Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Obama's state of the union address started at exactly 9:11 pm EST with the words "thank you."

 The U.S."Sputnik moment" all over again.  Another take on  "Yes We Can."

We were sitting around waiting on the big annual pornographic political show and I asked  "what time do you think the speech will start."  Someone said  "about 9:15."  I said  "no, it will start at 9:11."  When it did I was asked how I knew that and why they might have timed it that way. I said  "it's just a part of how they play the game."

That's crazy talk or just a coincidence you may say.  Maybe  ... but I'm not so sure. 

You can read the transcript of the entire speech here,  but as always, nothing Obama says is worth the type on a teleprompter when there's the big lie of al Qaeda and 9/11 that has to be repeated over and over again. It's what the speechwriters will never leave out.
"Of course as we speak, al Qaeda and their affiliates continue to plan attacks against us."

"Our purpose is clear, by preventing the Taliban from reestablishing a stranglehold over the Afghan people, we will deny al Qaeda the safe haven that served as a launching pad for 9/11."

Basically the SOTU speech was Obama telling the American people ... STFU, we're going to do as we please and you're going to bend over and take it. 

I think we're told that each and every year and what do we do about it?  In essence ... nothing. 


  1. You're right!!! Wasn't that just a whole bunch of nothing. Sorry, I have no respect for the man.

  2. ...
    >start 9:11 or 21:11 = 3:11 = Madrid bombings, 911 days after 9/11.
    >finish 10:13 or 22:13 = 4:4 = football 40 yards in 4 seconds = ... here comes the SuperBowl and black Sun-day ??
    ... both 22 and 13 are auspicious as well as 44, being the 44th prez and all.

    Of course its the way 'they' work ... pumping as much negativity as possible, IS the bottom line in their game. BE it anything from lies to violence ... fear = negativity is their only 'way', out.

    Don't allow their actions to generate re-actions (= re-play-ing the past = in-ability to respond), 'they' are simply (lowest common denominator) providing challenges to GROW, by showing US what WE are NOT !! ... in the area of LOVE = the underlying vibration of ALL that IS = Infinite DiVine Intelligence.

    Peace of Mind my friend ... its 'OUR' only 'way' out.

    Peace Love Light TRUTH
    (- ;
    ; -)

  3. ...
    PS ... did you notice the "reversed" American flag ?? The flag hanging behind the prez, had its stars on the left, now straighten-UP the flag and the stars on on the right !!

    Don't be angry, its what 'they' want = negative polarity.

    Its just more proof, that whats needed is Peace of Mind = no amount of violence ever created Peace. Light can create darkness; BUT, no amount of darkness EVER created LIGHT. Love can create fear (= lack and loss); BUT, no amount of fear, can create LOVE.

    ... i hope this helps )

    Peace Love Light TRUTH
    (- ;
    ; -)

    ps ... speaking of mirrors = reverse reflections, consider Love:
    evol-love = evollove ))
    ... looks familiar eh ??

  4. But, but, look at all the 'good' things we've done for (or to) Iraq:

    During the year, the following significant human rights problems were reported: a climate of violence; misappropriation of official authority by sectarian, criminal, and extremist groups; arbitrary deprivation of life; disappearances; torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment; impunity; poor conditions in pretrial detention and prison facilities; denial of fair public trials; delays in resolving property restitution claims; immature judicial institutions lacking capacity; arbitrary arrest and detention; arbitrary interference with privacy and home; other abuses in internal conflicts; limitations on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and association due to sectarianism and extremist threats and violence; restrictions on religious freedom; restrictions on freedom of movement; large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees; lack of protection of refugees and stateless persons; lack of transparency and widespread, severe corruption at all levels of government; constraints on international organizations and nongovernmental organizations' (NGOs) investigations of alleged violations of human rights; discrimination against and societal abuses of women, and ethnic and religious minorities; human trafficking; societal discrimination and violence against individuals based on sexual orientation; and limited exercise of labor rights.


    Didn't watch the annual SOTU Comedy show, one can only take so many lies before becoming nauseous.

  5. flight 11
    flight 93 (9+3)12
    flight 175 (1+7+5) 13
    flight 77 (7+7) 14

    letter f pronounced 'for' hence is coded 'for light' hmmm

    11,12,13,14 also 2,3,4,5

    5..4..3..2...blast off

    twin pillars of jachim, boaz,a 3-d no.11, blasted watched by pillar of wisdom,solomon (sol/sun omon/moon) building 7

    5..4..3..2.. 1

    'one' also pronounced 'own' anagram of NWO

    pronounced 11 years previous to the day by 'burning bush' george bush.
    91,2001 were solar maximums/solar pole reversal. 11 years later is 2012.
    this demonic intelligence actually controls them. so they still have time to repent,they have free will so its their choice.

  6. The people certainly do something about it, they continue to vote and so are complicit.

  7. I have to admit I would not have known there was a speech if I had not read it here. I am busy giving my own speeches right now.

    Greg I was surprised to hear the best people security was handling things at the Moscow airport. Is no country anymore capable of handling their own affairs?

  8. http://Www.ghosttroop.net/

    Anyone ever seen this one?

  9. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/homeland-security-shuts-dozens-sites/

    Looks like a lot of websites have been shut down recently. I notice Suraci disappeared.

  10. Speaking of numerology, here is something interesting:
    The elite Jews have used that "6 million" for the holocaust number more than once before 1945, one in 1919 by Martin Glynn and Chaim Weitzman in 1937. That number seems to have a kabbalah numerology significance like 911, bc Raul Hilberg, while not saying 6 million died, he said 5.1 million(5+1=6). And 33 represents "The Tree of Sephiroth" and its 33 elements(3=3=6). The one dollar which (also has a star of david) has the eagle with 33 feathers on the LEFT wing(33 degree mason is the highest order). And which of the political spectrum do we see majority of Jews belonging to and being famous for being in...yes the supposedly humane left wing...until it comes to Israel.

    All that may seem like bs, and one should take everything with a grain of salt but those kabbalists are psychos and put significance in numerology.

    As for Obama, can you blame this coward? He doesn't want to end up like JFK, RFK, Charles Lindbergh, and Huey Long. Those annual "pledge of allegiance" AIPAC conferences do not exist for nothing.

  11. Some things I find very telling are what Obama left out of his speech:


    I mean, how can you give a State of the Union address without addressing the big-ass fucking oil spill we had last year? That's like Bush not mentioning Hurricane Katrina!

  12. Swanky verbal sewage coming from the perpetrator of the Black Death ravaging Americans now is no less vile than the putrid, lying, verbal garbage that came from Prez Bush. Both are vile puppets,destroyers in America and abroad, spreading the deadly plague while being immersed in the wealth resulting from it. Obama was surrounded by his criminal courtiers for his broadcast performance. Unfortunately, rotten eggs could not be thrown at him to enhance the stench of his lying oratory, nor rotten tomatoes thrown to give disdainful visual effects to the entranced TV viewers, and no damning shouts allowed for radio listeners.

  13. I just figured out what happened to me, I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled awhile back. I went into a room and there was a different xray machine, a circular shield around the head. They never mentioned what it was, turned it on and it spins around the head, boom. I looked it up and it is called panoramic xray. It just so happens it is like an air port scanner, 100 times the dose. These people are crazy. I am never going back there.

  14. Kenny: see this superb Video...


  15. You know Obama is a traitor to the free people of the United States when he invokes the absurd 9/11 fairy tale as presented by the political/media establishment. People that support him, and anyone who supports the 9/11 official story, are traitors as well. Sickening.

  16. My mother has that same smug expression. Something demonic and repulsive about these beings. Are they even Human?

  17. Americans can't handle too much
    Greg B. above left out the most vile thing US has done for the people of Iraq,THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING,DU its said in some places the rads are higher than what was done to Japan after ww2.
    Birth defects are off the charts