Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everybody knows .....

.....that only in New York City can steel frame hi-rise buildings collapse from fire.

Experts from Popular Mechanics have already released a statement saying "People must realize that the laws of physics in NYC are totally different from those in a Muslim country like Turkey.  NIST proved that in its report on WTC7."

.....that no matter how rich and 'good looking' a Republican governor is, he is not a true Republican if he hires a Muslim and, gasp, an openly gay male in his administration. So other Repubs in the state must renounce their own leader and pressure him to fire those two heretics before gay led sharia law takes over.

Plus, Haslam rhymes with Muslim and apparently no one noticed that before they voted him in.

.....that the FDA is not a cult of tyranny as this video alleges.....that all federal agencies are benevolent and benign and work only for the well being of  the people and never for special interests. 

 .....that Hillary Clinton is such a liar that even Netanyahu can't trust her. Well, let me think about that one for a second. The Israelis have so much dirt on her that she wouldn't dare go against them. Blackmail works. Just ask Bill.

And what about the reports that Hillary was involved in Operation Fast and Furious? Nah, how would she know anything about gun and drug running and money laundering? Mena never really happened, did it? Vince Foster just got tired of living, didn't he?

.....that Israel has the right to the land in Israel, that settlements in the West Bank are legal, the Balfour Declaration justifies taking the land, that the six million holocaust happened and that jews are always the victims. Haaretz says it's so, so it must be.

.....that Syria is a bad country and must be broken up into pieces for the good of their own people no matter how many die and that Russia is just as bad and that "allegations by anonymous western officials about the movement of chemical arms within Syria will be used to create another fake event that the Syrian government can then be accused of" are just the ravings of conspiracy nuts. 

.....that talk of the disintegration of the jewish state are the crazy rantings by a self-hating jew, Gilad Atzmon

.....that Romney doesn't have billions hidden in offshore accounts and that anyone who thinks so is an anti-capitalist commie.....and that anyone who thinks the Mormons are being used as a front for jewish money and power is some kind of anti-semite/anti-mormonite kook and the press should come up with a new term for these dual 'religious' bigots.

.....that Iceland is not recovering and is not stalking its banksters and putting them in jail and could never be an example for the rest of the western world. 

.....that Britain's number one black newspaper has been denied access to the Olympics stadium to give direct coverage from the games is not because they are a thorn in the side of the establishment. It must be because they don't love the queen like everyone else does.....and that the top Olympic sponsors like Coca-Cola and McDonald's are not hypocritical junk food pushers. They are part of the breakfast of champions you know.

.....that Obama would never use an appearance at a US men's Olympic basketball exhibition game as a photo op to show what a family man he is and to distract the pubic with talk of which Olympic team was the best. He can't talk all the time about who is on his kill list and what country we will destroy next, can he?

.....that John Hagee is right when he says "evangelical Christians are on the front line of defense for Israel in the United States of America” and that “The Bible is a Zionist text." God told him so and by god we had better listen.

Sure, everybody knows these things. It's just preaching to the choir again.

I'm going to divert myself away from all this important 'news' and listen to an old favorite from a local band from way back when. These guys are older now but aren't we all.


  1. good links, cheers. the one on john hagee needs fixing though

    1. Thanks, fixed it. I don't like to link to sites like JTA and Haaretz but sometimes that's where the 'news' is. One should probably clear out their cookies after going there and not make it any easier for them.

    2. Good call, whenever I go to Haaretz I seem to get tracking cookies.

  2. P2P had a link to another oldie that I had read a long time ago.

    "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (pdf)(1974)


  3. Man Kenny, no offense, but when reading about Tennessee politics I'm kind of glad I don't live there. Not that Pennsylvania ia all that much better but muslims and gays in local politics isnt exactly major news around here, even when its a Republican hiring them.

    This line from the story made me laugh my ass off-"The groups depict Ali as an Islamic fundamentalist with close ties to President Barack Obama."

    As if Obama is some sort of "islamic jihadi" or some shit. I always laugh(and cringe) at how people call Obama a muslim. Hes killed more of them with drones than Bush did in his entire 8 years. Its amazing how pointing that out to certain people has literally no effect at all. Hes still a jew hating muslim with a scary middle name to them.

    Sign me up for an actual muslim socialist President, he/she would be much better than the fraud we have now.

    1. No offense taken. We're in the running for the the craziest state in the union, politically speaking.

      My own state house rep is one of those slamming Haslam and he's running this time unopposed. No democrat or independent thought they had a chance running against his anti-muslim platform. It's a very rural and dumbed down district.

      Haslam is a piece of work too. He made his money owning Pilot Truckstops. If anyone in their interstate travels needs gas and sees one, please pass them by as a sort of BDS against him.

    2. Another thing mentioned in the Tennessean article is that neocon PNAC signee Frank Gaffney has been very busy in our state lately. He and his Center for Security Policy find it very fertile ground for zionist propaganda.

      He was a big influence in 'converting' former pro-muslim filmmaker Eric Bell into an Islamaphobe zealot and even getting him some gigs on Fox news.


      My comment at the Scene, a very lefty publication, about Bell and Gaffney got heavily voted down. I'm not very well liked by either the left or right around here when expressing opinions.

    3. Pretty sad, but it literally pays to be a zionist whore and racist anti-muslim zealot.

      I love getting downvoted by the sheep on various sites. Yahoos comments section is a place I frequently and proudly get voted down heavily. Though I will say there are always at least a few enlightened people who see through the bullshit. Tiny glimmers of light in a sea of darkness and stupidity.

  4. Kenny, your Romney offshore account link is a link to the previous Atzmon story right above it. Great post though.

    1. Thanks, fixed it also. It was so hard trying to get the formatting half way right that I didn't go back and check the links. I'm a threat to make mistakes. I even misspelled Bill Haslam's name because it was misspelled under the photo at the Tennessean article and I should know better.

  5. Blacks have historically been a thorn in the side of the establishment. Its because for some time(in America most obviously) they were very much victims of it. The drug war, their political leaders assassinated(and not just in the 60s), slavery and eventually Jim Crow laws etc. Its ashame our half black President doesn't live up to some of his ancestors examples. Hes another tool of the establishment.

    I talk about politics a lot. I'm probably pretty annoying. But seriously, I come into contact with a lot of black people and they are always more aware of hard political truths(9/11,zionist power,CIA drug running etc.) than other races on the whole.

    1. More power to you and to the blacks who have woken up. We need all the allies we can get.

      I saw a comment somewhere that used the analogy of Sherlock Holmes "7% solution" and saying that when we reach that % of people aware it will be a turning point. Could be but we're not there yet.

  6. Bill Kristol, central figure in the NeoCon takeover of this hapless country, notes happily in the Weekly Standard that Romney will meet with Bibi at the end of July. This is in conjunction with the solemn remembrance of the destruction of the two Temples....the Tisha B'Av...a most solemn Jewish observance. Is this all, as the Smoke and Mirrors guy says, a scripted movie we are living in? They seem to know where they are headed and we are all a step or two behind. Romney, a Bishop in a strange Jewish affiliated cult, that believes in re baptizing everyone, and in rebuilding yet another Temple, is never called to account for his strange beliefs by the bought up media. Re baptizing one against their will...isn't that a bit UnAmerican? Or rather is this kind of strange phenomenon now very American. The forces of Mordor are gathering.

    1. Yeah, I think we are several steps behind in understanding the script. I've been leaning to the idea that Obama would once again be the chosen one. He seems to have been a good little puppet so far. But I really don't know. It may have been decided that Romney will speed up the process of our demise under the illusion of the people voting for another change.

      Good point that the media is not asking any questions about the strange cult of Mormonism and just how deep Romney's beliefs in it are. Another taboo. One of many.

  7. I went to a meeting yesterday about the status of the protest against our local public water utility who is trying to build a new water treatment plant when they are using less than 50% of the capacity they have now with the newly renovated old plant. There is no one forecasting any growth for the foreseeable future to justify the new one. This will put them over $14 million in debt with 5,000 customers to foot the bill. Reliable estimates are that our water bills will go up 50% over the next 3 years.

    Over 1,000 signed petitions will be taken this week to the state and by law they will be forced to review the water plant proposal and decide if it can continue. Who knows if it will be an honest decision?

    At the meeting there was no shortage of folks throwing around the words corruption, kickbacks, arrogance and no accountability towards the water board members and especially the chairman who lives right up the road from me and who I have known for many years. Those words most likely fit the situation very well.

    My point here is that people will stand up to the PTB locally when they see it hitting their pocketbooks and that is a good thing. But in the big picture the increase, although significant, is relatively minor in comparison to the trillions stolen by Wall Street, federal politicians, war promoters, etc. who are sucking the life out of this country and making us all poorer by the day. Those same folks who will fight against a water bill increase will have their eyes glaze over when asked why we can't do the same thing against the really major criminals and they will say there's nothing we can do about that. It's frustrating.

  8. Hi Kenny,

    WOW, they better watch out for Samar Ali, 'cause she might use her evil muslim ways to dump sharia law on the bubbas and make their hot ladies wear burqas! ;)

    There is another Ali named Saqib Ali currently at the Maryland Legislature. Is he dumping Sharia law on the Marylanders? Better read this:

    My stance on this issue isn’t politically expedient. I am the first Muslim in the legislature. Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam. As such I have evinced much grief from my most conservative supporters.
    But I recognize that I represent people of all faiths and no faith at all. If I tried to enforce religion by law — as in a theocracy — I would be doing a disservice to my both constituents and to my religion.


    Say Whaat?? He is ready to put his own beliefs aside and represent his constituency's interest instead?

    Ouch, I just heard pat robertson's big fat balloon deflating!

    Samar Ali has to come up with similar statement & shut up her opponents.

    On the fun side, Love Boat was never my fav show growing up, although hearing "The Plane, the plane" was kinda fun.

    Fred Grandy, the former "Love Boat" star who served several terms in Congress before landing a gig as a radio host, resigned from his show this week after he was pressured to stop talking so much about radical Islam, his wife, Catherine, told FoxNews.com.
    Mann-Grandy, who did a regular segment called "domestic terrorism 101," hit a string of topics on their show last Friday. Though the segment was taken off the radio's site, she described it. She said that, on air, she quoted a rabbi who compared radical Muslims to Nazis, complained that President Obama was not doing enough to help Israel, warned that "Shariah-compliant" individuals work in the government and discussed several other Islam-related topics.


  9. Everybody knows the Heroine Cynthia McKinney could open a can of WA on all the zionazi Psychophants...like bloomberg clone...Rep. Joe Wilson...Hensarling.."Buck" McKeon...!

    The most compelling issue for all sentient beings on Earth is to determine individually when exactly the Children of Israel "turned into" so-called "Jews", a modern appellation for "PROSELYTES" to the Hate Jesus cult of usurers and mass murderers who feign righteousness, but inwardly are raveneous wolves....

    See Also Richard Kelly Hoskins - Wolves and Sheep...


    Good bye "Jewish" state....and good riddance.



  10. Time to copy Iceland.

    - Aangirfan

  11. Balfour and England have no right to give Palestinians' land to anybody.
    England did not own the land 'Palestine' and its people to begin with.
    England is thousands of miles away from Palestine. The irony here is that England under Margaret Thatcher sent its navy and troops to fight to keep Falkland islands thousands of miles away from England by starting a war with Argentinians.
    English politicians think that Palestinians should not fight for what they owned,and if they do they are called terrorists.
    And they believe that Polish Bibi Netanyau,Shimon Peres,Begin and all other European Israeli leaders of today's Israel have more rights than the native Palestinians who are the true owners of the land.

  12. @ AnonymousJuly 18, 2012 4:19 PM

    the shitish empire owns canada usa australia etc...every colony
    with rothschild central stank

  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snhgv9BQCAw&list=PLCFEB04054E232D37&index=1&feature=plpp_video

  14. So . . . that building in Turkey fell directly into its own footprint, right? Right? Right? Uhhh . . .

    1. Apparently Turkish engineering is far superior to American,lol. Right...