Thursday, April 21, 2011

Merchants of the Myth

Iranian TV 2006.

An Iranian viewpoint of the 'holocaust.' Saved from the soon to be deleted google video. 
For educational and historical purposes only.

 memritv translation. 


  1. the gas chambers never existed. 6 million dead Jews? never died. the 911 planes? Computer Generated Images, 3000 dead in the towers, including 350 dead firefighters? that's right, most of them made up. the Palestinian suicide bombers in the markets? never existed, the jews just set off a bomb and showed photos and video of a made up girl. The family of 5 in Israel who just got killed? that's right, they never existed, made up bios, fake photos, google 'vicsims'

    Victims of Jew Bolshevism, banker Jew agitated ww1 ww2 etc 150 million Christians.

    Jews died in club hitter? 270,000

    how to you combat lies and disinformation? with historical revisionism, facts and evidence

  2. askeNAZIs are the most aggressive amoral killers on earth, i figure one possible reason for the holohoax, was that they knew the truth about Katyn, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin had to come out, so they needed to cry 'persecution, we're victims' to fool and brainwash people, but you know that when the Jew Bolsheviks starve, torture and kill 100 million Russians, Poles and Ukrainians, the word gets out

  3. Hitler demands liberty and independence for Palestine!

  4. The Last Days of the Big Lie (Higher Quality)

  5. As an aside ... I saved another video from google video, "9/11 The Explosive Reality," a 2 hour compilation of MSM clips originally shown on different TV stations that day, and uploaded to youtube. It was removed and I received this message:

    "Dear kennyssideshow1,

    Your video, 9/11 The Explosive Reality, may have content that is owned or licensed by loosechange911movie."

    It was the first video I've had taken down ... and because of the loose change boys?

  6. Be first on the film and then the copyright is yours?

    Ernst Zundel's attorney Sylvia Stoltz just got out of jail in Germany. She was jailed for defending him.

  7. Just saw this on Rense Kenny. It is bigger news for you and I because we are both close by.

    It seems the nuclear reactor plant Vogtle in eastern Georgia shut down on it's own. As soon as they figure out why they are going to get back to us? Now we have mystery reactors with minds of their own.

  8. Monosodium glutamate will be in short supply after the Japan quake. Their company was blasted. MSG is the stuff that produces neural toxicity and brain damage in animals but Ajinomoto Co., Inc.says is good to go in humans.

    The company and warehouses in Tokyo and Sendai were severely damaged. We will have to get our supply somewhere else now.

    Aspartame will be in short supply also.

  9. this site has good video links, check the George Carlin-

  10. Nice to see your Nazi views haven't changed at all. Keep up the good work, idiot.