Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cruisin' on the Good Ship Lollipop


"In an aspartame world, sweetness is just a cover for poison."

How sweet. A new group called Americans Elect expects to have a presidential candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. They want to 'appeal to voters who are tired of the left-right, red-blue polarization of American political life with an online nominating process to create a centrist, nonpartisan ticket to compete with the two major parties.' 
What they are hoping for is that few will dig into their funding and 'management' and what their true agenda may be. Spokesperson Elliott "Karate Chop" Ackerman is the son of AE's billionaire chairman Peter Ackerman, former right-hand man to Michael "Junk-Bond King" Milken, CFR member, chair of the Orwellian named 'International Center on Nonviolent Conflict,' and an Israel firster who may have played a part in manufacturing the Egyptian protests. With a Soros connection AE may be attempting to pull votes from the Repub side and assure Obama's reelection. Of course these globalist neocon neolib think tankers and NGO 'leaders' will 'swing both ways' as the need arises. Surely no American will fall for this Americans Elect scam? Will they?

Not so sweet. The "fun time has started" was what a state attorney said in an email about cracking down on Occupy Nashville. If I were cynical my impression would be that this little guy would be typical of a great number of bureaucratic worker bees that see themselves as above all the rabble rousing crowd.  In reality they are slopping at the trough of the plutocracy and are as expendable as a fattened little piglet.

LA cops not sweet enough? You think?

Ahh, the sweet smell of burning flags in the morning.  The media is glad to play it up, especially when the burners are in Iran. The story behind the story remains to be seen.

In Syria, between the UN, NGO's and Al Jazeera lies, it looks as if the sweet dreams of the gun may soon prevail in the breakup of yet another middle east state for the benefit of Israel. Who else benefits the most?

This guy looks to be in a sweet place but defining the sweet from the poison is all over the map in the good ole US of A.

Current TV (yeah I know, Al Gore's baby) has an excellent new documentary now showing. "The War on Weed" contrasts the medical and decriminalization states of Colorado, Washington and California to the stop and frisk Bloomberg policies in New York City.  It even gets into the O administration's use of the IRS and bank pressure to threaten to put dispensaries in California out of business. And what was up with the short interview with a self professed constitutional 'scholar' and medical marijuana 'expert' who stated that federal law trumps states rights. Well pluck my eye out, I must have read and understood the constitution wrong on that count. Good thing there's always an expert to set me straight. If you live in a backward state some of the 'high' points may be a little discouraging but overall a recommended watch.

The sweet tooth of the police state pushing for indefinite detention of American citizens, or domestic terrorists as some prefer to call them, by the military had a setback. Or did it? It's all so confusing. I suppose we'll just have to wait for the SWAT teams to bust down the door to find out. In one of those WTF moments, Hillary Clinton goes to press Myanmar leaders on lack of internal freedoms. Would that be theirs or ours?

Sweet Mother Of Jesus!!!  State of Israel Sues Occupied Wall Street Movement!  The term ‘occupied’ belongs to Israel exclusively, it's their copyright and no one is going to infringe on it!

The Federal Reserve, out of the sweetness of their heart, is going to print up barrels full of money out of stagnant air "to ease strains in financial markets" and save the world. The Dow surges in a frenzy, babies sigh, mothers cry in joy and the soup lines are put on hold as the pie is passed around. Yum.

The first sweet words from Herman Cain that weren't whispered in some white woman's ear ...  "Stupid people are ruining America." Hard to disagree with that but Herm is definitely one of the stupid ones and he's talking to himself. Not to be outdone by Cain, Newt Gringrich tried to explain his faults by saying  "I cheated on my wives because I love America too much."  Good one Newt, we'll all use that one when we get caught in inappropriate behavior. "Officer, I was smoking that joint because I love America too much." Yeah, that'll work.

"God's always got a custard pie up his sleeve."
                                   Margaret Forster


  1. what, so 1867 didn't pass?


  2. Hey Kenny,...Cooooeee! That Post is what they call "Just kick in the door and blast'em!"

    DANG! I love it when a guy can shoot with both hands "instinctive from the hip"!

    That's what old mate Kalashnikov was talkin'bout!


  3. Great take on our sad state of affairs.....feels like we are being bull rushed into disaster as our government falls asleep at the wheel!....thank you Kenny, for all your work!

  4. Good post kenny, good links and info regarding current state of affairs.

    My inclination is that the crackdowns at the OWS protests and recent 'indefinite detention of Americans' bill is meant to scare the sheeple into shutting their mouths and silently submitting to more and more tyranny and war. Good thing we ain't givin' in!

    The feds have forced or coerced almost all of the medical marijuana dispensaries to close shop around my area. Two things that need to be clarified about this situation in San Diego specifically:

    1. Many of the dispensaries were in fact operating illegally (local zoning laws), and deserved to be shut down. I bet most of the dispensaries operating in California were also operating illegally, based on the zoning laws issued by state and municipal governments.
    2. The others are being forced out by the property owners, probably because of institutional pressure on the property owners. I don't see any other explanation based off the people I've talked to.

    There are still dispensaries operating, but the crackdown has started.

  5. jrbooks online has disappeared

  6. Okay, so the bill hasn't passed yet. Call your senators, even if it seems bootless.

    Here's a link to the text of the bill:

  7. Hey all

    John, please keep us informed on any of the local developments in the mm industry. It's an important issue with a lot of folks.

    The jr books pdf links are all down. I would suggest that those inclined find some good sites and download historical documents while they may still be available. The censorship continues to creep up on us.

    v, Kalashnikov has brothers all over the world.

    S1867's first purpose if it passes in whatever form is to try and make us self-censor. They really do want us to shut up.

  8. Kenny,
    it is funny that you mention Aspartame, the killer sweetener, killing brain cells damaging sight and organs like wood alcohol does, which is an ingredient. Our government cares about us enough to allow neuro-toxins like aspartame, and MSG, so what else is okay with them? The documentary that is embedded in [this post] tells the story of aspartame.

    Donald Rumsfeld was the CEO of Searle, a drug company, who brought us the scourge of aspartame. Kill your brain cells, burn the mylar off your body's electrical wiring, with Diet Coca Cola and Vanilla yogurt etc. The documentary link above is not great, it is cheaply produced. What it has is science and expert opinion. It tells how the US Government has been bought by Big Pharma and the corporations. How they are damaging us, for profit, is easily seen by the viewer.

  9. so the bill (1867) passed, a declaration of war against the citizens of the usa.

    so why pay taxes any more?


  10. Good call on "Americans Elect" Kenny. I just saw the last 3 minutes of "Fox News Sunday" and who were they doing a puff piece on? "Americans Elect".

  11. THanks for the link over Kenny..
    Maybe you should check this out..
    what's this about hey?

    Cheers A13