Thursday, June 7, 2012

Huxley Warned Us

by Phaedrus

 Part 1


Aldous Huxley was one of the most outstanding visionaries of the 20th century. His predictions of the direction in which the world was heading have since been proven to be breathtakingly accurate. In 1932 Huxley published his seminal masterpiece, 'Brave New World' - a novel depiction of a 'dystopian utopia' where the vast majority of the world's populace were genetically and socially-engineered slaves who labored quite contentedly in their ignorance, under the direction of a class of persons described as 'World Controllers' - an unelected elite who kept their underlings in willful subjugation via a combination of relentless subliminal propaganda, free sex, mindless, meaningless, undemanding entertainment and the distribution of a rewarding, 'feel-good' psychotropic drug.

This futuristic novel was set in the in the 26th century, by which time Huxley envisioned his predictions would most likely become reality. However, alarmed by the speed at which the dystopia he had described was coming to fruition, he was forced to accept that the likely arrival of Brave New World (for real) would in fact be much, much sooner than he had ever imagined. In1958 he wrote a sequel entitled: 'Brave New World Revisited'. In this reflective and recondite essay, he held up his prophecies to the transparent scrutiny afforded by the intervening 26 years of socio-political change. He concluded, much to his despair, that the nightmare world he had foreseen in the distant future was in reality "only just around the corner."

Now, fast-forward over 50 years. Phaedrus herewith examines a series of extracts from Huxley's 1958 sequel to see exactly how far down the road to outright totalitarianism and slavish subservience we have traveled. The conclusions drawn are as alarming as one could possibly imagine and beg the questions: has a Brave New World been the agenda all along? Did Huxley merely PREDICT its inception? Or did he rather go no small way towards INSPIRING it? Perhaps some clues to this enigma will hopefully arise in the course of this series. Huxley wrote BNWR in the late 1950s - in a matter-of-fact style that was in those days refreshingly free from political-correctness. If you're queasy at the thought of Plain Truth, the best thing to do is shut down your computer and get back to Fox News. For everyone else, however, here we go with our first extract...
"...Omitted from the picture (not as being unimportant, but merely for convenience and because I have discussed them on earlier occasions) are the mechanical and military enemies of freedom - the weapons and gadgets which have so power­fully strengthened the hands of the world's rulers against their subjects, and the ever more ruinously costly preparations for ever more senseless and suicidal wars."

"The chapters that follow should be read against a background of thoughts about the Hungarian uprising and its repression, about the H-­bombs, about the cost of what every nation refers to as 'defense', about those endless columns of uniformed boys, white, black, brown, yellow, marching obediently towards the common grave..."
Much of the above requires no elaboration, but it is interesting to note that Huxley refers to weapons and gadgets that have strengthened the hands of the world's rulers AGAINST (their own) subjects. How much more true is this today than it was 50 years ago? I think we can safely say the drive towards subjugating the world's populations has continued unabashed. Out of a combination of apathy and ignorance, we have permitted this process to be carried out against us. We COULD have stood up against it, but we didn't. We were warned. We have no excuses. And now the situation is worse than ever, and shows no sign of any immediate improvement.

 Someone once said (I believe it was Jefferson) that "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Regrettably, that price is one that collectively we have been unwilling to pay. In failing in our duty to ourselves and our children, therefore, we have created a situation in which the only way back to peace and normality is through bloody revolution, for it certainly cannot be achieved through the ballot box, as we all now know only too well.

Part 2

Aldous Huxley:
"...Meanwhile impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interests of SOME MINORITY [my emphasis] the thoughts and feelings of the masses. The techniques of manipulation will be discussed in later chapters."

"For the moment let us confine our attentions to those impersonal forces which are now making the world so extremely unsafe for democracy, so very inhospitable to individual freedom. What are these forces? And why has the nightmare which I had projected into the [26th century], made so swift an advance in our direction? The answer to these questions must begin where the life of even the most highly civilized society has its beginnings - on the level of biology."

"On the first Christmas Day the population of our planet was about two hundred and fifty millions - less than half the population of modern China. Sixteen centuries later, when the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock, human numbers had climbed to a little more than five hundred millions. By the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, world population had passed the seven hundred million mark. In 1931, when I was writing Brave New World, it stood at just under two billions. Today, only twenty-seven years later, there are two thousand eight hundred million of us. And tomorrow – what?"

Huxley's "tomorrow" is of course our today. And the current population of the world is over 7 BILLION! In his sequel to Brave New World, Huxley goes on to describe how better and better drug treatments and cleaner water supplies and more effective disinfectants will only exacerbate the problem of gross human overpopulation (we'll see in detail what he has to say about this later). So when we read the widely-circulated reports about the agents of the New World Order planning to wipe out over 4 billion of us, perhaps we can see that there's some method in the madness, even though some of us reading these lines may be among the masses to be eliminated. Quite what the selection criteria for this future Cull comprise one can only speculate, as myself and others have done elsewhere.

However the fact remains that the world IS grossly overpopulated and far more precariously so now than when the aging Huxley observed it in 1958. In fact we are just starting to see now the onset of widespread food shortages he predicted elsewhere in BNWR. This has shown up in recent steeply rising food prices world-wide, and shortages of basic staples in places such as Africa and the far east. The author is also quite correct to refer to these mysterious forces as "impersonal" - for those behind them care not one jot about you or I, but only their own survival and enrichment. As we saw in Part 1, we have to wake up to the fact that our so-called 'leaders' are in fact our REAL enemies, and far more dangerous than any creation from their feverish collective imagination that they might, from time to time, conjure up to threaten us with.

Finally, note Huxley's supposed use of the term "some minority" in the first paragraph. I think we can all guess to whom he is referring here and I believe it is unlikely (having read much of the man) that he was quite so diplomatic in this original manuscript. However, the text we are studying here is sourced from the Random House edition of BNWR - and like most other publishing houses, Random House is totally owned and controlled by the Jews. I believe therefore that the temptation to tone down the original text was probably too much for them. Heaven knows how many other original manuscripts have been given the same treatment in the course of history in order to stifle the warnings they contain.

Part 3

In this 3rd part of this series on the predictions of Aldous Huxley, the great visionary bemoans the fact that in our increasingly overpopulated world, the people who constitute the principal component of the problem by producing the most children who will themselves go on to reproduce prodigiously; propagate poor quality genetic material and turn out huge numbers of biologically-inferior offspring.

Common sense observations like this could be made freely 50 years ago at the time Huxley was writing, but just imagine the difficulty a professional person would encounter in re-iterating these simple truths today. They'd be branded as a Nazi or a eugenicist and God only knows what else. The result has been that the issue of differential breeding rates between the races and the population explosion cannot even be discussed! A time-bomb is ticking away that could eventually destroy the planet, yet political-correctness dictates we must remain silent on this. {ed. note: the idea of poor quality genetic material and biologically-inferior offspring must always include man-made environmental factors and the possibility/probability of deliberate tampering of DNA for nefarious reasons}

Huxley, 1958:
"In the second half of the twentieth century, we do nothing systematic about our breeding; but in our random and unregulated way, we are not only overpopulating the planet, we are also, it would seem, making sure that these greater numbers shall be of biologically poorer quality. In the bad old days children with considerable, or even slight, hereditary defects rarely survived. Today, thanks to sanitation, modern pharmacology and the social conscience, most of the children born with hereditary defects reach maturity and multiply their kind. Under the conditions now prevailing, every advance in medicine will tend to be offset by a corresponding advance in the survival rates of individuals cursed by some genetic insufficiency. In spite of new wonder drugs and better treatment (indeed, in a certain sense, precisely because of these things), the physical health of the general population will show no improvement, and may even deteriorate. And along with a decline in average healthiness there may well go a decline in average intelligence. Indeed, some competent authorities are convinced that such a decline has already taken place and is continuing. 'Under conditions that are both soft and unregulated,' writes Dr W.H. Sheldon, 'our best stock tends to be out-bred by stock that is inferior to it in every respect ... It is the fashion in some academic circles to assure students that the alarm over differential birth-rates is unfounded; that these problems are merely economic, or merely educational, or merely religious, or merely cultural or something of the sort. This is Pollyanna optimism. Reproductive delinquency is biological and basic.' And he adds that 'nobody knows just how far the average IQ in this country (the USA) has declined since 1916, when Terman attempted to standardize the meaning of IQ 100."
In Phaedrus' opinion, the scientists who sit down and systematically analyze the result of various studies and reach conclusions which they KNOW will not be well received, must proclaim them honestly and fearlessly nevertheless. Not to do so would be a crime against Truth and another victory for the shadowy plotters behind the New World Order, AKA Jewish global domination and our continued, collective enslavement.

Part 4

The joke of modern 'democracy'...

Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, 1958:
"In a capitalist democracy, such as the United States, [the entire economic process] is controlled by what Professor C. Wright Mills has called the 'Power Elite.' This Power Elite directly employs several millions of the country's work force in its factories, offices and stores, controls many mil­lions more by lending them the money to buy its products and, through its ownership of the media of mass communication, influences the thoughts, the feelings and the actions of virtually everybody. To parody the words of Winston Churchill, never have so many been manipulated so much by so few. We are far indeed from Jefferson's ideal of a genuinely free society composed of a hierarchy of self ­governing units - 'the elementary republics of the wards, the county republics, the State republics and the Republic of the Union, forming a gradation of authorities.'"

"We see, then, that modern technology has led to the con­centration of economic and political power, and to the development of a society controlled (ruthlessly in the total­itarian states, politely and inconspicuously in the democ­racies) by Big Business and Big Government. But societies are composed of individuals and are good only in so far as they help individuals to realize their potentialities and to lead a happy and fruitful life. How have individuals been affected by the technological advances of recent years? Here is the answer to this question given by a philosopher-psychiatrist, Dr Erich Fromm: 'Our contemporary Western society, in spite of its material, intellectual and political progress, is increasingly less conducive to mental health, and tends to undermine the inner security, happiness, reason and the capacity for love in the individual; it tends to turn him into an automaton who pays for his human failure with increasing mental sickness, and with despair hidden under a frantic drive for work and so­-called pleasure.' "
Well, nothing much has changed in the intervening 50 years, we can plainly see - save perhaps the intensity of this on-going manipulation.

Huxley correctly identifies that Big Government and Big Business are working hand-in-hand in a manner that brings nothing but ill for the broad mass of the population. Though purportedly working in OUR best interests, it is increasingly clear, even to those of little perception, that the government is doing quite the opposite and this outrageous state of affairs has been the norm for very many decades. Yet every few years, we shuffle like battery chickens into the polling booths in the delusion that our wishes and needs count for anything. We are simply rubber-stamping the authority of enemies who would happily throw our children into the jaws of ravenous wolves if it served their purposes. No one gets nominated for a shot at the presidency who isn't already pre-approved for the post by Jewish-controlled entities. Every four years in November, we will be presented with the usual choice: candidates who are slavishly pro-Israel.  Either way, WE THE PEOPLE (for whom it's all supposed to be about) LOSE. Our democracy has been stolen. We get the last word; the final say; but it's meaningless because whoever wins, it's only ever another sock-puppet of Israel - then it's swiftly back to business as usual.

 Part 5

Aldous Huxley, 1958:
"No people that passes abruptly from a state of subservience under the rule of a despot to the completely unfamiliar state of political independence can be said to have a fair chance of making democratic institutions work. Again, no people in a precarious economic condition has a fair chance of being able to govern itself democratically. [true freedom] flourishes in an atmosphere of prosperity and declines as declining prosperity makes it necessary for the government to intervene ever more frequently and drastically in the affairs of its subjects. Overpopulation and over-organization are two conditions which, as I have already pointed out, deprive a society of a fair chance of making democratic institutions work effectively. We see, then, that there are certain historical, economic, demographic and technological conditions which make it very hard for Jefferson's rational animals, endowed by nature with inalienable rights and an innate sense of justice, to exercise their reason, claim their rights and act justly within a democratically organized society. We in the West have been supremely fortunate in having been given our fair chance of making the great experiment in self-government. Unfortunately it now looks as though, owing to recent changes in our circumstances, this infinitely precious fair chance were being, little by little, taken away from us. And this, of course, is not the whole story. These blind impersonal forces are not the only enemies of individual liberty and democratic institutions. There are also forces of another, less abstract character, forces that can be deliberately used by power-seeking individuals whose aim is to establish partial or complete control over their fellows. Fifty years ago, when I was a boy, it seemed completely self-evident that the bad old days were over, that torture and massacre, slavery, and the persecution of heretics, were things of the past. Among people who wore top hats, traveled in trains, and took a bath every morning such horrors were simply out of the question. After all we were living in the twentieth century. A few years later these people who took daily baths and went to church in top hats were committing atrocities on a scale undreamed of by the benighted Africans and Asiatics. In the light of recent history it would be foolish to suppose that this sort of thing cannot happen again. It can and, no doubt, it will. But in the immediate future there is some reason to believe that the punitive methods of I984 will give place to the reinforcements and manipulations of Brave New World."

Huxley initially points out that democracy as it once was, in the long golden period following Independence in 1776, delivered the goods. The monolithic tenants of the Constitution had only recently been formulated and were at that time entirely safe from the kind of revisions and attacks from Jewish shyster lawyers for whom the sight of a successful, prosperous and peaceful country was to become simply unacceptable.

Hard working European people, their strong, principled leaders and 24 karat gold governance based on openness, integrity, free speech, individual liberty and carefully-drafted legal framework guaranteed the stunning success of young America. It swiftly rose to become the world's richest and most powerful country thanks entirely to the vision of the founding fathers and the hard work, honesty and enterprise of the northern European settlers who built a paradise on earth the like of which the world had never before seen.

Obviously, we all know what has happened since and who exactly it is that is responsible for our collective demise. Huxley in his day correctly predicted that the age of the 'social engineer' was about to commence. Out of the two great dystopian paths, it was more likely that in the drive to gain total control of the masses, the forces of darkness would opt for subtle mind-manipulation rather than outright physical brutality. And for many decades, this was indeed the way of things.

However, whilst social engineering (such as political-correctness and massive immigration, the encouragement of inter-racial breeding and the destruction of the family unit (and through this, society as a whole) have been the core techniques for the implementation of these changes, we have lately seen very much more ruthless methods coming into play which if permitted to continue, will eventually see the infinitely more menacing methodology of Nineteen Eighty-Four coming to fruition.

In fact we have already seen Orwellian developments growing at a pace - since Washington's NeoConmen took the helm in 2000. Extraordinary rendition, torture, pre-empitive strikes, the silencing of dissenting voices, the massive increase in the prison population, the use of agencies like the ATF and their sibling clone agencies to act as stormtroopers against America's own citizens. The entire process is now taking on a far more baleful dimension. Legislation is already on the shelf which would - at a stroke - turn America into a clone of 1930s Stalinist Russia. And all that is required is one single precipitating event to bring this about...

We will not have long to wait, either. The trigger might be a genuine external threat, it may be another false flag operation. Either which way, when it happens (and it WILL - and soon) we will have our remaining (already weakened) rights whisked away in the blink of an eye. What happens next will not be pretty. Untold thousands of good men will die and our lives will never be the same again. Our freedoms will be history - at least for a while - and if we do not prevail, our children and their children will be slaves in perpetuity.

But you know what? Maybe we deserve such a future, for we did NOTHING to nip this situation in the bud when the possibility to seize our country back without bloodshed was within our grasp. Now it's probably too late, without considerable loss of life, to do so. Our collective inaction means that when the day of reckoning comes, we'll have a FAR higher price to pay because we didn't act at the outset. it all points to an unavoidable blood bath in which very many of us will perish. Such is the price of early inaction.

 Part 6

Aldous Huxley writing in 'Brave New World Revisited.'
"Jefferson said: 'If a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be ... The people cannot be safe without information. Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe.'"
He continues:
"Across the Atlantic another passionate believer in reason was thinking, about the same time, in almost precisely similar terms. Here is what John Stuart Mill wrote of his father, the utilitarian philo­sopher, James Mill: 'So complete was his reliance upon the influence of reason over the minds of mankind, whenever it is [attention-grabbing] distractions of the most fascinating nature are deliberately used as instruments of policy, for the purpose of preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation."

"The other world of religion is different from the other world of entertainment; but they still resemble one another in being most decidedly 'not of this world'. Both are distractions and, if lived in too continuously, both can become, in Marx's phrase, 'the opium of the people' and so a threat to freedom. Only the vigilant can maintain their liberties, and only those who are constantly and intelligently on the spot can hope to govern themselves effectively by democratic procedures."
 "A society, most of whose members spend a great part of their time not on the spot, not here and now and in the calculable future, but somewhere else, in the irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical fantasy, will find it hard to resist the encroachments of those who would manipulate and control it."

Consider for a moment the incisive nature and power of this simple observation. Huxley at once within one and the same sentence correctly identifies the fundamental reasons behind the way we live today: a disingenuous, Jew-controlled media, an utterly corrupted government, and the masses of idle, ignorant, gullible propaganda-consumers.

Thankfully, you and I, are not among this class of the intellectually impoverished. We have awoken to the threats that surround us. We are wise to the motivations of those behind it. It is our DUTY to ensure everyone else is likewise made aware of exactly what has been going on now for many decades. The only 'free press' today is the Internet. Out the Liars and murderers! To hell with them! Expose them all!

Part 7

Aldous Huxley, 1958:
"Mass communication, in a word, is neither good nor bad; it is simply a force and, like any other force, it can be used either well or ill. Used in one way, the press, the radio and the cinema are indispensable to the survival of democracy. Used in another way, they are among the most powerful weapons in the dictator's armory. In the field of mass communications as in almost every other field of enterprise, technological progress has hurt the Little Man and helped the Big Man. As lately as [1910], every democratic country could boast of a great number of small journals and local newspapers. Thousands of country editors expressed thousands of independent opinions. Somewhere or other almost anybody could get almost anything printed."

"Today the press is still legally free; but most of the little papers have disappeared. The cost of wood-pulp, of modern printing machinery and of syndicated news is too high for the Little Man. In the totalitarian East there is political censorship, and the media of mass communication are controlled by the State. In the democratic West there is economic censorship and the media of mass communication are controlled by members of the Power Elite. Censorship by rising costs and concentration of communication-power in the hands of a few big concerns is less objectionable than State ownership and government propaganda; but certainly it is not something of which a Jeffersonian democrat could possibly approve."

"In regard to propaganda, the early advocates of universal literacy and a free press envisaged only two possibilities: the propaganda might be true, or it might be false. They did not foresee what in fact has happened, above all in our Western capitalist democracies - the development of a vast mass communications industry, concerned in the main neither with the true nor the false, but with the unreal, the more or less totally irrelevant. In a word, they failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions."
Here we are, half a century on and this situation has, as one might reasonably expect, grown worse still. There was always some element of propaganda in Western media, even pre-Huxley, but it was nothing as remotely unremitting and omnipresent as it is today. Governments and large media organizations (increasingly one and the same entity) could have used their influence to bring about a better society, but they chose, by accident or design, to do the opposite. And the only place where genuine freedom of expression yet survives in on the Internet - and that may not be for very much longer if the powers that be have their way.

The media of today serves - almost without exception - the interests of 'Big Business' with its free trade and globalization agenda; selling out the interests of hard-working people for the VAST self-enrichment of what Huxley calls the 'Power Elite'. Eye-wateringly large sums are made by big business interests which have asset-stripped this nation and others on an epic scale. The demise of the manufacturing heartlands of the northern midwest attest to this. Ruin, decay, family breakdown, drugs and crime have replaced ordered and prosperous communities. This is all solely due to the Jews' internationalist, borderless world where decent Americans are forced to compete with Chinese peasants and the like who sell their labor for little more than a bowl of rice a day.

The advertising element of the popular media has gotten totally out of control, too. Rather than satisfying consumers' genuine needs and desires as was once the case, it has become a dragon of a business model that festers on our worst fears and anxieties. We no longer buy useful products or services because we NEED them, we buy junk, mass-produced garbage by the shed-load in order to prove to our friends and neighbors that we're 'doing well' and have a 'comfortable lifestyle.' Every advertisement screams out to us that we're missing out on something; if we don't constantly and wantonly consume, there must be something fundamentally wrong in our lives.

Advertising media attempts to make us feel rotten and inadequate and instills in us a a sense of permanent dissatisfaction with every aspect of our existence. The impetus from this form of madness comes from the craven greed of a race of beings who can NEVER have enough and don't care what damage they do in going after it. The American dream was never about having a driveway stuffed full of sports utility vehicles. It was never about having a glamor model for a wife. It was never about taking 4 holidays a year. It was never about having a widescreen TV in every room spewing out its garbage. It was never about so much stuff that the Jews have convinced us, through their stranglehold over the mass media, is what we should be striving for.

If we could only break away from this madness, en-masse, and adopt the kind of lifestyle advocated by the likes of Emerson and Thoreau, the Tribe of Satan would be out of business in a flash. They'd never make a single cent out of us, just as they can't make a penny out of the Amish community. Maybe one day soon when the dollar collapses to Absolute Zero and folks wake up to the reality of the lies, the distortions, the fraud and deceit that's been perpetrated against us for decades, there'll come a realization that all the junk that the Jews told us was so desirable and indispensable wasn't worth jack. Then perhaps we can re-establish this broken, fucked-up society along decent lines. Until that happy day, keep those guns oiled.

Part 8

In Part 7, we were able to see how blanket control over the media had enabled the Jews to become the only game in town when it came to dissemination of information and that the alphabet soup of TV channels on offer that suggest the availability of free choice is simply an illusion. Virtually ALL the networks are pushing forward the NWO agenda by promoting the idea that free-trade, globalization and mass movements of peoples between countries is a Good Thing which brings jobs and prosperity. And whilst we dive headlong into embracing this cultural suicide, the really big gainers, as always, are the Jews. By acting as intermediaries, agents and obstacles between parties in international trade (a core business of this parasite going back Millenia) they can ALWAYS make a good living, regardless of how impoverished those poor fools competing for ever worsening living standards consequently become.

Huxley, 1958:
"In the West, democratic principles are proclaimed and many able and conscientious publicists do their best to supply electors with adequate information and to persuade them, by rational argument, to make realistic choices in the light of that information. All this is greatly to the good. But unfortunately propaganda in the Western democracies above all in America, has two faces and a divided personality. In charge of the editorial department there is often a democratic Dr Jekyll - a propagandist who would be very happy to prove that John Dewey had been right about the ability of human nature to respond to truth and reason. But this worthy man controls only a part of the machinery of mass communication."

"In charge of advertising we find an anti-democrat because anti-rational, Mr Hyde - or rather a Doctor Hyde, for Hyde is now a Ph.D. in psychology and has a master's degree as well in the Social Sciences. This Dr Hyde would be very unhappy indeed if everybody always lived up to John Dewey's faith in human nature. Truth and reason are Jekyll's affairs, not his . Hyde is a Motivation Analyst, and his business is to study human weaknesses and failings, to investigate those un­conscious desires and fears by which so much of men's conscious thinking and overt doing is determined. And he does this, not in the spirit of the moralist who would like to make people better, or of the physician who would like to improve health, but simply in order to find out the best way to take advantage of their ignorance and to exploit their irrationality for the pecuniary benefit of his employers."

Here again, Huxley re-affirms his conviction that the mass media is working AGAINST the best interests of the people. His 'Dr. Hyde' character is alive and with us in the West today, too. Yet since we are now 50 years down the road from when Huxley penned his observations, the new Dr. Hyde of today has infinitely more techniques for deception in his armory. Fifty years of endless studies into what makes people tick in the most microscopic areas of their lives has yielded hundreds of thousands of documents and reports detailing every gleanable fact from the human psyche and how it may be ruthlessly and cynically manipulated to ensure that the naked greed of the Jew is to some extent at least satiated. And all this goes on with the full backing of Western governments, the leaders of which have become phenomenally wealthy for their tacit assistance in selling out the true interests of the people. So much for 'democracy.' So much for 'public service.'

Part 9

Aldous Huxley, 50 years ago in Brave New World Revisited:
"...That a dictator could, if he so desired, make use of [certain psychotropic chemicals] for political purposes is obvious. He could ensure himself against political unrest by changing the chemistry of his subjects' brains and so making them content with their servile conditions. He could use tranquillizers to calm the excited, stimulants to arouse enthusiasm in the indifferent, hallucinants to distract the attention of the wretched from their miseries."

"But how, it may be asked, will the dictator get his subjects to take the pills that will make them think, feel and behave in the ways he finds desirable? In all probability it will be enough merely to make the pills available. Today alcohol and tobacco are available, and people spend considerably more on these very unsatisfactory euphorics, pseudo­stimulants and sedatives than they are ready to spend on the education of their children."
We now know from secret experimental data released by Russia following a series of experiments carried out in the 1960s that adding fluoride to water supplies in concentrations of as little as 1ppm induces in subjects enhanced levels of susceptibility and compliance - a very useful tool indeed for any wayward government. Our so-called 'leaders' are still toying with the idea of introducing it into our drinking water on the grounds of improving dental health, notwithstanding that its psychotropic effects are becoming increasingly known.

So the big question is: could the dental health motive have been a mere pretext all along? Given that the discussion over fluoride remains on-going long after its mind-altering properties have been publicized, it seems quite likely. If there is one thing Huxley told us that we must never forget it is that our real enemies in the West are our governments. They are infinitely more dangerous to us than all the world's disparate terrorist groupings put together. Do we really know what they're injecting our kids with? Could there be more to it than simple vaccination?

Part 10

In this extract, Huxley addresses one of the Biggest Lies of the 20th Century - that all men are created equal.

Aldous Huxley, 1958:
"...The orgy of spying, lynching and judicial murder, which these wrong views about magic made logical and mandatory, was not matched until our own days, when the Communist ethic, based upon erroneous views about race, commanded and justified atrocities on an even greater scale. Consequences hardly less undesirable are likely to follow the general adoption of a Social Ethic, based upon the erroneous view that ours is a fully social species, that human infants are born uniform and that individuals are the product of conditioning by and within the collective environment. If these views were correct, if human beings were in fact the members of a truly social species, and if their individual differences were trifling and could be completely ironed out by appropriate conditioning, then, obviously, there would be no need for liberty and the State would be justified in persecuting the heretics who demanded it..."

Here the esteemed writer and visionary takes a distinct swipe against the founders of the United Nations. We have only this (presumably censored) Jewish version of his words from Random House Publishing to go by, but nevertheless it clear that Huxley had no time at all for Communist dogma and rounded repudiated it. It is only sad that we cannot study his original manuscript, for it is highly likely that he would have spelled out in no uncertain terms the inferior forms of life to which he merely alludes here in this 'sanitized version' - for it was written many years prior to the advent of political-correctness and has presumably been 'cleaned up' to avoid offense.

Part 11

Aldous Huxley, 1958:
"Is individual freedom compatible with a high degree of individual suggestibility? Can democratic institutions survive the subversion from within of skilled mind-manipulators trained in the science and art of exploiting the suggestibility both of individuals and of crowds? To what extent can the inborn tendency to be too suggestible for one's own good or the good of a democratic society be neutralized by education?"
Critical questions indeed! To anyone listlessly surveying our contemporary scene of a half century later, it must appear at first sight that the battle for free thought and independent Will has already been lost. Such vast numbers of people appear to have permanently succumbed to the barrage of incessant propaganda that has crashed through our lives for so many decades. The masses really do appear to be completely brainwashed. However, we shall see that this bleak assessment is overly pessimistic by some considerable measure - thank God!

In Phaedrus' very extensive personal experience, the Politically-Correct quickly have their erroneous paradigm of the world shattered for good once confronted with the bare and unadulterated FACTS. The reason for this is that Politically-Correct dogma is grounded in falsehoods. It is a CONTRIVANCE. It is unable to stand up to any level of scrutiny and reason and quickly crumbles to pieces in the face of it. Thanking God, I can honestly state here that of the scores of persons I have confronted one-to-one personally, NOT A SINGLE ONE has left my presence still clinging to their former ideological baggage. NOT ONE!

It is remarkable but true. Notwithstanding the decades of non-stop propaganda through every conceivable Jewish-controlled medium both overt and subliminal; notwithstanding indoctrination by left-wing libertine perverts in our schools; notwithstanding lectures from appointees in our local and national government - notwithstanding all of this, the dogma of the United Nations, the politically-correct and the social engineers for all their exquisite research and ingenuity - for all that - the depth of penetration of this poisonous mindset on the average citizen is is little more than skin deep and as fragile as an eggshell!

I propose to go no further in this article to explain my favored technique for getting people to see sense as it is off-topic for this discussion on Huxley. Suffice it say here, that propaganda alone, unassisted by drugs, has never permanently damaged anyone's thinking beyond repair. Give me no more than one hour with 80% of people and I'll easily have them unplugged from the Matrix. But having said that, complacency will kill us. Though it IS a simple matter to free the minds of the people, this is dependent on us REACHING them in mass numbers. Until and unless we can get that vital message out, we still remain at grave risk of the permanent, blind enslavement Huxley foresaw:
"The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective." - AH.

 Part 12

Aldous Huxley:
"Under the relentless thrust of accelerating overpopulation and increas­ing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms - elections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the rest - will remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorial ­but democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-­manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit."
Once again, time has proved the great visionary spot-on. The maintenance of these 'props of democracy' is simply a sham which purports to confer some legitimacy to what is wholly illegitimate. The US and many other Western countries are run on behalf of, and in the interests of, World Jewry. However it may appear and whatever our so-called 'leaders' tell us, that is what is ultimately behind the elaborate charade that democracy has become. The interests of you and me and our people count for nothing. We're just here to be taxed and to furnish them substance. Our so-called 'leaders' make promises they never keep just to get elected. Once elected, they get back to serving their true masters for their own naked self-enrichment and aggrandizement - and the rest of us can go to hell in a handbasket:
"How can we control the vast impersonal forces that now menace our hard-won freedoms? On the verbal level and in general terms, the question may be answered with the utmost ease. Consider the problem of overpopulation. Rapidly mounting human numbers are pressing ever more heavily on natural resources. What is to be done? Obviously we must, with all possible speed, reduce the birth rate to the point where it does not exceed the death rate. At the same time we must, with all possible speed, increase food production, we must institute and implement a world-wide policy for conserving our soils and our forests, we must develop practical substitutes, preferably less dangerous and less rapidly exhaustible than uranium, for our present fuels; and, while husbanding our dwindling resources of easily available minerals, we must work out new and not too costly methods for extracting these minerals from ever poorer and poorer ores - the poorest ore of all being sea water. But all this, needless to say, is almost infinitely easier said than done. The annual increase of numbers should be reduced. But how? We are given two choices - famine, pestilence and war on the one hand, birth control on the other"
Of course the overpopulation problem has grown very much worse since Huxley wrote these words fifty years ago. A population reduction in the order of perhaps as much as 80% is now required. That's BILLIONS of people we're talking about. And this is what the agents of the NWO are secretively working towards. Clearly they're not interested in Huxley's birth control solution, as the flagrant encouragement of casual free sex and racial interbreeding in the popular media attests. That leaves us with famine, pestilence and war. No big surprise here! For a race of people that has always found the stench of rotting goyim flesh appealing, I think we could have seen it coming.

Phaedrus does not wish to appear like some Bible-thumping religious nut, but there is something disturbingly similar between Judaism and Satanism. Harold Rosenthal breezily admitted over 30 years ago (somewhat ill-advisedly in hindsight given the advent of the Internet) that the God of the Jews is actually Lucifer. When we see the works of these people given free reign, as in Palestine, it isn't difficult to form the view that there's something distinctly evil about them and their mindset. How the hell we permit such entities to have vast and over-arching influence in our day-to-day lives is one of world's great mysteries. THEY MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL.

 Part 13

From Brave New World Revisited, 1958:
"In practice, as recent history has repeatedly shown, the right to vote, by itself, is no guarantee of liberty. Therefore, if you wish to avoid dictatorship by plebiscite, break up modern society's vast, machine-like collectives into self-governing, voluntarily co-operating groups, capable of functioning outside the bureaucratic systems of Big Business and Big Government. Overpopulation and over-organization have produced the modern metropolis, in which a fully human life of multiple personal relationships has become almost impossible. Therefore, if you wish to avoid the spiritual impoverishment of individuals and whole societies, leave the metropolis and revive the small country community, or alternatively humanize the metropolis by creating within its network of mechanical organizations the urban equivalents of small country communities, in which individuals can meet and co-operate as complete persons, not as the mere embodiments of specialized functions."

Note here that even in the America of the late 1950s, the author was already deeply suspicious of democracy and how it could be subverted by the interests of Big Business. We tend to look back misty-eyed on that seemingly halcyon era from our present standpoint and see it as the golden age of liberty, but it is evident from Huxley's concerns that it was already under threat. My personal belief is that the origins of this erosion of our freedoms had its seeds in our accepting large numbers of Jews fleeing the Nazis from 1930's Europe. Something seems to have happened within a few years of the ending of WWII that vastly accelerated the cultural decline that had been simmering away since the 1920s when the numbers of Jews in positions of public influence (Hollywood excepted) was much lower.

The Jews we were foolishly good-hearted enough to welcome to our shores repaid our kindness by proceeding to gnaw away at this once-great country from the inside. They quickly wriggled their way into powerful positions of public influence and seized control of the mass media, and by so doing, the government itself. They enriched themselves at our expense and funneled huge amounts of our tax-dollars to that cancerous, running sore of the Middle East, Israel. Additionally, their appetite for blood had to be satiated by the sacrifice of great numbers of our young people in fighting foreign adventures that were of no benefit to us whatsoever. But with their guile, their determination and their self-belief in their "entitlement" to call all the shots, they somehow got away with it – and still do.

I can almost hear the call of every great civilization in history crying out to America in the late 1930: "Please, please, don't let these Devils in! Afford them no sanctuary! They may look like you and talk like you - they're very good at that - but they're evil! You let them into your great country and within 100 years it'll be nothing but a rotting corpse. These parasites will have eaten away everything you have worked for and totally destroyed your wealth, your way of life and cultural heritage. We beg you from our bitter experience of 3,000 years of dealings with these nomadic parasites, for if you fail, then in time they will lay your country waste! Take heed, America! Take heed!"

Pity we couldn't hear them.

 Part 14

Aldous Huxley:
"'Free as a bird', we say, and envy the winged creatures for their power of unrestricted movement in all the three dimensions. But, alas, we forget the dodo. Any bird that has learned how to grub up a good living without being compelled to use its wings will soon renounce the privilege of flight and remain forever grounded. Something analogous is true of human beings. If the bread is supplied regularly and copiously three times a day, many of them will be perfectly content to live by bread alone - or at least by bread and circuses alone. 'In the end', says the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoevsky's parable, 'in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, "Make us your slaves, but feed us.'"
Isn't this closely analagous to the situation we find ourselves in today? In this couch-potato society, it certainly strikes Phaedrus that way. Though we expect rather more from life than just bread three times a day, it isn't THAT much more. The vast majority of people in the West constitute little more than a mindless peasant underclass that has resigned itself to the treadmill of daily life. People work for 50 years just to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, from what little they have left after the ravages of direct and indirect taxation and Jewish investment frauds like pension schemes.

Throughout history, it has regrettably proven to be the case that the peasants - in whichever country - will undergo the most dire privations at the hands of their exploitative masters before they are driven into taking effective action to overthrow the tyranny and oppression from which they suffer. They can be ground down by decades of maltreatment and forced almost to the point of starvation before they will rise up and overturn the established order of things. So the situation we find ourselves in today is entirely of our own collective making. We have what we deserve.

Of course this despairing assessment isn't the whole story. We have a peasantry of so many hundreds of millions of people in the West because the common people are kept in the dark as to their true potential by the omnipresent, Jew-controlled media which is keen to foster in them the idea that the status quo is beyond question and it's simply the way things are and have always been. This is the vital importance of 'entertainment' in the modern world. Every single minute we spend watching some trashy TV soap or reading some garbage newspaper is a minute taxed from our lives. It is a minute during which we simply do not question why the world is in such a dreadful mess and who is responsible for it.

The mainstream jewsmedia performs the role of the rodeo clown with impeccable aplomb. TV networks have developed highly successful techniques for ensuring that once we are watching a channel, we will continue to do so for far longer than we had intended and for far longer than is good for us. They've moved on quite a bit since the days of 'Don't touch that dial!' And all the while we are gawping at their mind-rotting drivel, the Jews know we are no threat to them. If we are ever to liberate our peasant classes from their servitude of the Jew and Jewish interests, then we must find a way to break the media's hold over enough of them for the bulk to follow. In short, we need to work towards achieving a critical mass of Jew-awareness.

Part 15

Brave New World Revisited, 1958:
"We see, then, that the disease of over-organization has been clearly recognized, that various comprehensive remedies have been prescribed and that experimental treatments of symptoms have been attempted here and there, often with considerable success. And yet, in spite of all this preaching and this exemplary practice, the disease grows steadily worse."

"We know that it is unsafe to allow power to be concentrated in the hands of a ruling oligarchy; nevertheless power is in fact being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. We know that, for most people, life in a huge modern city is anonymous, atomic, less than fully human; nevertheless the huge cities grow steadily huger and the pattern of urban-industrial living remains unchanged. We know that, in a very large complex society, democracy is almost meaningless except in relation to autonomous groups of manageable size; nevertheless more and more of every nation's affairs are managed by the bureaucrats of Big Government and Big Business. It is only too evident that, in practice, the problem of over-organization is almost as hard to solve as the problem of overpopulation. In both cases we know what ought to be done; but in neither case have we been able, as yet, to act effectively upon our knowledge."
This situation of over-organization to which Huxley constantly returns during the course of his work is no accident, but has in fact arisen by design. Organizational complexity is an absolute NECESSITY for the Jew to carry out his plans; his machinations would be readily exposed without it. One thing Jews hate above all else is EXPOSURE. Hitler put it almost poetically in Mein Kampf. The exact quote - though quite well known - eludes me at present, but suffice it to say that it perfectly describes how the Jews desire as many walls of opacity to work behind as they can possibly erect. So the more complex and confusing our world is, all the better for them to work their evil against us. This is one of the primary driving forces behind the advent of Big Government, which the Jews are always so keen to promote (at OUR expense of course).

Things have since unfortunately deteriorated beyond the point where the author's proposed solution would be of any help to us. It was a constructive suggestion 50 years ago perhaps, but is no longer applicable. We didn't take the necessary action when we should have. Our parents let us down just as we are now letting our own children down; consigning them to a life of slavery as a result of our indolence and apathy. For it is undeniably true that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" - it's less messy for one thing. We didn't make the effort in prevention, so our only remaining option now is to CURE and that will be a much uglier job.

I believe it's fitting at this point to conclude this section with an apposite quote from Winston Churchill:

"If you draft 10,000 regulations, you destroy all respect for the law."

Too many laws, too much complexity. What are we going to do about it?

Part 16

This, the final part of our examination of the key points arising out of Huxley's dire prediction of the future contains a vital warning message for us all. Calling out to us from a half a century ago, the great visionary wrote:
"The methods employed by orthodox educators were and still are extremely inefficient. Under a scientific dictator education will really work - with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown."

"Meanwhile there is still freedom left in the world. Many young people, it is true, do not seem to value freedom. But some of us still believe that, without freedom, human beings cannot become fully human and that freedom is therefore supremely valuable. Perhaps the forces that now menace freedom are too strong to be resisted for very long. It is still our duty to do whatever we can to resist them them."
But sadly we haven't. Everything that makes us what we are has been and continues to be spirited away from us little by little. Over 50 years after Huxley's strident warning, we've continued to permit this situation to develop through our indifference and collective apathy. We've been too preoccupied - as Huxley observed - with our "endless appetite for distractions" - which actress has the biggest tits; Britney Spears' antics, the NFL rankings, blockbuster movies, must-have gadgets, Beyonce's ass, Gerry Springer and Oprah Winfrey. We've been hypnotized by all these media rodeo clowns while the Zionist bull was busy trashing our cultural china shop.

Our enemies, that is to say, the traitors who make our laws and broker deals with foreign powers behind our backs; who sell our liberties and hard-fought freedoms for 30 pieces of Jewish silver are all part of the same poison pot, to wit: newspaper proprietors, magazine editors, TV studio executives, movie producers, advertising agents, talk-show hosts, Marxists, internationalists, Jewish bankers, Senior Freemasons, CEOs of global corporations and the One World Government in waiting: the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the CFRers, AIPAC and all the rest of the lying, scheming, cheating scum.

There are some very smart people in the above list, however, make no mistake about it. Whilst you and me have been drunkenly slurring in some seedy bar over who the Red Sox's best ever pitcher was, the agents of our destruction were slowly but surely drawing their plans against us (to paraphrase Wells). They have researched with exquisite detail all our foibles and failings. They are master manipulators par excellence. If we continue with our blind indifference to our approaching fate, then we'll have fully deserved it. Huxley's final conclusion in the lines quoted above is:

"There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown."

Think about that stark assessment for a moment. It's perfectly correct. Once they've finally got us, they've got us for keeps. Us, our children and our children's children's children. They'll have completely re-written history by then. As a people, we won't know who we are any more. We'll be whatever THEY tell us we are. This revisionism - the only kind permitted it seems - has ALREADY been underway in the West for some time, as you may be aware. In due course we will become irreversibly enslaved by these criminals for all time to come - just as their 'holy' book foretells. As Huxley states, it simply won't occur to our grandchildren to question their subservience, but even if they were to, the Jews would have ALL the answers. I don't know about you, but as far as this blogger is concerned, that's a prospect that's worth fighting to the last drop of blood to prevent. I WILL NOT BETRAY MY CULTURAL HERITAGE.

Huxley Warned Us pdf

by Aldous Huxley
Brave New World pdf

Brave New World Revisited pdf
The Doors of Perception pdf

Aldous Huxley interview with Mike Wallace -1958 (FULL) 

1962 interview with Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley - Doors of Perception 

Huxley's LSD Death Trip

Aldous Huxley Interview w/ Alan Watts

Aldous Huxley - Speech at UC Berkeley, The Ultimate Revolution [1962]


  1. This essay was originally published in 2008. I have taken the liberty to slightly edit it, removing some references to current events in '08 and a few other minor edits in an attempt for clarity and timelessness. The original was from a now discontinued blog here:

    The essay is certainly politically incorrect, some would say racist or anti-semitic, but it is really only delving into taboo areas where we are told not to go.

  2. Huxley is turning in his grave nearly 100 years after his visionary prophecies began to form into his own mode of fiction. He is one of my favorite authors and raised serious issues and made world-wide breakthroughs in the research of psychedelics as well as our cognitive liberties. I drew a portrait as homage to the man and his works. See the him roll with the mushrooms, the pills and the doors of perception at

    1. That was great Brandt. Mind if I use it with a link back to you?

  3. I'm enjoying this essay, although I'm not half through it, I had to throw down a comment of protest; "It swiftly rose to become the world's richest and most powerful country thanks entirely to the vision of the founding fathers and the hard work, honesty and enterprise of the northern European settlers who built a paradise on earth the like of which the world had never before seen."

    I've heard that America became "the world's richest and most powerful country" thanks not entirely to "the vision of the founding fathers and the hard work, honesty and enterprise of the northern European settlers" but also (or perhaps nearly entirely) to the (primarily African) slave labor that was the engine of America before the industrial revolution.


    1. Your opinion is welcome and I too do not agree 100% with the essay.

      A question ... What percentage of Americans actually owned slaves? It has always been said that it was a very small percentage. Is that correct?

      Weren't the vast majority of slave traders jewish who got rich doing so and owners mainly in the elite class?

      I don't know the real numbers. Depends on who you listen to. Percentages run from 1.4% of American families to a much higher number at wikipedia.

    2. As far as driving the economic engine of America during that time, you have a point. Since it was mainly the wealth producers who owned slaves then the economic percentage related to slavery would be significant.

    3. Hey Kenny,

      I was part of a Bicentennial History project back in... well, back when. We tried to get hard numbers on the slave situation and by the end the word was, FORGET IT. The best numbers we have are that something less than 300K Americans ever owned a slave, the ones who did in any number were the exceptions that caused ALL the problems and (amazingly) also kept their fortunes after slavery was outlawed. No more than 5 percent of Americans ever owned slaves and that includes the Irish slaves who dug the canals in Ohio (often skipped in official accounts but even as a kid hiking on the Buckeye Trail I heard our old canals referred to as "Irish Graves", a bad joke already old in the 1840s). To get some nasty feedback, point out that regular Americans were 3-5 percent likely to own another human, but Jewish Americans were 40-60 percent likely to own slaves (and they treated the Irish ones worse.)

      I don't expect this topic will ever be discussed rationally in the USA anyhow; I'd LIKE it to, but experience tells me no dice.

      Interesting short Irish Slave articles:

      For LOTS of information on White Slaves generally, just google up Michael Hoffman's THEY WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE SLAVES, the classic work on the subject.

    4. Thanks for the input Franz.

      It seems like our history is that we've always lived in some sort of slave state?

    5. Hi Kenny,
      First, I heard recently - can't recall where - that the pilgrims' great success was mainly due to their landing in an area that was already developed, but devoid of people (due to serious plague). Millions of natives died some years before, but their gardens, ports, villages, etc., where still there. No land had to be cleared, etc. I have no idea if this is true - it would mean a very different history than the one I was taught.

      Second, Huxley was of the favored bloodlines - he didn't "predict" this stuff, he was informed of the plan.

      Third, we are being systematically eliminated. Below is a partial list. -EV

      1)Chemicals/heavy metals in food
      2)Genetically engineered food
      3)Vaccines (by shot or now, engineered into mosquitoes)
      4)Chemicals/heavy metals in cleaning products (dishwasher soap, washing machine soap, housecleaning products, etc.)
      5)Chemicals/heavy metals in makeup or other personal care items (deodorant, shampoo, lotions)
      6)Sunscreen (causes cancer and prevents your skin from making vitamin D out of sunlight)
      7)Electromagnetic radiation (cells phones, cordless phones, laptops, wifi, etc.)
      8)Radiation from nuclear fallout (Fukashima) – why were nuclear plants built on faultlines?
      9)Radiation from fracking activities (brings radioactive particles and heavy metals from below)
      10)Radiation from “depleted” uranium used in weaponry in wars around the world
      11)Radiation from medical/dental procedures
      12)Fluoridated water – in regular drinking supplies but also in water used to make the foods/drinks that we buy.
      13)Floridated toothpaste (fluoride is toxic) or any toothpaste (containing glycerine, which prevents tooth mineralization)
      14)Dental fluoride treatments
      15)Amalgam mercury tooth fillings
      16)Root canals
      17)Oil spills polluting the oceans (most recent, the Gulf Oil Spill – corexit sprayed to disperse the oil has made the situation much worse)
      18)Chemtrail Spraying (heavy metals, biohazards)
      19)Absence of nutrients in food (due to soil depletion)
      20)Making vitamin/mineral supplements illegal, suppressing information about how they work and what diseases they can treat (e.g., heart disease is chronic scurvy)
      21)Making raw milk or other nutritious whole foods illegal to buy/sell
      22)Then, “for our safety,” it will be illegal to produce own food
      23)Lastly, it will become illegal to STORE any food

    6. more:
      24)Discouraging breastfeeding – and failing to put the proper, brain-enhancing essential fatty acids in baby formula
      25)Pesticides (in food, on lawns) – pesticides are neurotoxins and the current culprit in bee-colony-collapse disorder
      26)Antibiotic overuse (in meats, also medical prescriptions)
      27)Medical prescriptions erode immune functioning and over 100,000 deaths/year
      28)BPA – lining of canned foods, in all types of plastics
      29)Malnutrition – due to absence of food or eating junk food
      30)Stress – due to economic problems or terror induced by the gov’t or whoever
      31)Nano-technology (in food, clothes, etc.)
      32)Genetically engineered viruses
      33)Outlawing known medical cures (for cancer, etc.), such as hemp
      34)Pushing NON-cures for diseases, such as cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy); these non-cures are somehow the only ones insurance covers. (At a cure rate of only 3% for cancer, why has nothing changed in the past 40 years? What happened to all that funding for “research”?)
      35)HAARP – need I say more? Just research it if you’ve got no clue.
      36)The reduction or elimination of civil rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press) is very bad for your health! The NDAA is extremely bad – the gov’t can now just detain you forever or kill you, with no trial, no evidence, no charges.
      37)Make dissent illegal but first start with ridicule, making dissidents appear “crazy.”
      38)Making sources of polluting energy artificially scarce, and simultaneously hiding sources of free energy that don’t pollute.
      39)Debt – mortgage, credit card, auto, etc.
      40)Consolidation of sources of money (central banks, credit/debit cards instead of cash) is also very bad for one’s health.
      41)Education by the state – anything that feeds the kiddies lies while training them to obey authority and conform to norms is inherently unhealthy…which sounds an awful lot like…
      42)T.V. (definitely bad for health). Are we being "programmed" by the programs?
      43)Hiding the real history of our species – not bad for our health directly but indirectly; because if we knew, we’d be able to see everything else on this list for what it is – an attempt to destroy the human race, and we would take action accordingly. Memes can kill – like believing in “justice” after death, so you unquestioningly render unto “Caesar.”
      44)While we’re at it, WAR is decidedly bad for human health. It starts with subtle “divide-and-conquer” tactics, “us-vs-them” mentality.
      45)Microchipping – where we’re headed if we don’t fight – put everything on the chip (how ‘convenient’ -- medical records, atm cards, passports, drivers licenses) then ALL humans (not just a dissident here and there) are susceptible to manipulation/elimination.

  4. He left out massive racial displacement of Whites.

  5. This is one of the best articles you have ever linked. Thank you Kenny.

    The wisdom of Huxley and Phaedrus is mind bogling.

    I think and agree we are here or there NOW.

    Let's hope Kennedy was right that when peaceful resistance becomes impossible that violent revolution becomes inevitable.

    The staus quo is a walk down death row by the 99%.

    The question that lingers in my head is if it is zionist jews or all jews at the core of the world's problems.

    1. Zionism is but a branch of Judaism and Jewish ideology, which is supremacist in nature and is the foundation for what is referred to as "The New World Order". I highly recommend Michael Collins Piper's book The New Babylon, which explains all this in spades. You can buy it online for $10 or so. Zionism, like Communism and plutocratic capitalism, is just a part of the Jewish Problem.

  6. These so call 'Europeans' were also behaving exactly like what is being condemened and labeled/refered to in this essay as 'Jew'. The fact is these hailed 'European' immigrants acted just like 'pirates' so please drop the religious/racist implication of 'Jew'. These people were immigrants, from where ever, and no matter what race or religion, and they 'STOLE by way of FORCE' the American lands from the rightful owners. The indigoneous natives who had already been on the land for centuries. I say that ANY person who thinks that behavior is 'Ok' is a criminal/Pirate no matter religion or race and not to be praised for out right THEFT. The Powers That Be, aka the world wide 'Military Industrial Complex' that we were also warned about by Eisenhower in his 1961 farewell address before JFK took office are nothing more then 'Criminals in Power'. If you were to ask a well known indigeonous public speaker what he thought of this essay, I'd expect him to say something like, 'Welcome to the Res'

    1. Please go read Lasha Darkmoon's latest essay about where zionist jews have brought America and the world:

      Not the gentiles, not the indians, but the very people you are defending.

    2. A current example of jewish control is Shimon Peres coming to Washington for his own one on one acceptance of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

      The jewish press is all over this but oddly our msm is slow to report.

      The Presidential Medal of Freedom to steal, kill and lie.

  7. an unelected elite who kept their underlings in willful subjugation via a combination of relentless subliminal propaganda, free sex, mindless, meaningless, undemanding entertainment and the distribution of a rewarding, 'feel-good' psychotropic drug.

    Got nothing against free sex, but the rest is toxic. IMO, the 'feel-good' psychotropic drug is the mindless entertainment the Zionist controlled MSM spews out of its septic tanks.

    Here's one example:

    Weren't the vast majority of slave traders jewish who got rich doing so and owners mainly in the elite class?

    Yes, they were, and the other thing I was talking about is all that BS we heard in grade school and high school and college about Lincoln 'freeing the slaves.'

    BS. The "Emancipation Proclamation" only freed the slaves in the CSA southern states, not the ones still in the Union.

    But I bet they still teach that poison today.

    1. Much poison is being passed around in the schools today. Subtle, a slow buildup. I've looked at some of the history textbooks lately and they leave much to be desired.

      All I seem to know is that we didn't have anything with what went on before we were born and we've got enough to deal with right here and now.

  8. An excellent article on the whole. I was never a huge fan of Huxley and his eugenic mentality, however Phaedrus has synthesized the vision of BNW astutely, especially concerning a certain "minority". He and Phaedrus however, make two fatal mistakes. One in lauding "democracy" in its purest form as an ideal. Democracy in all forms is merely a new form of control...not a representative form of fair governance. I wish people would understand this simple fact. He even quotes Jefferson's visions of a true CONSTITUTIONAL Republic...then goes on to sing the praises of a "democracy" gone wrong. Huxley bemoans the use of the controlled media as anti-democratic, when in fact it is part-and-parcel to the mob control inherent in this system. Democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch. It is mob rule. No room for the protection of individual freedom. All the jewish-owned press has to do is convince 51 percent of a Western society to agree to their evil designs, and the dictates of "democracy" are satisfied. They know kicks the hell outta communism(what they were used to).
    And two, the "biologically poorer quality" thing. Oh please. Haven't we gotten beyond that type of supremacist thinking? Don't we all agree that life is life? And all life is precious? Eugenics should be left to the Margaret Sangers...and yes, the JEWISH Eric Fromm(which he quotes in support).
    Other than these two points...a VERY good read. Thanks for posting this series!

    1. I was hoping someone would pick up on the eugenics and race aspects and give some feedback.

      Huxley's brother Julian was a leader in the early eugenics movement, among a wide variety of other interests, he's a whole story himself, and was a promoter of various forms of social control. Julian pushed programs and Aldous warned of the potentials. I've thought that they were a dialectic and the synthesis is what we're seeing today, control and some awareness of the control but fairly ineffective in doing anything about it. Julian and Aldous were not only brothers but on the same team.

      Democracy? Nothing works without honesty.

  9. The smoking Liberty gunJune 8, 2012 at 4:27 PM

    Israeli Pilot Speaks Up on the USS Liberty False Flag Attack
    An Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

    1. This...

      I like Deanna Spingola's account.

  10. Looks like game on in Syria
    Foriegn forces cornered
    Fighting in the Capital.
    WitfF did Syria do to anyone?
    You PNAC slime Bastards.

  11. Thanks for posting this kenny, this was a very profound essay to read.

  12. There's a reason Huxley was able to 'warn us' ...

    He came from a connected family and was actually one of the predictive programmers set in place to prepare mankind for the abuse mankind would face at the hand (and will) of the Illuminati/Rothschild/''Master Race''.

    I refuse to give the man credit for being a 'visionary'.

    1. He was more an insider, like George Orwell and Carrol Quigley, who also gave the public a glimpse of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, in their writings. The question remains, what side was Orwell and Huxley on, since they were both well connected?..I know that Huxley visited the 22 year old Ray Bradbury just after FAHRENHEIT 451 was published in Southern California, where Aldous Huxley also called home...Phillip K. Dick also gave us a portrayal of tomorrow's nwo is his great fictional tales....and he couldn't have been more disconnected throughout his marginal life, much like Van Gogh, he never experienced success during his lifetime..Consequently , he DEFINITELY was giving us a warning, much like Orwell in his ANIMAL FARM.....

  13. Essentially that's what I was getting at in an earlier comment. Predictive programming has been with us for a long time and is working very well to this day.