Thursday, December 9, 2010

While you were at the Wikileaks circus ...

Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Everyone loves the clowns. Well, maybe not everyone but even those who don't can't seem to keep their eyes off of them.

So after several days of all this great entertainment at the big top we finally leave only to find our house has been broken into ... again.

Congress votes to give more blood and blackmail money to Israel. The U.S. media seems to be ignoring this as just business as usual but the Israeli press is jumping for joy. AIPAC gives the story a headline, thanking the lackeys they buy for pennies on the dollar.

U.S. allocates $205 million for Israel's Iron Dome anti-rocket system 
Funds come atop another $200 million designated for joint U.S.-Israel anti-missile projects, David's Sling and Arrow.
Haaretz quotes Israel's NJ representative Steve Rothman on the 'gift' of more of our as yet unpaid tax dollars.
"This was a priority of Congress and President Obama, and it is the first funding of its kind for this important short-range rocket and artillery shell defense system."

"This funding sends a strong message, to both our enemies and allies, by providing more total dollars than ever before toward these rocket and missile defense programs."  "This is only the latest example that when it comes to defense, military, and intelligence cooperation, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel has never been stronger."
JTA also praises this 'present' saying the defense system will help contain the bottle rockets fired from Gaza that almost always fall in open fields.

The Wikileaks circus is getting a little too much attention and while we're in awe of the high wire act and laughing at the clowns, the pickpockets are busy working the distracted crowd.


  1. Unfit to be dishwasher porcine traitor Harper in full Tory con artist BORG scanners squeal. Skeletors puppy dog lickspittle fascist wannabe pigstate Canada chasing the turd circling the bowl ready for the final plunge down the toilet not wanting to be a second late for the counterfieters orgy in hell.

  2. It makes no difference whether we know about what Congress does, or not. We the people cannot stop any of their crimes, especially when it comes to what the Con-rats do for Israel. There is no peaceful solution to this governments' complete sell-out of Americans and their destruction of our country. The wealthy and powerful do as they please, confidant that they hold the reigns of military power to squash any active dissent. I don't believe either discontent military personnel, nor indivdual Americans are willing to risk abuse, imprisonment, or death to make any necessary governmental changes. With only one life to live, staying alive in slavery and poverty is more important than resistance. Only if Americans actually become brutalized victims, might there arise a true resistance just to save themselves and their loved ones. Already there are many Americans who will gladly do any abusing necessary to get the benefits denied to the rest.

  3. We're getting screwed in more ways than one on this latest theft.

    Since the USA is bankrupt, we'll have to borrow OUR money from the Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve and pay interest for the privilege of using OUR money.

    Most of that interest will wind up in Apartheid Israel.

    "Such a Deal!"

    Israel gets the Iron Dome and 'We the People' get the "Iron Bone.'

    WTFU America!

  4. Pennywise the clown is the perfect mascot for the parasitic blood suckers of Israel!

  5. Wikileaks is everywhere, just like al Qaeda (CIA and friends).

    - Aangirfan.

  6. Yes, and meanwhile they're recommending deep cuts in social security, and as it so happens they also can't afford health benefits for 911 emergency workers who are sick now. Oh, but by all means, let's send $205 million to Israel!

    On the subject of Wikileaks, I think it's becoming a religion. I saw a piece written by Robert Scheer on the Nation's website yesterday in which he compared Assange to Thomas Jefferson. Most people on the left are disdainful of religion, but yet at the same time, the human psyche has a compelling need to believe in something . So what to do? Simple. Make a religion out of Wikileaks. Offend people's religion and they get angry--which is the kind of response we're seeing on the left toward other leftists who criticize or are skeptical of Wikileaks.

  7. Didn't even see that one. I was too busy following the tax cut disaster. The Wall Street Journal is giving high-fives all around, not only for the immediate win of not touching the tax rates for "investors" - only 15% even for hedge fund managers making billions a year - but for the way it sets up for them to go after Social Security later.

    I'm just disgusted with "our" government.

  8. The theft and gutting of social security is a big part of the plan. The destruction of the middle class won't be complete without stealing SS.

    Richard, your points on the religion of wikileaks are well taken. Now we have a split in the 'church.'

    Openleaks, WikiLeaks Rival, To Launch As Break Away From 'Slave Driver' Assange: Report

  9. Off topic...

    Have anyone seen this article and got sick like I did? I never visit akira's site ( a rabid Islam /Muslim hater site with anti "Zionist" lapel pin on) but accidently I clicked on a random article from Kenny's site and came across this:


    I remember when Kenny clipped off Inconman's racist blog (or whatever his name) and we all applauded, akira should be next.

  10. "How Dare I" should be next imho, he seems like another Incogman meant to make us all look like racist/homophobic clowns by association(though hes a lot less ovious than Incogman-who isn't?). Kenny has a great blog roll overall though, Ive been turned onto a lot of great sites because of it.

  11. Speaking of Akira, why does he keep using the pejorative term "troofer" when referring to those in the 9/11 truth movement?

    Whose side is he on anyway?

  12. Wow, I just read Akiras site, and yes, it screams disinfo to me too.

  13. A 'split in the church' indeed, Kenny. And the OpenLeakers will probably be regarded as "heretics." I did a search for OpenLeaks, and other than brief mentions in the L.A. Times, Reuters, and CS Monitor, it doesn't seem to be picking up much traction in the main stream media.

    Another indication that WikiLeaks is working for Israel: Now the leaked cables are taking aim at the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

  14. Dear lord I am totally exhausted. I just went to that link Musique gave and tried to read it all. Lord that person is impossible to keep up with... has you zinging from one end of the universe to another with such depth of disdain of all others. It is one thing to say you dislike someone and give the reason in your own opinion, but to go on and on and on with it, never letting up is a bit much.

    Maybe I am a tad dense, but .. well no maybe about it!... however overkill overkill. And the chutzpah to say if you disagree you are just as bad? Am I dense because I could not understand half his references? Or is this just glorified nit picking?

    So much hatred.... what a waste of energy....

  15. "musique":

    "akira should be next"

    -- Yes, Absolutely.

    + + +

    Let's see. You and "Noor" find it offensive that I find it offensive that Ugly Glenn and Shaminski say that you are their enemies, because you use pseudonyms?

    You are offended that I am offended that the Jew Duff in VT says that all Muslims should be jailed, and that all Jews are always liars?

    And if people ask for citations, I have multiple, many, numerous links, quotations, and citations -- and then of course that's called "going on and on"?

  16. Anon.:

    "Speaking of Akira, why does he keep using the pejorative term "troofer" when referring to those in the 9/11 truth movement?

    I don't.

    You lie.

    I use that term for liars (the majority) in the 9/11 Truth Movement

  17. "Musique":

    "akira's site ... a rabid Islam /Muslim hater site"

    Sounds like Jewspeak. Islamophobia? Oy Vey!

    You should contact the ADL and repost my "rabid hate"!

    + + I guess you agree then with the Jew Duff that the Internet is just too dangerous to be allowed to exist and that the gummint needs to step in and put an end to all this freedom of expression.

    "rabid hate"? -- where do you people get this crap from?