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The Cause of World Unrest


History is a vast early warning system.
                     Norman Cousins 

The 1920 American edition of "The Cause of World Unrest" {pdf} contains some things that could have been written today.{a working pdf link}

This book is anattempt to give an outline of the political aims and objectives of political Jewry. But a word of warning is necessary. Political Jewry does not comprise all Jewry. There are many Jewish citizens both in America and here who differ from the rest of us only in their religion. A blind Anti-Semitism directed against all Jews is both bad policy and an act of injustice to Jewry. But while we must be just, we must also be firm in our determination not to allow a duality of national policy in one and the same citizen.
                            H.A. GWYNNE,
                            Editor The Morning Post,
                            London. Sept. 1920

Note: I'm sure that this book was regarded as anti-semite in its day and would be today in many circles. The 'duality of national policy' could also apply to any number of 'groups' be they globalists, banker minions, neocons, neolibs or whatever term you choose. Basically it is those who pull the strings of a nation and act in ways that are not in the best interests of the majority of the people.

Those who have studied their history must at times have been astonished at the ease with which popular movements, honest and sincere in themselves, have been manipulated by clever and unscrupulous men to their own personal advantage or to further their own political aspirations. The people have throughout the ages presented a pathetic spectacle. Time and again they have been used with most barefaced effrontery as a means of producing results which they them- selves never desired. Indeed, in many cases, they have suffered terribly from their own achieve- ments. Nothing is more pitiful than the persistent betrayal of the people by their leaders and nothing more splendid than the people's refusal to believe it.

A revolution is not the result of what we might call spontaneous social combustion but the result of design. Yet there is this caution to be made : a house does not spontaneously ignite, but it will bum fiercely if its materials are dry, combustible, and rotten. It will probably not catch fire at all if it is built of fireproof material and is inhabited by people who take proper precautions against fire. So with a nation; the social organization cannot be fanned into the flames of revolution, no matter what secret societies are at work, unless the conditions are favourable to revolution. The conditions favourable to revolution have been diagnosed by statesmen and by historians. They are not, properly speaking, the business of these papers, which was simply to look for the incendiary design, not to devise a fireproof house. Yet nevertheless we may suggest briefly the causes which predispose to revolution in all ages and in all nations.

Wars certainly, and in particular unsuccessful wars, which leave soldiers unemployed, and produce in men a fitness for desperate deeds, are one cause. Bad trade, which throws men upon the streets and leaves them idle and ripe for mischief, which makes thousands of men think that any change is better than present conditions — that is another cause. We shall find if we look into it that practically every revolution is preceded by a period of bad trade and unemployment. Bad harvests and scarcity of food, producing hunger and envy in the masses of the people, are another cause. Party rivalries and factions in the State, producing bands of men at enmity with the presiding Government, and willing to bring it down for their own purposes — these certainly constitute another cause. The character of the Government itself, whether it suppresses too much the common liberties of the nation, or, on the other side, is too indulgent with treason and crime, or, again, is inspired by impracticable ideals which bring the State to disaster — here we have still another cause of revolution. And extravagant ideas in the minds of the people, whether of liberty so great that it injures others, or of wealth so easy that it resembles plunder, these, too, may induce to revolution.

"The appalling thing," says Lord Acton in his Essays on the French Revolution, "is not the tumult but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked, but there is no doubt about their presence from the first."

Design and deception. It's the first things to look for. Syria is the current 'revolution' du jour.
The U.S. and Syria: Facts you should know

 ...timeline reviews the progression of U.S.-NATO intervention in Syria and counteracts the Big Lie in the corporate media aimed at preparing open imperialist military aggression against the Syrian people. 

From The Excavator...
"Down with the Dictator," is the CIA's most popular Arab song at the moment. The CIA's Syria song catalogue includes such hits as, "Assad, the Butcher," "We Are The World, We Are The Children," "Losing My Regime," "Deception Song," "Somebody To Hate," "Will Get Fooled Again," "Sympathy for the CIA," "All Along Assad's Tower," "Give Syrians Shelter," and "Hotel Bilderberg."

Washington's dance and song routine in Syria is far from new. It is a remix of its Libya and Iraq albums, which became instant international best sellers. But the CIA's Syrian record has so far been a bust. The number of dupes willing to listen to the played out songs are down this time around.

In 1953 even the comics were warning us. They just didn't identify the correct enemies.

"Two-thirds of my countrymen read this kind of newspaper, read things written in this tone every morning and every night, are every day worked up and admonished and incited, and robbed of their peace of mind and better feelings by them, and the end and aim of it all is to have the war over again, the next war that draws nearer and nearer, and it will be a good deal more horrible than the last. All that is perfectly clear and simple. Any one could comprehend it and reach the same conclusion after a moment’s reflection. But nobody wants to. Nobody wants to avoid the next war, nobody wants to spare himself and his children the next holocaust if this be the cost. To reflect for one moment, to examine himself for a while and ask what share he has in the world’s confusion and wickedness—look you, nobody wants to do that. And so there’s no stopping it, and the next war is being pushed on with enthusiasm by thousands upon thousands day by day. It has paralysed me since I knew it, and brought me to despair. I have no country and no ideals left."

                                                                 Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf ~ 1927 {pdf}


  1. I believe Rothschild, like Hitler, Bonapart and Ceasar before him, is trying to conquer the world. Using USrael/NATO, international bankruptcy, HAARP, epidemics and more he is following the protocols of the elders of zion to establish a new (jew) world order where there are 1% elites and 99% serf/slaves.


    2. "I believe Rothschild, like Hitler, Bonapart and Ceasar before him, is trying to conquer the world."

      Mouser, Hitler was not trying to conquer the world. Not to completely divert this thread, but this is a Jewish lie that is equally as big and equally as ridiculous as the 9/11 Big Lie. We all have to reject Jewish propaganda, and stop perpetuating these myths about Hitler and the NSDAP. They were fighting the good fight guys, they were against the New World Order. Hitler was a nationalist that cared about his country and wanted to free Germany from the Rothschilds and the Jewish International Money Power.

    3. You are probably right the present main stream history of Hitler is fashioned by TPTB which is ubiquitous with the zionist international bankers like Rothschild.

    4. Chosenness

      This one word, a taboo not to be mentioned, uttered or discussed, seems to be the engine behind what we see in the arrogant behaviour of Jewish-Zionist colonizers in Palestine and the contempt they exhibit when dealing with Palestinians, the "unchallengeable" sense of entitlement: to world leadership, divine ownership and uncontrollable drive for power and control.

      Once and for all, let us poke that boil, before it burst into a global catastrophe, dragging the entire world into a nuclear biocidal war causing the destruction of all what we cherish in our beautiful planet and what humanity has achieved throughout its history.

    5. "Not to completely divert this thread"

      Yeah right. When did the memo come saying you should go full tilt with the Hitler love? Is this tactical or genuine? I can guess....

    6. Hitler was a warmonger but hey, he hated jews so hes A'ok! That about right John? Do us a favor and stop wringing your hands about the wars and invasions that go on today. In ingnoring and making excuses for Hitlers own you show how hypocritical(at best) you are. Be consistent or admit you have an agenda.

    7. One more thing, the enemy of my enemy is NOT always my friend. I suspect you're not genuine but if you are you should probably remember that fact.

    8. john's agenda, it would seem, is to find the truth in a corporeal world.
      an anonymous chump's agenda can only be guessed at... though its' smell is distinctly kosher kitchen.

    9. yeah yeah, I get it now shitler was really a lovin 'n carin teddy bear, so was wicked witch of the west. Oh.... add devil to that list!

      Let's see who's paying for shitler's actions? Visit any camp in Gaza and find out.

    10. Hey John, judge Adolf Shitler by his RESULTS, not the noble intentions you think he had.

      germany is not a country
      half of europe went communist
      a million jews today collect money from germany, christians do not

      tust me, if germans wanted all the jews dead, it would have happened with bullets in the back of the head (not railway transport from hungary to poland or germany for processing, feeding, deloucing, and 'keeping alive ' for years, keeping them for what? to kill them after the war???)

      Also consider that much of what we 'know' about Shitler's death and the 'death camps' is from the Russians. Ask yourself 'when did Russia start telling the truth?'

      Spinolia, Webber and Jaegar are not reliable sources.


    12. Indeed, in reading his latest love letter to Hitler, John seems to focus largely on his words(as if politicians never had hollow words right?) and NOT his actions. Typical.

  2. Well I'm definitely thinkin' the Fukushima thing is a psyop, as was the BP Gulf thing (as stated in a previous post) being as big a scam as the Apollo moon landings, if you've ever looked at it. I think it all boils down to this - even the elite don't shit where they eat (at least not copiously)...Rivero and Rense (whom many of us talked about being on the elitist side of the equation... well, hmm, that all makes sense, since Fukushima is basically all you get these days at Rense's site.

    Which brings me to...fear-mongering...dead-on there, I think. Many well-known "Truthers" (cough, cough), run sites that are totally gloom-and-doom in nature, and totally co-opted by the Elite. It's a page taken straight from the agency playbook. (Or, the fear-mongering playbook.) For example, if you go to Rense's site (or Rivero's), you will see "They're Gonna Git Ya!" articles, ad nauseam. Looking for a glimmer of hope at those sites is like looking for a needle in a haystack. (Unless you think Michael Rivero's penchant for quoting himself is "a glimmer of hope" - wink.) Which ties right in with the fear-mongering hype of the choreographed Fukushima and Gulf events, brought to us by the MSM. Which makes an even stronger case for Rense and Rivero being co-opted to the core, if you catch my drift there.

    The Elite have no intention of killing themselves off, just to kill off a couple billion sheeple in the process - rattlesnakes don't commit suicide. It's a law. They've spent way too much time (centuries) and money (quadrillions?) on this little End Game of theirs to cut their own throats via radiation poisoning, etc.

    But, once again, this all boils down to perception. If they can convince 90-plus percent of the people that all "publicly available" food and water is inedible at some point...and if they just happen to have huge storehouses of "allegedly pure" food and water in those little Camp FEMA pens that are scattered all over the USA (and all over other countries as well, under different names - ever notice that those puppies have water aquifers in them?...oops, now you get the picture), well, shit, it's game-set-and-match anyway, now, isn't it? Every soccer mom and their brother is going to take their vaccinated kids to the pens, because, "They wouldn't do anything bad to us...I saw it on CNN!". So, if they do that, and get that our fault? No. The vast majority of them is incapable of waking up anyway. Any effort put towards waking them up at this point is the equivalent of being a hamster on a treadmill. Right now, it's all about waking yourself up, even more...big payoffs await for doing that.

    As I mentioned a while back, I'm okay with the Elite whacking 90-plus percent of the "people" on the earth (myself included). This has all been done before and it's part of the End Times scenario. The Elite play their roles, just as we do. They know there is much more than Life Here on Earth, but they want to stay here and rule in hell, anyway (I mean, rule on earth). They resonate with the vibration of elitism, and it is an addiction harder to beat than heroin or crack or Diet Coke.

    So in the words of George "The Shrub" Bush, "Bring 'em on!" They can have this body anytime they want it. As my grandmother once said to me, "Oh to be young again!...but no, I'm too tired for that." Ha ha, she was right. Aloha.

    1. Wow that was awesome, I agree with most of what you said. I too think the Fukushima and BP oil spill are major PYSOPs, meant to induce fear, hopelessness, despair, ect. Rense and Rivero have interesting articles on their websites, but they are fear mongers, Hitler bashers (especially Rivero), and gatekeepers if you ask me.

      I definitely think Fukushima was sabotaged, but I don't think the radiation is as bad as Rense and others are hyping. BP oil spill was a PYSOP for sure:

      Bottom line: we only have one life in this crazy, fucked up world, we better make the most of it, fight tirelessly for truth and Justice, do as much good as we can, and enjoy the ride.

    2. I agree, BP Gulf was a psyop, no jornalists allowed, underwater video camera from the start.
      FukUshima? same thing. I always wondered why 70% truther Corbett lives in Japan, he's Canadian, would You live in Japan after FukUshima?

    3. I think we the people have been tricked big time into believing in a religion If there was no religion in the world just a belief that we evolved on this planet by some fluke or we where created by some other type of life from space and we than could call that fluke or the other life from space God than maybe we could be going in the right direction

  3. It's a big club - and you aint in it!June 28, 2012 at 1:35 AM

    But there’s a reason. There’s a reason. There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason it will never, ever, EVER be fixed.

    It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got.

    Because the owners, the owners of this country don't want that. I'm talking about the real owners now, the BIG owners! The Wealthy… the REAL owners! The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.

    Forget the politicians. They are irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice! You have OWNERS! They OWN YOU. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought, and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They got you by the balls.

    They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else, but I'll tell you what they don’t want:

    They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests.

    Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that!

    You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shitty jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it, and now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later cause they own this fucking place! Its a big club, and you ain’t in it! You, and I, are not in the big club.

    By the way, its the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table has tilted folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care! Good honest hard-working people; white collar, blue collar it doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on. Good honest hard-working people continue, these are people of modest means, continue to elect these rich cock suckers who don’t give a fuck about you….they don’t give a fuck about you… they don’t give a FUCK about you.

    They don’t care about you at all… at all… AT ALL. And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Thats what the owners count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick thats being jammed up their assholes everyday, because the owners of this country know the truth.

    Its called the American Dream,because you have to be asleep to believe it. - George Carlin

  4. Oh, and by the way, check this out:

    Fars News Agency – June 22, 2012

    Chief executives of the search engine, Google, vowed in a recent meeting with Israeli prime minister to render full service to the Mossad spy agency.

    Is there anything Israel and the Jews don't control or have a major influence in?

    1. Yes one thing. The fact that white khazarian "jews" are false - they are the "synagogue of satan".

      They have no control over their final fate which was prophesized several hundred years before the khazarians or their present descendants even existed.

      To know what will happen to Rothschild and his ilk one can read Revelations.

      Jesus was not white or blue eyed. He was dark olive skinned with brown eyes. He probably looked like a native palestinian of today.


      This happened in a Halal KFC in Australia in December 2011.

      What we don't hear is the recorder calling someone behind the counter "bitch" just before the young aussi immigrant erupts.

      This was a punk'd provocation but illustrative of the anger within western society just below the surface in everyday life.

    3. It should be obvious by now that anything fast food or immigrant dependent food related is a public health hazard. Olympic London is a massive disease vector. Stay away.

  5. Does the enraged employee have an accent or does he slur his words in the way a developmentally handicapped person does. Is the employee (Mike) on a state sponsored make-work program for handicapped individuals?

    Mike is angry about being recorded after hearing the insult "bitch". Mike's speech, though in extreme anger suggest he is developmentally handicapped.

    Shame on the recording taunters.

  6. Great book, Kenny. From back when it was still possible to call a Jew a Jew. Totally agree with those who see through the Jewish "Hitler was taking over the world" lie. Ditto on the gatekeepers Rivero and Rense.

  7. Anyone want to take a guess on what tune the Supremes will the sing today on Obamacare?

    It won't be along these lines.

    We may be singing "You just keep me hanging on (to corporate tentacles)" and "There ain't really nothing I can do about it." In our current 'democracy' health care for all takes a backseat to warfare and corporate welfare.

    1. They upheld it. Which in my mind means this-no public option and the insurance companies still get the extra money from forcing us all into the healthcare system. I would have rather seen it struck down and eventually replaced with a public option, the only thing that bothers the insurance corporations.

    2. I agree with you completely. The Supremes side with the corporations again.

    3. The Bruceter knocked it out of the ballpark with that one- best protest song ever written, ok ok - best song ever written. I think it went under the radar back in the 80s- the halfwits who censor the media didn't undersand the lyrics, talk about being ahead of your time. May Bruce live to be 100.

  8. This Will Destroy You - for the better (smile)June 28, 2012 at 5:07 PM

  9. Listening to this for the first time, I think to myself how familiar it seems. And yet I had never heard it before. This song is feels familiar, like an old dream you once had. Like someone you met long ago, a distant memory. Like true unadulterated love. I listened to this, and when it was done, I forgot who I was. Rather, 30 seconds into this song i forgot who i was, but by the time it ended i had found my true self.


  10. The black flags of Khorasan are coming to free the holy land from the hands of the false jews. The murdering of Palestinian children by zionists is going to end soon. This army cannot be bribed or intimidated or co-opted so USrael/NATO is powerless to stop it.

    In any war it is always those who are most morally right that are willing to fight harder and who are victorious in the end.

    Is Rothschild's USrael/NATO morally right any longer? Are they not fighting wars of agression for economic gain?

    There is your answer.

    And sitting out here in the Western blogosphere I can see clearly Rothschild's attempt the conquer the world is now coming to an end. The synagogue of satan is being defeated. Nothing you or I can write or say or do is going to alter that result.

  11. Excellent post. I notice that the usual 'bad guys' have added their 'disruptive' comments. On the subject of World Unrest, Tony Cartalucci has an excellent post entitled 'Propagandists Sell "Vigilante" Solution for Syria'. It is certainly true that 'A revolution is not the result of what we might call spontaneous social combustion but the result of design.' Indonesia May 1998 is a good example of a revolution planned by the Pentagon and its assets within Indonesia, but described by CNN as 'people power'.



    1. Frauds like fraudsJune 29, 2012 at 1:07 PM

      Cartalucci works for Alex Jones. Cartalucci is another guy who deliberately protects Israel in his analysis of world events and gives the impression they are not a real issue. No wonder you like him "aang".

    2. You're outed Aangifan groupJune 30, 2012 at 1:47 AM

      Is it true at the Aangirfan offices (in Tel Aviv?) that all your staff have to wear yarmukes to remind them they are really working for the synagogue of satan? Just asking.

  12. There are many Jewish citizens both in America and here who differ from the rest of us only in their religion. A blind Anti-Semitism directed against all Jews is both bad policy and an act of injustice to Jewry'

    I agree. Just because Apartheid Israel is led by the war monging, blood thirtsy nut, 'Betty Nuttyahoo,' who loves to masturbate to videos of Gazans in misery doesn't mean all Jews are that way.

    If that was the case, then all Americans would be war mongering maniacs who lust for more blood and murder.

    Since I oppose these wars based on the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, then that must mean that there are sane Jews out there who are repulsed by their terrorist nation's activity.

    1. I agree also. I worry about the real Jews being misrepresented, and remembering that there was only a handful of Zionist Jews in Europe before the holocaust...or whatever that was. I get caught up in "Jew hating" till I read from the real Jews and come back down to earth. They know better than anyone the danger all Jews are being placed in by the wicked Zionists (and those who invented it)..

    2. "I agree. Just because Apartheid Israel is led by the war monging, blood thirtsy nut, 'Betty Nuttyahoo,' who loves to masturbate to videos of Gazans in misery doesn't mean all Jews are that way."

      Also agreed, but we have to understand that the Jewish religion, Jewish ideology, the Jewish mindset is fundamentally "that way". That's why I no longer use the term "Zionist" anymore really, because Zionism is just a part of Jewish ideology, a branch of Jewish thinking, just as plutocratic capitalism, communism, and imperialism are branches of Jewish ideology.

      And if you think about "the good Jews" who have come out exposing Israeli criminality and Jewish intrigues, like Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shahak, Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael Kapner, Roy Tov and a very few others, they all either have abandoned Judaism or rejected their "Choseness", so to speak. They all have rejected Jewish ideology, which is supremacist in nature.

      How many Jews in America or the West are saying 9/11 was an inside job done primarily by Israel and Jewish traitors in America? How many Jews are exposing the Holohoax? How many Jews are calling for the elimination of the terrorist Jewish (not merely "Zionist") state of Israel? How many Jews are exposing Jewish criminality and warmongering? Which organized community is behind all of the major problems our world faces? It's not merely the "Zionist" community - it's the Jewish community.

    3. Smallest club in the world.

      jews for 9-11 truth.

    4. John, I can see why you fall for the Hitler ruse. But think for a second-how often do you hear zionist/neocon scumbags on tv saying-"how come so few muslims condemn the terrorists?" and overly generalize about how basically ALL muslims are violent extremists? Pretty much all the time right? Now what do you sound like?

      Basically all religions have at least some degree of "supremacism" about them. I agree that judaism is particularly bad on this front but not exclusive. I also agree that as a political force, the jews have done a better job than other religions of "selling" their lies and covering up their own transgressions. They've done a great job of controlling the narrative unfortunately.

      This does not include the entire "jewish community". The zionist movement in the jewish community has the most power because it is as much a political movement as a religious one. Has every jew that you've come across been deeply political and/or religious? Has every jew you've met been concerned about Israel at all, let alone a lot? How many jews have you actually talked to? Or do you just assume they all think the same?

      You are doing more harm than good lately John. I appreciate your site but I cant lie, lately it comes off as a form of crude controlled opposition meant to make the anti-zionist,anti-Israel,9/11 truth,anti-war movements look like simply racist "anti-jewish" movements. If thats what you want fine. If you think that only judaism contributes to war fine. I disagree. Its not what I want and its not what genuine 9/11 and anti-Israel activists want. You're not helping lately. You're in fact helping the zionist and yes, jewish citizens who already hold too much political power in this country and others by making it that much easier for them to play the victim and scream "racism!". Rightly or wrongly.

    5. "Basically all religions have at least some degree of "supremacism" about them."

      I suppose you are correct to a certain extent, but Judaism is rooted in supremacism, it's goal is world domination, it permits the deceiving and cheating of non-Jews, it calls non-Jews animals, it allows usury against non-Jews (but not Jews), ect. I'm not an expert on Islam, but Christianity is a universal religion, meaning anyone can convert and become "saved", which is NOT TRUE in Judaism. Judaism is essentially an organized criminal network masquerading as a persecuted, powerless, and insignificant religious community. Is that not obvious to everyone at this point?

      Do you ever hear Muslim clerics or Christian priests saying things like this?

      "The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator.

      “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

      According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

      “In Israel, death has no dominion over them... With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

      This is his servant... That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

      “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat."

      I've tried emphasizing repeatedly that the Jewish religion and ideology, not necessarily individual Jews, are the problem here, and I stand by that. Do you see this distinction?

      When you look back on history, re-examining all the wars, all of our problems, from the medical mafia, degeneration of our culture and society, subversion of our government, control of our media, assassination of our presidents and other righteous political leaders (MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, Paul Wellstone, ect.), the drug trade, the organ harvesting trade, the sex slavery and human trafficking trade, the promotion of GMO foods (ie, Monsanto), and on and on who do you see leading the way or instigating all these things? Muslims? Black people? Irish people? Chinese people? White Americans? No folks, you see Jews at the highest levels doing these things. And no, not merely Zionists, Jews. As I've said, Zionism is a branch of Judaism, similar to Communism, capitalism, and imperialism, all destructive ideologies used to further the "New World Order" agenda - which is rooted in the Jewish Talmud.

      Read Mike Piper's book, The New Babylon. He explains this quite well.

    6. It is said that there are 71 sects in Judaism, 72 sects in Christianity and 73 sects in Islam. (excluding the 1001 denominations which are offshoots of the above)

      "And they differed only when a clear message from God was revealed to them"- Quran

      The 71 sects of Judaism don't agree with each other and in some cases kill each other for small differences in belief. The same applies to the 72 sects of Christianity and the 73 sects of Islam. Add to this confusion the facts that Jews, Christians and Muslims rarely agree between themselves and often went to war for their beliefs

      Since the subject here is about Jews, I tend to agree with Anonymous @8:45 AM, Genie, Greg, Kenny, and I can understand John Friend. Between black and white there are x shades of grey

      The 72 sects of Judaism include the most numerous and most powerful of all Jews namely the fake Jews that go by the name of "zionists" who are merely the outward force of the secret Sabbatean sect (the real SoS), of which Rothschild is the anointed king.

      To my knowledge only the NETUREI KARTA hold on to the true precepts of their own version of their Holy book. They are neither racists nor supremacists, and they
      have fought Zionism since its birth

      It is easier to put all the Jewish eggs in one basket because the HUGE majority of Jews are sympathetic to zionism for many reasons ie Housing, money, power, protection... etc

      So when we speak or write, can we stop calling all "Jews" Zionists? Can we stop calling all "Zionists" Jews? Can we? Of course not they all say they are Jews whether they belive or not, after all 'zionism' is just one sect of the 71 sects and here we aren't even touching on the race question. So when I am attacking Jews, in the back of my head there's always that exception the NETUREI KARTA. It'ss just impossible to always say in each sentence "blah... blah... Jews except NETUREI KARTA...."blah... blah... Jews except NETUREI KARTA....

      Clearly there are God-fearing honest Jews even when they don't renounce their religion. Of course they belong in the minority like their Christian and Muslim brethren


    It is really refreshing to see Aangirfan finally addressing the world war machine driven by the zioniat jewish bankers. This fact applies to Rothschild's USrael together with Germany and other NATO countries.

    The only way to stop this war juggernaut is to end central usury banking - pioneered by the Bauer family in Frankfurt - which was actually a jewish ponzi scheme which now imploding internationally.

    1. They've been catching a lot of shit lately for not "going far enough" so to speak so maybe they're modifying a bit to keep the op going.

      It seems Aangirfan blames the CIA for 9/11 and most other things. Not buying it. The CIA is dirty as hell and involved in a ton of seedy shit but they were not the big players on 9/11 and they are not the biggest players overall. They're more of a cog than anything.


    Though some consider microwave and EMF weapons the stuff of science fiction, Maj. Doug Rokke, Ph.D., the former head of the US Army’s depleted uranium cleanup project after Gulf War I, says these weapons are very real, and commonly used in military circles. He described to me how he personally used such weapons on a regular basis while training with Special Forces at US Army facilities: “We had them van-mounted, truck-mounted, plane-mounted, and hand-carried. We would go around zapping each other for fun. This was during exercises, or sometimes just as a practical joke.” Rokke assured me that, based on his firsthand knowledge of US military mind-set and capabilities, 9/11 truth activists have undoubtedly been targeted by exotic non-lethal (and lethal) weapons.

    James Fetzer

    Kevin Barett

    Joshua Blakeney

    Barry Jennings

    David Graham

    Mike Ruppert

    Byron Belitsos

    Justin Raimondo

    David Ray Griffin

    Bob Bowman

    Lynn Margulis

    Steven Jones

    Richard Gage

    Jody Paulson

    "If you want to know what's been happening to some of those at the forefront of 9-11 truth, please read the following recent article: "Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

    I don't really like talking about stuff like this, because I worry it might scare people from doing what they need to do ... spread the truth ... because ultimately we'll all suffer a much worse fate if good people stay silent. But I'm one of those people who has had and still has regular visits from the "white vans" that zap people with microwaves or some similar device. I've written about it extensively here. I doubt this kind of harassment would be visited upon most truth tellers today -- there are just too many of them. But back in late 2001, vocal truth advocates were few and far between, and my personal situation made me an excellent target. It wasn't long before I became separated from my family and living alone with little cash and less support put me in a particularly vulnerable position.

    There are spiritual ways to combat this kind of abuse. Anything that cultivates chi (qi, prana, orgone, vital energy ... you know what I'm talking about, don't you?) will mitigate the effects of these devices tremendously. Meditation, qi gong, prayer ... come to think about it, cultivating chi is useful on a more universal level as well. Something tells me that much of the civilized world is being subtly manipulated (dumbed down?) through widely broadcast electromagnetic signals. Call me crazy, but at this point I'm less concerned about what others think than I am about disseminating the truth."


      Directed energy harassment -- a personal account

      author: Jody Paulson

      My story as an activist being targeted by an ongoing campaign of harassment. If you're an anti-war activist, a 9-11 truth activist, or simply a thorn in the side of the ruling elite, you may have been a target of non-lethal weaponry and/or assigned harassment, without even knowing it. How can I make this claim? Well, I don't have signed confessions or "60 Minutes style" leaked documents, but I'm a good observer and compiler of anecdotal evidence, and I believe I've been the target of such dirty tactics since November 2001. Please read on before you label me paranoid, ( ) won't you?

      One category of "non-lethal" weapons ( )
      are those which use directed
      energy such as microwaves and Extremely Low (wave) Frequencies (ELF). This stuff isn't exactly rocket science. I've read
      that a directed energy weapon can be made from an old microwave and parts bought from Radio Shack. If you blast someone with microwaves, they're going to become agitated, nervous and sick. That's not hard to believe, is it?

      I guess the thing that's hardest to believe is that anyone -- let alone our own government would do such a thing. However, this becomes less difficult to believe when you consider the pepper-spraying of an infant at the Portland anti-Bush protest, the FBI's sinister COINTELPRO operations exposed by Frank Church in the 1970's and the horrendous psychological torture inflicted on inmates at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Especially when you consider the fact that the perpetrators of this torture may be independent contractors with no obvious connection to the US government.

    2. In October 2001, I did enough reading and research on the subject to become totally convinced that the official narrative of what took place on September 11th was a load of hogwash. Worse than that, it was obviously hogwash — yet no press agency or legislative body were asking any questions — perhaps not surprising in light of the various anthrax threats perpetrated against them that month. Distraught at the prospect of our country morphing into a fascist state,

      I fired off a letter to the editor, several e-mails, and plastered a bunch of flyers around town. Admittedly, these are not the actions of your typical, well-adjusted citizen. But how many crisis-era activists fit the description of "typical" and "well-adjusted?"

      Not long after this, my home life, already strained, became intolerable. I couldn't think clearly and had to drop out of my courses one by one. Prior to this I had maintained a 4.0 average in my university's Master's Program in Geography. By Christmas the man with whom I was raising my two toddlers took them out of state, supposedly to visit relatives for the holidays and give them a break from the unbearable stress. I soon discovered he had no intention of returning. I was a wreck. I quit my job as a Teacher's Assistant and eventually quit school to chase after my family using money from my student loans. I found myself unable to remember events from one day to the next, which ended up severely damaging my already distant relationship with my parents.

      As I look back on it, from the outside it must have seemed like I'd suddenly gone crazy, losing my capacity to think logically. This was understandable to a point — I was under a terrific amount of emotional and financial strain. But that doesn't explain (to me, anyway) the day I drank a cup of cocoa from the hotel lobby, went back to my room, and immediately felt drugged. Most notably I felt extremely laid back and really, really good — the exact opposite of the oppressive, jangled despair I'd been feeling for weeks. I can imagine that being in that state would tend to make someone extremely suggestible. Realizing what must have happened to me, I forced myself to get up and leave the room. As I did, I noticed that it was very difficult for me to walk — and my gait resembled the staggering gait I've noticed in footage of a captive John Walker Lindh and also in prisoners entering Guantanamo Bay Prison.

    3. I got to the hotel lobby and plopped down on the couch. I noticed a big guy in sweats and a buzz cut looking at me oddly. I laid my head back and closed my eyes in a stupor which must have resembled sleep. A bit later the buzz cut guy was gone but I could hear a hushed male voice using the payphone around the corner. "she's here on the damn couch ...!"

      I lived in hotels from January until May in 2002. I had serious trouble sleeping. My nerves were frazzled; I kept feeling weird sensations somewhere between being burned and being shocked — from the inside out. I later found out that these symptoms are typical of a directed energy attack. Of course, at the time, I attributed my state to the emotional anguish of losing my family.

      Here I'd like to point out my contention that an activist's family is often the first target of a harassment campaign. That's because these guys' foremost goal is to knock out their targets' support systems -- and there is no greater support system than a victim's family. After that comes one's job and church affiliation. In the last two years, I've seen every one of these aspects of my life come under attack. But I'm not the only one this has happened to. For a great case study of systemized harassment, read the last quarter of David Moorehouse's ( _Psychic Warrior_. BTW, Colonel Moorehouse is an expert on non-lethal weapons and has written about them as well.)

      At the beginning of 2002, I became as serious as a person with such meager resources could possibly be about disseminating the truth about 9-11. To be frank, it was a classic case of displacement. I felt totally powerless against my own personal and domestic demons — so I expressed all my vitriol towards the treasonous Bush gang. I posted to newsgroups, distributed pamphlets, even stood out on the street corner with a sign — "Bush is lying about 9-11." Regardless of my reasons, what I was doing was dangerous in the eyes of some very powerful people. I found it impossible to get a job an soon ran out of money, and I believe the directed energy attacks intensified. I soon suffered a nervous breakdown (from which I made a remarkable recovery once I removed myself from that toxic environment). Not long after that, I would be forced to stay in homeless shelters

      I'm not the only "Enemy of the State" to lose my home the minute I open my mouth, believe me. Mike Ruppert of
      became homeless for two years, unable to find a job and subjected to extreme psychological stress after exposing the CIA's involvement with drug-running
      Voxfux of hid out from the FBI after they raided his apartment, crashing on the couches of friends

      Jody Paulson

    4. Is Mike Ruppert a shill? Ignoring his theories on "peak oil" and focusing only on 9/11 for a minute-I read his book "Crossing the Rubicon". Much of it rang true concerning 9/11. Then I got to a short chapter called "Israel" in which Ruppert does his best to dismiss the talk that Israel was involved,or even the architects of 9/11.

      And looking back, this confrontation, while exciting and gratifying to wach in many ways, has all the hallmarks of being an exercise in cred building with an assist by the CIA's director himself.

      Read his chapter on Israel from "Crossing the Rubicon". You be the judge.

    5. Notice the zionist whore Jane Harman on the stage with the CIA director. Why am I not surprised?

    6. It's Time To Ignore Mike Ruppert:

    7. "Is Mike Ruppert a shill?" I've thought so for a long time.

      Here's the book. The chapter on Israel starts on page 254.

    8. Thanks for the link. Now that we're on it, what are your thoughts on peak oil Kenny? It was his views on 9/11 and Israel that tipped me off that he was a fraud. Well, that and the whole-"we should give up on 9/11 truth" thing he pulled, but the peak oil thing is interesting to me. I tend to not believe it myself. Not sure what his agenda is there beyond driving profits for big oil? Maybe Mike is a bit of an "independent contractor" so to speak.

    9. Well, there's the theory of abiotic oil and the idea that oil as a 'fossil fuel' is false. It's something to consider.

      Aren't there new discoveries of oil all the time, especially in Africa and South America? Isn't this a reason for our interest in controlling these areas ahead of China and Russia?

      Peak oil is being used as an excuse for the continuing use of nuclear power.

      I also see that the current heat wave (an all time record of 109 in Nashville, 106 on my shaded back porch yesterday)is being used as an excuse to push for more nuke plants.

      'Peak oil' serves many purposes. Most all for control.

      That leads us to the questions of what technologies are being withheld from us. High efficiency engines and even some of the so called 'free energy' technology that we have all heard about. I tend to think there's something to all of this.

    10. "'Peak oil' serves many purposes. Most all for control."

      Thats pretty much my conclusion as well. And I agree, there is no doubt certain technology has been kept from the public for various reasons, almost certainly none of them justifiable.

    11. I'm down with Dave McGowan in regards to Mike Ruppert. No link, just google 'mike ruppert dave mcgowan davesweb' and that'll get you there. Long and short - McGowan takes Ruppert apart big time. And peak oil.

      The main thing about peak oil for me is the eat-your-cake-and-have-it-too definitional aspect of it. Oil of abiotic creation is a scientific fact - even the peak oilers admit this to be the case. But in the next breath they'll declare oil as fossil-created to be also true. Think about that. It's a bit like admitting that, yes, babies can be made by sperm fertilising an ovum, fetus gestation, and the giving of birth, but that Disney-esque storks are also true. Can anyone name a naturally occurring product that is created by two entirely different means? Keep in mind that 'abiotic' and 'biotic' (=fossil fuel =decomposing organic matter) are fundamental opposites like 'moral' and 'amoral'. And yet they achieve the chemical result. Wow.

      Back in the real world: If abiotic generation is true, biotic generation has to be false. No biggies, just another fairy tale we got taught at school along with uncountable others. And if the biotic generation of oil has no basis in fact then the whole peak oil argument is corrupt at a foundational level, an edifice built on lies.

      Once you realise this, Mike Ruppert's perpetual harping about the end of the world and how we're all going to have to steel ourselves against population reduction and warfare etc. becomes not the voice of a hero but of a villain. And then you find out that Ruppert has a classic spooky background. Surprise Surprise.

      Anyway, people should go read McGowan on this. It's very good.

    12. for the anonymous posting on weird weapons: I found finnish-canadian martti koski's journal online in 2006. he has consistently been documenting his symptoms the past years as far as I've followed.


  15. Found this little ditti and I should I'd share.

    "For a country incapable of occupying Iraq after 8 years and incapable of occupying Afghanistan after 11 years, to simultaneously take on two nuclear powers is an act of insanity. The hubris in Washington, fed daily by the crazed neocons, despite extraordinary failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, has now targeted formidable powers–Russia and China. The world has never in its entire history witnessed such idiocy.

    The psychopaths, sociopaths, and morons who prevail in Washington are leading the world to destruction.

    The criminally insane government in Washington, regardless whether Democrat or Republican, regardless of the outcome of the next election, is the greatest threat to life on earth that has ever existed.

    Moreover, the only financing the Washington criminals have is the printing press...whether the US economy will complete its collapse before the war criminals in Washington can destroy the world."

    I would add the zionist NWO plan is for the USA to LOSE te coming world war just as Germany did the last one - to then be carved up in a couple of pieces controlled by Russia respective China.

    Oh, Rothschild will control the Russian and Sino countries economies by then = new judeo world order.

    To bad, we end up as landless serfs in the final.

  16. John Friend is now engaging in heavy censorship in trying to defend his hero Hitler. All I did was put some of Hitlers OWN QUOTES up and he saw fit to delete them like the coward he is. John Friend is showing his hand a lot lately.

  17. You are such a child man, grow up. I deleted your stupid comment because you are trolling my blog posting ridiculous and fraudulent quotes. Get a life dude.

    1. You deleted the quotes because they were real, you couldn't defend them and rather than do so you figured you would get rid of them. I dont know what your agenda is but actions like that, and your sudden obsession with Hitler tend to be a huge tip off. Just saying.

      Oh, and if you think the quotes are so ridiculous maybe you better do some better research on your new hero. The quotes were his, from speeches,interviews and Mein Kampf. Hate to break it to you. You're either a major coward or total shill to engage in comment scrubbing.

    2. Anonymous (July 1, 2012 6:40 PM)

      Would you mind posting 'em here, so we all can see it?


    3. musique, I would love to but Im actually literally about to go out the door for work in about 2 minutes. Ask John if he will repost them. If he does not I will certainly do so in the near future, probably next time I see John Friend post on this site(or any of the others that we both happen to go to). Maybe John will see fit to defend the quotes then. He wont be able to delete them like the coward he is.

  18. Thanks Anon (july 2, 1:26 pm)