Thursday, June 7, 2012

Goon Squad Censored? ~ Update

Update 1: Greg has responded here and it looks like his blog was taken down without any warning! 6/7/12

Update 2: Well, Greg's blog is back. Glad to see he got it restored.


The thought police cometh, the thought police taketh away?

Greg Bacon's 'Goon Squad' (Where Brains are Tenderly Washed, Disinfected and Made Usable Again} has apparently taken a hit from a goon squad or from maybe an ugly little hasbara troll who knows how to use the blogger 'report abuse' button and thinks in his/her stunted brain that getting a blog removed is some kind of accomplishment.

Greg has been on blogger since 2007 and has been a most prolific poster and commenter on many sites so why now? Humor, satire, opinion and facts obviously touch some nerves and in a less than free world some think they have the right to shut it down. That's even when there is no call for violence or hate speech in the true sense of the words.

It comes down to some trying to make some things so taboo that people are afraid to speak about them. There's usually no problem in talking about any subject except for the tribe. Being anti-zionism, anti-Israel and anti-jewish criminals are the big taboo. Say the secret words a little too often and out of the woodwork come those who want to shut down that kind of narrative. Question that magic 6,000,000 number and use the word jew in any context other than as victims and you may get marginalized, demonized and ostracized.

Greg's last page from google cache.

This all may be a glitch, a mistake, some sort of error and Greg's blog will get restored and we can say "thanks for fixing that google."

Then again it may be real censorship with the goal of 'one blog at a time.'

We'll see.


  1. Google/Youtube sucksJune 5, 2012 at 9:30 PM


  2. Kenny, I think buelahman can help us again.

  3. Just goes to show that the tribe has too much to hide from the world. Every other Hollywood film portrays some ethnic group or the other, mostly Germans and Arabs, in a very negative light - sometimes very subtle/subliminal but nonetheless there. Evil people are often blue eyed with a German accent for instance. Arabs are blatantly portrayed as fools or terrorists. Lets not even talk about Borat! What's being done there to prevent 'defamation'? Zilch! Jews of course are always good and incapable of doing anything wrong. Forever victims.

    Forget about about the outright lies being shoved down our throat on a daily basis through Jew owned media - that's untouchable. These gangsters of Zion need to be exposed.

  4. Wow, I sure hope this is just a mistake or an error...

  5. Hope it's only that Greg screwed up.

    Loved to get a little straight talk from The Bacon whenever Les Vis's esotericism gave me too much of a headache... um no, scratch that! I mean when Les got me thinking too hard for my own good and um.... you know.

    Get well soon Greg!

  6. Censorship always means those with the power are concealing the truth about their immoral activities.

    Zionism; in politics, economics, industry, media and wars.

    They've gotta lota 'splainin' to do.


    P.S. I really appreciate Greg Bacon's work.

  7. I have sent Greg a message via email. I'll update as I find out the scoop.

    1. what happened to your blog, I can't access yours either? Any news regarding GB?

  8. Greg is more than welcome to use one of my auxiliary Blogs as a conduit until he can set up another one, it's just that easy, these petty inconveniences are just a pain in the arse, not a kill shot!

    Power to GB!

    "When peaceful resistance is impossible, violent resistance is inevitable!" JFK.



  9. Greg's blog is one I always look at. Is this a harbinger of things to come? Will all of you disappear? Not a good sign. Hope it was something he did by mistake and not something done by others.

  10. Mr squad should wear that as a badge of honor....
    Hope he's back soon........ : )

  11. well they can't do this to our winter patriot community blog, since it's hosted on servers under private control. Too bad nobody has time to post anything there any more.

  12. Hi Kenny

    I am sorry Greg's blog is gone. For the last couple of days I was wondering what the word "visit" meant in a dream I had. Having never met or even thought about meeting Greg, I dreamt he came to visit me in London and we had a 'long' chat. Last night I Googled "meaning of visit in a dream" This is what I got from a "Dictoinary of Dreams":

    "To visit someone in your dream suggests that you need to reconnect with this person in your waking life. Perhaps you have been neglecting that relationship."

    So I decided I must make some comment at his blog... Gone! That was surely the real meaning of a visit in a dream. I remember he mentioned something about wanting to sort out his life and hope he is OK. Some articles of his are still Online here

  13. A little warning on the Abuse Button and some help

    You may have noticed that the Abuse Button does not appear in any of my Blogs. In June 2006 my blog called "Secrets of Zion" was permanently removed due to that damn button, whilst my Google Pages (also from 2004 and had a smaii Abuse at bottom of page) sites are still Online. I must confess I had two prior warnings by email citing their "Terms and Conditions" There was no 3rd warning and was banned for 6 months.

    My google video channel was closed after only 2 months for this:

    My Youtube Channel was closed after only 20 minutes for this :

    For people interested in getting rid of that Abuse Button:

    Warning: Backup/download your template before you start

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    Things you may want to keep:

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  14. Has anyone done a mirror of Greg's blog? There was such a wealth of first-rate research and pics, and his inimitable writing style, that I regret not saving his material to my own files. Rubina

    1. That's new to me, but I wasn't online yesterday. Made a post on Tuesday and now just checked to find my blog and it's not available. I didn't take it down, so someone at Blogger must have.

      Didn't realize my posts were so incendiary, but when you're connected to the ones running the world's largest concentration camp and are anti-war, anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian, anything can happen.

      Blogger didn't even bother to notify me. I can't even log on to make a comment, except as 'anonymous.'

      Guess I'm screwed.

      So much for free speech.

      Greg Bacon

  15. Heard back from Greg. He did NOT shut down his blog (this was news to him). He is looking in to it, but he believes Blogger did it without notice.

    I offered him a place to hang his hat at my blog, but I don't know what he'll do. His input is invaluable.

    (Oops, I just noticed his post here in comments under anonymous)

  16. Same thing happened to me Kenny. Last week. Forget what day. One minute my blog was there, I was merrily typing away, then suddenly it fuddled up and when I tried to get back in, it was disappeared on me.

    Being absolutely hopeless with computer fluckups I guess I was lucky to find the cure fast but it did involve a robocall back to give me a code to get things running again.

    I did not like that at all, but heck, they want me they know where to find me. And the relief was palatable when things were running a few minutes later.

    What is nice to see here is how various bloggers supported each other with this problem.... we gots ta stick together.

    1. Thanks to all for the help and support. Whoever said the "pen is mightier that the sword" was a smart person. TRUTH is one thing the Zionists and dual loyalties Jews controlling the USA DON'T like and they can't bomb, machine-gun it or napalm it to death.

      but they can use their control over the 'Net to 'wipe blogs off the face of the Earth' they don't like.

      Fuck them, stick together, keep outing the TRUTH and one day, the fascists running the USA and Apartheid Israel will disappear.

  17. Who cares??
    Nobody in the movement even knows his blog even exists.
    I highly doubt zog would even waste the time.

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