Monday, May 21, 2012


“AL-CIA-da” with the blessing of NATO is bombing the hell out of Damascus.

Nice little dance step by the cop in the middle.

Chicago cops protect and defend the assets of the war machine from those who have different ideas on invading and occupying foreign countries and how many murders are acceptable.

Looking good .....

The NATO gathering was a pre-planned photo op to not only try and demonize the protesters as our own home grown 'terrorists'  but also ultimately to show how ineffective it was. The killings, the false flags, the NATO way is not going to stop anytime soon. The protest numbers are too low. A half a million people converging on any city sends a much bigger message and would gain even more allies. Strength in numbers. Keep the paid provocateurs at bay and it could even be peaceful.

Maybe there is a better way than taking to the streets? If you think you know it, please let us know.

There's even a soundtrack.

Of all the almost all dead Bee Gee's songs, this is the only one that stood up to my test of time ...
Change is Made
Well, I've been a good man. Oh Lord, Lord, I've been a good man.
But what's good's a good man after the change is made?


  1. 2 very ugly pictures followed by a very beautiful one. I love hippie type activist girls. Great words as well obviously.

    My only idea is to never shut up. Be that annoying guy who talks about politics at work,family functions etc. Whenever anyone gives any kind of opening, dont be afraid to speak hard truths wherever you go. You can be an activist while buying milk at the store or doing your job. Maybe its small but I think its important.

    1. I completely agree. Never miss an opportunity interject a point or two. It's all just a matter of fact anyway.

    2. Oh yeah, she is a very beautiful young lady, isn't she?

    3. She sure is. Good move on increasing the size of the picture :-)

    4. 2 of the police in the 3rd photo with the red haired gal look like women cops. Big mean dikie ones.

  2. One tin soldier said :

    Should this guy KNOW where 2.3 trillion @ Pentagon Budget was "ledgerdemained" to ?

    Who imploded the Twin Towers & Building 7 ?

    Who was running the drills on 9/11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed ? - 20 Years...on Crack ?

    who started the emet group 18 August 2001 ?

    .... some STRONG LANGUAGE concerning TRUTH here in America,... about the Economic Terrorist "TRIBE"..!

    Truth On


    1. Wasn't the $2.3+ trillion dollar man rabbi Dov Zakheim? Wasn't he neck deep in 9/11? Isn't he a middle east adviser to Romney? It's a sad reflection of our politics that we let the same criminals continue on and on.

    2. The congressman from the 25th district in California is up for re-election, and his wife is running for the STATE legislature...

      Very heavily invested in the NEOCON AGENDA...yesterday when the comment was made, in a very informal setting, that Khalid Sheik Mohammed confessed to being the mastermind...UNFLIPPING BELIEVABLE !! NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE 2.3 TRILLION...NADA, ZILCH...go figure.

      allegedly 500 calls were made to "constituents" for a Breakfast with Buck...5 actually showed up...and what does that say ?

      Game over.

      one tin soldier

  3. Spot the CHANGES after 44 YEARS! --

    "Chicago police officers resented the demonstrators, believing that they “did not respect the way real people lived their daily lives. Many police believed that the American political system that maintained stability and order was being destroyed by the enemies of their way of life. Many police officers felt that the news media actively supported ande ncouraged the activists in their dissent. The city's intelligence unit and police actively infiltrated agitating groups in order to gain information and to sabotage their activities. More than a thousand federal agents supported the city. The number of city and federal infiltrators was staggering: “military intelligence estimated that one in six demonstrators was an undercover government agent.”

    From the PDF download:

    1. Interesting link. A turning point in my thinking was the Chicago 7 trial. It was such a circus that one had to question whether it was part of a psyops although we didn't call it that at the time. Were the yippie leaders or at least some of them in on the game? I tended to think so from the trial on. Abbie Hoffman was especially suspect.

    2. Your suspicions were right on the money.

      Along with crime, graft and riots, Chicago ALSO gave us one of the best investigative reporters ever, Sherman Skolnick (RIP). His take:

      "Unknown to the public, Rennie Davis, Tom Hayden, and the others who became the "7", and persons connected with them in the National Mobilization to End the War in Viet Nam, were funded by federal money, channeled to them through pass-through organizations connected with the government. $192,000 in federal money and $85,000 from the Carnegie Foundation, acting as a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency, were funneled to Hayden, Davis, et al., through a front calling itself the Chicago Student Health Organization..." And on and on and on.

  4. More 1968. A personal fave:

    From Webster's Online Dictionary, Fuck, use of the word in politics:

    "During the 1968 Democratic National Convention, Chicago mayor Richard Daley became so enraged by a speech from Abraham A. Ribicoff that he shouted "Fuck you, you Jew motherfucker!"[8] Daley would later claim that he was shouting "you fink, you" and calling Ribicoff a "faker."

    Can't make this stuff up.

  5. NATO?

    All war is sin. All war is immoral. All war is 100% wrong.

    American people are lost. Sure they were mislead by zionist lies and media owned propaganda but their refusal to admit the truth which is plainly before now them makes them guilty of having the blood of the whole world on their hands.

    Shame on you, shame on us, shame on me.

  6. It is e the American people who are batoning down peaceful protesters who are actively speaking the truth about this corrupt American system and the corrupt American/NATO wars.

    Main street Americans are silencing the truth.

    Look in the mirror Americans.


    Besmirching a dead man who cannot respond.

    SHAME ON YOU Aangirfan.

    The BeeGees (sorta) and 911 truth. One of the best videos ever.

    I posted a different shot of that young lady yesterday morning. I looked at this one and the one of her all masked up nose to nose with a cop... liked that red hair and all that her demeanor suggests. Were I a few decades younger, she would be me... if you catch my drift.

    Kenny, yes the Chicago 7 was a psy op. Recently I found a video posted by the controversial Dallas Goldbug that had interviews with that same young Abbie Hoffman. Now the vid has a lot of stuff in it that one might disagree with but the interview with Hoffman says it ALL. Oddly enough he was saying the same thing a few decades later about how it was all staged.... Franz is bang on with that quote.

    And, most of the 7 were Jewish radicals ~ that should say it all, non? Over the years they sold out HUGELY or were rewarded... no one will ever know, in their later careers.

    BTW I agree. Teachable moments are an invaluable part of the movement. When the grocery boy is carrying out my stuff to the car I might point out the chemtrails during our short conversation and ask him if he has noticed how silver the skies are? If I see a trail (And there is ALWAYS one to point out here) I quickly (as in 20 words or less) explain contrails and chemtrails. Never get overbearing... just point it out. Just an example.

    Drop a little bomb in a conversation and if anyone takes it up, great. If not, don't belabour. This is highly effective.

    Saying you keep a blog is almost always an attention grabber.....

    And folks... you want a police state, check into BILL 78 now enacted in PQ Canada. It is illegal to gather, protest, speak out AND WEAR A FACE MASK. It is my new refrain, "Cry for my beloved country, but get off your ass and do something."

    BTW Arthur Topham, one of the finest alternative bloggers around, a native of my province British Columbia, was arrested last week. They took everything and charged him with hate crimes for merely speaking the truth. Richard Warman and Harry Abrams of B'nai B'rith are behind the complaints that had Arthur arrested. Arthur is not even allowed to send out emails now.. and he is not even charged formally with anything.

    Doug Christie, former lawyer for Ernst Zundel, is taking up the case gratis because this is an important one. Arthur has been dealing personally with freedom of speech issues in Canada for many years so they are trying once again to muzzle his (our) truths.

    Arthur is one of the most outspoken and honest bloggers around. He spoke the truth about Zionism and has been an inspiration to many, yours truly included. I am proud to consider him a friend. He deserves and needs our support.


    1. Thanks Queen Noor :

      Time for Men with STONES to do what Men are SUPPOSED TO DO.

      There is no Virtue in Cowardice.

      Omnium rerum quarum usus est, po­test esse abusus, virtute solo excepta. There may be an abuse of everything of which there is a use, virtue only excepted.

      my contribution to your most excellent site...

      one tin soldier