Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're always being set up

Brigitte Gabriel

"When you find issues/controversies which people love to debate endlessly, which are emotionally inflammatory and which divide the masses into oppositional stances/groups - it is a pretty strong possibility that the controlling elites might be busy behind the scenes, fomenting these quarrels and keeping them alive."
                       a comment from here

There are numerous ways in which we are being set up for purposes of control and some of the main ones are the old divide and conquer techniques.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in our own middle Tennessee area where the building of mosques, lawsuits against them and anti-shariah conferences get not only a ton of local publicity but national as well.

The latest 'event' took place over this past weekend as the Constitution or Sharia Conference. Kicked out from a local hotel the organizers had previously booked, they found a sanctuary to hold it in none other than Cornerstone Church, Nashville's premier Christian zionist stronghold.

This would be the church that found its calling and money when it hired  Pastor Maury Davis, a convicted murderer from Texas. In a state that executes its killers left and right, Davis, who slit the throat of recent widow, a Sunday school teacher, nearly decapitating her for no apparent reason beyond just for the heck of it, walked with barely a slap on the wrist. Davis got lucky when a 'born again' confused deranged juror smelled devil possession and convinced the rest of the jury that a charge of manslaughter was sufficient and he was sentenced to 20 years. Lucky Maury was released after 8 1/2 years due to prison overcrowding and the 'redeemed' murderer began his path of preaching which eventually led him to Nashville becoming the Cornerstone pastor who built up his flock to over 3,000 attendees a week and with radio and TV shows and the subsequent salesmanship and begging for money that allows Davis to live large.

Not to dismiss the possibility that redemption and forgiveness is not possible in this world but one might think that the direction of this 'reformed' killer might be towards peace and brotherhood but it was not to be. Anti-Islam and pro-war with a touch of zionist perversion became the talking points.

Hosting the anti-Shariah conference was not Cornerstone's first foray with invited faux Christian speakers. Hate and war mongers Geert Wilders, Mike Huckabee and Oliver North were previously welcomed there and Huckabee returned the favor, having Davis on his own neocon, Israel first Fox News show.

Promoters of illegal wars find a place at Cornerstone but rumor has it that a parishioner, a terminally ill man whose doctor had told him it would be fine to smoke marijuana if it eased his pain, was kicked out of the church for doing so. So much for compassion being a virtue.

That's a little background on the host. We'll move on to the parasites who feed off the willing host.

The anti-sharia conference was led by Hanah Kahwagi Tudor, aka Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! for America who laid the Islamophobia on thick. Others included Rick Scarborough, founder of Vision America  which seeks to mobilize pastors in the service of promoting 'Judeo-Christian' (code for zionism) values, who had another suggestion for the group. "The greatest grassroots opportunity of all is to get your pastor involved," he said.  Christopher Holton with the Center for Security Policy,  (whose founders include a number of neocon and PNAC figures including Frank GaffneyDouglas Feith and Richard Perle) spoke of legislative efforts in the pipeline including a law that would make it illegal for state pension funds to invest in a foreign company that does business in Iran. Nothing about the Koch Brothers bribery and dealings with Iran though.

Frank Gaffney, in an incredible display of chutzpah, used a Power Point to demonstrate the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood (CIA and MI6 funded/controlled?) into the highest levels of governments. Former FBI agent John Guandolo also presented aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operation of influence on the George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations. Guandolo,  who resigned from the FBI when it was discovered that he had been sleeping with a key witness in the corruption case against former Congressman William Jefferson, also said regarding local mosques, “They do not have a First Amendment right to do anything.” and  “They exist to break the law.”   

ThinkProgress even had reporters in Nashville where they interviewed State representative Rick Womick, wild eyed republican from Murfreesboro, who called for all Muslims to be forced out of the U.S. military.

"Personally, I don't trust one Muslim in our military, because they're commanded to lie to us through the term called taqiyya. And if they truly are a devout Muslim and follow the Koran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they're commanded to kill me."

Womick certainly has the terms down pat in order to make himself look educated in Islamic teachings instead of the hick pseudo politician that he is.

There was an out of state anti-zionist and anti-war Christian group, Strait Gate, who came to Nashville for a protest/educational vigil outside Cornerstone church. Their message of  "Choose Life, Not War"and "Who Would Jesus Bomb" stands in stark contrast to those at the conference. You can read a summary of their visit and confrontation with Pastor Maury Davis here.

The local news sites had a number of articles on the conference. There were hundreds and hundreds of comments posted.  A great number of anti-sharia sympathizers of course chimed in and were countered by many opposed to their bigotry but most of their arguments centered on first amendment rights and religious freedom. True in the constitutional sense and relevant although very very few mentioned that this was basically about divide and conquer. While 'Christians' argued about Muslims and with other 'Christians' and atheists complained about all religions, I saw no one who had anything to say about this all being a set up, years in the making.

Tennessee is a designated refugee relocation area with one of the largest Muslim populations in the country. We are not refugee bashers, many of our ancestors came to this land as refugees, and it would be hypocritical. to deny others the same opportunity but the question has to be asked. Why this area? I don't know for sure but there is a built in bigot population and a great number of folks whose only education on Muslims comes from their teevee screen, right wing talk radio and sometimes their pulpit and repetition is a major aspect of mind control. Were we set up to become a simmering pot of hatred, stirred as needed and used for control and diversions? A centralized location that puts a more rural face on the issue in contrast to urban areas like NY City? It sure seems like it to me.

There's a website, Refugee Resettlement Watch, which has a Nashville category. Warning ... it is biased and often ugly but includes a lot of links where if one is willing to wade through the muck there is some relevant information to be found. One obvious reason for the refugees in this area was for economic exploitation, specifically Tyson in Shelbyville, where there is another of those Bill Clinton connections. Another connection is with the Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. that receives a ton of money from the federal government and the State of Tennessee for their refugee resettlement programs although it appears local communities and even the state have little say so on what refugees come in or where they go. Is any of this important to the discussion? Well, it does explain the numbers and brings in the role of NGO's who are an integral part in all kinds of social engineering agendas. Historically, we were warned about NGO's. The Dodd Report to the Reece Committee on Foundations in 1954 gave us a warning on the manipulation of NGO's, including the Ford Foundation and the ADL, on the education system. Norman Dodd's interview in 1982 with G. Edward Griffin confirmed it. The call for a permanent watchdog committee to keep an eye on these NGO's was squashed by the money behind them. Since then these types of organizations have multiplied beyond simple comprehension and are the force behind numerous nefarious activities including the anti-sharia front groups. We have been and are being set up.

The anti-sharia organizations are nothing more than a psyops. Besides American infighting which distracts from the blatant banker and corporate theft, one main purpose is to keep the middle east wars continuing, identify manufactured enemies for expansion of the wars and moving down the path to Eretz Israel. Voters who can't see through the propaganda put representatives in office who will walk lockstep with the agendas. Two of our own middle Tennessee reps, Diane Black and Marsha Blackburn, are typical examples.

Lastly, I want to point out a very transparent aspect to the Islamophobia talking points. At these conferences and on talk radio these people can go on for hours in their hate fest of Muslims and the rhetoric of Sharia Law coming to take us over. Threats of all sorts are tossed around that never have a chance of taking hold but the one aspect of Sharia that is a real threat to the status quo is never mentioned, never ... prohibition of Usury.

The idea that there could be a world without the slavery of interest on debt is taboo. What would the haters say? That we must protect the bankers? That usury is as American as apple pie? That it's only the crazy Muslims who would even consider prohibiting interest on loans?  Just to use the word in any kind of context might get some folks wondering what it's all about and if they find out that throughout most of Christian history usury was banned as the root of most evils it could lead to discussions that the bankers and their lackeys would not like. Alternatives to usury find the churches silent. It is never talked about in the schools and to even meet people who are aware enough to discuss it is rare. Occasionally there are voices that slip through in the media and it's almost a shock.

Wars are being fought as we speak and rumors of more wars are hyped to make sure usury is maintained. We should think about it. We should talk about it. Doing away with usury is a seed that needs to be planted despite the strong arm of the bankers saying "kill it before it grows."

Being set up at every turn is what we have to deal with. One advantage we have is that there are many who can see through the lies and have this sense of purpose to spread the word with the belief that it will make a difference. It will .....


  1. I guess Cheney/Halliburton will have to stop doing business in Iran as well. Fucking hypocrites.

    And I wonder if Scarborough is related to the MSNBC host and former Congressman who had a young female intern found dead in his office.

  2. Good thought-food, Kenny.

    Used to be a high rate of unemployment just plain FROZE any talk of immigration, refugee or otherwise. The US is turning into a place people want to flee.

    Canada, for one, had a sliding scale and no matter how attractive the immigrant was, if too many native-born Canadians were out of work, tough. It's been too many years since I live there and don't know if they've changed that or not.

    But my area has depression-levels of unemployment and the "refugees all get in regardless. I suspect some of these Immigrant Aid Societies, Quaker and Jewish especially, since they harbor such hate for Americans anyway.

  3. I don't think the two Scarboroughs are blood kin but they have one thing in common. Both are pricks.

    Joe resigned from Congress Sept. 5, 2001 so he missed all the insider 'action' six days later.


    Hey Franz, thanks for the comment. Yeah, the way immigration works is all over the map and these aid groups are in on the game.

    I once had a good friend from Thailand who had an engineering degree from here in TN and had an engineering job but not yet a citizen and his green card was not renewed and he was deported because the government said we don't need any Thai engineers here. That was funny considering the vast number of Indian engineers the government has working for them including those who worked so hard on the 9/11 cover up at NIST.

  4. Sharia law. Off the top of my head the supreme court has 3 jews out of 9 justices no moslems. The senate has 13 jews out of 100 senators no moslems. The house has about 40 jews out of about 400 members and we finally have 2 moslems. Sharia law ....... have you ever heard the phrase "a snowballs chance in hell"?

  5. Hey kenny, very interesting post. Max Blumenthal has really exposed this irrational and illogical anti-sharia law crowd for what it really is: Zionist propaganda from start to finish. A couple good links:



    Not a big fan of Tom Dispatch, another one of those limited hang out sites, but they do good journalism from time to time.

    The last part of your post got me thinking...did we ever even discuss the concept of usury in school or anywhere when I was growing up? I don't think so...certainly not in school.

  6. Fred said:The house has about 40 jews out of about 400 members and we finally have 2 moslems.

    "House Muslims" at that.

    Well, informative post, kinda depressing.
    What I find depressing is all these famous names mentioned here. Criminals and somehow they are legitimate in the USA. Oliver North? sheesh. This country is sick.
    Shariah Law, well "white huddlers" don't want to know what's what anyway. Let them be scared. BOO!

  7. Hey John, Blumenthal often makes good points but I don't think he goes far enough on the 9/11 issue. You know, that basic litmus test.

    Hi Genie, Sorry about the kinda depressing. I just looked at the whole thing as matter of fact.

    ""House Muslims" at that." good pun!

  8. The same situation in Europe.

    All these extremists, on both sides, are controlled by the security services.

    - Aangirfan

  9. If legistlators cannot pass a Christin law in our US Congress or any legistlative body in America based on seperation of State and religion , then how can the same legistlators pass a Muslim law.
    To make a law the legistlative body must pass it by a majority, then have it signed by either the President of USA, or by a governor to become a law.
    These lies and fears of Sharia law in USA are really unfounded and have no existence in US law books neither in Federal or State books, but the fearmongering seems to have no end about Sharia law taking over in US.
    And as a result of this fear campaign,some people are making good living and name recognition of this expanding and growing Muslim's fearmongering industry.

  10. Great piece. Same trick in the UK, stick a mosque in an area and get the locals riled up about the spread of Islam, then slide in the Zionist poison when they're nice and tenderised.

    cheers, suraci

  11. aang, suraci and anon, thanks for the insights.

    Interestingly, a local news site today has a front page linked article from a locally raised Palestinian refugee. I have to keep my comments there fairly mild and more mainstream to keep from getting banned but I get tired of hearing the same false rhetoric and 'myths' from commenters and feel the need to say something.


  12. The set up takes many forms, Kenny. To advertise yourself as a follower of Jesus--while at the same time living your life as Maury Davis does--is in essence an attack on Christianity, one which does the faith far more damage than could ever be accomplished by bombing churches or passing legislation.

  13. Hey Kenny, thanks for calling out Blumenthal!

  14. Hi Kenny,

    I've sent the link to your post to Rense. It needs to be as widely available as possible. Wonderful work.

    I had no idea that the pastor who hosted this hate-filled creeps is quite literally a murderer. Shows you what kind of people are engaged in spreading hatred of Muslims.

    You made a number of very important points here. Really excellent work. Not that any of us are surprised because that is what we have come to expect from you, but for the issues I normally deal with, this one really hits home. Thanks.

    Best wishes,


  15. Hey MT, you are much too kind.

    These things are happening in my back yard so to speak and I tend to take them personally.

    Richard, I agree completely. We expect there to be cons and tools like Davis around but it's the number of 'followers' that are most disturbing to me.

  16. Hey Kenny,

    Davis stinks of MK. And he's now serving a Jewish/Israeli agenda. Sure of course.

    Otherwise, usury is the mechanism. Pen has a good thing about it over at her place today. The pdf there is worth reading.

    I make the same comment here as there - Usury is banned in every religion in the world except Judaism. But even there it's banned but only if you do it to Jews. If you do it to goyim it's fine.

    Never mind sharia, everyone should read the talmud wherein any given thing is only a sin or a virtue depending on whether you do it to a Jew or a goyim.

    Is there any other religion in the world as fucked as that? I don't think so.

  17. Hey kenny and everyone, re Blumenthal, total fail on 9/11 and most other important issues, just like virtually all of the Jews that run and dominate the alternative media. Don't expect them to tell it like it is, but we can all piece together the clues, and a lot of the work they do helps us do that, in my opinion. But yes, total fail on 9/11 = total coward and/or shill for those that perpetrated that event.

    nobody raises a very good point. Here is a very revealing video relating to this if anyone has not seen it yet:


    I don't know of any other religion as fucked as Judaism.

  18. "We're always being set up".

    It is the language(s). Language(s) are the 'brainwashing and mind control'.

  19. Very nice article. I did not realize Cornerston Church was a franchise outfit -- thought that lethal disease was confined to Pastor Hagee in San Antonio.

    Rick Scarborough headed up a bunch of crook Texas pastors to the Texas state legislature at the behest of Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed and that bunch of thugs to stop Texas American Indian gambling casinos. Watch Capital Crimes video online.

    Nice section on usury. Usury is compound interest and equate to lifelong slavery. E. Michael Jones of CultureWars.com did a conference on the subject a while back and has the audio tapes of the conference for sale on that site. I still do not understand, though, how it is not usury for me to collect interest from a bank for allowing them to use my money that I deposit with them. See parable of The Gold Coins and the parable of The Talents where Jesus seems to say the bad servants should have at least gotten interest at at bank on the money the master had left in their care.

    I feel sad that the Roman Catholic church, while always having the correct dogma that usury is wrong and is heresy, has soft peddled the whole concept for decades.

  20. Kenny, off topic--Palestine think tank website has been gone awhile. I was just looking at your sidebar links. I'm a kind of a "dead link police." I don't think in this day and age (or maybe since the Gaza genocide)too many pro Palestine readers are game for the old "two-state solution" baloney or the "occupation since 1967" psyop. 'Palestine think tank' and 'Sabbah's blog' became obsolete.

  21. until the US takes back the printing and owning its own money, and with some backing like silver, as in your old silver dollars, you are doomed.
    the jews by stealth formed the fed reserve bank, and have been printing money with no backing for just short of a hundred years.
    its jewish power that has caused far more damage than any other groups.

    in a hundred years the paper dollar has lost value about 50 fold to the silver dollar.
    not a bad scam, and not a Muslim in sight.
    the constitution forbid the type of federal bank, and treasury was the controller of money.
    the constitution also gave freedom of religious beliefs.

    so its ok to to pick and choose which part of the constitution will be over ruled,

  22. The murderous pastor? Look into masonic sanctioned murders, plus masonic subversion of justice. Most judges are masons and many Southern Baptists (lots in Texas).

    THEY do recruit and dispatch psychos to infiltrate churchianity. If the creeps are caught, they just make lemonade with "proof" that churches are nuts and perverts. Ted Haggard was a flaming globalist infiltrator who became HEAD of an evangelical org. "The Family" is a total globalist occult scam, see Constance Cumbey - but they run the Prayer Breakfast etc.

  23. I can't help but wonder if that's the same reason we're having another sex scandal. Nothing quite rivets attention like child molestation...

  24. Globalist/Elitist always played 'cointelpro" operations, learning from "Art of War", "The Invisible Hand", and "The Prince" by Machievelli. The Globalist/Elitists rule over the Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia( Jewish) and American Mafia, which runs the United States land territory. Plus Globalist/Elitists control the Money Supply (jobs), Communications (all forms for intercept, blockage, change), plus Media. All this being run from the top of the Pyramid. As I learned from my 1st stint in Federal Jail, coming back from Butner FCI, Butner, NC, inside back in Metropolitan Correction Center, 150 Park Ave, NY, NY on Floors 9 South (or 9 North) in Spring 1990, with FBI agents dressed up as Prisoners on that floor watching over me, that they never payed attention to News, via Newspapers, Radio or TV. So what does that tell you, basically all News Media is lies, control and Manipulation, for a higher control. I broke out of the illusional matrix lies on this World and USA, with much World and USA News and Old History lied upon.

  25. Usury is lending real money at interest. Nationally chartered banks are lending FAKE money in a practice of FRACTIONAL RESERVE lending at a ratio of 20 dollars in loans to 1 dollar in fake money deposites. This is FRAUD not usury.

  26. Kenny you're quoted over at the Daily Bell today.
    Great to see you get some coverage !


  27. Dave, thanks for the tip. I probably would have missed the DB article.

    I'm humbled.

    I've also been called out by someone lately for not focusing enough on solutions and I can't argue with that. Effective and sustainable solutions and the steps for implementation are the most difficult aspect of all our efforts. As always, suggestions are more than welcome.

  28. @Jeannon ... November 17, 2011 8:01 AM

    "I feel sad that the Roman Catholic church, while always having the correct dogma that usury is wrong and is heresy, has soft peddled the whole concept for decades."

    It's not only soft-peddled the whole concept, it is no longer even listed in the new Code of Canon Law. It's not even a consideration ... no longer a high-ranking evil that destroys not just the userer but also the usuree, and finally the society.

  29. “Wars are being fought as we speak and rumors of more wars are hyped to make sure usury is maintained. We should think about it. We should talk about it. Doing away with usury is a seed that needs to be planted despite the strong arm of the bankers saying "kill it before it grows."

    Kenny, you've hit the nail right on the head with this whole article.

    We are countering the whole Islamophobe thing here:


    Please email me at the site there-–I have a question.


  30. "It's not only soft-peddled the whole concept, it is no longer even listed in the new Code of Canon Law. It's not even a consideration ... no longer a high-ranking evil that destroys not just the userer but also the usuree, and finally the society."


    Usury is the root of all evil. Usury is orchestrated by zionist jews. Usury is a veritable "sin" against mankind.

    Wars are indeed now fought with the blood of gentile children to preserve and prolong Shylock's scam.


  31. Maury Davis never quit being a con-artist. He's still a murderer, though now by proxy.

  32. It's part of their regular Friday homily that they have to exert more efforts in attaining their agenda, that is, to dominate the world. The weakening of Christian churches in Europe is already a sign to their advantage.