Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Criminally Infested Super Bowl

It's not good enough anymore to just have our little day of diversion, watch a game we don't care about, talk some trash and drink a beer.

Oh no, now it's the merging of political propaganda and our favorite corporate pastime. Fox News meets the spirit of Vince Lombardi in a festival for violence lovers.

War criminal and world wide wanted man George Bush brought his smirk to the Jerry Jones suite and didn't even get a shoe thrown at him. Oh yeah, I think homeland security confiscated those at the door. Condi Rice was there too. Perks for the perverted.

At least Georgie and Condi got a slight taste of what they have dished out. The half time show was torture.

If you turned on the pre-game show to get some jock talk, you got to see a tribute to the reanimated corpse of a 100 year old actor who once portrayed both a football player and a president.

Revisionist history as told by the 'winners.'

Last and maybe worst, O'Reilly  and Obama entered the 'no spin end zone' before the game to tell the fans of the orderly transition coming to Egypt.

"We're this far from scoring."

Green Bay wins!  Reagan and Lombardi celebrate somewhere in the nether world. Bush goes back into hiding in his Dallas home for the criminally insane and Obama finishes the last of the White House Yuengling Lager, smokes a cigarette and declares Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday.

Ain't America grand .....


  1. Not going to Switzerland, Georgie?

    "Junior,' soon your Daddy, the one who paid off cops and judges when you were young to get you out of one scrape after another, and continued to do so well into your adult(?) life, the 'Godfather' of the Bush Crime Syndicate will depart from this Earth for his just rewards.

    Ditto for James Baker, the Bush Mob's 'Consigliere,' fixer and attorney who knew who to pay off to either shut up or fix those elections, will be joining 'Poppy' on the other side.

    What then, GW? You'll go about your usual, drunken frat boy ways and sooner or later, step in it Big Time.

    When you, the 'DICK,' Condi, Dougie, 'Rummy,' Wolfowitz, Blair, and your enablers are either serving lifetime prison sentences or 'Dancing on Air,' then we can hoist that banner that says, 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.'

    Our dead troops, murdered since 9/11 by you gang of cutthroats, deserve no less.

    GB won?

  2. NPR did a piece on how Reagan increased both taxes and the role of government

    However, today he's fondly "remembered" for supposedly doing the opposite.

  3. The pre-bowl rumor that Israel might use a nuke on the game site was a false scare tactic to keep the strategy of tension intact among alternative news followers. Since the Super Bowl is entertainment/profit for wealthy zio-criminals, no way that would happen. Any new false flag attack against America would cause anguish among the ordinary people being used and abused by the criminal scum at the top. As for blood-on-his-hands Reagan. An already corrupt Prez going senile was a puppet for GHW Bush, but still a willing villain reading ghost-written speeches off a telepropmter from his first day in office. All these old criminals will suffer agony in hell together. Too bad for America, it isn't sooner than later.

  4. Any chance of a post concerning the Hinckley's and the Bush's family ties. I don't have high regard for Raygun, but I think he was a lot less of a globalist than Herby Walker. Let's see, Kennedy cuts taxes, he is shot. Raygun cut taxes, he is shot. Probably just a coincidence.

    Anon at 2:55 PM is right, there will never be a "terrorist attack" when so many fine examples of global citizens are gathered at the colosseum to celebrate American Exceptionalism.

  5. Great fun but I never watch anything outside of college football which concerns my alma mater and that is just for entertainment. I had forgotten about football until this post.

  6. Dear Kenny,

    George H. W. Bush anticipated John Hinckley's assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan....

  7. Bush had Reagan shot because he raised taxes? And JFK was shot not for opposing nukes for Israel,opposing the CIA head on and opposing the bankers but for....raising taxes? Sorry, not buying that. Reagan was pure scum who let Poppy Bush and crew run the show like the coward he was. He got shot by Bush family friend Hinckley and that was enough for him to hand it all over to the CIA war faction. At least JFK forced them to actually kill him to take power. Reagan the coward got the message and sold this country out willingly. On domestic issues where he actually had some power he almost always did the wrong thing. What a horrendous President.

  8. Oops, I should have said "cut taxes" instead of "raise". Though come to think of it, didn't Reagan raise taxes after he cut them anyway? I know one thing, he sold this country out and you have 2 choices-he was either too stupid to know it or he did it willingly. Reagan is scum. Thats why the media lionizes him and forces his phony "legacy" down our throats. He served the elite scum well and they thank him with glowing praise for the sheep to consume.

  9. Comments about Reagan from a previous kenny thread(the Carter one below):

  10. LOL -- loved the line about the half-time torture!

  11. Anon at Feb 8 10:10 AM

    I was joking about Raygun being shot because he cut taxes, but wanting to point out that Herbert Walker seems to have been curiously present at both JFK and Rayguns shootings. Michael Piper's thesis of why JFK was shot is very plausible with me, but so is Executive Order 11110 give or take a 1.

    I don't buy that Raygun sold this country out knowingly and willingly, but I think Poppy Bush was just more evil and out maneuvered Raygun. Poppy Bush was the globalist, Raygun was the dupe who was selected to occupy the white house. Raygun is dead, Poppy Bush is still alive and a rope is just waiting on a workbench or toolbox somewhere wanting to become a useful tool for humanity.

    Instead of flowers for men, buy them rope !!

  12. So if not willingly and knowingly that means Reagan was possibly the dumbest man on the planet. No, I think he was a coward who knew he was selling out this country. Fuck Reagan.

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