Friday, April 1, 2011

We're No. 1

I rarely take the CDC's statistics as something to bet the farm on but this time they may be on to something.

A slow moving barge going down the river is an apt symbol. 

Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention State Indicator Report on Physical Activity from 2010, we've ranked the 10 laziest states with stats on physical activity of adults and high-schoolers.

No. 1: Tennessee
Physically active adults: 51.8 percent
Highly active adults: 29.9 percent
Adults with no leisure time physical activity: 27.3 percent
Students (grades 9-12) that are physically active: 24.3 percent
Students (grades 9-12) that have daily physically education: 30.4 percent 

The military may really need a pre-boot camp fat farm here in Tennessee to keep the recruitment numbers up.

I'm wondering if the CDC used stats on what is many Tennesseans biggest form of exercise ... walking the aisles of Wal-Mart. Even that may be cut back as the CEO is saying that the 'everyday low prices' are going up.

Happy April Fools Day. The joke's on us.


Censorship is no joke. Anthony Lawson strikes back at youtube for the censoring of his video  "Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid?"


  1. I don't trust anyone with an English accent. Lawson lost me after his 'debunking September clues' vid. I figure 'who the f@UK cares if there were planes or not, well obviously ANTHONY cares' and I ask 'why'? Because 'no planes' is the Achilles heel of 911.His anti zio vids are classic propaganda (although i agree with them) I actually suspect that Lawson is a creation of MI6 or Tavistock, both on my list of 911 perps. (along with Mossad and CIA FBI etc) I think Lawson exists, but I think his voice is being used and morphed and computer enhanced by spooks who are up to no good, just a thought

  2. Thought taken. Just before I saw this comment I was thinking how it's hard to be surprised at anything or anybody.

  3. Do you like surrealism?

  4. Lennon rolled in his grave over that one.

    I hope Canadians can soon do away with Harper and his tribe of psychopaths.

  5. "I hope Canadians can soon do away with Harper and his tribe of psychopaths."

    And replace them with what?

    Next up at bat is the CFR ghoul Ignatieff, who is so committed to globalism he even makes Harper look conservative... (so to speak).

  6. I guess getting rid of Harper is the same as getting rid of Obama. No choices.

    Thanks for the tip on Ignatieff. I haven't been following the upcoming election.

  7. I applaud him for going after the no-planers. As if there is not enough evidence of 911 being an inside Israeli/American job without making up shit about the planes. They may have been swapped but to suggest "no-planes" is ridiculous imho.

  8. This should help you figure out who you would vote for if you were Canadian. All about important issues such as The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, bombs sent from Yemen to Chicago, how the Palestinians are suffering under evil Palestinians, speeches to the 7 Edmontonians who speak French, who can offer the most cash to immigrants, the importance of the only democracy in the Middle East, and so on.

  9. Mulroney went to war in Somalia. Chrétien in Bosnia, Serbia, and Afghanistan. Harper in Libya. And the vast majority of Canadians don't even know about any of that, except a few have a vague notion Something's going on in Afghanistan.

    If the CFR's Ignatieff wins (which is impossible unless Harper is caught raping goats the day before the election) he'll have Canadian soldiers in Iran, he'll grovel even more than Harper does to the Jews, and the economy will be wrecked, and whatever parts of the Jew-Com agenda are unfulfilled will be back on the drawing board.

    Head, they win. Tails, you lose.

  10. They must also drink a lot of those aspartame colas in Tennessee Kenny. I was marveling at the seven eleven store the other day. They had a special on red bull energy drink, a giant free coffee if you buy a red bull for free. All of it kills the pancreas so people balloon up. I watched in amazement as one guy grabbed a big potato salad sandwich made of white bread and aspartame potato salad.

    Red bull is banned in two European countries due to irreversible damage to the liver. They are working overtime to do people in.