Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trial Runs in Anticipation of the Really Big Show

According to some accounts April 19th to May 1st is Blood Sacrifice To The Beast, a most critical 13-day period in Occult 'holidays.' Fire sacrifice is required on April 19.

So perhaps it is no coincidence that the destruction by fire of the Waco compound  in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 took place on this date. Although the official story says that Timothy McVeigh chose the date of OK City to coincide with Waco, McVeigh and Terry Nichols were far from the only ones involved. False flags always take patsies and a number of criminal accessories to pull off.

Both events served at least a couple of purposes. One was to destroy the patriot militia movement that was gaining ground in the 90's and the other was to gauge the public's reaction to blatant murder of American citizens by government  forces, as at Ruby Ridge and Waco, and how well a major false flag on U.S. soil could be accomplished and covered up with control of the media, investigators and the lying narrative of government officials.

Overall, it worked very well. Most people fell in line with the official stories without much questioning. It set the stage for the much bigger 9/11. Most people fell for that one too although our numbers in truth continue to grow. We certainly will immediately recognize the next 'big one' if the powers that be dare to try again.

It's been a small tradition here to highlight the events of this day mainly because we don't forget and we don't forgive, at least until there is justice.

Unrelated to the history of the false flag events of this day, today marks the passing of one of my all time favorites, Levon Helm. Perhaps we should give him a tip of the hat and celebrate his life.

"Up On Cripple Creek" - The Band, performing live at The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA, November 1st, 1970

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down


  1. That has always been a stirring song to me Kenny because I was born in Hotlanta!

  2. Great song Kenny.

    Life is finite.

    Up on cripple creek any day now I will be released.

    Levon Helm of the Band goes at age 71 to a happier hunting ground.

    At the tail end of the 60's peace movement, before Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma and 9/11, the Band captured the spirit of personal and world peace in their concerts, music and guest artists.

    That spirit lay dormant after 1972 until the new millennium and is since 2005 making a noticeable comeback with truth and antiwar movements, personal and organized, around the world.

    Shine on you crazy diamonds. Make love not war.

    Zionism kills.

    Peace and love,


  3. Great video kenny, thanks I needed that. The songs you posted and linked to are some of my all time favorites.

    Wouldn't it be great if life consisted of us making and listening to music, cooking and eating together, and otherwise enjoying our limited time in this existence with our loved ones?

    Make love not war, I second that Mouser. Peace and love everyone! Once we arrest and hang all these criminal traitorous bastards, we're throwing one hell of a party at kenny's place!

  4. May we all find as much joy in what we do as Levon did! Great song.

  5. RIP soulman-
    The Hawks - Farther Up The Road (1961)

  6. one more-

  7. Hey all

    That party's going to be a good one.

    anon, good adds to the tunes!

  8. Ruby Ridge massacre was in August of '92 . . .

    Steven McDonalds' Sons of Somerled is a GREAT listen :

    ...witnessed Harry Chapin in Memphis shortly befor he rode that fiery chariot home...

    Music is a PURE LANGUAGE....a vibrational resonance of Love for Truth emanating from the least that is what my friend Les Visble seems to harmonize...

    “ Sic Semper Tyrannis ”


    1. My mistake Davy. Thanks for the correction.

  9. A display of supreme musicality-

  10. Thanks, Kenny. I never knew anyone but Baez sang that song ('then night they drove old dixie down'), but I don't know much about music. I avoid it, actually, because it is too painful, has too much an effect on me somehow. But I thank you for posting that link, because I really liked hearing The Band play it (with the right lyrics!). I really loved it. I cried actually. Makes me think of how stupid that war was, how the states that wanted to secede should have been allowed to do so, and how bankers got behind them and made the war so much more painful and costly. I was taught in school that that that war was about slavery, but it seems more likely it was about keeping the federal gov't strong (and making it stronger). My great-great grandfather came back up north from that war with a hackberry tree seedling and not much else. That tree was over a hundred years old when it finally had to be cut down in the last year or two. I wish I know of a good book about that war. Reading the Mullins book you posted made me wonder...about 'reconstruction' too. Sounds like they learned the formula for wars and now every war is about that -- get people to fight each other to the death, take their land and resources, take their lives, the bankers win in the end every time. No one can remember what they were fighting about, and everyone is a lot poorer.

    Anyway, The Band was so good, it's too bad they broke up. But it sounds like Levon had a good life up in NY, playing a lot. Too bad he believed in mainstream medicine to treat his cancer.

    Anyway, I want to thank you for all that you do here to expose us readers to perspectives we would not otherwise come across.


  11. Check it out...they're featuring new ways to "progress" in keeping us down.
    This just struck me as odd, yet timely. Made me think of Agenda 21 and it's plan to move people more into the concentrated urban centers.
    Also the recent purchase of LOTS of ammo by the good old homeland department raises an eyebrow. A billion .40 cal hollow points? For a police force that can't operate outside the country?

  12. I'm sorry, it was 450 million rounds -

  13. Seattle is in preparation for some May 1st "bloodshed" -