Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Israel Protests Against Middle East Peace Proposals (August 2001)

The next month the peace proposals faded, killed, in the chaos of the 9/11 psyop. Remember the fake video shown on 9/11 and for days afterward that was claimed to be Palestinians celebrating the attack? That pre-planned bit of Israeli propaganda worked very well. It stirred up a lot of negative emotions against the Palestinians and I don't think the main stream media ever issued a correction.

An equitable peace process is still dead over nine years later.
video from IranContraScumDid911 


One of my favorite people, Deanna Spingola, interviews Gilad Atzmon.
Two Hours @ Deanna Spingola's Radio Show
Discussing different issues to do with Palestine, Zionist brutality and Jewish lobbying.

Around 16.30 minutes into the 2nd hour, Gloria, an Israeli American lady called the station and spoke about the invaluable importance of David Irving, Michael Hoffman and other revisionists. It is the 'revisionists who help us to understand and question our past'  she said.
 Deanna's writings


  1. Ya had me in stitches there with about the media correction. I don't think they've ever issued any corrections or apologies ever.

    And the Jews who say no price is too high to pay for their god-given real estate, ya, we've noticed. Destroying a free press here in American was not too high a price to pay, turning congress into a brothel was not too high, and hijacking our defense for your offense - nope, none of these were too high a price for Israelis.

  2. A near perfect short analysis there anon.

  3. But isn't Israel a 'peace' loving nation?

    Yes, they want a 'piece' of Lebanon; a 'piece' of Syria; a 'piece' of Iraq; a 'piece' of Saudi Arabia; a 'piece' of Egypt; a 'piece' of Jordan and whatever is left of the 'pieces' in Palestine after the Judeo-Nazis
    get thru 'wiping Gaza off the face of the Earth.'

    Brothel sounds too sophisticated.

    Whorehouse is sleazier and there's no shortage of that on Capitol Hill.

  4. "The only democracy in the middle east!!!". That statement makes me sick every time I hear it.

  5. "The only democracy in the middle east!!!". That statement makes me sick every time I hear it.

    No worries, all you have to do is read or hear it as Demoncracy like I do.