Friday, December 31, 2010

Just in Time - Security for The New Year

2010 goes out with a bang, not a whimper ......

Al Qaeda MEMRI/Mossad publishes guide on bomb making.

          Here's the link but clicking it may get you on a 'list.'

Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano visits Afghanistan to pick up some tips and tricks in the 'anything goes' land of dope and murder. Fox News was given exclusive access to her photo ops and fleet of helicopters so there would be 'no spin.' Of course no trip to the Middle East would be complete without visiting the mother of all terrorist states, Israel, and Ms. Janet will no doubt salivate profusely when discussing the security measures used in the West Bank and Gaza.

The safety of our 'homeland' is so important that Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico has finally made a decision not to pardon the long dead Billy the Kid.   I feel safer already.

Pardoning dead people would be a bad precedent. Why, someone may one day want to pardon Osama bin Laden for lack of any evidence that he masterminded 9/11 and if Billy can't be pardoned why should Timmy.

Security is going to be big in 2011. Big money that is.  Never mind that the DHS/TSA for all of its genital groping,  irradiation and general disgusting behavior has never apprehended a single 'terrorist.' Pay no attention to the fact that all the domestic extremists out to get us who were arrested by the FBI have been paid and induced by those doing the arresting. Forget about all the ADL trained thug police forces who 'shoot first and ask questions later.' As with those Christmas presents that we cringe at, we're always being told ... "It's the thought that counts."

Security will definitely be important to all of us in the coming year but safety won't be coming from the criminals in charge.  

Real security will be with those we can trust; our family, friends and neighbors. We're going to need some backup and collaboration and we had better start gathering our allies together.

Food and health security is likely to be an issue in 2011. A garden is a good start but most of us cannot supply all we need. Having a food storage stash is not just for Mormons anymore. Being able to protect that stash must be included in the plans and thinking about sharing and trading with others is also important. Back to the basics makes sense.

Our inalienable rights are the base for our security.The rights of free speech, movement and the ability to come together as groups for positive change without fear of repercussion are still somewhat intact but another year like or worse than 2010 is going to create challenges. Many Americans don't like challenges and trading rights for false security is what we're being primed to accept. Sleepwalkers tend to fall off of cliffs.

We won't make too many predictions but it's that threat of another 'catalyzing event' that's worrying. Whether that may be a false flag, another big war, an environmental disaster, food shortages, runaway inflation, much higher unemployment, weather anomalies or possibly weather modification, our security is dependent on us. Big brother and big sis don't actually want to protect us. We're not in that 1% that sit at the top of the heap. Most of us are as disposable as the Chinese junk Walmart sells.

We have basic ideas on what we need to do, generalized solutions for a better world. It's the specifics that we need to develop and come together on. It's a matter of knowledge, will and courage. Humor and sarcasm are also useful.  It won't be easy.

Let us know what solutions you feel are important and if we make one resolution maybe it would be to actually implement some of these solutions. Or to at least try.

So have a happy new year. Stay safe.

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  2. mr sideshow,you have yourself a fine new year...neil