Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is Only a Test

The first nationwide FEMA takeover of the airwaves is but one of the many tests that are going on every day of our lives. If you think about it, we are little more than test tube babies being experimented on from conception to the grave. It's easy to feel as if we're sitting on the shelf of the "lab rats 'r us" store.

Being aware that we are living in the testing grounds for control of our bodies and minds may be a little consolation but it's hard to run from the poking and prodding.

The date of the FEMA test, 11-9-11, was not chosen arbitrarily, it wasn't randomly plucked from a hat. The dark forces, the testers, have a way with numbers that reinforce what they are trying to achieve. There is a whole 'science' of numbers that others much more knowledgeable than I have written volumes on. From my limited viewpoint I see two numbers that stand out in the mindset of the western world ... 9-11 and 6,000,000. Seemingly unrelated, they are very much connected. These two test numbers are continually imprinted upon our consciousness to see if we will fall for whatever lies the controlling powers throw at us. As a whole we have.

It's apparent why the government would potentially want to totally control TV and radio. They don't want a repeat of what happened on September 11, 2011 when a number of reporters were off script and actually let a bit of the facts slip through. A few hours of centralized spin to get the media on message would save a lot of trouble in the long run especially if the internet is shut down for 'security' reasons.

Testing the waters and predictive programming is a big part of the media's purpose. Just today I caught a glimpse of a 'news' story telling us to be prepared for $4.50 a gallon gas by next spring. That doesn't make sense in the global economic climate but maybe they know something we don't. For several years now we have been tested with the repetition of the need to bomb Iran and that meme has definitely picked up its pace here lately. Will the national emergency broadcast system's first non-test be big brother Obama coming on and telling us that we or Israel or both are now at war with Iran and to expect the worst? Personally I don't think it's going to happen but I could be wrong and we'll be in the midst of World War III tomorrow. At any rate, fear is a major goal in the testing process and that may be enough to give us higher gas prices and the continuation of the ungodly military spending, etc, etc, etc.

The testing takes on physical aspects, the vaccination and fluoride in our drinking water scams come immediately to mind, but those are not possible without the psychological operations in full play. Decades of practice and experimentation to control our very thoughts have been so successful that the powers that be think that they are invincible in their efforts. We're not ready to give them that much credit.

Over at Twelfth Bough, Pez gives us a little education on how the social engineers work in her article "facilitate this." My humble suggestion is to take a look at what is there and also expounded upon in a great number of other places in order to better understand our enemies, how we are under constant attack from them and how to fight back.  This one quote on what we are up against really caught my attention:
“The organizer is in a true sense reaching for the highest level for which man can reach -- to create, to be a ‘great creator,’ to play God.”
Perhaps the most egregious attack on us today is the testing of our patience. We have shown a great deal of that so far, restraining ourselves from exploding back at the inhuman machine. Our 'explosion'  may actually be what the machine wants to unleash their 'final solution' towards us. The answer to this test remains unknown.  


  1. This 'news' story telling us to be prepared for $4.50 a gallon gas by next spring is typical. They prepare us for it so that when the price does increase we think-yeah, I knew that was coming. I feel that so many of our 'alternative news sites' are doing that same thing. They bitch about the terrible things the elites are doing to us and are going to do to us and it is just for preparation of our minds.

  2. I looked it up recently, and now that you mention it, the Jewish population of Israel is just shy of 6 million. The 2011 estimate is 586,364,480.

  3. Hey Anonymous number 1, that's 6 hundred million. not 6 million. ok back to my regularly scheduled programming....
    Anonymous number 2 aka njt

  4. Certainly no Obama fan here, but what to make of the comments by Sarkozy and Obama about Netanyahu? And notice how Obama said he has to deal with Netanyahu "every day"? Creepy.

  5. thanks for the link over, Kenny. to Larry's point, one of the big problems with trying to track what's going on is the way many things seem like they will happen, and then they don't happen. dates come and go. events come and go. the big thing does not happen. it is easy to get sucked into the tavistock social engineering cycle of stress / relief, to get co-opted into the social engineering experiment. it's a real problem. not to say that some people probably *do* know what's coming down and make their names off that sort of prediction, but i think for many people it's just guesswork, and the social engineers no doubt get a huge laugh out of us trying to predict their next mind fuckery. every time we get something wrong it dings our credibility, and they of course know that.

  6. Larry, absolutely, and AP's response is very perceptive. We've often talked of how they laugh in our faces. It's time we laugh back at their ever increasing ineffective psychopathic BS.

    The alleged Sarkozy Obama exchange seems like it could be legit but I see the question as being if they are going to do anything about it. Maybe too much blackmail held over their heads. Both are tools.

    I just saw on NBC Nightly 'News' a segment on the possible upcoming war on Iran featuring Andrea Mitchell who is Alan Greenspans's wife. There's always a fed reserve/wall st./media connection to the war psyops but that was a really blatant laugh in our face, or so I thought so.

  7. Hey Kenny,...I think the current phase is merely Math, when the data is loaded, the numbers are then crunched - the dice as it were, are still tumbling. Look at how many bizarre variables are currently out there - every monumental, cataclysmic event horizon is being alluded to. Earthquakes, asteroid strikes, global thermonuclear war, conventional world wide war, a new pandemic, faux global public resistance, and so on.

    I have seen a picture of the filthy old bearded rabbis that slap the abacus for the pinnacle of the talmudic pyramid, (there appears to be over a hundred of these warlocks) unfortunately I can't find the link to the picture - these filthy old child-molesters are the soothsayers and ritual bone tossers that make up the talmudic oracle. They have been "doing the Math" on global ascension by the tribe since these monsters organised themselves into a body corporate three thousand years ago.

    For my money, they can't find the moment to launch the final solution, because, they cannot manifest absolute evil on earth - remember lucifer has to purchase all souls on earth to achieve victory - he has a squillion satans to help him corrupt humanity and limitless resources to do so, yet, he doesn't have mine, nor yours, nor Pez's or Penny's or Timster's etc etc.

    The only satisfaction they (the filthy yids) can achieve is temporary blood lust through ritual slaughter - however, even the dumbest most ignorant sheeple are starting to smell the coffee - today here in rothschalia, I witnessed the most ardent arse-kissing shills of team zio-shyte oztralia, questioning our role in Afghanistan and discussing a "withdrawal" FUCK ME! That doesn't sound like much, though let me tell you - they have NEVER questioned the jptb and our subservience to the jtpb, ever!

    Something tells me the talmudic satanists will play a desperate hand, this will involve a massive blood ritual and it will result in their ultimate demise!

    It is going to get ugly people, I am scared of the short term situation, however, I am confident of a win for humanity.


  8. V, you are a man of many words and its always good to hear them.

  9. Look at ID4.
    "They move all their pieces into place,
    and then...times up"