Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You can't say "I love Castro." What's next, "Maybe that 6 million number has been exaggerated a bit?" or "What was up with Building 7?"

Miami Marlins president David Samson listens as manager Ozzie Guillen speaks at a news conference at Marlins Park in Miami Tuesday.

So Ozzie says a few things in a stream of consciousnesses interview with Time which include:
I love Fidel Castro.”  "I respect Fidel Castro." "You know why? A lot of people have wanted to kill Fidel Castro for the last 60 years, but that mother—— is still here.”
The Cuban-American population in South Florida didn't like that kind of talk and called for Ozzie's head on platter.

Marlins jewish 'art dealer' owner Jeffrey Loria and his sidekick Sampson took mercy on 'lost in translation' Ozzie and only gave him a 5 day without pay suspension.

It appears that Loria is not the most transparent businessman, some even call him names like 'treacherous, no good, low down, lying dog' who loves to take taxpayer subsidies to fatten his profits through the usual tribal techniques of deception and bribery. But he did let his goy employee keep his job, probably after a lot of consternation about what was best for his bottom line and the overall public perception of his decision.

Ozzie learned his lesson. Free speech is not free in certain circumstances.

It's also a reinforcing lesson to all, especially to the kids who look up to these 'celebrities,'  to watch what you say. Can't have loose lips in the public arena. As Barney Fife always says "Nip It In The Bud." Free speech just ain't what it used to be and that's part of the big plan. These kind of 'Ozzie'  incidents fit in with the plan very well and the media is more than glad to make it an 'issue.'

Oh well, freedom of speech was a wonderous story while it lasted .....
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  1. Putin issues arrest warrant for George Soros


    1. From Feb 1st? Not arrested yet. Hmmm.

  2. Thanks for that one, Kenny. Never thought I'd see the day...

    ... And Dublinmick, very appropros. Reminds me of this:

    I had a dream. Not THAT kind. The kind where I remember all the stuff I done to get on NSA/CIA's screen. Like way back in the 90s when I moderated an ancient anti-globalist egroup for Onelist or Alt-PolySci, and I had all this weird traffic from Langley and Fort Meade and godknows where else.

    The dream was: What if all of us gotta apply for political asylum in Russia some day? Seriously. Makes me curious, was I wise to marry a Polish gal (even if she was born here, and back then she commented on how free the USA is while now Poland is lookin pretty good)? Will that count? Will the Russians make space for us, like Vermont put up with Alexandr Solzhenitsyn? Is it paranoia to ask stuff like this?

    It was just a dream anyway. But.

  3. I agree, Kenny -- it's a sad day in America when you get suspended from your job by saying you "love" or "admire" someone. Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger said he admired Hitler? But he's still in tight with the Rothchilds. Makes you wonder ...

  4. Zionist-fascist "I welcome anyone to assassinate Castro" Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was all in a tizzy, naturally.

  5. Dilma Rousseff New Brazilian president.

    OK…..Her Bulgarian fathers name was Russev he changed his name to Rousseff to “Brazilianize” it. He is a said to have Jewish roots. Her mothers maiden name is Silva, strange that is the name of the guy she is replacing, also of Jewish roots.

    Dad bombed the St. Nedely church on Bulgaria (hardcore Lenin style communist) had her read Dostovsky) before fleeing to France then Brazil. She and lawyer husband have settled in comfortably within the catholic church now days after she did 3 years hard time.

    She is a former marxist terrorist with a history of bank robbing and her group killed a 19 year old. Sounds like a Brazilian Bela Kun. She has already attended a holocaust memorial and invited Israeli trainers into the school system to teach the holocaust studies. Her regime is to be all inclusive.
    Hard to tell what is going on in China but the replacement of "Bo xilal seems interesting as his wife is now said to have poisoned a British business man in a hotel room. Bo was old style sing the old long march songs and have rallies. One piece from the brit news state he was Harper's confidante in Canada. Makes you wonder if it had something to do with gaining control of the Chinese central bank as some thought Bo might be the next big dog but apparently not as the other 24 members of the China inner circle did not see it that way.

  6. Thes miami chickenhead cubanos are right on par with their little zionistic freak friends, in fact they walk hand in hand and share the same habits like sucking a country dry like insipid parasites. We call the Jewbanos and they make me sick.

    And I know Ozzie needs to keep his job but to demoralize a man for something he said the way these freaks did go way beyond normalcy.

    Especially that little fucking twerp asshole david samson, i hope he chokes on his disgusting matzo balls.

  7. jewbans is the correct term.

    1. jewbans , jewbanos, all the same parasitic pieces of shit.

  8. castro for cuba or lansky, u.s. corps and dictator-general-puppet batista.

    majority of cubans, any one with a brain and and ounce of morality, choose castro.