Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Only Good Indian ...

Between the rain, sleet and snow and the lack of sunshine in this most dreary of months it becomes almost inevitable that we drift towards the mental comfort of escapism we call television.

Occasionally it's more than just entertainment, sometimes it's a rare moment for reflection. We'll tell ourselves that anyway.

I watched "The Only Good Indian." A take off title from the words of General Philip Sheridan in 1869. You may have seen it, it's not new. Nothing is really new under the sun and the movie shows that history always repeats. A little over one hundred years ago the 'final solution' to the 'Indian problem' was almost complete. Manifest destiny, our god given right and removal of the 'savages' from 'our land' were the excuses for genocide and theft. Sounds familiar.

Zionism and manifest destiny are blood brothers. Both were and still are supported wholeheartedly by some who call themselves Christian and by those who want big profits and don't mind stealing.

The reservations of old are now seen in the concentration camp of Gaza. Restrict movement, slowly starve the inhabitants and erase the history. It works if the guns are bigger, the killings more brutal and the renegades give up.

After the Indian wars were over, the 'savage's' children who were left living had to be re-educated. Forced and coerced into schools to make them just like us.  Not much different than today's 'education' from birth whose only motivation is to keep us in line, become good workers for the rich and love the reservation so much we don't want to leave. Re-education reservations for 'mental' reasons may become an even more growing industry lest we all become a Jared Loughner, or so we're being told.

Ghettos are reservations, suburbia is too. Walled, fenced, policed. We become dependent. The corporate and banker reservations entice us and trap us into a lifetime of servitude. The military reservations take our youth through deceptions and turn them into world 'warriors' still evoking the illusion of honor and freedom.  Don't step off the high dollar religion reservation either, that would be heresy. We can walk away any time we please or so we think but just try it. Not easy is it?

The eradication of millions of Native Americans happened long before we were born and we share no guilt in it but we do share responsibility for what's going on today.Warriors most of us are not.

So why should I be any different. I think I'll just sit back and take in another movie.

Here's one I haven't seen .....

"The Only Good Goy" ...... I wonder what it's all about .....


  1. Damn good post Kenny.










  2. I've always thought the land "theft" argument against Zionism was rather weak.

    And the comparison to the doctrine of Manifest Destiny may or may not hold up depending on whose version of history you choose to accept.

    In the case of Manifest Destiny, the red men were already fighting amongst themselves and "stealing" land from each other long before the white men showed up but nobody seems to care about that.

    What's happening in Kurdistan right now is a good example of modern-day land "theft" (the Kurds "stole" land from Iraq in order to create their new nation).

    As I see it, territorial disputes like these are inevitable as long as land remains scarce and people insist on living with others of their own kind.

    What makes Zionism different from other nationalistic movements is its naked hypocrisy (actively opposing nationalism among non-jews) and its uniquely parasitic nature (constantly siphoning money from the US and other non-jewish countries to keep itself afloat).

    These are much stronger arguments against Zionism than the old land "theft" argument which, in my opinion, was probably concocted by the Zionists themselves as a means of persuading Americans to support their cause since we're both guilty of land "theft" according to this argument.

  3. The Lawrence Davidson essay I linked above sort of backs up your view anon but I still have to call Israel a land theft.

    See How Dare I's post from today. We were thinking alike but Tim is a little more eloquent. He also likes the word theft.

  4. Indeed there were disputes among various indian nations as to hunting areas and land. Let's not get so carried away however we overlook the endless European wars of conquest and occupation. They were much complicated and sordid however and usually fomented by the banking houses.

    Indian culture however was not one programmed to destroy itself, the environment and the very planet we live on. No waste was dumped into the streams and no program was afloat to eradicate those who did not adhere to your philosophy with with the myriad chemicals which are rampant today. The north American continent, if left to the indians would be a pristine paradise even today.

    Too many Americans wish to believe the lies. The 400 pounders walking out of grocery stores with with a case of aspartame coke and frozen Krystal burgers, pancreas addled with MSG, Fluoride and other assorted poison, racks full of lady Gaga magazines calling for war on the next unlucky nation are not enough it seems to make them skeptical as to whether or not they just might be on the wrong track.

    The indians didn't piss in their own drinking water and then bottle it up to sell to their neighbors.

  5. I've always suspected the guy who writes "How Dare I" is a tool so it comes as no surprise that he's one of the bloggers out there promoting the land "theft" argument.

  6. Sunt lacrimae rereum. Piercing post. For a southern man who has gone to Vicksburg it is not possible or likely that anyone will mention the Old South, raped and pillageged like Baghdad and Palestine (the very unfortunate slavery thing)...done in by the same people who now rape and pillage the world.

  7. Kosher Wolf in sheeps clothingJanuary 19, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    As Anon 10:58 points out, which sites among those speaking against jewish/zionist/nwo/illuminati etc (take your pick) tyranny, are for real, and which are Cass Sunstein styled subversive infiltrators employed by above-mentioned tyrants?

    Good luck working that one out (other than Alex Jones and Juju Ass-ange, I think...)

  8. I think the "How Dare I" blog is disinfo/psy op bullshit but not because of pushing the "land theft" argument.

  9. Land theft argument is weak huh? Did your cognitive dissonance lead you to that conclusion? Land WAS stolen from the Native Americans. Just bc you choose to be in denial of the similar histories of America and Israel doesn't change the facts of the Native American genocide. You use tribal in fighting as an excuse for what the Europeans did... basically the "well they were killing each other before whites started killing them so ya know its all good". With your logic I can say "well ya know white men have been raping and murdering their fellow white women for years, but no one seems to care about that... white separatists seem to get extra heated when a black/brownie immigrants rapes and murders white people". White separatists are such hypocrites. These idiots are just like Jewish supremacists.

  10. Well put Anonymous@8:44

  11. I think anon 8.44 and I are in somewhat of an agreement that white man's burden type arguments have been around for centuries concerning the indians warring with each other. There is a distinct message that runs here something like well they were savages and were introduced to western civilization.

    We might want to examine our so called civilization and see why it has been run by parasites for centuries, directing foreign wars and subservience to central banks. That doesn't speak well for the type civilization that is assumed the rest of the world needs. They idea of superiority through technology is key here. Just because one tribe can make more and better gadgets, some of serious destructive power does not prove superiority. I look at superiority as the ability to know right from wrong more or less.

    This so called advanced technology is now destroying our planet. I have nothing against so called "white people" I am one for pity sake but I am not going to make excuses for genocide and European societies have been very helpful in carrying it out on behalf of the puppet masters.

    One of America's finest hours was when Andrew Jackson killed the bank and destroyed the federal reserve. The assasination attempt failed with him and the next president was bumped off also. Men like this were far and away of a more noble order than the average American who would or could not help them to advance their cause. They were just better than the people they represented who could not even figure who murdered them or why. Jackson requested that "I killed the bank" be on his tombstone. He blamed the Rothschilds for the attempt on his life.

    Europeans can bring civilization to foreign lands but can't figure out who kills their leaders. Yeah the world needs this.

  12. I always take note when someone uses the term we as in we of the west do this or that. The average citizen of Europe of the Americas has as much say in how things are run as a guy living under a bridge. Western society has always been driven by those behind the scenes. The fact that people still say "we" is a dead give away they are clueless as to what is really going on. The term they needs to be instituted into more vocabularies or you are just as guilty of white phosphorous being dropped on Palestinians as the pilots.

  13. The civilizing of the Americas continues on unabated.


    People selling million dollar beach homes real cheap around here.

    BLITZER: One — one expert said to me — and I don’t know if this is overblown or not — that they’re still really concerned about the structural base of this whole operation, if the rocks get moved, this thing could really explode and they’re sitting, what, on — on a billion potential barrels of oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Is that a real concern or is that just out of the question, unrealistic?

    Florida: Hundreds of pelicans found dead or injured off Jacksonville coast — Blamed on “chemicals in the water” (VIDEO)

    Shockingly high Benzene levels found in Biloxi, MS blood samples — Includes 10 year-old child (123)
    Hundreds of dead seals washing ashore in Northeast Canada (109)
    Florida: Hundreds of pelicans found dead or injured off Jacksonville coast — Blamed on “chemicals in the water” (VIDEO) (70)
    “Man, look at all this oil” says scientist on Florida beach… “Something we will be dealing with for years” — “This is still loaded with PAH’s” (VIDEO) (58)

    justavet on Russian government now largest shareholder in BP — “Will almost certainly complicate the politics of levying and collecting damages” from Gulf oil disaster says Congressman

  14. The implication of the land "theft" argument is that we should stop supporting the bad Israelis and start supporting the good Palestinians instead.....but that's bullshit.

    The goal of the US should be to disentangle itself from the conflict and maintain a neutral position since we have no stake in the matter.

    The problem is that the Zionists and their lackeys won't let us disentangle ourselves or remain neutral.

  15. To Anon@10:58 - I agree. A disinfo agent if there ever was one. But he IS clever about it...

  16. It seems to be always the anonymous types who can point out the real thing.

  17. Tools of a feather.....

  18. The level of criminal conspiracy involved in this is unbelievable.




  19. Talk about disinfo. Douchebag Chomsky worshiping willyloman just banned me lol. I remember he whined about Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez getting fired and ADL censoring, fuckin hypocrite. Hes very adamant about Jews not doing 911 and a problem with referring to the culprits by their real label..Jews...truth is racist apparently. Are there any other group of people so coddled after?

  20. i recall something i read once, one of those things that sticks with you.

    maybe it was a twain book, i can't remember now.

    but the point was that it was much easier for a white man to adopt the indian way of life, than it was for an indian to adopt the white man's ways. which only shows that the indian's ways are more natural for a human, than the "civilized" ways of europeans

  21. Lest we forget there were those who 10,000 years ago knew the earth wasn't flat.

    The players in the Hopi creation story are Taiowa, Supreme Creator and generally referred to as a he, and the only creator in endless space. He creates a nephew, Sotuknang, who carries out his plans, (his first lieutenant), and Sotuknang's helper, a her, Spider Woman. Spider Woman becomes a good asset, like most women, and through her creative wisdom produces two twins, who help create the first world. After their work is done, the twins are sent to oversee each of the poles of the earth,
    Poqanghoya to the north, and Palongawhoya to the south. Their creation story talks about light, sound, the axis of the earth and the earth's rotating
    position in the universe in relationship to the sun and the moon. Don't forget, these prophecies are well over 10,000 years old! In 1492, we still
    thought the world was flat and the sea was filled with life threatening sea monsters. The Hopi prophecies reflect scientific sophistication and abstract thinking.

  22. Despite what Riverdale Elementary School's annual First-Grade Thanksgiving Day Class Play might have you believe, early Colonial America wasn't all one giant super happy mecha fun time made out of maize, delicious roasted turkey breast, and Pocahontas teaching John Smith the meaning of friendship and cooperation by baking pumpkin pies and putting out on the Sabbath – it was a sick, murderous hellhole where freezing temperatures and near-constant warfare meant death was an omnipresent threat every time you stepped foot outside your poorly-insulated, makeshift shelter.

    Living in a frontier town in Haverhill, Massachusetts, a young woman named Mrs. Hannah Duston was caught in the middle of this raging death-sanity, and when she was swept up in the tide of senseless violence that ravaged the Northeast in the seventeenth-century, she made a name for herself as a completely insane-o-bot madwoman who was absolutely not to be fucked with for any reason.

    In March of 1697, Hannah Duston's tiny farm was attacked by a marauding band of Abenaki Indians (alternate sources say they were Mohawks, who are widely believed to be among the most badass and ruthless of all the North American Indian tribes). The battle-raging warrior braves attacked Hannah's husband Thomas while he was out working in the field, but he managed to run back to the farmhouse and warn his wife of the impending raid. Unfortunately, Hannah was unable to escape – she had just given birth to a child a couple days prior, and wasn't in any condition to be moved at this time. Hannah, her nursemaid, and her newborn stayed behind, and she encouraged her husband to get out of there and flee with their eight other children while they still could.

    Now, the fact that this woman gave birth to nine kids back in a time when anesthesia involved little more than taking a swig of whiskey and biting down on a stick really hard should give you some indication of how tough Hannah Duston was. On this day she wasn't in any position to fight off a swarming horde of warriors, and was quickly captured and forced out of her home. Her house was plundered and torched to the ground, and a subsequent raid on the village of Haverhill resulted in forty additional settlers being killed or captured by the Abenaki.

  23. But Hannah's adventure just beginning. Along with the other captives, she was forced at gunpoint to walk north towards Canada. For several days they walked through ankle-deep snow and bitter, freezing cold, traveling nearly fifty miles from Haverhill to present-day Concord, New Hampshire. Anybody who couldn't keep up was brained in the face with a hatchet, and when Hannah's child wouldn't stop crying, her captors gave the kid a post-partum abortion by smacking it against a tree. By the time the party left Concord and started traveling by canoe up the Merrimack River, all that remained of the captives were Hannah, her nursemaid, and some fourteen-year old kid they'd picked up along the way.

    Hannah Duston was a tough New England broad, and she wasn't going to let the Indians get away with it.

    The next night, while all of the warrior braves were sleeping, Hannah sought her vengeance. She somehow broke free from her restraints and slowly tiptoed her way across the campsite. Using extreme caution, she held her breath, quietly reached into the pack of one of the warriors, closed her fingers around the wooden handle of a razor-sharp tomahawk, and silently pulled it out into the night air.

    Before anybody knew what was going on, Hannah Duston was in the midst of their campfire whirling and slashing at everything she could reach. In the span of just a few seconds, she had killed ten people with a tomahawk and sent two other warriors sprinting off into the woods screaming their heads off.

    This angry Puritan mother violently took out an entire raiding party by herself without even blinking.

  24. I rip willyloman all the time for shilling for Chomsky and other fake left controlled opposition like him and I think he is too cowardly or worse to confront who did 9/11 but he was at least partially correct when he said "jews didn't do 9/11". Israelis AND Americans did. Or if you insist(and I think you do which is part of the problem) christians and jews did 9/11. How is simply saying "the jews did 9/11" any better than the scumbags who still say "the muslims did 9/11"? You can point out who did 9/11 without condemning all jews(or "the jews") as the culprits. I think that willyloman goes a bit too far one way-ignoring the Israeli role in 9/11 and the role of zionism in US politics and you go too far the other way-ignoring the American role and painting 9/11 simply as a "jew plot". Its a bit more complicated than that.

  25. Hey,Chris is that you?

    "How is simply saying "the jews did 9/11" any better than the scumbags who still say "the muslims did 9/11"?"

    False equivalence. Its better bc the main culprits just happen to be Jews. Israel, the land of the Jews, benefited the most from 911 not Muslims, Muslims are getting massacred bc these psychotic supremacists and their goy puppets. If the main culprits were Muslims , I would also have no problem saying the Muslims did it. Its funny how I have to explain when I say Jews did it I'm not lumping every freakin Jew. You'd think people would understand that when I say Jews I'm referring only to the culprits, the elite Jews. Sorry to tell Scott Creighton, but if he and others like him despise Zionists then they are borderline antisemites...bc unfortunately majority of Jews are Zionists...therefore he indirectly despises majority of Jews. I mean how is it better saying the Zionists did it? There are millions of regular, powerless zionists out there who don't run anything and didn't have anything to do with 911. So if one is ok with saying Zionists did it, then one should not have a problem with the "Jews did it" meme.

    And I didn't say Jews did 911, I said Israel did 911. I regret not saying Jews did 911. I only said I blame the Jews(elite Jews)for majority of the problems the world is currently facing. I really don't give a hoot if thats going to far. The elite Jews have been fuckin with peoples lives way before Zionism and Israel and for too long, I'm not gonna be PC to protect these perceived eternal victims when they are ruining yet another country(first Russia, then Weimar Germany, countless Middle Eastern countries, now USA).

    And like I said I agree 911 was a joint effort,(American, British,Saudi). But lets not kid ourselves and say that 911 master minds penned this plan for the benefit of America, Britain, or Saudi Arabia. America is collapsing and Israel is flourishing, so for people to say Americans Israelis are equally to blame its bs. Those Americans were Israeli-firsters or shabbos goys, patsies, assets. The neocons killed way too many birds with their 911 stone: war with countries that are threats to Israel, demonization of Muslims Arabs which prevents people even further from empathizing with Palestinians and making Israel appear as the lone victim among these crazy terrorist Muslim countries, getting oil/resources from their enemies...hey their disgusting bible does say steal land kill the inhabitants and take their booty, showing the west how poor Israel has to go through terrorist activities everyday, enforcing draconian laws in America, suppressing freedom of speech etc.


  26. Robert

    Hannah Duston is one epic badass, as a female I feel proud. But what is your point? That the Native Americans were not completely innocent, and that the Europeans suffered just as much? Well in that case, while I feel bad about victims on both sides and condemn criminals on both sides, comparing the Native Americans pain with that of the Europeans is laughable. Its like when people are discussing the Palestinian suffering of 60 years then an idiot chimes in and says "but but the Israeli Jews suffered too"...no shit but it doesn't compare. The Israeli Jews wouldn't have to face terrorism if they stayed home and didn't invade a inhabited land. Same for the Europeans, they wouldn't have had to suffer in the hands of Native Americans if they stayed home and didn't invade the Americas. Funny when the invaders cry victim when they're being retaliated against for their initial wrongs. Don't want to be raided, kidnapped and tortured? Well then stay in ur fuckin lands, don't invade, kill, rape and steal other peoples' land.

    And if that wasn't ur point then I just wasted an entire rant.

  27. Liar willyloman said:
    "If you go back and look at earlier comments, the guy kept saying it was “anti-American” to claim anyone but Israel was responsible. "

    Hey coward why don't you unban me instead of lying about me in ur Israel apologist, Chomsky worshiping blog without me to respond back? ADL would be proud of you, did you learn your censorship skills from them?

    When did I ever state those things? I said I didn't appreciate Chomsky and other so called anti-Zionist Jews for whom the worldwide anti American atmosphere is not enough, they are now even influencing Americans to want to see their own country fail for all the crimes it has done in the last decades...but these Americans don't know who were pulling the strings of the Vietnam war, Federal Reserve, PNAC, current wars. They convinced the world to hate Germany at one point, they're doing the same with America, while Israel is seen as the victim(although I'm thankful more people are waking up).Its like Bolsheviks all over again turning the population to their side then using them to their ruin.

    Keep going on about your stupid neoliberals, globalists. You're so concerned with globalization and the threat of a one world government, here's news for ya, globalization and Judaism are interconnected. In Judaism, when their so called messiah comes he will bring about the one world government(new world order blah blah)in which Israel will be the world capitol and all will be ruled from. He will come either when the world is at complete peace or complete chaos and war...seems they chose self-fulfilling option number 2.

    "Benjamin Netanyahu Ordered to Hasten Jewish Messiah's Coming"

    Even the secular/atheist Jews love the idea of globalization, messiah or not power is power.

  28. Robert Hannah's husband was plowing the indian's field not his. Yes she appeared tough but having children without anesthesia, well my wife did it everytime. You lose about 10 to 20 points off the child's I.Q. with this method, they are too sensitive to anesthesia.

    One fact is proven here, Americans will hate anybody they are told to hate by the elite, whether it be American Indians, Germans, Russians or Muslims. A few repetitive sounds bites across the teevee will do it in most instances. Presto they become the enemies and Americans are once again back to doing their job, spreading freedom around the globe. Sad to say our ancestors couldn't seem to stay home and now their prodigy can't seem to stay out of exotic lands.

    Can't we all just be friends? It is another reason the indians refer to the white man as little brother, the ones created last by the Sumerians. They just are missing parts of the big picture.

  29. Yes, that was me. First, it may be slightly better but not by much. Yes, it is in fact CLOSER to the truth considering who appears to have been involved in 9/11 but the facts show that both Americans and Israelis were involved, or if you insist christians and jews. You obviously feel the need to frame it like that. I do not and feel it is enough to say what I say. By the way, when you say "jews" people do not assume you are talking about "elite jews".

    Of course people don't think you mean literally every jew was involved in 9/11 when you say something like "jews did 9/11" but have some self awareness and common sense. Its not about being politically correct so much as factually correct and when you say "jews did 9/11" you not only frame it as a religious issue but you give anyone who is not a jew who was involved a free pass. Now it no doubt IS a religious issue for many involved but certainly not everyone.

  30. Its funny because I'm over here trying to explain why simply saying "jews did 9/11" is problematic at best while I'm over at willylomans trying to get him to see how important the Israeli role in 9/11 and US politics in general is. He gives them too much of a pass imo and you give the non-jewish faction too much of a pass imo.

  31. In the eastern woodlands cultural area (roughly encompassing the eastern one-half of the United States, and the southern portion of Quebec and Ontario), cultural traditions for dealing with captives predated the arrival of Europeans.

    Those men and women [2] who were not adopted, as well as teenage boys [3], could also face the alternate fate of death by torture. The torture had strong sacrificial overtones, usually to the sun.[4] Captives were expected to show extreme self-control and composure during torture, singing "death songs", bragging of one's courage or deeds in battle, and otherwise showing defiance.[5] The torture was conducted publicly in the captors' village, and the entire population (including children) watched and participated.[6] Common torture techniques included burning the captive- which was done one ember at a time, rather than the Hollywood-style pile of firewood around the captive - cuts from knives,beatings with switches and jabs from sharp sticks. Prisoners' fingernails were ripped out. Their fingers were broken, then twisted and yanked by children. Captives were made to eat pieces of their own flesh, and were scalped alive. To make the torture last longer, the Indians would revive captives with rest periods during which time they were given food and water. Tortures would begin with the lower limbs, then gradually spread to the arms, then the torso. The Indians spoke of "caressing" the prisoners gently at first, which meant that the initial tortures were designed to cause pain, but only minimal bodily harm. By these means, the execution of a captive, especially an adult male, could take several days and nights.[7]


  32. Lol funny indeed. Don't worry, no need to explain why saying Jews did 911 is problematic. Its a no brainer, I've heard that numerous times, to not say that forbidden word...its a credibility killer even if true. I never say "Jews did 911" to the masses, I only say the obvious to the choir, to people I know who wouldn't freak out.

    I most definitely do not give America a pass, or non-Jews a pass, though I understand how that could be misunderstood that way by those who aren't aware of the pre-Israel history/crimes of the elite Jews. Assumed willy was aware bc he is intelligent, but to my surprise he's very naive about this special tribe. And I bluntly blamed Jews only after that poster "Somebody" pissed me off, before his comment I simply said Israel/Zionist. I get called anti-American in other website threads, yet he thinks I'm some American patriot even though I'm not American. I put emphasis on Israel bc I've had enough of these phony 911 truthers saying "Bush/Cheney inside job", deflecting Israel's role , and bc the Israeli-firsters were the obvious master minds(PNAC authors penned a A clean Break for Netanyahu for pete's sake).

    He's talks about the IMF, Federal Reserve, World Bank having nothing to do with Israel..yet he seems to forget who disproportionately was in charge of and had a hand in creating those corrupt globalist institutions. Incomplete, list:Federal Reserve has been run by elite Jews for decades including now with Bernanke. Former World Bank president was Paul Wolfowitz. The current IMF director Dominique Strauss Kahn, a Zionist socialist Jew, who's a heavy contender to be the next French president might go against...yup another Zionist Jew Sarkozy...what are the odds?! .02% of the world's population yet they are always at the top. Talk about controlled opposition.

    When it comes to worldwide events, I refuse to believe in coincidences anymore.

    And I don't know how saying the Jews did it implies it was a religious issue, unless people don't know that Jews are also a part of an ethnicity, (they consider themselves to be a race and nation)and there are atheist Jews. In fact neocon guru Leo Strauss was an atheist, as many of the other neocons are. Like I said, even to the secular Jews globalization is good. Jew or non Jew, motivated by religion or not...the elites are screwing us.

  33. If you say "the jews did it" most people will naturally think you are blaming them out of some sort of religious view on your part in my opinion. Its one thing to lay out the evidence showing that yes, many jewish people appear to have been involved in 9/11 along with Americans but its another to simply say "THE jews did 9/11". As I said to Scott, I firmly believe that Israel(i's) played the dominant role in 9/11. They were the architects even if people like Cheney,Myers,Rumsfeld etc. were involved.

    I understand your frustration. When it comes to all things Israel the debate is rigged in favor of the zionist state and its partisans. Untrue and unfair cries of "anti-semite!!!" and "racist!" pervade when one tries to speak about Israels negative influence. Its best not to give those whores more ammunition and just stick to the facts. Thats what really scares them. Thats why I always say-"Israelis and Americans did 9/11". That is factually correct and lets nobody off the hook.

    As far as "somebody" goes, yeah, he came off as kind of an uninformed jackass. As far as Scott goes, I do not know him personally but based on his website, which I read frequently, I think he has a severe blind spot when it comes to Israel/zionism. I do not know what to attribute this to other than the fact that he respects certain controlled ops like Chomsky and Klein who love to divert attention away from Israel and towards the US.

  34. Robert wikipedia is not a good place to find information.

    I understand exactly what you are saying, the advanced western civilization wiped out the savages for democracy. (guess what there is none) It is an idea propelled by John Wayne and Hopalong Cassidy movies.

    The indians definitely scalped the settlers and you probably did not know that Texans hunted apaches for their scalps also. You know when you show up and tell somebody else their land belongs to you through manifest destiny or the good book you are most likely going to run into some resistance in order to dissuade you from this path.

    Once again this idea of being civilized is knowing right from wrong.


  35. Being tools for the bankers for several hundred years and running around the world killing whoever they tell you, acting like a slave, bowing to phony religions, damaging your own society and welfare in the process is not a sign of superiority, it is a sign of ignorance and stupidity.

    This idea that scalping is a more brutal death than DU uranium poisoning, drones, white phospherous, smart bombs, agent orange, birth defects and etc etc would be laughable if not so insane. Mankind will do almost anything justify his own cowardice and stupidity.

  36. Among the North American tribes which practiced cannibalism in some form may be mentioned the Montagnais, and some of the tribes of Maine; the Algonkin, Armouchiquois, Iroquois, and Micmac; farther west the Assiniboin, Cree, Foxes, Chippewa, Miami, Ottawa, Kickapoo, Illinois, Sioux, and Winnebago; in the South the people who built the mounds in Florida, and the Tonkawa, Attacapa, Karankawa, Caddo, and Comanche (?); in the Northwest and West, portions of the continent, the Thlingchadinneh and other Athapascan tribes, the Tlingit, Heiltsuk, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, Nootka, Siksika, some of the Californian tribes, and the Ute. There is also a tradition of the practice among the Hopi, and mentions of the custom among other tribes of New Mexico and Arizona. The Mohawk, and the Attacapa, Tonkawa, and other Texas tribes were known to their neighbours as "man-eaters."

  37. And so says wikepedia. The Hopi eat corn and beans.
    The real man eaters wear suits and ties, produce movies, rant behind pulpits and sponsor lady Gaga.

    Doesn't sound like a man eater to me.


  38. OTHER LOSSES: AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MASS DEATHS OF GERMAN PRISONERS AT THE HANDS OF THE FRENCH AND AMERICANS AFTER WORLD WAR II by James Bacque. Toronto: Stoddart, 1989, hardbound, 248 pages, bibliography, index, photographs, $26.95. ISBN: 0-7737-2269-6.

    More than five million German soldiers in the American and French zones were crowded into barbed wire cages, many of them literally shoulder to shoulder. The ground beneath them soon became a quagmire of filth and disease. Open to the weather, lacking even primitive sanitary facilities, underfed, the prisoners soon began dying of starvation and disease. Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps.

  39. Absolutely Robert








  40. Eisenhower still gets the praise for his MIC warning speech but few want to talk about his dark side in the aftermath of the war. He's no hero.

    Good links Mick.

  41. I saw the link-off from my blog and came here. This is good writing and even better connect-the-dots piece.

  42. Dont Waste Your TimeJanuary 24, 2011 at 7:39 AM

    The "AmericanGoy" blog looks to be a hasbara site propping up the holey holocost, complete with references to Raul Hillberg's discredited book, the lies of concentration camp "horrors" by those evil Christian Germans, etc.

    And the "Jesus effing Christ" at the end of the holey holocost promotion article was a nice jewish touch.

  43. It could be argued that the loss of 120 million from 1500 to 1800 isn't the same as the loss of 6 million people during World War II. Can 6 million in 1945 be compared to 1 million in 1500?

    School children are still being taught that large areas of North America are uninhabited as if this land belongs to no one and never did. The role of our ancestors as caretakers is constantly and habitually overlooked by colonial society.

    Before the arrival of Europeans, cities and towns here were flourishing. Mexico City had a larger population than any city in Europe. The people were healthy and well-fed. The first Europeans were amazed. The agricultural products developed by the Indigenous people transformed human nutrition internationally.

    The North American Indian holocaust was studied by South Africa for their apartheid program and by Hitler for his genocide of the Jews during World War II. Hitler commented that he admired the great job Americans had done in taking care of the Indian problem. The policies used to kill us off was so successful that people today generally assume that our population was low. Hitler told a past US President when he remarked about their maltreatment of the Jewish people, he said mind your own business. You're the worst.

  44. Freeyourmind that was excellent. Could you please go to that closet white supremacist(disguised as an Anti Zionist think tank) forum :theinformationunderground.com to write exactly that. Those white supremacists are spewing their WS agenda there. I tried arguing with those assholes in 3 different threads about Native Americans and Muslims...one of the threads was moved to the off lounge section bc the person that banned me was owned...but the main one "Europeans are Indigenous to North America" at:

    is still in the current events section. I got banned from that forum for defending Native Americans and Muslims.

    (And I don't know about what you really think happened during the holocaust, but I recommend watching "One Third of The Holocaust". The elite Jews have used that "6 million" number many times before 1945, one in 1919 by Martin Glynn and Chaim Weitzman in 1937. That number seems to have a kabbalah numerology significance like 911, bc Raul Hilberg, while not saying 6 million died, he said 5.1 million(5+1=6). Andd 33 represents "The Tree of Sephiroth" and its 33 elements(3=3=6). The one dollar which has a star of david has also the eagle with 33 feathers on the LEFT wing(33 degree mason is the highest order). And which of the political spectrum do we see majority of Jews belonging to and being famous for being in...yes the supposedly humane left wing...until it comes to Israel.

    All that may seem like bs, and one should take everything with a grain of salt but those kabbalists are psychos and put significance in numerology.

  45. WOW!! Thanks Whocares for pointing out about TIU. I had no idea that it has sunk that low. anarchore of ziofascism exposed TIU as ws love nest last year and that MSMD, such a character!

  46. Yea no problem musique. MSMD was the one who banned me...the hypocrite nags about holocaust denial laws, ADL JIDF censoring/flagging his videos yet he has banned at least two people. It's a shame I used to really like that forum...don't they know they can just go to Stormfront? And I really don't trust anachore either.

  47. Is he(msmd) that powerful to ban someone ... I thought only the admins can do such? I have no idea! Is Ognir totally oblivious of what his forum turning into these days?

    Sorry to hear that punk ass kiddie clown has banned you.

  48. Its fine, I'll just use a proxy lol. Ognir is def not oblivious. He's a closet ws as well. And he actually moved the threads calling out msmd to the off lounge members only section, but has allowed nonsense zionism-irrelevant threads bashing Islam/Muslims/Native Americans/ Blacks/ Hispanics/America in the most viewed section. msmd is an admin in that forum due to his high post count and besides Ognir adores him for the "Israel did 911" thread. msmd is doing the Zionists' dirty work by spreading anti Islam and anti America propaganda...these Zionists want the world to focus their hate on America and Islam while forgetting and tackling the real problem: the elite Zionists. Oh well.