Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watching and Waiting


Man has always been watching and waiting. From watching for the hungry wild animal at the cave door to waiting for psychopaths to drop the hammer of chaos, the never ending battle to keep from being devoured is essentially the same as it ever was. 

I had a long post completed with much about Syria and the continued plan for the balkinazaion of the middle east, northern Africa and beyond. It was saved but when I hit the preview button before publishing, all but the above disappeared. Blogger is a bitch at times.

No time to re-create it. We'll just have to call this an open thread. Anyone have anything to say?


  1. Here in B.C. we used to have all manner of Government vehicles running around. Ministry of this Ministry of that. Havn't seen a Fleet vehicle in months. Not one. Whassup wit dat? Why are they hiding?
    Wouldn't be because of that Cop that kicked the guy in head, Senior couples separated in Care Homes, food bank lines longer than ever, can't make a same-day welfare appt, harsh penalties for the most trivial driving infraction, B.C. Rail pawned, women sterilized, kids grabbed, uh, would it?

    1. Has Israel killed us all (with Stuxnet)?June 15, 2012 at 1:21 AM

      Maybe the feds know the Fukushikma radiation is lethal to the West coast over time - so they bugged out.
      Got a Geiger counter?

  2. Wow, bummer about Blogger kenny, they seem to be causing a lot of people problems lately...

    The mainstream, Jewish owned media is going hysterical about the Syrian situation the past few days, even more so than they normally do. Everything they say is a lie, everything. The propaganda is so in-your-face blatant, I don't understand how people either can't or won't see through it...

    1. Whoops, I also meant to ask what people thought of Putin and Russia? I think they are controlled opposition largely, but many people think they are really the only country standing up against the New World Order. Just curious what other people think.

    2. There is another scenario playing in the background of my mind. One where this third world war is being fomented by the Rothschilds who plan to build a single currency, one world order out of the ashes of WWIII. If the City of London and the Knesset survive unscaithed from the coming global onslaught, it will be very telling.

      Rothschild mother:
      'If my sons did not want a war, there would be no wars.'

      If the bear and the panda don't nuke Dimona in the frackas, they will indeed reveal themselves to be (unknowing) pets of the house of Rothschild.

      Hegelian divide and conquer:


      REACTION: The world wants peace.

      SOLUTION: One world government with one world currency which is fractionally gold backed and created, issued and controlled by zionist Rothschild and the international banksters.

    3. Here's something funny. This is the first result when doing a google news search for 'world war III."

    4. John,

      I have been saying at my place for years that some BRIC military alliance would be what takes America, the dangerous slut, down. Putin may be considered controlled opposition, but I also believe that the world has had enough of the bully.

      I do think, tho, that anonymous above could be on to something: WWIII will be used to usher in a gold-backed world currency and some sort of world government will be needed, as well.

      This is why I laugh at those who keep mumbling about implementing a gold-backed dollar. Do these people know who owns most of the gold now? The very same ones who have done this mess to us in the first place. A gold-backed dollar is exactly what the globalists want, yet the PaulTards can't figure this out.

    5. I agree with you B'Man, you've been on Ron Paul since day 1! Being naive, I actually fell for his BS back in December for a while!

    6. So far the whole Syrian thing is a repeat of Libya. So much so that it's ridiculous. We can probably mouth the lines along with the actors. After Libya I kept reading that Syria was different than Libya and they better not mess with it. Look out for Russia, Iran, Hezbolla etc etc. Russia says "you better not!" China says "ditto!" Well I have heard it, read it but don't see it. It looks like it's going down just like Libya. I am beginning to wonder about Russia...seems to play the same old role. It's there but really it isn't. It's like they are sitting in a chair calling out warnings "here we come" and start laughing and keep sitting.

  3. Hey,

    I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your valuable input and site (altho I prefer Wordpress). I have a huge list of blogs in my Google Reader (sometimes I don't get to them all). So I also break down my list into manageable chunks and include yours in the heading "Must Read".

    So, along with Bacon, John Friend, Noor and a few others, you are on the every day "Must Read" list by me.

    For whatever that's worth.

    1. It's worth a lot b'man. I appreciate your thoughts.

      I'm like you. I have so many bookmarks of blogs that except for the list to the right I can never get around to but a tiny fraction of them.

    2. Hi Kenny,
      I too check this blog first. I feel at home here. I like your (Kenny's) basically open-minded stance.

      Regarding that article you posted, every number is either evenly divisible by 3 or else results in a decimal with either .3333 or .6666 repeating.

      What are the "archons"? I've read a bit of Icke and don't recall him mentioning "archons." He calls them "reptilians" and claims that there are actually many different kinds, only some have ill intent toward humans.

      It might be reasonable to suppose that alien intelligences planted both the meme of religion or that the Book of Revelation that warns us about a coming apocalypse, but not both. If some evil-doers invented religion to hurt us, why then would they also warn us about the times when they supposedly ultimately want to eliminate us?

      But I don't understand why these aliens that the author describes would want a massive die-off if we humans are in fact their food source (in the form of terror-inspired 'energies' feeding the fourth-dimensional types). One binge and it's over. That's like raising cattle for food and deciding to slaughter the entire herd for one gigantic banquet.

      So, yeah, WWIII has probably been in the works for awhile. But WWIII could be explained perfectly well by understanding how banking works and who else profits from wars.

      Re: Gold. Is there any left? Or is it all tungsten filled pseudo gold? Instead of sitting around feeling empathy - which we can also do fyi - why not set up barter systems in advance of the crash or just to send a big 'fuck you' to the powers that be? Why not talk to these young folks who consider it okay to 'volunteer' for war duty? If no one went and the fed reserve notes stopped being used, I think that WWIII would be cancelled.


    3. p.s. I've told both my kids that if they EVER become soldiers I will kill myself.

    4. Thanks EV!

      Your suggestions make too much sense which we collectively are lacking. As someone told me yesterday "They (TPTB)have us where they want us, where we won't stick together.

      I wouldn't hurt myself but I did tell my grandson that if he joined the military I would shot him in the leg. He thought I was kidding. -)

      The "archons" are basically what Sitchin called the Annunaki and Icke calls the reptilians. I think the specific term "archons" comes from the Nag Hammadi Codices.

      A pretty straight forward book with the same theme is by R. A. Boulay from 1990.

      From the book:

      It is generally agreed that these Proto-Sumerians were the origin of our "Western Civilisation,and that their beginnings were in the area called Mesopotamia, literally "the land between the two rivers". The arrival of these "gods" is reported in the records that their descendants left
      behind - the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian cuneiform tablets.
      The land known as Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilisation lies mostly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Originating in the mountains of Armenia in the north, the two rivers move in a gradually converging course down a wide and grassy plain to the Persian Gulf."

      The Ashkenazi jew stolen dream of Eratz Israel, from the Tigris to the Euphrates. It includes much of Syria.

    5. interesting...I've read a lot of Sitchin. It's reassuring to hear about others with the same/converging views. Icke says (in 'human race get off your knees') that the sumerians went northeast to the area we know as modern day Georgia, and that the ashkenazis are the remnants of the sumerians. Thank you for the pdf book. Have you seen the 21-part series of videos on reptilians ('plausible points for the reptilian case')? And Schneider's (he's now deceased) interviews on underground bases and non-human entities? -EV

      p.s. I hope your grandson stays in the light. I think that the soldiers are being converted into mind-controlled killing machines.

  4. Oh...Really? Minority whenever it is convenience for 'em more like it.

    "Jewish" is a "new minority label" at New York City's university system, the New York Post reported on June 3, almost accurately. CUNY recently completed a "faculty diversity action plan" that included among the usual identity-based focus groups along with a Caucasian/White/Jewish group, created in response to complaints that Caucasian/White/Jews were "not as monolithic as some believe and this lack of understanding is reflected in subtle stereotyping."

  5. The reason the Middle east explodes so easily is because it is, how to say...fucked up since the western powers went in and created artificial borders. Every state is a hornets nest so the west goes in to put a stick in and stir it all up whenever they want to make changes. Amir Faisal said in 1921 to his so called allies after they screwed him on his deal with them: "The Arabs have not gained independence and they have lost even the relative unity they enjoyed when they owned a common allegiance to Constantinople. That the Arab Provinces should be separated can be justified by no considerations of practical statesmanship; still less justification is there for the decision of provinces into various separate and independent states. Racially they are homogeneous; economically they are interdependent.Unless there is complete freedom of trade through the whole country, neither Syria, in which I include Palestine, nor Mesopotamia can flourish; Until this desire is satisfied, peace, can never be established in the Arab provinces."
    The west is still squeezing what juice they can out of their scam. It's really hard to watch.

    1. Genie, that's about as good a short and sweet analysis of the situation as I've seen. Thanks!

  6. Well now, RIP and God bless Adolph Hitler. Don't even need to watch the entire video. His first couple of paragraphs of this speech are as if from God's own mouth.

    1. Adolf Shitler killed more Christians than Jews.
      Hitler Was a British Agent part 1of6 :

    2. Anon@6:59 knows whats up. Fuck Hitler.

    3. Wow, I've been working on a post about Hitler and the NSDAP and finally published it just now. Funny it was brought up here.

      All these slanders and lies about Hitler are an attempt to divert attention away from what the man and his movement stood for, what they said and did, and the moves they made to free their country and people from the parasitic, destructive international Jewish criminal cabal that destroyed their country in WWI. Hitler was a righteous man who cared about his people and wasn't afraid to speak the truth, unlike every single politician in the West today, and throughout much of our history.

      If you want to know what's really up with Hitler and the NSDAP, you gotta check out Deanna Spingola, Veronica Clark, Carolyn Yeager, Michael Collins Piper, and Zion Crime Factory. They are good sources on this subject. The Anonymous commenters above clearly didn't watch Hitler's speech linked here, and are pushing BS lies and slanders against him.

      Hitler and National Socialism were the anti-thesis of Jewish communism and plutocratic Jewish capitalism. RIP and god bless Adolf Hitler, indeed. One of the only leaders in history to organize a successful anti-Jewish banker movement. That's why he had to be destroyed and why he is constantly slandered (even by so-called "Truthers" and "Patriots", like the Anons above): he was a mortal threat to international Jewry and their "New World Order" agenda.

    4. Oh John Friend, so you've joined the pro-Hitler ADL tool set huh? Cant say im surprised considering you also push the "no planes" disinfo. Shame, much of your site was very good for the most part.

    5. "pro-Hitler ADL tool set"

      Yeah the ADL is "pro-Hitler" eh, ROFL? You're obviously a slimy Jew bastard who is scared shitless of national socialism and will resort to any desperate slander to stunt the resurgence of this glorious ideology.

      You're most likely a libtard, pro-Jew multiculuralist, yet you say NS is kosher approved?

      Typical Jewish hasbara antics being displayed here.

    6. "Anonymous June 15, 2012 6:59 PM

      Adolf Shitler killed more Christians than Jews.
      Hitler Was a British Agent part 1of6"

      This is comical bullshit. If Hitler was a "British agent", then why did Britain wage such a relentless war of genocidal extermination against one of their own "agents," which resulted in the loss of their empire in the process?

      You kike-lovers push such illogical fables to slander this great man.

      Hitler was not a "British agent," but you most certainly are a Jewish agent.

    7. @Anon 8:53 LOL, let us know if you have anything of substance to add to the conversation, rather than pathetic attempts to discredit me.

    8. Yes, the ADL and other jewish groups love to discredit anti-Israel/zionist movements. Part of this includes painting anti-zionists as "nazis" who love Hitler. You make their job so much easier. You are essentially an ADL tool, whether you know it or not. If you dont get a check form them you should. Probably a "conservatard" who doesn't realize he can get paid for his ignorance.

    9. you non-europeans have such peculiar views of hitler and the boys. for wider cultural context in the form of an art critique, I redirect you to a piece I wrote some time ago:

    10. A most interesting essay P2P. "Rational discussion" should always be the goal.

    11. "AnonymousJune 17, 2012 7:47 AM

      Yes, the ADL and other jewish groups love to discredit anti-Israel/zionist movements. Part of this includes painting anti-zionists as "nazis" who love Hitler."

      Hahaha! The "anti-Israel/Zionist" movement is the filled to the brim with crypto jews and jew lovers who most definitely work for the ADL. You kike-lovers claiming to be "anti-Zionists" promote nearly all of Jewry's heinous lies about WW2, Hitler and the HoloHoax©.

      You, and those like you, are marching lockstep with the Jews and their agenda.

      You're a rotten jew bastard, admit it.

    12. Anon@4:07, your over the top reaction, complete with standard "yer a jew!" line tells me you are in fact more than a lunatic asshole and that you may in fact be an ADL/Megaphony tool of some sort. Tone it down next time if you want to keep your cover. Just saying. Protest too much and all that.

    13. The Jew-lover/Hitler-hater telling me I'm ADL. Welcome to the delusional world of the kike!

    14. Another variation of "yer a jew!" to deflect from the obvious fact that you're an ADL tool. Nice try. Not really.

  7. from Goebbles 1932June 16, 2012 at 11:54 AM

    We are nationalists because we see in nationalism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our cultural inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our American state.

    Nationalism is the doctrine of liberation for the working and middle classes. It promotes the rise of the lower class and its incorporation in the political organism of our homeland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and regaining American freedom. Nationalism, therefore, is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the American people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy.

    Work is not mankind’s curse, but his blessing. A man becomes a man through labor. It elevates him, makes him great and aware, raises him above all other creatures. It is in the deepest sense creative, productive, and culture-producing. Without labor, no food. Without food, no life.

    The idea that the dirtier one’s hands get, the more degrading the work, is a Zionist, not a American, idea.

    We call ourselves a worker's party because we want to rescue the word work from its current definition and give it back its original meaning. Anyone who creates value is a creator, that is, a worker. We refuse to distinguish kinds of work. Our only standard is whether the work serves the whole, or at least does not harm it, or if it is harmful. Work is service. If it works against the general welfare, then it is treason against the homeland.

    We oppose the Zionists because we are defending the freedom of the American people. The Zionists are is the cause and beneficiary of our slavery. They have misused the social misery of the broad masses to deepen the dreadful split between the right and left of our people, to divide America into two halves thereby concealing the true reason for the Great Wars and falsifying the nature of the revolution.

    The Zionists have no interest in solving the American problem. They cannot have such an interest. They depend on it remaining unsolved. If the American people formed a united community and won back its freedom, there would be no place any longer for the Zionists. Their hand is strongest when a people lives in domestic and international slavery, not when it is free, industrious, self-aware and determined. The Zionists caused our problems, and lives from them.

  8. con't

    That is why we oppose the Zionists as nationalists. They have ruined our culture, corrupted our morals, hollowed out our customs and broken our strength. We owe it to them that we today are the Pariah of the world. They were the lepers among as long as we were American. When we forgot our American nature, they triumphed over us and our future.

    The Zionists are the plastic demons of decomposition. Where they find filth and decay, they surface and begin their butcher’s work among the nations. They hide behind a mask and present themselves as a friends to their victims, and before one knows it they have broken one's neck.

    The Zionists are uncreative. They produce nothing, they only haggle with products. With rags, clothing, pictures, jewels, grain, stocks, cures, peoples and states. They have stolen everything they deal in. When they attack a state they are revolutionaries. As soon as they hold power, they preach peace and order so that they can devour their conquests in comfort.

    What does anti-Zionism have to do with nationalism? I would put the question this way: What do the Zionists have to do with nationalism? Nationalism has to do with labor. When did one ever see them working instead of plundering, stealing and living from the sweat of others? As nationalists we are opponents of the Zionists because we see in them the incarnation of vulture capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods. Nationalism has to do with culture. The Zionists are the enemy and destroyer of the purity of a nation, the conscious destroyer of our culture. As nationalists we oppose the Zionists because we see them as the eternal enemy of our national honor and of our national freedom.

    But the Zionists, after all, are also a human beings. Certainly, none of us doubts that. We only doubt that they are decent human beings. They do not get along with us. They live by other laws than we do. The fact that they are human beings is not sufficient reason for us to allow them to subject us in inhumane ways. They may be human beings — but what kind of a human beings are they! If someone slaps your mother in the face, do you say: “Thank you! He is after all a human being!” That is not a human being, it is a monster. Yet how much worse has the Zionist done to our homeland America, and is still doing today!

    1. Replace the word "Zionist" with Jew and you have it right!

      Zionism is but an ideological branch of international Jewry. Zionism, Communism, Plutocratic Capitalism - all perverted, destructive, and exploitative ideologies conjured and directed by JEWS - not "Zionists". There is a fundamental distinction here.

      It's taken me some time to get over using the word "Zionist" when I really meant Jew. Don't be afraid to call a spade a spade. Like Hitler and the NSDAP did.

  9. Time for blast from not so distant past:

    Zion Crime Factory is known as MonkeySeeMonkeyDo/checkitb4uwreckit on The Info Underground/TIU.

    Whocares said...
    Freeyourmind that was excellent. Could you please go to that closet white supremacist(disguised as an Anti Zionist think tank) forum to write exactly that. Those white supremacists are spewing their WS agenda there. I tried arguing with those assholes in 3 different threads about Native Americans and of the threads was moved to the off lounge section bc the person that banned me was owned..

    January 26, 2011

    Travis of TIU writes:
    Its time for those in charge of this forum to take control and sort their house out. This forum has become overrun by Zionist/Jewish conspirators. Even though I do not have clear evidence that they are physically working for Jewish groups I have empirical evidence that they are pushing their objectives and tactics.

    Firstly, MSMD started by attacking and insulting Islam and pushing Jewish rhetoric against Islam. Then he started attacking Christianity and Christ. Its important to note his tone has never be one of discussion but rather one of aggression and mockery and to insight infighting. The result of his attacks have been to disunite and cause infighting.

    Secondly, Yo Mama has started pushing racist Jewish propaganda i.e. blacks are dumb and whites are superior in terms of intelligence. The result of this again is to cause infighting and disunity based on race.
    Is it a coincidence that extremists Jews attack Islam and Christ and defame blacks, and MSMD and Yo Mama have been pushing these very same ideas to cause disunity?

    This is a two phased attack, first they get people fighting on religion and then they get them fighting based on race. From both their posts from the last month this is very clear. Are they actual JDF members I do not know, but that's irrelevant at the moment because they are doing their bidding.

    Think about it, think about their aggressive and belligerent tone. They use mockery and attempt to insight fighting based on religion and race. We see them attack what other people believe but do we know what they believe? Do we?

    TIU overrun by Zionist conspirators
    (**You have to join TIU to see the content.)

    When it comes to shitler, he's clearly the unofficial father of israhell.

    1. Hey "Musique," which branch of the ADL do you work for?

      You love Jews and hate Jewry's greatest adversary, Hitler. What more needs to be discovered to illustrate your Jewishness?

  10. John FriendJune 16, 2012 2:17 AM

    'All these slanders and lies about Hitler are an attempt to divert attention away from what the man and his movement stood for, what they said and did, and the moves they made to free their country '

    What your research fail to answer are the following important facts:

    1 The roots of All Socialist Movements are Jewish (Karl Marx-Talmud) -Documented
    2 Hitler's 150 000 Jewish Nazi Soldiers -Documented
    3 Hitler's protection of ALL Jews Written -Records exist
    4 Almost all of the Nazi leaders were Jews -Historical Records exist
    and I could go on...but try to answer just No2

    Not all researchers are trying to divert attention away from that Zionist mass murderer. Anonymous above is right about the murder of 43 M Christians. His election his war machine... were financed by Jews...

    Adolf Hitler Awarded Iron Cross through Jewish Recommendation

    'you gotta check out Deanna Spingola, Veronica Clark, Carolyn Yeager, Michael Collins Piper, and Zion Crime Factory.'

    Been there countless times, 90% is hearsay and promotion of the racist antisemitic 'German Stalin', who brought destruction not protection to Germany, facilitated the creation of israel and brought Europe to the feet of Zion...

    True research start here:

    1. "The roots of All Socialist Movements are Jewish (Karl Marx-Talmud) -Documented"

      I disagree - there were countless German political philosophers that developed different branches of socialism. Karl Marx DISTORTED socialism for his tribe and their global agenda! This is discussed at length in this interview:

      "Hitler's 150 000 Jewish Nazi Soldiers -Documented"

      True - I view this more as a sign that Hitler and the NSDAP were not the vicious and crazed Jew-haters they are alleged to be.

      "Hitler's protection of ALL Jews Written -Records exist"

      I'm not sure what you mean... Hitler and the NSDAP cracked down on the Rothschilds, and sought to eliminate Jewish domination of their culture, government and society. They wanted the Jews out of Europe, and even facilitated their transfer to Palestine for a while.

      "Almost all of the Nazi leaders were Jews"

      This is nonsense, and has been address by the sources I cited on numerous occasions. Deanna Spingola and Veronica Clark do programs all the time in which they meticulously destroy all these lies and slanders against Hitler and the NSDAP. Subscribe to RBN and check out her Special Interviews on her website.

    2. If Hitler and the NSDAP were agents of the Rothschilds, or Jews, or homosexuals, or British agents, or whatever else people want to throw out there, why did the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD GANG UP ON THEM AND DESTROY THEIR MOVEMENT AND COUNTRY? Why did the Jews declare war on Germany in 1933 if Hitler was a Jew, or a Rothschild agent, or a British agent? Why have they been demonized in every single possible way, through the media, educational system, Hollywood, ect? Why aren't we allowed to read what they wrote, said, and did?

      The fact of the matter is that Hitler was a true German patriot, who cared deeply about his people and race, who recognized the insidious influence of international Jewry and how they destroyed and corrupted his country during WWI and after. The Jews and their puppets don't want you do know these facts, they recognize how dangerous Hitler and the NSDAP was to their "New World Order" agenda.

    3. John, there is a middle ground, most likely the correct ground to stand on, between "Hitler was the most evil man ever" and "Hitler was a hero who only cared about his people". Dont fall for the trap by feeling the need to be on one extreme or the other. It is a trap.

    4. "They wanted the Jews out of Europe, and even facilitated their transfer to Palestine for a while"

      Right, and who did that end up helping in the end? Not the Palestinians....

    5. Palestinians themselves did more to facilitate the jewish takeover of their land than Hitler ever did.

      It's quite obvious what you British jew-lovers are trying to do by making Hitler a scapegoat for the creation of Israel. No nation facilitated Zionism more than the filthy frantically philosemitic entity known as Britain. Like the Jews, you project your own twisted actions onto Hitler.

      Jews created Israel with Britain's help. Get that through your thick jew-loving skulls.

    6. Hey "w", what you call "true research" is pathetic kosher Jewish garbage on par with what Alex Jones puts out.

    7. W writes: "90% is hearsay and promotion of the racist antisemitic 'German Stalin'"

      100% of your claims about Hitler IS hearsay, you jew-loving fool.

    8. "Jews created Israel with Britain's(and Hitlers) help."


    9. And the Hitler fan is bashing Palestinians and blaming the victims. Who else blames the victims? Oh yeah, the jews. 2 can play the "yer a jew" game Anon@3:58, you pile of trash.

    10. Go read the book "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe (a Jew, so you should love him). He shows that the Jews had Palestinian collaborators/informants in nearly all the villages they eventually demolished, in addition to the Palestinians who were selling off large swaths of land to the Jews.

      Without the Palestinian collaborators, "Israel" likely would not exist.

      Hitler was a victims of insane Jewish aggression and his people were turned to dust as a result of his defiance against Jewish rule. Talk about blaming the victim you scum-ridden Jew.

    11. Im shocked. SHOCKED I tell ya! That ADL tool Anon@11:59 would bash Palestinians and continue to blame the victims of zionist jew aggression. Who else bashes Palestinians? A zionist jew or sayanim scumbag. Exactly.

      And as long as you say-"without the Palestinian collaborators Israel wouldn't exist" I can say without Hitler Israel wouldn't exist and its just as true if not more so. The difference is I'm not blaming the Palestinians like a typical zionist would. Its not Israels fault, its the Palestinians fault! Right dumb fuck?

  11. Blogs that produce an element of truth are certainly under attack.

    Voltairenet is one example.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Thank you Aangirfan for all your investigative journalism exposing Zionism and Israel as the real cause of most of the world's problems.

    2. I agree with John Friend about the recent "real 9/11 suspects" video you posted. Its blatant disinfo that absolves Israel for involvement in 9/11. Why would you post such a video(without a disclamer like Friend included) that absolves Israel "aangirfan"?

  12. As loathe as I am to teach a fellow how to suck eggs: Kenny - save to hard drive mate. Thus: all text written in some text editing software and saved to hard drive; all photos sourced, named, and saved to hard drive; text and photos uploaded into blogger and just before you hit post, select all script in the html page, copy and paste into a text file, and, sure enough, save to hard drive. Then the link can drop out, blogger can spit the dummy, the sky can fall, whatever, and it's the simplest matter imaginable to paste the html back into blogger edit and you're done.

    As for Hitler, steal his ideas on banking by all means, but to imagine he provides an overall winning template is idiocy. He is precisely the guy to look to if you want to know how to fail. As if opposing Jewish racial superiority by way of white racial superiority was ever going to work. The Zionists weren't admirers of the National Socialists for no reason. For anyone scratching their head over that last sentence, go put 'zionist nazi commemorative medal' into google images. Nuff said.

    1. "As if opposing Jewish racial superiority by way of white racial superiority was ever going to work. The Zionists weren't admirers of the National Socialists for no reason."

      Give this man a prize. Dead on.

    2. Hitler and the NSDAP were not necessarily "white supremacists" as most people think of that term - they were definitely pro-German, pro-Aryan, but not necessarily anti other races - except the Jews. They certainly had opinions on race, genetics, ect. but it's a major distortion to say they were "opposing Jewish racial superiority by way of white racial superiority".

      Hitler and the NSDAP goal was to unify all sectors of German society - which faced all sorts of class and ideological [communist, variations of socialist, monarchist, ect.] antagonisms - by appealing to their common German and Aryan heritage and culture. They sought to preserve their race, and recognized the inherent traits in their people, namely their political leadership and organizational skills. So get over this BS about Hitler and the NSDAP being "white supremacists" when they were really all about preserving and honoring their own culture, heritage and race rather than being against other races.

    3. " So get over this BS about Hitler and the NSDAP being "white supremacists" when they were really all about preserving and honoring their own culture, heritage and race rather than being against other races."

      This is 100% accurate for all you sayanim hasbara trolls here. The zionist jews were destoying Germany in 1932 just as the zionist jews are destroying America (and the world) in 2012.

      I am anti-zionist and pro-semitic. I loath zionists and israel while I champion the Palestinians and other genocided semitic peoples.

    4. So get over this BS about Hitler and the NSDAP being "white supremacists" when they were really all about preserving and honoring their own culture, heritage and race rather than being against other races."

      Of course this is what ALL supremacists say-they're "just protecting their culture" by being racist dickbags. No, you can "protect your culture" wihtout foaming at the mouth over anyone not the same race as yourself. Hitler hated jews though so hes a swell guy right? So the Reichstag fire was actually a brave act right, and not a cowardly false flag that would set the template?

    5. Who said that Hitler and the NSDAP were "foaming at the mouth over anyone not the same race"? Hitler recognized that Jews, as an organized community, were a destructive, subversive element in German society. And isn't that true? Can't we see this in America today?

      The Reichstag fire is explained in great detail here for anyone who really cares about the truth on this matter:

    6. You're really gonna argue that the nazis were not supremacists? Are you a white supremacist John? If you are just say it. Don't act like Hitler wasn't though. He was a warmonger too. Can you deny that?


    1. This is disinformation. Hitler was indeed funded by banks of the anglo-american elite because they could make usury profits off him. Hitler was against the anglo-amarican elite because the plutocrat banksters were part of the zionist jew burgeoning empire.

      The anglo-american elite, who were controlled/in bed with the zionist jews, fomented the allies to wage a world war to defeat the third reich.

      Hitler championed the national German culture against the creeping zionist jew world order.

      F*ck the new world order, f*ck the zionist jews and their protocols of zion.

      WAKE THE FLOCK UP and get your pitchfork and usurp the zionist jews' iron grip on America and the world!

  14. Thank Hitler for Israel. His warmongering(really John? You speak out on invasions and occupations today but play apologist when your fuhrer is guilty of such aggression?) and "sending" jews to Palestine helped lay the groundwork for the terrorist state.