Sunday, June 10, 2012

These Subjects Will Not Be Covered in Today's Sermon

Morgan’s Last Supper by Ron English

We are being systematically eliminated. Below is a partial list. -EV
1) Chemicals/heavy metals in food
2) Genetically engineered food

3) Vaccines (by shot or now, engineered into mosquitoes) 

4) Chemicals/heavy metals in cleaning products (dishwasher soap, washing machine soap, housecleaning products, etc.)

5) Chemicals/heavy metals in makeup or other personal care items (deodorant, shampoo, lotions)

6) Sunscreen (causes cancer and prevents your skin from making vitamin D out of sunlight)

7) Electromagnetic radiation (cells phones, cordless phones, laptops, wifi, etc.)

8) Radiation from nuclear fallout (Fukashima) – why were nuclear plants built on faultlines?

9) Radiation from fracking activities (brings radioactive particles and heavy metals from below)

10) Radiation from “depleted” uranium used in weaponry in wars around the world

11) Radiation from medical/dental procedures

12) Fluoridated water – in regular drinking supplies but also in water used to make the foods/drinks that we buy. 

13) Floridated toothpaste (fluoride is toxic) or any toothpaste (containing glycerine, which prevents tooth mineralization)

14) Dental fluoride treatments

15) Amalgam mercury tooth fillings

16) Root canals

17) Oil spills polluting the oceans (most recent, the Gulf Oil Spill – corexit sprayed to disperse the oil has made the situation much worse)

18) Chemtrail Spraying (heavy metals, biohazards)

19) Absence of nutrients in food (due to soil depletion)

20) Making vitamin/mineral supplements illegal, suppressing information about how they work and what diseases they can treat (e.g., heart disease is chronic scurvy)

21) Making raw milk or other nutritious whole foods illegal to buy/sell

22) Then, “for our safety,” it will be illegal to produce own food

23) Lastly, it will become illegal to STORE any food

 24) Discouraging breastfeeding – and failing to put the proper, brain-enhancing essential fatty acids in baby formula

25) Pesticides (in food, on lawns) – pesticides are neurotoxins and the current culprit in bee-colony-collapse disorder

26) Antibiotic overuse (in meats, also medical prescriptions)

27) Medical prescriptions erode immune functioning and over 100,000 deaths/year

28) BPA – lining of canned foods, in all types of plastics

29) Malnutrition – due to absence of food or eating junk food

30) Stress – due to economic problems or terror induced by the gov’t or whoever

31) Nano-technology (in food, clothes, etc.)

32) Genetically engineered viruses

33) Outlawing known medical cures (for cancer, etc.), such as hemp

34) Pushing NON-cures for diseases, such as cancer (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy); these non-cures are somehow the only ones insurance covers. (At a cure rate of only 3% for cancer, why has nothing changed in the past 40 years? What happened to all that funding for “research”?)

35) HAARP – need I say more? Just research it if you’ve got no clue.

36) The reduction or elimination of civil rights (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press) is very bad for your health! The NDAA is extremely bad – the gov’t can now just detain you forever or kill you, with no trial, no evidence, no charges.

37) Make dissent illegal but first start with ridicule, making dissidents appear “crazy.” 

38) Making sources of polluting energy artificially scarce, and simultaneously hiding sources of free energy that don’t pollute.

39) Debt – mortgage, credit card, auto, etc.

40) Consolidation of sources of money (central banks, credit/debit cards instead of cash) is also very bad for one’s health. 

41) Education by the state – anything that feeds the kiddies lies while training them to obey authority and conform to norms is inherently unhealthy…which sounds an awful lot like…

42) T.V. (definitely bad for health). Are we being "programmed" by the programs?

43) Hiding the real history of our species – not bad for our health directly but indirectly; because if we knew, we’d be able to see everything else on this list for what it is – an attempt to destroy the human race, and we would take action accordingly. Memes can kill – like believing in “justice” after death, so you unquestioningly render unto “Caesar.”

44) While we’re at it, WAR is decidedly bad for human health. It starts with subtle “divide-and-conquer” tactics, “us-vs-them” mentality.

45) Microchipping – where we’re headed if we don’t fight – put everything on the chip (how ‘convenient’ -- medical records, atm cards, passports, drivers licenses) then ALL humans (not just a dissident here and there) are susceptible to manipulation/elimination.

This list is courtesy of commenter EV.....thanks!


  1. Maybe I'm showing my ignorance here but...root canals? I just had one last year. Whats the issue? I'm freaking out now.....

    1. Hopefully EV will come here and elaborate on this. In the meantime just do a search "dangers of root canals."

      My 86 year old mother had a root canal this past week. Right now she's doing better than she was before it. I hope that's the case with you too.

    2. Okay, here's a longish answer about root canals... I don't think it's complete, as I'll note at the end. -EV

      According to mainstream dentistry, there are six strategies (which vary in terms of invasiveness) to prevent and/or treat tooth decay (p. 21):

      1. You must brush your teeth all the time to eliminate the dangerous bacteria.
      2. You must rinse your mouth with chemicals to eliminate more dangerous bacteria.
      3. You must floss to eliminate the remaining bacteria and food particles.
      4. When those three tactics do not work, you must have the bacterial infestations removed from your mouth by a dental drill, thus leaving your mouth free of bacteria.
      5. When a dental drill cannot remove the bacteria and the bacterial growth progresses, the tooth root can become infected, which then requires a root canal filling. The solution to the infected tooth root is to first remove the top of the tooth and then clean the inside of the tooth with chemicals. Next, this traumatized tooth is filled with synthetic material, leaving the inside of your tooth sterile.
      6. Finally, when all those procedures fail to keep your tooth alive, from the supposed onslaught of bacterial invaders, the tooth must be removed and a fake tooth or no tooth is what remains [root canal procedure]. be cont'd

    3. An excellent analogy was given by Nagel to describe the effectiveness of conventional dental procedures. In the following excerpt, Nagel compares teeth to oranges:
      Imagine an orange to be a tooth, and this orange is spoiling with a small moldy spot. The moldy spot is equivalent to a spot of decay on a tooth. The equivalent of a dentist placing a dental filling would be removing the moldy spot with a knife and filling the spot with glue. Once the mold is removed, the decay process temporarily slows down. In a few more days another moldy spot will form on the orange. This can be compared to a tooth that continues to decay over time, despite having had a filling placed in the original cavity. The moldy spots will continue to grow on the orange, and if you continue to remove the decayed parts eventually you will not have an orange left, only a ball of glue. This is the same action that occurs after multiple dental treatments on the same tooth. This is why older people have dentures; eventually their teeth just rot away like the orange. Imagine another scenario where the orange has a big moldy spot progressing into the “pulp.” Imagine cutting a big hole in the orange and removing all of the sweet pulp (the interior of the fruit) along with the moldy spot, to prevent future decay from occurring. Then the entire orange will be filled with glue, and a fake top is put on the orange so it still looks like an orange. This is similar to how a dentist “repairs” a tooth with a root canal procedure.

      In a root canal, the tissue from the root of the tooth is removed. This is a painful procedure which involves the drilling of teeth as well as renders the remaining tooth technically dead. In addition, once in place, root canals can be even more dangerous. Dr. George Menig is a dentist and former advocate of root canals. After reading the research by Dr. Price, Dr. Menig changed his position. Dr. Menig discovered that many illnesses can be caused by former root canals. According to Dr. Menig:
      A high percentage of chronic degenerative diseases can originate from root filled teeth. The most frequent were heart and circulatory diseases. The next most common diseases were those of the joints, arthritis and rheumatism. (Nagel, p. 106)

      According to Nagel, root canals can become harmful if improperly sealed (i.e., if an insufficient amount of filling is inserted into the tooth’s root). Effectively, this would leave the root to continue to rot and thus result in toxic material draining back into the bloodstream. This process of toxic materials entering the body via the bloodstream is the basis of the connection between root canals and subsequent illness. Root canals are contributing factors in heart disease, severe headaches, and arthritis.

      the real problem is that there is no way to completely extract every bit of dead tissue - the remnants rot, attracting bacteria, tissue festers, cannot be cleansed or released. That's bad shit - literally - stuck in your body.

      As Pasteur admitted on his deathbed (in french), "the terrain is all, the germ is nothing."


    4. p.s. best course of action, remove tooth, get a partial or do without.

    5. p.p.s. vid from Mercola on root canals:

    6. I have a tooth that I'm told will no doubt need a root canal sometime in the near future. Are you seriously telling me I should just get it pulled instead? It is all the way in the back but still...

    7. I couldn't help myself, wanted to try out this embed trick again.

    8. Hi Kenny,
      Thanks for embedding the video - it is a neat trick!

      This video is a good start. If you've already had a root canal, please supplement with vit c (6-10 grams per day, in divided doses because C is water-soluable) and vit d (probably 5,000 units per day to maintain blood level of 70-100 ng/ml; if your blood level is lower, then you can take 50,000 IUs a day for a week or a month, depending on how depleted you are. Biotech has a 50,000 iu supplement you can get on This, at minimum will keep your body healthy.

      The thing I don't like about this video is that Mercola is assuming that germs cause disease. The two are correlated. Germs are the cleanup crew to take care of necrotic tissue. Same with tooth decay. Subsurface decay can be detected with newfangled instruments, showing that decay happens from the inside out. If your blood level of minerals (vit d needed to get minerals from your food) gets too low, guess what? your body takes the minerals from your bones and teeth. Teeth lacking minerals start to rot - from the inside out. Unhealthy people get tooth decay. Fix your health and watch your teeth remineralize. Yes, it can happen and pretty quickly.


    9. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), a CHEMIST and a poser (who stole and distorted the work of Antoine Bechamp, see the book 'Bechamp or Pasteur' by Ethel Hume), based his research on the idea that microbes (viruses, bacteria, and fungi) cause disease. This “germ theory” was thus applied to understanding why teeth become diseased, that is, why cavities form. This theory of tooth decay has been accepted without question by mainstream dentistry for decades, although dissenting voices have emerged here and there. In particular, one dissenter stands out: Weston A. Price, a dentist, the first Research Director of the then-named “National Dental Association” (later renamed the 'American Dental Association'), and effectively a dental anthropologist. His observations of indigenous peoples, made before and after the introduction of highly refined western foods, called into question the germ theory's explanatory value in understanding dental pathology. Science writer Ramiel Nagel recently reexamined Price's archives on nutrition and tooth decay.

      It's good to read Price directly ('nutrition and physical degeneration' is still available on You can also read Nagel's book (2009), “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition.” Nagel's book was designed mainly as a treatment book but also conveys important research and information relevant to the etiology of tooth decay.

      As Mercola stated, Dr. Price conducted ground-breaking research on diet and dental health. He observed genetically similar children either (1) eating from their traditional, indigenous diet or (2) eating a westernized, “trading post” diet. He studied 25 cultures around the world. Price concluded that people have marked immunity to cavities if they regularly consume food from two of three categories: 1) grass-fed dairy products (raw milk, cheese, etc.), 2) organ meats of seafood, or 3) organ meats of land animals. Although Price studied at least 25 native diets around the globe, Nagel discussed in depth Price's findings regarding the diets of people living in three geographic regions: 1) the Loetschental Valley (Switzerland); 2) the Outer Hebrides (islands off the Scottish coast); and 3) the Australian Aborigines. In the Loetschental Valley, people ate indigenous diets which consisted of: whole rye bread with butter, summer cheese (cheese made during the summer months when grass is at its finest), milk, some meat, and small portions of vegetables and barley. The dairy products came from grass-fed cattle who pastured on fresh mountain grass grown in mineral-rich soil. In the Hebrides, the indigenous diet consisted of fish and oat products (porridge and oat cakes), seafood, or some combination thereof (e.g., cod fish heads stuffed with chopped cod livers and oatmeal). The Australian Aboriginal diet consisted of plant foods (roots, stems, leaves, berries, and seeds), with the tissues of large and small animals (kangaroo, wallaby, small rodents), insects, grubs, and, when available, seafood, birds, and eggs. The Westernized diet was similar in all three cases: Imported (white) sugar, (white) flour, sugar/flour products (like cakes), packaged milk, tea leaves, canned meat. Sometimes other imported foods were available, such as marmalades, jams, canned vegetables, candy, and fruits. Despite the different indigenous diets superficial variability (e.g., beef vs. insects vs. seafood), the key nutrients were the same in the different kinds of (indigenous) diets. Nagel then summarized the key nutrients separating the two kinds of diets: Compared to the westernized diet, the indigenous diets in all three geographic areas provided ten times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K), 2.3-6.2 times the amount of phosphorous, and 2.1-4.6 times the amount of calcium (see Nagel, p. 36).

      In every case, Dr. Price discovered that people who ate indigenous diets had fewer instances of tooth decay than people who ate the Western diet.


  2. I'll add one more subject that will not be talked about: 9/11.

    Also, here's a follow up to the MTSU students who traveled to Fukushima with a form letter from the college president Sidney McPhee who attests to their 'safety.'

    1. speaking of 9/11:

      What do you think?

    2. I always look forward to Gordon's stuff. I think there was a line in a song...'Partly truth and partly fiction.'

    3. it would be good to compile a list of disputed historical events - stuff that did or did not happen the way we were told...that would be a long list.

  3. That's a long list!

    - Aangirfan

    1. Not an Aangir fanJune 10, 2012 at 2:06 PM

      Yes it is, and you ain't on it Aangifan!

      Mind you, Kenny and Visble and many other truth seekers should be - but not you.

    2. I agree "Not an Aangir fan". Incogman is obvious troll hasbara though. Most of the rest of the list is pretty good.

  4. I read that dentists are asked by their professional association to support municipal water floridation. Convenient for them, if they get sued by an over flouridated patient, to spread the liability to municipalities

    1. I don't know what dentists are told, but here is all I know about fluoride. -EV


      Beginning in 1945, fluoride was added to public water systems, ostensibly to combat tooth decay. Fluoride is currently added to approximately 70% of all drinking water in the US (Askeroth, 2003). In addition, fluoride is added to most commercial toothpaste. According to The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fluoride added to water in the amount of 4 parts per million (ppm) is safe for human consumption ( Besides water and toothpaste, sources of human exposure to fluoride include: “processed foods made with fluoridated water and fluoride-containing chemicals . . . agricultural pesticides, stain-resistant carpets, fluoridated drugs, and such packaging as microwaveable popcorn bags and hamburger wrappers, in addition to industrial air pollution and the fumes and dust inhaled by many workers inside their factories” (Bryson, 2004, p. xvi). This is probably why Americans are typically exposed to higher levels of fluoride (4.4 ppm) than deemed safe by the EPA (2006, National Research Council report). The fluoride added to drinking water is often industrial hazardous waste. Fluoride is used “to produce high-octane gasoline, to smelt such . . . aluminum, steel, beryllium, to enrich uranium, to make computer circuit boards, pesticides, ski wax, refrigerant gases, Teflon plastic, carpets, waterproof clothing, etched glass, bricks and ceramics, and numerous drugs, such as Prozac and Cipro” (Bryson, 2004, p. xv). The idea of adding fluoride to water supplies rests on the twin assumptions that fluoride is both safe and effective in combating tooth decay. As it happens, fluoride is neither safe nor effective. These two assertions are supported by decades of research, summarized in The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson (2004).

      Is fluoride safe?

      Fluoride has been linked to numerous negative health outcomes in humans: arthritis, bone deficiencies, and nervous-system disorders, like Alzheimer's (Bryson, p. 113). In several studies, intelligence quotient (IQ) has been associated with fluoride levels: IQ decreases as exposure to fluoride increases (Li, Zhi, & Gow, 1995; Zhao, Liang, Zhang, & Wu, 1996; Lu et al., 2000; &, Xiang, et al., 2003). Dr. Kaj Eli Roholm, a Danish physician researcher, documented the deleterious effects of fluoride on industrial workers and others living nearby industrial cities; heavy use of fluoride was linked to damage to the respiratory, digestive, and skeletal systems, in addition to skin damage. Others have documented liver and kidney damage in children living in areas exposed to greater than 2 ppm fluoride (Xiong, Liu, He, Chen, Yang, & Wang, 2007). Bryson documented incidence of x-rays indicative of bone cancer twice as likely in boys from (fluoridated) Newburgh, NY compared to boys in nearby (non-fluoridated) Kingston, NY. In addition, girls in Newburgh were found to reach puberty earlier than in non-fluoridated Kingston (Bryson, p. 224).

    2. cont'd...

      Experimental data on animals also show cause for worry about the effects of fluoride exposure. As described in Bryson's book, Dr. Phyllis Mullinex, a Harvard neurotoxicologist in 1995 published data showing central nervous system damage to rats that ingested the equivalent of 5 parts-per-million fluoride in their drinking water; the fluoride crossed the blood-brain barrier and caused behavioral changes in the rats. Furthermore, infants born to pregnant rats given the same fluoridated water showed hyperactivity. Often, as in the case with lead and other heavy metals, humans are more sensitive than animals, in terms of neurotoxic effects. Mullinex concluded, based on her research, that the effects of fluoride on humans are likely on the same order as exposure to radiation and anti-leukemia therapies. According to Bryson (p. 110) similar experiments using hydrogen fluoride gas were performed on dogs by the Manhatten Project's Rochester, NY division. In the experiments, dogs were exposed to hydrogen fluoride gas at concentrations of 8.8 ppm. This resulted in hemorrhaged lungs in one of five dogs.

      Is fluoride effective?

      The effectiveness of fluoride in water was measured in many US municipalities. The majority of these studies showed that there was no difference in the level of fluoride and the rate of cavities. In Newburgh, NY, the first community in the US to put fluoride in the drinking water, rates of decay were, after 10 years, the same as those of nearby, never-fluoridated Kingston (Kumar, Green, Wallace, & Carnahan, 1989). Similarly, in two communities in Michigan (Grand Rapids and Muskegon) with and without fluoridated water, there was no difference in the reduction of tooth decay between the groups (Bryson, p. 86). Therefore, the addition of fluoride to drinking water may indeed be unrelated to dental outcomes. According to the 2005 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of US citizens (1988-1994 and 1999-2002), researchers have concluded that the improvement in dental health that coincided with the addition of fluoride to drinking water may instead be due to improved health practices, such as decreases in smoking (Beltrán-Aguilar et al., 2005). Moreover, many countries (Australia, Denmark, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) do not exclusively fluoridate their water. However, these nations have reported similar rates of tooth decay as the US (Diesendorf, 1986).

      Although industry and public health experts tells us that fluoride is good, it clearly has damaging effects. The dangers can be seen on tubes of fluoridated toothpaste, which include the label: “Warning-keep out of reach of children under the age of six. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, contact the poison control center immediately.” It seems that although the ADA condones the inclusion of fluoride in toothpaste, it is likewise aware of its dangerous consequences.

    3. Well Jesus EV, can we at least use floss? lol. Seriously though, thanks for all of the info. Ive had quite a lot of dental issues and appreciate the tips.

    4. Here's a re-link if anyone hasn't read it.

      A few weeks back there was an online forum for comments about our local water system building a new treatment plant to sell water to other counties and raise our rates 7% a year for the next 3 years. I talked about saving money by eliminating fluoride and linking the book. No one responded about it. It's a foreign subject around here. Over 200 people showed up at the public meeting about the new plant and basically were told 'it's a done deal.'

  5. Ha ha ha ha, would I be right in thinking that that James Laffrey list is equally as much about the rightness of discussing Jews as it about the wrongness of discussing the pedophocracy. Yes?

    Dave McGowan? The antichrist! Aangirfan? Another antichrist! Nobody? Who?

    Drink with me now to a world free of Jewry and to the establishment of the thousand year reign of satanist paedophiles. Michael Aquino uber alles! Skol!

    Wait, was that somebody muttering 'a pox on both their houses'? Kill that heretic!

    On topic again, thanks for the list Kenny, very good. Speaking of dentistry, I recall Brice Taylor had a lot to say about it. Heavy MKULTRA connections.

    Not that there's any such thing as MKULTRA of course. As everyone knows, there are only Jews.

    1. The zionists ARE the pedophiles you stupid phuck!

    2. Anon@9:45-dont bother. The guy is obsessed with pedophilia. Wait, that wasn't fair. He is obsessed with talking about pedophilia and anyone who does not talk about it as much as he does is, I don't know, evil or something. Dont feed the troll.

    3. Troll? It's your off-topic conversation pal. But then again Aangirfan is always your off-topic conversation isn't it? And did somebody say 'obsessed' just now? Between your obsessive attacks (always off-topic, always for spurious, idiotic who-cares reasons, and never with anything else to say) and me calling bullshit occasionally, _______________. I left that space there for people to fill in their own conclusion as to who's obsessed.

      As for the paedophiles being Zionist, are these people Zionist? How about these people? what about in Brice Taylor's book? Jew-free zones it seems, apart from Henry Kissinger who prefers raping adult men according to Kay Griggs. Speaking of which I don't recall her mentioning any Jews either. Gosh, could it just be possible that there's black hearted motherfuckers out there who aren't Jewish?

      Those links there lay out an unarguable case for the existence of an untouchable global satanist pedophocracy. As does Aangirfan funnily enough. Unsurprisingly this pedophocracy has a disinfo effort second only to the hasbara. What with not being able to call people anti-semites the pedophocracy disinfo trolls have to call them other things. And it seems any damn thing will do - vague, ill-focused, self-contradictory, flat out wrong, it doesn't really matter as long as it's ad hominem.

      So off you go, do that thing and show us how good you are with the ad hominems.

    4. Hi,
      I'm curious what Brice Taylor had to say about dentistry. I'm also curious whether you've read any David Icke - he certainly connects the pedophiles/child killers with the zionists, whom he identifies as going back to the Sumerians. It's not all jews - or even necessary jews at all - but the entities at the type (hybrid bloodlines), according to Icke, who are doing the bad stuff.

    5. I'm reading "Human race get off your knees" now and it's very interesting, to say the least.

    6. What a surprise that just like Aangirfan, his biggest groupie and obsessed with pedophilia troll also diverts away from jews and Israel. Shocked I tell ya!

    7. And yes, you are a troll. Every post its some comment about pedophilia from you. Every post. You. Are. Obsessed. Do you post borderline child porn pictures on your blog like Aangirfan does? Why does Aangirfan feel the need to do that? You think hes EXPOSING the pedophiles? Or is he (pardon the pun) in bed with them? I dont know, but either way he/they have a way of constantly muddying the waters in favor of letting jews off the hook.

      No, jews are not the whole problem. Israel is not the whole problem. The Rothschilds are not the whole problem. But they are huge pieces of the puzzle, pieces that Aangirfan consistently protects. But hey, he talks about pedophilia so hes legit right? You fucking moron. If you werent so obsessed you would see Aangirfan for what they are.

    8. anon@7:02

      Very well said and ALL true.

    9. misuse of the word troll always reveals the middle-aged.

      there's nothing wrong being obsessed with pedophilia. it serves the shadow political establishment as a tool only the most obsessed of us have dared to look into. abc? a. blackmail. b. dissociation. c. mkultra (trauma-based mind control). unfortunately, like with most technologies (mk is foremost a technology), what we know now and what our resources are are 20+ years old. physical trauma is old hay. metaphysics is next. newest on the field - prepare not to comprehend a thing when watching her interview (like, what the fuck are dracos?):

    10. hmmm, all Aangirfan said was, "That's a long list!" I think that we can benefit from learning from others, even if they don't present the entire picture. Case in point, I find David Icke fascinating, wide-ranging, and right about a lot of things. I cannot confirm if he's right about the non-human elements of his story. I dislike, however, that he appears to think that certain events purported to have happened during WWII are real. But no one I've ever read has the whole story. Anyway, I've never read aagirfan's blog, but Kenny lists him, so he must be doing something right. And what is wrong with pointing out pedophiles?

      All this infighting is bad, too. Who was it who said that "we must hang together or we will all hang separately"?


    11. You tedious fucking automaton. I'll say it again: Your endless off-topic attacks (for months now) against Aangirfan make no sense. The bit about Aangirfan being hasbara is obvious and demonstrable bullshit. Anyone reading at Aang's knows this. But then you chop and change. Aangirfan is: guilty of censorship; guilty of speaking poorly of Robin Gibb; guilty of being gay; on and on, an endless slew of idiot bullshit charges. And now we're back to the Zionist thing. Jesus Christ, you'd think you could make your fucking mind up.

      The thing is, if you made sense I'd be prepared to go with it. But you don't. Your attacks on a microcosmic basis are completely senseless: any damn thing will do, no matter how idiotic. Thus I'm forced to look to a macrocosmic logic to your campaign. Why would someone attack Aangirfan over and over again, and always with a thousand idiot non-charges? Why would they do that?

      The reason I arrived at the conclusion of you as pedophocracy disinfo is because you forced me into it. And I've seen nothing so far to sway me otherwise, and frankly I doubt that I shall.

      As for 'infighting is bad' - yup, that's the whole point. God knows the king-of-off-topic ain't here for Kenny's postings.

      Re Brice Taylor's views on dentistry, the link to the pdf is right there. Feel free to download and read.

    12. Oh yes, distraction is always going to happen when comments are not moderated. For some it seems to be their game. I understand someone questioning aang or anyone else, we all do it. It's OK to be skeptical but going on and on gets old. Aang is not going anywhere. They will be there near the top of the blog list every day. Click or not, take it or leave it, it's really that simple.

      While on the dreaded "p" topic, the Jerry Sandusky trial is on and so far it is being portrayed as another 'lone wolf.' I've spoken with folks who are not conspiracy minded and even they think the fix is in and the trial will not mention and cover up for others involved. Sandusky may take the fall but who knows how many more will be protected?

      Here's another blog that covers the subject.

    13. Oh please, "aangirfan" just a few weeks ago had a post actively downplaying the Rothschilds reach. Just today they had their at least 2nd piece on how zionist STOOGE Mubarak was actually an enemy of Israel. Demonstrable bullshit indeed.

      Oh, and simply calling people "a part of the pedocracy" or whatever(pathetic tactic by the way. Grow up.) isn't going to stop them from voicing their opinion that "aangirfan" is blatant disinfo. Sorry.

    14. With all due respect EV(thanks for the dental info by the way. Really made me think.), Kenny also lists racist ADL hasbara "AmericanGoy" and Gordon Duff among others. I love VT, read it all the time but even Kenny himself admits that you must read it with a critical eye. Half truths abound. Most of Kennys links are worth reading. Some of them are truly great. A couple are obvious disinfo imho. Get over it Anon@5:24.

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    1. Well, what do you know, it worked.

      template hack from here:

  7. Wow, the 2nd 'Sermon on the Mount' online version?
    Overturning the tables of the money-changers behind these and other horrors may be the only solution. Pray that I'd live to see them Tent Cities folks living permanently in their Temples soon

    1. hey w, Thanks for abuse button fix you sent a few posts back. I'm trying to work up the nerve to use it.

  8. Wake the flock up!June 11, 2012 at 2:52 AM


    "The 'trail of blood leads' to Washington, not Damascus. Ban (UN chief) reports in for orders. His comments sound pre-scripted. Obama speech writers likely wrote them. Dutifully he repeats him.

    Like conspiratorial administration officials, he (Kai Ban Moon) bears direct responsibility for months of Western-instigated violence. He's equally culpable. He's guilty of crimes of war and against humanity."

    The UN is the zionist Rothschilds puppet for the NWO.

    H.Clinton is a war criminal.
    B.Soetero is a war criminal.
    USrael/NATO is a war criminal.
    Kai Ban Moon is a war criminal.
    UN is a war criminal.
    Rothschilds are war criminals.
    NWO are war criminals.
    Zionists are war criminals.

    1. It is increasingly hard to decypher what is true and what is not - whether it be main stream or alternative media.

      Against a sea of disinformation it would appear Russia and China are going to counter any USrael/NATO incursion into Syria or Iran with military force.

      That would incite a world war with or without nuclear weapons.

      What are your thoughts on this?

    2. I'm curious, what makes you think we're not already in a world war? -EV

    3. If we are already in a world war, where USrael/NATO are trying to take over the world - just like our history books say the third reich did, then I am part of the underground resisitence. I am born and live in the West but I am 100% anti-USrael/NATO because they are fascist war criminals guided by Rothschild zionists.

    4. yep, NATO = Rothschild.

  9. To anonymous, june 11, 8:13am (for some reason I couldn't reply right below your response):

    Here's the skinny on brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash.

    According to Nagel, tooth brushing has very little impact on tooth decay. Indigenous people did not have toothbrushes let alone access to modern dental facilities. Their dental health, however, fared much better as compared to our own. The key to this indigenous paradox lies within the indigenous diet. This was seen in numerous comparisons of indigenous versus “industrialized” people conducted by Dr. Weston Price (see table presented above). A recent study published in the Eastern Mediterranean Journal was conducted on 762 Libyan students 6-12 years of age were selected randomly from 11 public schools (Al-Sharbati, Meidan, & Sadani, 2000). Forty two percent of the students participating in the study did not brush their teeth. According to the results of the study, there was no difference between the two groups (brushers versus non-brushers) in the amount of caries.

    The use of dental floss does not appear important for maintaining dental health. Again, we must look to our indigenous relatives. As they did not brush, it’s unlikely that they flossed. However, their teeth did not suffer as a consequence. As mentioned, these people had lower instances of tooth decay than their modern counterparts. Moreover, according to Nagel, the act of flossing can be harmful, because flossing weakens the gums by injuring (cutting) them. Instead of flossing, using a toothpick would decrease the likelihood of cutting one’s gums while safely removing desired food particles. Mouthwash appears similarly useless. The job said to be done by mouthwash is done efficiently by saliva. Saliva breaks down the majority of food remaining in the teeth. As this process is adequate, there is no need to attempt to improve or supplement it.

    I myself use tape floss about once a month, brush about once a week. When I do brush, I use a swipe of ivory soap on my (electric, but cheapo drugstore) toothbrush. I have not had cavities for years

    1. Here's what has worked for me. I grew up using baking soda for brushing and stuck with it for probably 75% of the time. Never go to bed without brushing, no matter where you are. Plus good diet makes for good teeth. I've never had a cavity in my life.

    2. Good for you - no cavities! I once tried baking soda - made my mouth taste like shrimp, and then my hubby wouldn't kiss me! -EV

  10. Hi Kenny & others,

    Growing up, I heard many good things about Neem. Best used as natural toothbrush & can be used natural pesticide as all.

    There are tons of YidTube vids on neem but this one is the best:

    NEEM - A Tree For Solving Global Problems

    This one backup what -EV is saying:
    Neem tree, tooth brush tree

    1. Hey, musique. Good vids.

      So far I think I like the ability to embed videos in the comments. I wonder if it makes the page slow to load on some folks computers? Wordpress has had this for awhile and I thought it was a nice feature.

    2. Hey Kenny,...Anons are out in force today, perhaps it's a public holy-day in occupied Palestine? Love your post, reasons to be cheerful, eh?


  11. Yep in so many ways. Gulf fish are undergoing horrible mutations.

  12. Quite the list EV.

    Quite the follow up conversations. Keep it friendly folks. Unity.... remember?

    I want a neem tree in my yard.

    Mick, it has only just begun. The death of the Pacific is well under way now ....


    "The process of destabilization that was to open the path for legal military intervention by the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) has failed. Removing its mask, the United States has publicly announced the possibility of attacking Syria without the approval of the (UN) Security Council, as it also did in Kosovo. Washington must be pretending not to have noticed that the Russia of Vladimir Putin is not that of Boris Yeltsin. After being assured of Chinese (military) support, Moscow literally fired two warning shots in the direction of Washington."

    "The continuing violations of international law by NATO and the GCC threaten to unleash a global conflict."

    "In the days following his inauguration, Mr. Putin reviewed the Russian military industrial sector, his armed forces and his treaty alliance system. [1] He pursued this course of action while choosing to draw in Syria a line in the sand that must not be crossed. For Putin, NATO’s invasion of Libya was equivalent to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Third Reich and that of Syria, should it occur, would be comparable to the invasion of Poland that started WWII."

    This shit is getting really real. If one steps back away from the corporate media propaganda of Assad 'genociding his own people' as USrael/NATO's excuse to attack Syria, it can be seen that Syria is Poland, and USrael/NATO is the Third Reich.

    History bears the fact the every power which has tried to take over and control the whole world has been defeated.

    Zionist Rothschilds' USrael/NATO is going to get their proverbial ass handed to them on a platter by Russia and China.

    There will be no new world order controlled by the international zionist banksters.

    Shiva Shaki Tango is on.

    1. I can see clearly now - the rain has gone
      It's going to be a bright, bright, bright sun shiny day...

    2. There is another scenario playing in the background of my mind. One where this third world war is being fomented by the Rothschilds who plan to build a single currency, one world order out of the ashes of WWIII. If the City of London and the Knesset survive unscaithed from the coming global onslaught, it will be very telling.

    3. Rothschild mother:

      'If my sons did not want a war, there would be no wars.'

    4. If the bear and the panda don't nuke Dimona in the frackas, they will indeed reveal themselves to be (unknowing) pets of the house of Rothschild.

    5. Hegelian divide and conquer:


      REACTION: The world wants peace.

      SOLUTION: One world government with one world currency which is fractionally gold backed and created, issued and controlled by zionist Rothschild and the international banksters.

    6. It makes sense to me - WWIII to get us onto digital world currency. One world, one central bank. Crisis-reaction-solution. Get this meme into everyone's head. Takes the sting out of their false flag attacks, etc. Get over fear - that is the enemies' biggest weapon.

      And let's get off of money now. No job = no income, so no income taxes. Barter your goods/services for your neighbors' goods/services. See how interconnected we all each other.

      Does anybody know what happened to North Dakota's attempt to shed itself of property tax?

      Has everyone talked to their local enforcers/deciders to say no to proposition 21?

      Do you have the means to fight the "drone wars" coming our way?

      We probably have a snowball's chance in hell of surviving, but we can go down fighting.

      Does anyone have anything to add to the list? Did I miss anything besides these three:
      46) hidden weapons/technology (to be used against us when the time is right)
      47) kidnapping/rape/murder/cannibalism of our children
      48) historical events rewritten/omitted (I can think of about 100 from the last century without batting an eyelash)

      Is this a negative approach? Perhaps. I like to know what I'm dealing with. Never underestimate the wrath of a mother of a vaccine-damaged kid.


    7. now that's what i'm talking about:

  14. John Friend's latest video about Western propaganda is well worth the 15 minutes it takes to warch it.


  15. Obamas apparantly not freeing Pollard afterall? What gives?

  16. Never underestimate the wrath of a man whose woman has been underhandedly sterilized.

  17. "aang" lies about 9/11 again(posted video of "real suspects" of 9/11 without mentioning a single jew involved):

  18. Adolph Hitler was not a "crypto-yid" as one anonymously insults him above.