting a spiel on Carol Duff's medical site, she is nurse and I was delving into Natural news and the nightmare concerning vaccines. She is a typical nurse said I was doing more harm than good. Now if you are working in medicine and posting on a VA site naturally that is the main place they are going to shoot you up with vaccines, I can see the hesitancy.

    She finally began blocking my posts and said she was going to have any more of it.

    I will link a rense article from time to time also as long as I agree with it and it is not some flap from the BBC. Take a pebble where you find it.

    I can't understand not talking about the gulf though. Some believe they are blackmailing and can restore the gulf stream again as soon as everybody is all aboard with the NWO. Don't know it it is true but somebody needs to be talking about it.

  22. "I refuse to believe, as some do, that every Jew on the face of the Earth is some back-stabbing thief, drenched in blood."

    I don't believe every Jew on the face of the Earth is a scumbag, but as far as the Jews who work for the ADL are concerned.....YES, I DO BELIEVE ALL OF THOSE JEWS ARE SCUMBAGS.

    You obviously want us to believe that there are a few decent people inside the ADL and that Gordon Duff somehow managed to find them and enlist their aid, right?

    Sorry, not buying it.

    I don't believe in fairy tales (or 'amazing tales' as Kenny calls them) and that's what Duff is peddling here.

  23. And even if Gordon somehow did have an inside mole at the ADL, would he really advertise it to the masses? That seems pretty hard to swallow.

  24. Duff who? I love me some Duff beer. *Homey Simpson*

  25. Whoa, just came across this bizarre page...EqualPartyUSA...promoting a political party... http://equalpartyusa.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/hey-are-you-a-jew/

    Found it somewhat interesting...then..wait for it...

    a link at the bottom for incogman!


  26. Ah, you might want to check this out:


  27. Incogman is a sick joke(and a hasbarat in not so good a disguise). Sad to see so many falling for it.

  28. I think this discussion is very valuable on a couple of fronts. I have enjoyed many of Duff’s articles and he has firmly placed an uncomfortable spotlight on many of Israhell’s activities. He is also a spook.

    He freely admits that he was in that line of work and still has many friends and connections in the various US and foreign agencies. There is no such thing as a former spook. They can ‘retire’, go freelance or get religion but the leopard cannot change its spots. There is always an agenda.

    I prefer to take what I find useful and build upon it and move on. For that reason I don’t trust Gilad Atzmon, Makow and many other writers. When discussing the Israhelli menace we must always be wary of players with feet in both camps.

  29. Its sad that we as gentiles have fallen to the divide and conquer and red herring tactics of jewish supremacy. I cannot think of a single westerner who focuses on Israeli and jewish crimes that hasn't been accused over and over to be a plant, shill, disinfo, etc. Can you? I call it "the Hufschmid."

  30. I don't think someone should have the "divide and conquer" label pinned on them just because they point out the fact that a certain individual is spewing nonsense or acting strangely.

    In Gordon Duff's case, there are more than enough red flags to justify the suspicions about him.

  31. Well said Anon@5:05.

    PS ‘Liam’ we don’t refer to ourselves as ‘gentiles’. I prefer the term human.

  32. Well liam, Hufschmid is himself a fucking fraud, hate to break it to you. Murdochs son in law is fairly obvious imho. Duff less so but he is starting to catch up. Calling out disinfo is not "divide and conquer". Again, I am not prepared to call Duff disinfo for sure yet but the more he censors people and spouts BS the more I think that he is.

  33. The next thing you know, Duff will be claiming he has "sources" inside the Mossad itself.

    The guy is brazen if nothing else.

    And he clearly has no respect for his readers or their intellect (of course, if they believe his bullshit they don't deserve any respect).

  34. Hey Kenny, I'm very very late to the party but never mind...

    On the topic of Duff as disinfo, I don't get it. I'll happily agree that the idea of an ADL insider is insanely unlikely and also that censoring comments is a bit of a giveaway but... what's it all about Alphie? Which is to say, in whose interests is he working and to what end?

    Or to put it another way: his sources smell and his responses smell, and that's fine but what of his overall position re wikileaks as an Israeli spook effort? Is that false? And who would benefit from him pinning the blame on the wrong people?

    What with yours truly viewing the world as a twin pillar world of Jewish/israel/banking/mafia on one hand and the illuminati/tavistock/satanist/mind-control/pedophocracy on the other (and yeah, yeah, I get it that such a differentiation is merely a blame diversion con but regardless they're your either/or choice on pretty much every 'contrarian' blog out there) but even within the logic of the posited dichotomy I still don't get it.

    The thing about gilding the lily like this (ie. ADL insider) is that it leads one to suspect that the lily was no such thing. Okay, so is it a lily or ain't it? Do you know what I mean?