Monday, April 4, 2011

Fair Warning

For the last 4 days the extended weather reports have been telling us that today would have severe storms with the probability of tornadoes.

Sure enough. They came. Very good predictions for the weather people. They were right on top of this one with almost insider like information. Betting against the insurance companies would have paid off.

Of course we're the new 'tornado alley' and in this time of year the patterns repeat so it's not much of a stretch to see the big storms coming.

Trees and power lines down throughout the mid-state, straight line winds, downbursts and numerous reports of small tornadoes that caused a ton of trouble. Not the super tornadoes that we've had over the past 18 years or so but what is becoming a fairly typical spring storm day in the 'alley.'

We got the warning, we had plenty of time to plan but with this kind of phenomena it's mostly just improvise with where you are and what you've got to deal with. 

We remembered the drill with a low key type of paranoia. Repetition of the drill over many years makes us almost resigned to the potential threat of fate.  TV and radio reported the warning of rotation right above us so it's get to your perceived safe spot and hope for the best. Grab the dogs, get to the hall in the middle of the house and hunker down. We waited it out and although hit hard, we were spared the brunt of the storm.   The danger came and went. Until the next time, and we know there will be a next time.

A tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami, quick and to the point. Not exactly like this slow burn of man made radioactive clouds and water that we face.  We've had the warning for decades and we allowed it to happen. "The meek shall inherit the poisoned earth."


A new sideshow has opened up in the Libyan war front. Wayne (sometimes right, sometimes wrong as we all are) Madsen is reporting that the story of Israeli backed "African mercenaries' is a CIA psyops with black African foreign workers being targeted and scapegoated in a racist ploy.

Michael (sometimes right, sometimes wrong as we all are) Rivero of WRH is adamant that the 'rebels' have captured some black mercenaries and gives photos and videos as examples as well as this statement:
"There is a story being spammed around the net that the Israeli mercenary story is a hoax, but given that there is photographic and video evidence of the mercenaries, it would appear that Madsen's story is just more Israeli face-saving."
Is Mike calling out Madsen as a spreader of Israeli disinfo?
Personally I can't tell by the images if those captured are mercenaries or pawns. I need some more information. Any thoughts?


On the same day that Obama declares himself candidate for re-election and will need a billion bucks, his administration declares that there won't be any civilian court trials for the 9/11 suspects patsies. We all knew there would never be civilian trials, too much of a chance for cover up error.

Shimon Peres of Israel comes to town to meet with Obama and others on a “scouting” trip. In typical arrogant Israeli fashion they announce new illegal housing in the West Bank and a disputed area of Jerusalem on the eve of White House visit. Peres brings with him a message from Jonathan Pollard's wife to "let my husband go." Obama wouldn't actually do that, would he?


Let's play 'all good propaganda has to contain a lot of truth to be believed' and see if we can sort this out. Gordon Duff in "Nuclear 9/11 Undeniable."


  1. Two reasons to go with Madsden over Riviero
    One, there are a lot of african guest workers in Libya and many libyans resent them (prime target of inciting racial trouble) and

    Two, israel is reported to be paying for these 'mercs'. If the US was paying for them, ok, but I just can't see israelis shelling out good cash for anything.

    So what is more believable of israel - digging deep in their pockets or inciting civil strife through spreading false stories?

    oh, there's a third reason, the story originated in israel.

  2. I have been wondering about Rivero ever since I sent him this link:

    and he never posted it. I am sure he must have seen it along the way and was waiting for him to deal with it but no....

    So, now I have my doubts about WRH.


  3. Not surprised that Duff latches onto more bullshit. Like you say, there is a lot of truth to be found at VT but also quite a bit of disinfo. He made a huge deal out of signing chief "hijacker" lie pusher Sibel Edmonds and proceeded to ban anyone who even so much as asked why this FBI agent and Time Person of the year was always talking about "hijackers" and not patsies. Ask Sibel if "al qaeda" is real. Her purpose is to make sure we all think so and Duff promotes her instead of questioning her.

    Madsen is always an interesting read but I take everything he says with a grain of salt, with all his "well placed intel sources".

  4. From The Ugly Truth

    "Fully realizing US or Israeli support for ElBaradei in Egypt would destroy any chance for the “revolution’s” success, it appears that the cartoonish act of overtly supporting Mubarak in the early stages of the unrest was a deliberate attempt to shift the ire of the Egyptian people toward him, and their suspicions away from globalist stooge ElBaradei.

    This has played out in Libya as well. Again, unverified reports of mercenaries hired by Qaddafi through Israel, armed with Israeli weapons swept through the Israeli press. Upon reading the reports, the “evidence” is hearsay from the Libyan rebels themselves. These reports of mercenaries helped not only demonize Qaddafi and render him “illegitimate” in the opening stages of the conflict, but also helped members of the Arab League garner support domestically for UNSC r.1973. With the war now in full swing, these “mercenaries” are no where to be found, and the story effectively swept under the rug."

  5. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    James, yeah, you confirmed some of what I was thinking. The story never made sense from the beginning.

  6. i agree with anon April 5, 2011 8:07 AM
    VT is a disinfo freakshow! Spook central.
    Duff, 'Mr insider' and dimwitree khalezov (i'm not a Russian spy), and Jew sabrosky (I'm not a Zionist) all say 'mike harari did it and 'it was Zionists and mossad 100%'

    and they all somehow manage to walk around with impunity after spilling the beans all over the internet. Dimitri even puts his phone # and address on the net.OK

    suzan lindnauer 'I'm a CIA ASSet'
    and as anon mentioned sybil's disinfo- 'hijackers, planes, attacks'

    'Hey Duff, if your such an insider why not name some of the CIA FBI Pentagon names who are 911 TRAITORS'

    Here's my guess at where they want to go:

    Mossad and Harari take the rap. TV is filled with news info about the difference between 'Jews and Zionists, of course they're not the same' Many Americans will just blame the Jews. Persecution of Jews will justify even more martial law in US. Elite heebs bail out of Israel in droves. Israel sets off 'unconventional' WMD in the middle east, wipe out millions of Muslims, then give them IMF loans to rebuild. the heebs move back in to the 'new Israel' and help with the reconstruction

    'we have weeded out the Zionist extremists who did 911'

    the 'new Israel' will not be liable for any Zionist crimes, like Russia isn't liable for USSR or Jew Bolshevik blood baths against Christians

    USA is not a sovereign power, it's owned by London, via the fed

    My conclusion is that mossad did not even try to hide it's involvement. I believe mossad takes orders, from London

  7. I'm not sure why Duff is pushing Sibel Edmonds, who is clearly afraid to touch 9/11 Truth, especially Israeli involvement, but I think he writes and speaks from the bottom of his heart. Khalezov's claims about nuclear devices make a lot of sense to me, although VT does at times publish some ridiculous stories and opinion pieces.

    You always have to read everything with a grain of salt, but I do think VT has a lot of good info and is not some sort of disinfo/propaganda outlet that many seem to think it is. I think it's important that VT is out there exposing 9/11 for what it was: a Zionist operation from start to finish. Not many are courageous enough to do that, and I'm simply baffled at the above comment regarding VT, Duff, Sabrosky, Lindaur, ect.

    We know who the traitors in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, White House, ect. are. Really, the entire government and anyone pushing the official conspiracy theory is complicit in the cover up and perpetuation of the crime of the century.

    BTW- VT linked to a story from the Daily Mail detailing the skyrocketing cases of cancer afflicting 9/11 firefighters, strengthening the argument for nuclear devices playing a role in the WTC destruction.

  8. Mossad takes orders from London? I hear this notion from time to time, that the top of the pyramid is "the crown" or England and I must admit I find it ridiculous. Who owns the US media? Who runs US foreign policy? Who owns Congress? Yeah, not London.

    And Sibel doesn't just refuse to broach the subject of 9/11 truth and Israeli involvement, she actually does all she can to make us think the hijackers were legit "islamic fundamentalist al qaeda hijackers" and not patsies(how is THAT exposing 9/11?). This promotion of Edmonds is a big enough red flag alone, throw in the censorship and some of the other writers there and its clear its a disinfo hub. This is not to say VT is a "bad" website, I in fact was the one who asked kenny to add it to the blogroll because I value many of the articles there. Doesn't mean they aren't disinfo though, especially Gordon Duff.

  9. Re: USA sovereignty, here is a link to a talk by the late, great Joan Veon. Every American should see it. The control of the money is the head of the snake. Things are worse than you think. Her advice at the end is 'pray'

    Joan Veon- When Central Banks Rule the World

    "Old Hickory said we could take 'em by surprise."

  10. This is not to say VT is a "bad" website, I in fact was the one who asked kenny to add it to the blogroll because I value many of the articles there. Doesn't mean they aren't disinfo though, especially Gordon Duff.

    So is this sorta like buying Playboy magazine for the articles? :)

  11. HAHA, sort of. Though at this point Playboys articles are just plain laughable. They recently had a story from Hillel Levin blaming the mafia for JFK's death. That would fit right in with some of VT's disinfo.

  12. I can;t get into my own blog right now to edit.

    A most amazing story submitted to Rense, you will have to read it for yourself.

    “The smoke and mirrors at Fukushima 1 seem to obscure a steady purpose, an iron will and a grim task unknown to outsiders. The most logical explanation: The nuclear industry and government agencies are scrambling to prevent the discovery of atomic-bomb research facilities hidden inside Japan’s civilian nuclear power plants.”

    “The White House has to turn a blind eye to the radiation streaming through American skies or risk exposure of a blatant double standard on nuclear proliferation by an ally.”

    HAARP huh? Give me a freaking break.

    Yoichi Shimatsu, a Hong Kong based environmental writer, is the former editor of the Japan Times Weekly. Surprise, his cellphone seems to be cutoff periodically with people he is in contact with in Japan.

  13. Interesting story mick. I'm not sure about it but I added it to the next post.

  14. Really interesting post. I really can't say is this fair or not? But thanks for share this story here.