Saturday, August 18, 2012

Riot Grrrls and Followers Ride the Bernays Highway

Haven't we had about enough of this? In the words of some tv writers, this whole Pussy Riot episode is fake, fake, fake, fake and useful idiots all over the world fall for the script. When so called 'celebrities'  like Madonna and Paul McCartney show their support, well, you know you've been had.

Overall, even the alternative media has failed to expose this blatant psyops. Check out Noor's posts on this, here and here. Not everyone is fooled.

A fairly good summary comes from someone on the girl's facebook page:
Freedom of speech is going into a Russian Orthodox Christian Church wearing KKK masks and denouncing Putin and Christianity? Really? What if some women went into a Synagogue in this country and sang some anti-semitic epithets? You better bet your Zionist owned ass that they would be tried as terrorists and disappeared into a Luciferian dungeon for the rest of their lives. This Pussy Riot stunt and the naked Ukrainian girl that chainsawed a Cross to the ground, is just Western backed agitation and BS propaganda. I'm all for free speech and women's rights but this ain't it. Ever since Putin kicked out the Jewish Oligarchs from Russia, the CIA/Mossad have been backing stunts like this. Don't believe the hype. And Kasparov's real name is Garik Weinstein, Zionist agent. And no culture that bases itself in a cesspit of Luciferianism, Propaganda, Pedophilia, Immorality and Insanity - all designed by Zionists who enjoy dumb goyim fighting amongst each other, will ever lead to a revolution that means anything. Only thing thing Pussy Riot will be good for is the headlining act at a FEMA Camp near you.
And from a comment here:
So obvious. The endless media coverage is of course the first tip off. Russia is standing in the way of certain designated "enemies"(Syria and Iran) and Israel and the US don't appreciate it. Pussy Riot=obvious psy op.
And here:
The heavy sentence they received is probably the Russian's way of sending a message to the people that they are not going to tolerate them siding with the US state department in an effort to destabilize the country. This is Putin after all. He's making a point. And it's probably not going to the missed by the others in Russia who are trying to help neo-liberalize the country and take them back to the Yeltsin years of corruption and pillaging the nation.

What really topped it off for me was the topless chain saw wielding Ukrainian girl cutting down a cross that was a memorial for those murdered and starved by Stalin's bolshevik killers. One doesn't have to be traditionally religious in the least to see it for what it attack on true history that some would want us to forget.

We can understand the paid provocateurs.  They do it for the money and the little fame it brings them. It's the blind followers that are worrisome.

From Propaganda by Edward Bernays
The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 
Small groups of persons can, and do, make the rest of us think what they please about a given subject.

There are invisible rulers  who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.

Nor, what is still more important, the extent to which our thoughts and habits are modified by authorities.

Women are just as subject to the commands of invisible government as are men.


  1. Pussy riot is as fake as hearding cats. Can't be done. Never was, never will be.

    Hearding sheeple by zionists - now that's a different story (grin).

  2. Unbelievable, I didn't even hear about this.

    "Activists of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen use a chainsaw to cut down an Orthodox cross, erected to the memory of victims of the political repression in Kiev"

    These clowns are attacking the Orthodox Christian religion and its symbols, memorials of victims of the brutal, genocidal Jewish Bolshevik regime, and Putin's current regime in Russia. How blatantly obvious are they making these PYOPS now days? Who's agenda is this serving? It's not that hard to figure out...

    By the way, I've always been suspicious of Putin, but I give him and his government credit for coming down hard on these Pussy Riot chicks and their useful idiot friends. Good for him!

    1. John Friend knows a thing or 2 about psy ops and serving agendas, thats for sure.

    2. WOW, racist boy wonder finds everyone suspicious but doesn't see his own reflection in the mirror.

  3. The Ukranian feminist group should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for pushing the zionist meme against Christians. According to investigative journalist Juri Lina from Latvia; the jewish Bolsheviks literally starved to death over 5 million Ukranians in the 1940s.
    These young women are getting unknowingly used - and not just for their bare breasts. Putin is prohibiting the genocide of Syria by USrael/NATO. Syria is a stepping stone for the genocide of Iran.
    I wish all the worst in the world for Usrael/NATO, the Rothschilds and all the zionists in the world.
    Shame on these Ukranian airheads.

  4. Estonia not Lettland. Juri Lina's father was kidnapped by the jewish Bolshevik secret police operating in Estonia and sent to work in Siberia when Juri was just 4½ years old. His father died there. Juri has spent his life researching the evil zionist new world order plan - past and present. Read: Under the Sign of the Scorpian.

  5. this is very interesting. my third eye is rather open for bs and without following any mainstream media (including finnish) the only source from where I heard of "pussy riot" was facebook, and it was obvious for me from the start that there's something fishy to it.

    the brainwashing of youth movements in f-land to communism, even to very extreme forms of it, during my parent's generation was remarkable. I have friends whose parents *still* are hardcore communists, waiting for the soviet revolution to join all the countries of the world together. I hope they're conscious enough of the political developments of our times to at least be happy with what's happening - someone should.

    our past president under whose administration the role of the president in our government was reduced effectively to mere pr, tarja halonen, is a closet lesbian. I have no issue with gays as such. I believe we as scandinavians would be open enough to have a gay president, yet, when she decided to keep it a secret and keep up a fake marriage, one has to question her integrity. I have inside information from a good friend whose mother's good friend was part of the service staff of halonen, so we know her longtime girlfriend is helena petäistö - a laestadian turned into a tv reporter (laestadians are a christian cult who generally are not allowed to watch television...). she is coined to have made ties with important euro-politicians way before anyone in f-land had a clue we'd be part of the whole charade. she's also cheered for interviewing dalai lama and pushing the propaganda on tibet here.

    anyway. this whole pussy riot farce and how the media here, too, deals with it is a good indication of how driven our political spectrum is. the cognitive dissonance is quite amazing. the left-wing activists of today are heavily against putin, yet it would take one just a few funny minutes to go through the things he's done in the past decade or so in order to stall the oligarchs that, if any, could be coined as "capitalist pigs" the left here is supposed to be against.

    this is a great blog:

  6. Son of guitarist david Gilmour -

    "The son of Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour was jailed yesterday after showing the ‘ultimate disrespect’ to Britain’s war dead by swinging from the Cenotaph during the student riots.

    Charlie Gilmour, 21, reeled in shock as he was handed a 16-month sentence for his ‘outrageous and deeply offensive behaviour’ during a drug-fuelled rampage that also saw him attack Prince Charles’s car."

    Yet when its in Russia its a dictatorship.


    More shots of Femen:

    How long did Ernst Zundel get for merely questioning the Big H. 7 years, and was extradited here and there at a flick of the finger, not only that I believe his lawyer was arrested for defending him.


  7. WARNING : **Graphic** FLASHBACK -

    Knowing truth is like Sunshine for the soul....,7340,L-4270039,00.html

    it eliminates lies, manufactured in the dark

    ...recesses of talmudic chutzpah...

    there is only one source of ^^^ HATE THE TRUTH ^^^ ...


  8. Bin Laden Has Been Dead for Years, 9/11 a Hoax, CFR Dr. Steve Pieczenik Interview 3 of 3

    1. Pieczenik points at Israel for involvement in 9/11 doesn't he? Alex Jones must not like that too much, shill that he is.

  9. Slash Social Security or gut Medicaid? Or fill up the GOYIM's mind with dreams of pussy riots?

    Anything to keep people from asking the questions that need to be asked, like why do we spend so much on the military?

    And why do we need to pay extortion money to the private banking families that own the Fed?

  10. Oh yea. Another very poor performance in the world of American-Zionist acting. But the boob tubers won't notice. Reminds me that several years ago Chertoff (that means of the Devil)was looking for science fiction writers to add to the DHS team. Seems that they would be best equipped to anticipate the next drama by Arabs with box cutters that couldn't fly airplanes event. Of course he was looking for useful idiots to dream up ludicrous scripts like this one....what does the CIA/Mossad pay these guys? Shouldn't we demand better scripts and acting for our tax dollars? Completely laughable if it were not so related to more blood letting.

  11. The Same Madonna that performed in Tel Aviv.


    Some Palestinians were kept from seeing her in concert at a Israeli Checkpoint.


    That's something to Protest!

    Hey Madonna,Why wasn't there any protest from you?

    You Hypocrite!!!

    1. She would be a hypocrite if she defended Palestine. This whore is close with the leaders of Palestine... Bibi and the rest. She is to all intents and purposes a shiksa/Jewess with her kabala crap.Her only agendas are serving the Jew World Order and capturing attention for herself for one reason or another.

  12. They've also done this:

    "Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevich participated in some Voina performances. Tolokonnikova was part of a performance in which a number of couples were filmed having sex in the Biology Museum in Moscow in 2008[4] which has been called an "orgy" in the media.[91] Samutsevich took part in actions which involved releasing live cockroaches in a court room and kissing policewomen in the Moscow metro and on the streets (which in some cases was seen as attempted assault)".[4][92]

    "Yekaterina Stanislavovna Samutsevich, (age 30),is a computer programmer interested in LGBT issues."

    I would assume sexual assault, given her proclivities.

    Two years in prison is fair. After that, a few hundred hours of community service with a church, and an ankle monitor for the next 5 years. And possibly rehab, from the looks of it.

    "In July 2012, sociologist Alek D. Epstein published a compilation of artistic works by various Russian artists entitled "Art on the barricades: Pussy Riot, the Bus Exhibit and the protest art-activism" in support of the trio."

    Epstein. Why am I not surprised?

  13. Yes yes yes to the Bernays connection. Brilliantly done.

    Now all these idiots who are supporting the Riot are just useful idiots and I have been posting so for months now. Madonna, Bryan Adams (sighs), Sting, McCartney ~ all the usual promoters came out for these poseurs. But Billy Bragg? Him too....

    This freedom of expression they scream about, these girls?

    Andie531 nails it.

    Their freedoms include...

    Group orgies (5 or 6 couples very naked) in a public museum.

    Stuffing a chicken up a vagina in a public grocery then "releasing" the stolen bird onto the cement in the parking lot.

    Yes this is the "art" that is being defended. I posted links to images and videos of these "artistic expressions" the other day. Warning, not for kids by a long shot. Not for the faint of heart. Definitely adult smut.


    Tony Cartalucci nailed it, they are poseurs, not punkers. I just provided more data.

    Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is pretty well a Canadian although I have not yet heard her speak English, but her papers included Canadian immigrant status papers. The chump with her is her Canadian guy. He is quite the loser.... anyone who poses for public orgies is, in my estimation, a loser.

    In a CBC poll most Canadians were of the opinion Canada should intervene on her behalf. FOOLS.

  14. Who is actually standing up to the Jew World Order? The only people I can think of are The Golden Dawn Party of Greece and President Ahmadinijad of Iran. Does anyone know of anyone else?

    From PressTV:

    "Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the International Quds Day is the day of unity among all human beings to remove the Zionist “black stain” from the human society.

    “Today, countering the entity of Zionism and the fabricated Zionist regime safeguards rights of all human beings, defends human dignity and paves the way to save humankind from arrogance, poverty and misery,” Ahmadinejad said in an address at the International Quds Day on Friday.

    The world should know that most Western hegemonic and colonial powers maintain a joint commitment to protect the entity of the Israeli regime, he added.

    The Iranian chief executive stated that the Israeli regime is a tool to control the Middle East region and the entire world, stressing the regime’s existence is an insult to the mankind.

    He added that Western powers are justifying the Israeli regime’s homicide “because they are dependent on them (Zionists).”

    Ahmadinejad said that the Zionists masterminded the Word War I and II to dominate nations and prepare the ground for the US power.

    He added that all the world’s main centers of power, media and banks are controlled by the Zionists. However, they “use all of them for destruction of values and nations.”

    He said that even the US presidential hopefuls have to bow to the Zionists if they want to have the chance to run."

    1. More from Ahmadeinejad...

      Ahmadinejad: Israel is 'an insult to humanity'

      Israel's existence is an "insult to all humanity", Iran's President said yesterday in one of his sharpest attacks yet against the Jewish state, as Israel openly debates whether to attack Iran over its nuclear programme.

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting Israel is an effort to "protect the dignity of all human beings", adding: "The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity". He was addressing worshippers at Tehran University after nationwide pro-Palestinian rallies, an annual event marking Quds Day on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

      Mr Ahmadinejad also called Israel "a corrupt, anti-human organised minority group standing up to all divine values".

    2. Golden Dawn lays down the law, I love it:

    3. WOOOOOOHHHH! Johnny boy just cant help himself! Its all Hitler all the time! I love the "jew world order" line you picked up lately too. Stellar stuff. Makes us look really intelligent. No really.

      You dont think that most people dont see whats going on here with you? Sure, you have your sycophants who enjoy anything supremacist in nature. It makes them feel better about themselves. But most people who care about more than just skin color and care about actual issues see the game that you're playing here. Turd in the punch bowl. Discredit the legit with your bullshit by association(do you get paid to name drop Hitler on as many blogs as possible? Just wondering). "Radicalize" people thus defanging them and making them politically ineffective. Its obvious. Give up now you ADL useful idiot tool.


      Love them elves preaching their evil elfiasm and inflicting debt slavery on all non-elevs everywhere! LOL


      Um. If you're en elf you better watch your back. People are catching on and they be comin' with pitchforks. LOL

  15. Of course you're going to love it.

    Since it states neo-nazi+Hitler in the title, prostank corp. pays .05¢ to you, ca ching! It is OK to be as racist as the Jews, yippie! You're still to coward to admit that you're just as racist and xenophobic like that fatso in the video. Blaming it on the Jews is nothing but diversion.

  16. BLAMING JEWS IS NOTHING BUT A DIVERSION (someone above says)

    Yeah, I agree. The real problem is Debt Slavery. What is Debt Slavery? It’s the thing that has allowed the a group of elves to take over.

    Think of Debt as an out of control fire consuming everything in its path.

    There are little evil societal pyro elves that run around setting alight everything in sight. They use Debt as a torch ready to set entire economies alight.

    They evil elevs target economies where there are plenty of things to steal - whether they be natural resources or industrial products. They set the Debt Slavery conflagration going in productive environments initially through the money creation scam where interest is charged and paid to them.

    Then more little evil elves scurry forth expanding the Debt scam throughout the banking industry spreading the flames of Debt further throughout the economy.

    The elves use the free income gained with Debt Money and “invest” it with other elves in key areas throughout banking, industry and government in order to pave the way for more carnage.

    The evil elves work together to encourage the growth of that initial Debt fire into a massive conflagration engulfing entire nations.

    Eventually, this Debt Holocaust destroys nations and turns men into debt slaves.

    The elves love that.

    The infiltration of the government was done for a variety of reasons. Elves make sure that there is no stoppage of Debt Slavery through government intervention. They even get to direct military action at who ever they want. And all the elves have to do is promote “hope” for “change” about once every 4 years - that’s all they have to do to shut the people up - that’s how they do it in the U.S. anyway.

    As the Debt fire spreads through industry, it drives the cost of operating capital up. Simultaneously, other elves purchase stock in various promising industries - and “off-shore” them where labor is cheaper so the company pays higher dividends.
    Inevitably the Debt fire starts to burn itself out a bit as the targeted economy is systematically destroyed. If it burns down too much the little elves simply relocate to yet another victim area and start all over again.

    Or maybe they just start another war.

    Right, a war. This is great especially if you can “lend” Debt money to both sides of a conflict.

    That is truly a WIN - WIN situation for the lender. Isn’t it? That is why war is called the “Elves Harvest”.

    If debt-money is a like a burning torch ready to set entire economies alight is there such a thing as “Elf-Proof Money”? Yes there is.

    “Elf-Proof Money” is not based on debt. It is also not based on a commodity such as Gold. Elf-Proof money is based on the value of the productive work of a Nation.

    The Germans knew what was going on. They created Elf-Proof Money and dismantled the other supporting components of the Debt Slavery scam. Things like the stock market and the practice of trading of shares in company ownership were re-structured.

    Most importantly, the practice of charging interest for the use of money must be stopped.
    This is the most important issue of our time. In fact, this issue was known long, long ago as one of the greatest evils known to man.

    The Elves are so evil - they embraced the practice and actually codified it into their religion - called Elfiasm. Elfiasm is quite literally EVIL. Elfiasm preaches evil deeds - and one of the most evil things that can be done in society is to charge interest for the use of money.

    Private “corporations” must be STOPPED from being able to “create” money, and
    The practice of charging interest for the use of money must be stopped.
    The rest is just a sideshow.

    1. Maybe an elf by any other name is still the same?

    2. I'll just call them "Elfs" from now on.

    3. Why not gelves? gefilte + elf= gelf. Gelves Do stink, due to ashkenazi origin.

    4. Gelves.......I like it :)

  17. Hey everyone, thanks for all the feedback and additional info. At least we all know we're not alone in seeing through the PR stunts. I'm still a little disappointed that some in the alternative media are posting that this 'art' is just another form of free speech and don't see the psyops.

    A special thanks to Noor for digging deep into this muck.

    When I first heard of PR the first place I checked was wikipedia and under their influences were listed a number of jewish feminists and several other zionist related names that I don't recall at the moment. It explained a lot but now those names have been removed. I wonder why?

    In case you've missed it, the zio-Madonna is getting sued in Russia.

    That's one way to keep her out of their country. I doubt she'll be back for awhile.

  18. Keep supporting those elves!

    Hey, why is it that credit cards work different in Elfsrael?

    Yep. They don't fuk ya' like they do here.

    Unless the cardholder explicitly requests otherwise, all charges are debited to the cardholder’s bank account once a month, exactly as in the case of deferred debit cards.
    Many merchants allow cardholders to pay for specific transactions through interest-free installments (typically three installments). The credit in this case is provided by the merchant. It is estimated that out of 50-60 thousand Israeli merchants who accepted credit cards in 2001, about 20-25 thousands offered this payment scheme to their customers. The value of these installment payments in 2000 was estimated at 20-25 billion NIS, out of total credit card transactions of 80-85 billion NIS (Business Data Israel, 2001).
    Cardholders can ask merchants to register specific transactions as “credit transactions” in which case the cardholder pays for the transaction through installment payments (between 3 and 36 installments according to the cardholder’s choice); the unpaid portion of the charge carries in this case an interest which is roughly similar to the interest rate charged by banks for bank overdraft. Unlike in the case of interest-free installments, here the credit is provided by the issuing bank rather than by the merchant.
    Do YOU have those options?

  19. Who is the National Debt owed to?

    Can you answer that question?

    Is it:

    A) The tooth fairy, or

    B) Private Corporations who are sticking it to you.

    Go ahead. Take your time to ponder that one.

  20. Is the National Debt owed to "Elves"?

  21. Go ahead - call me "Anti-Elvic".


  22. Or is it "Anti-Elfic"?

  23. How deep is this muck? In my neck of the woods (Memphis,Tn) Hollywood and assorted entertainers, came in a year or so ago and got three men freed from life sentences for the satanic ritual killing of three young boys in the 1990's. At the time of the killings the men were teens themselves. Without any substantive change in the evidence, the judiciary and the govt. of Arkansas (it happened in West Tn.)were simply bought up and these utterly unknowns were freed by the Hollywood crowd simply because they are all satanically connected. 9/11 was an act of dark black magic...a Hollywood script. Whoever said that Satan's greatest achievement in modern times was to convince men that he doesn't exist got that right.

  24. Also, Russia has a long history with anarchists.

    1917 was not the ONLY revolution (and mass terrorism), it was the most successful one.

    A percentage of Russians/Slavs have a certain streak of anarchy in them and if it is unchecked, it can topple nations (1914 and then 1917).

    Just putting my $0.02.

    1. Your $0.02 is worth about......nothing. Dont you have some black people to make fun of you obvious disinfo tool? You're a piece of shit. Just my $0.02.

    2. Hoo boy, you are persistent, I will give you that :-)

      Go outside, enjoy the day, breath the fresh air deeply, smile :-)

    3. I would tell you to do the same "Goy" but I'm sure you're terrified of your fellow Americans since an alarming(to you) number of them are not white males like yourself, so going outside probably isnt an option for you. Thats ultimately what drives scum like you right? Fear? And a crushing feeling of inadequacy? It appears so. Unless its simple money that drives you. You dont seem intelligent enough to be an actual paid disinfo tool though so I'm gonna go with scared and confused old man.

  25. Guess who are bosom buddies? JF & AG of course. JF shows AG's to show support, here's one:
    Good work AmericanGoy, keep it up.

    Check this out if you haven't already:

    Falling Through Cracks: Anti-white discrimination on rise in South Africa

    Jf hasn't come out as a full fledged foaming in the mouth racist yet, but anything is possible in the future.

    1. Who benefits from the type of talk that "Goy" and "Friend" peddle? Its pretty damn obvious to most.

      The ptb led by the racist jewish faction that controls most US media LOVE IT when clowns like Friend and "Goy" fall for their divide and conquer strategy and engage in the same supremacist mindset as they have. It makes their job of discrediting certain political movements that threaten them that much easier. Of course maybe JF and AG aren't "falling" for anything and simply playing a role. Useuful idiots or paid hacks the objective is still the same. Keep us at each others throats while they laugh at us. Discredit legit movements that threaten them by "leading the opposition" themselves(or trying to with clowns like Friend). Keep us crying about "multiculturalism" and fearing other races while the same elitist scum screws us all regardless of skin color.

      And I disagree, Friend has already "come out" so to speak. Again, it is his purpose whether he even knows it or not-to discredit movements and to assist the jewish owned media in making opposition to them look like its fueled only by racism and nothing more.

      The constant Hitler name dropping is a very obvious clue as to what his agenda is and who is pulling his strings(and Prothinks for that matter). I'm not against talking about Hitler, no subject should be off limits but this is getting ridiculous John. You didn't even read Mein Kampf before going into "Operation take down as many alternative media blogs as possible". Yet hes basically perfect to you and whites are now the REAL "chosen ones" to you and the hypocritical supremacist fucks that infest your site now. You're too damn obvious. Tell your handlers to pull back a bit.

    2. So correct, anon 8:18 am. Thanks.

    3. Adolf Hitler’s regime ended the Jewish Debt Slavery Scam you dirtbag.

      John Friend has been exposing that FACT. You Jewish Agents run around doing everything you can to attempt to deflect from the FACT that Jews have codified the evil of Usury into their religion and preach the JEWISH SUPREMACIST mindset that they are “Gods Chosen”.

      A favorite Jewish tactic revealing their mental illness is Projection. They blame White people for being “Supremacists” when that is exactly what the JEWs are. It is even in their shitty “religion”.

      Nothing you Jews can do will obscure the FACT that Adolf Hitler understood the JEWISH PROBLEM.

      Nothing you Jews can do will obscure the FACT that JEWS use ethnic conflict as a TOOL to DIVIDE AND CONQUER SOCIETIES to STEAL VALUABLES.

      Listen you Anon Jew - You are screwed. There’s going to be a lot of Jew blood flowing because of peeps like you.

    4. The term "racist" is a JEWISH CREATION.

      It doesn't even have a definition. It's total bs.

      Bottom line:


      Once that is solved - the "race" problem will solve itself.


      No more JEW to force people into close proximity who don't want to be.

      There are some JEW AGENTS here who want to talk about EVERYTHING BUT the JEWISH USURY PROBLEM.

      It's obvious who and what you are.

    5. BTW, I'm not talking to you JewShits.

      I am talking to other White people so they fully understand your kikey tactics.

      The Torah states that it is forbidden for Jews to charge interest from fellow Jews (Leviticus 25:37).


      Maimonides comments on this passage that the highest form of charity is to prevent a person from becoming poor, by offering a no-interest loan or employment, investing in his business, or any other form of assistance that will avoid poverty.
      “Interest” is any time a person gets back more than they loaned, whether it was pre-arranged or not. Not only is it forbidden for the Borrower to give the Lender back more money than what was loaned, but he must not give anything extra as a result of the loan.

      What about business loans?

      There is a certain kind of a loan in which Mr. A gives, let’s say, 100 dollars to Mr. B, of which 50 are a loan and 50 are an investment, in order that Mr. B take all of the money (all 100) and do business with it.

      The profits will then be split 50-50. This is permitted under certain conditions, even though the only reason why Mr. B is doing business for Mr. A is because he loaned him the money (which apparently, is forbidden because it is interest).
      Two possibilities in which it is permitted are:

      If Mr. A pays Mr. B a set amount for doing business for him.

      Or: They agree that Mr. B has a choice to either pay Mr. A a set amount for whatever profit is made and Mr. B can keep the rest — or just give Mr. A half of the total profit.

      This latter condition is mostly used today. It is proper to write up this agreement in what is called a “Shtar Iska” (Permission For A Business Venture). A copy of this text can be found in the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, chapter 66.

      A Shtar Iska is displayed on the wall in most banks in Israel.

      In any case it is permitted to borrow and/or lend from a non-Jew with interest, so many observant Jews prefer using banks that are owned by non-Jews for this matter.
      Now, those were the rules concerning Jews taking interest from other Jews. So, what are the rules concerning non-Jews?

      The rules are: It’s perfectly fine to screw over a non-Jew.

      To be clear: It is OK to charge interest to non-Jews because non-Jews are viewed as slaves. It is forbidden to charge interest to Jews because it is a fundamentally damaging practice.

      The Jews will certainly seek to obscure the underlying issues with discussions of whether "interest" is "usury" or whatever.

      The mechanics of the fraud are clearly understood.

      This is Science. Not "Political Science".

      Laws could be enacted that would allow for certain types of loans to be made among the population - as you see has been done in Israel.

      But the charging of interest for the use of money is a problem that opens up the entire society to a hostile takeover.

      This is a known fact.
      Even the Jews think so - and act accordingly.


      Yes, Adolf Hitler knew about the Jew. And he fixed that problem.

      That is why you need to know the truth about him and Gottfried Feder.

      As for you Jews - you can fuk off.

    6. The term racist was a jewish creation? Why do you credit them with so much you obvious troll piece of trash? Fact:those who scream most loudly about "jewish agents" are most likely to be jewish agents of some sort.

    7. You identify yourself clearly you piece of shit.

    8. "Nothing you Jews can do will obscure the FACT that JEWS use ethnic conflict as a TOOL to DIVIDE AND CONQUER SOCIETIES to STEAL VALUABLES."

      And that is EXACTLY what ACTUAL racist pieces of shit like you and the rest over at Friends are playing into. Deliberately? It hardly matters. YOU ARE WHAT YOU HATE and you are HELPING the very money masters you claim to be against. Are you seriously this fucking stupid? Again, it hardly matters if its genuine on your part or not. The result is the same.

    9. Avoid the Usury issue you piece of shit.

    10. Get off the race issue you piece of shit.

      It's a side show.

      The real deal is Usury.

      That's why you don't want to talk about it you piece of shit.

    11. Tell that to John Friend you hypocritical moronic piece of shit.

    12. By all means talk about usury. I have no issue with that at all. But lets not pretend that this is what John Friend and other obvious tools are all about. You mention divide and conquer and are seriously dumb enough to not see Friend and company doing just that? You tell ME to get off of race? Again, tell John Friend that you hypocritical piece of shit. It serves the agenda you claim to be against, including usury. Man you're slow.

    13. Lots of people read what John Friend has to say.

      F U loser.

      You're just jealous.

      The race issue is a sideshow.

      Get your head out of your ass.

    14. John Friend hates the Muslims & the Palestinians, just as much as the chosen ones.

    15. Boo fucking hoo anon@9:40. Somebody is rightly calling out your boy John. Let him fight his own battles. Why does he always send his little groupie bitches to do his talking for him? The race issue is a sidewhow that scumbags like Friend willingly participate in. Its not about "pride", thats a whole lot of bullshit and you know it. I'm plenty proud of myself without shitting on and fearing anybody not exactly like me. Grow up already asshole. Middle aged and still fully manipulated like a dumb son of a bitch. Grow up. At least Friend is still a somewhat young and naive jackass. You have no excuse.

    16. may be the middle aged inbreed finds young JF sexy? Brocrack Mountain 2 coming soon to prostink theaters.

    17. John Friend is too busy contemplating how "low IQ brown skin monsters"(actual quote from one of his minions and a sentiment Friend agreed with) are far inferior to white skinned people to worry about Palestinians. They aren't white afterall. Of course zio-shills like him have to pay lipservice to the Palestinians to keep up appearances, much as it pains their racist little zionist hearts to do so.

  26. "I'm still a little disappointed that some in the alternative media are posting that this 'art' is just another form of free speech and don't see the psyops."

    Except for you, most of the alt. bloggers are weasels when it comes to psyops such as AG, JF etc.

    Will the world be a better place if the White supremacists take over from the Jewish controllers? Rest of the world can't tell apart Whites from the Jews - Marilyn Monroe, Bar Refaeli, Scarlett Johansson or Elizabeth Banks. To them, they are all beautiful White celebs. Research who is a full jew, half jew or a converted at your own leisure.

    “Celebrity exception” half-Jewish people are treated as Jews even when they identify as devout Catholics and have, perhaps, one Jewish grandparent.

    “Celebrity exception” half-Jewish people are invited to Jewish functions, spoken of as current or potential Jews, offered easy conversions to Judaism, brought into Judaism with no conversions at all even after years of practicing other faiths, and warmly welcomed by Israel and Diaspora (outside of Israel) Jewish communities in ways that the rest of us are not.

    Power may change hands but the same puppet masters will be in charge.

    1. Anyone using the term "White Supremacist" is a piece of shit.

      As above.

    2. You are what you are Anon@9:11. Embrace it or stop acting like it. You act just like the jewish supremacists. Just change a few terms here and there. You are them.

    3. The race issue is a sideshow.

      A Jewish smokescreen.

      Go grab another bagel and choke on it. :)

    4. The "race issue" IS a sideshow. We agree. We disagree on what "participation" in it means though apparently. You and Friend and "AmericanGoy" etc. all fully engage in that sideshow and fall for that sideshow. You fucking moron.

    5. AnonymousAugust 20, 2012 9:41 AM is not only lil honey boo boo's dad but also future bf. long live inbreeding!


    Blaming “Zionists” is a deception. Wait a second - isn’t there an entire Agency in some little troublesome country who’s motto is something about deception?

    Yes, I think there is….. lol.

    Judiasm preaches the use of the weapon of USURY against non-jews.

    And what is “Zionism”? It’s Jewish Nationalism. There are even “Christian Zionists” who follow a Jewish subverted form of Christianity lending support to a country that endorses Usury against those same Christian Zionists.

    Usury leads directly to "Interest Slavery". Usury is "the destroyer or Nations and the enslaver of men" - just look around at your surroundings.

    That is why the charging of interest to a jew is ILLEGAL in Israel. But it is legal to charge interest to a non-jew in Israel.

    Usury is the reason why your country is messed up.

    Usury supports "The Thralldom of Interest". That system allows jews to literally create the money in circulation and loan it at interest. They don't "earn" that money - they create it and loan it to your government and to business and individuals. Then they get "paid back" something they never had in the first interest.

    So, they have a money tree.

    The bought your media up. They bribed away your government.

    That same system allows for the trading of stock in companies by anyone who has the cash to by the stock.

    What does that mean? That means that people with absolutely NO TIES to the community where that business is located can own that company.

    So what do they do? They look for ways to reduce costs and increase profits.

    Labor is a major cost of doing business.

    So what do they do? They offshore the business to another place where labor costs are lower so they can make more profit.

    What does that do to the town where the business was previously located? It mean there are way fewer jobs.

    Why is the government allowing all of these illegal immigrants in? Because they work cheaper. Using them reduces labor costs.

    What does that mean to you? It means you don't have a job and you have to deal with the crime brought in by the immigrants.

    What can you do?

    Learn about what "Interest Slavery" is and learn about how it can be defeated.

    Oh, and one more thing.......yes, it is the Jews doing it to you.

    Not just Zionists. Jews are inflicting Usury on you. Usury and Interest Slavery.

    Compared to Usury - 9/11 was a harmless event.


    By way of deception - thou shalt do War.



    The destroyer of Nations and the enslaver of men.



    A state of unrestrained political corruption, literally meaning "rule by thieves".



    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    --- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



    Ended Usury.

    Ended Debt Slavery.

    Germany destroyed.



    Spoke against Usury.

    Imprisoned for 13 years.



    The debt slave.


  28. The whole series of questions surrounding Usury have been asked and answered in the past.

    Most recently, and effectively by the NSDAP under Adolf Hitler.

    They fixed the mechanics of money. The role of money under the NSDAP was reassigned to be the servant of commerce - rather than the master or tyrant that it is today under the Jews.

    Zero interest loans should be a function of government. Private profiteers should not be allowed to lend money even for a one-time fee.

    Another needed major reform we need is to stop the wanton trading in stocks. The present system allows for the ownership of companies by people with absolutely no ties to the community where a given company is located.

    The combination of the cost of loan capital upon which companies rely for operations - and the impersonal remote ownership though stocks inevitably leads to the relocation of companies where labor costs are lower to maximize profits.

    That is a consequence of the present design of the Jewish Capitalist System.

    That is why our heavy industries are gone. That is why our Jewish controlled government has an open door policy to the 3rd world. The work cheaper. They also hate White people - so it's a win-win situation for the Jews.

    This is a problem that has been solved in the past by the NSDAP.

    Unfortunately, our misled soldiers destroyed that system in World War Jew.

    And look at the result.

    People need to understand that the economic problems as well as the ethnic conflict problems we face are a direct result of the practice of charging interest for the use of money - and the inevitable systemic outgrowth from that practice.

    Once they understand to the extent that they can explain it coherently, maybe we can fix it.

    But the Jews won't go quietly.

    That much I know.


    The taking of interest on money lent was condemned by all honest men. At certain points, the malevolent practice was introduced by Jews. Read along and see if you can discern when it started happening in earnest.

    Plato (Laws, v. 742) and Aristotle (Politics, I, x, xi) considered interest as contrary to the nature of things;

    Aristophanes expressed his disapproval of it, in the “Clouds” (1283 sqq.);

    Cato condemned it (see Cicero, “De officiis, II, xxv), comparing it to homicide, as also did Seneca (De beneficiis, VII, x) and Plutarch in his treatise against incurring debts.

    Aristotle disapproved of the money trader’s profit; and the ruinous rates at which money was lent.

    On the other hand, the Roman and Greek laws while considering the mutuum, or loan for consumption, as a contract gratuitous in principle, allowed a clause, stipulating for the payment of interest, to be added to the bond.

    Rome and Greece…hm.

    The Law of the Twelve Tables allowed only unciarium fenus, probably one-twelfth of the capital, or 8.33 per cent.

    A plebiscitum, lex Ganucia, 412 a.u.c. went so far as to forbid all interest whatever, but, at a later period, the Roman law allowed interest at 1 per cent monthly, or 12 per cent per annum.

    And what happened to the Roman Empire? What happened to Greece?

    Justinian laid down as a general rule that this maximum should be reduced by half (L. 26, I, c. De usuris, IV, 32).

    And where did the Byzantine Empire go?

    Chaldea allowed interest on loans (cf. Law of Hammurabi, 48 sqq.).

    And what happened to Babylon again?

    No absolute prohibition can be found in the Old Testament; at most, Exodus 22:25, and Deuteronomy 23:19-20, forbid the taking of interest by one Jew from another.

    In the Christian era, the New Testament is silent on the subject. Jewed?

    So, what can you glean from this? At what point did the Jews subvert the Church? Why does Deuteronomy 23:19-20 stand?

    If you’re a Jew, you will tell us that the term “usury” is merely the taking of “excessive interest” on loans. Only “excessive”. Leaving the practice of taking interest undisturbed.


    So when is theft “excessive”? What is “excessive” theft? Please tell me Mr. Jew.

    The taking of interest is “the destroyer of Nations and the enslaver of men”.

  30. USURY, those who haven't seen it need to watch the short, animated, lay-person-friendly "Money As Debt". Produced by former Canadian MP Paul Hellyer, 47 mins. Breaks down how our fractional reserve fiat money system works, a bit about how it evolved, and it sneaks in a bunch of historical quotes which paint a picture of the dark NWO road we're on, without saying so explicitly. It's like The Simpsons- different layers of humor (knowledge), for those with the maturity to pick them up. :)

    The follow-up is "Money As Debt II: Promises Unleashed"; much more sophisticated, you'll want to take notes and/or watch a few times!

    Oh, and neither finger "the jooz", so it's "safe" to share with blue-pill peeps, ;)

    Jewish Interest Slavery is destroying your country and the entire world.

    One of the most toxic aspects of Jewish Interest Slavery is Compound Interest.

    Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal, so that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding.

    Here is an explanation of how Compound Interest “works it magic”.

    Useful things are produced by Industry. Productivity is what feeds the supply side of “supply vs. demand”.

    As you know, when the supply of an item increases - the market price of that item generally decreases. This may mean that the amount of profit the producer makes from the sale of each item is relatively small.

    Industrial productivity may increase linearly, exponentially, or even geometrically due to the intelligent application of effort by the Industrialist - but the prices of the products produced do not increase at that rate, and in fact, tend to decrease.

    But the producer of goods must pay his costs. All of the costs of Industry must be paid from profit.
    Industry must borrow to fund operations. The current system allows the charging of interest.
    Mathematically, there is no way that Industry profits can keep pace with viral interest charges.
    Viral Interest is what fuels Jewish Interest Slavery.

    The current system of Jewish Interest Slavery ensures that it is a mathematical certainty that the lender will wind up owning everything.

    The Jews have insinuated themselves into MONEY CREATION itself - and lending that money to Nations for interest payments.

    The so-called “banks” that create money don’t “earn” the money that they lend out. They literally “create” the money out of thin air.

    How can this be legal?

    Well, what ever the legislature says is legal is “legal”. And if you can bribe the legislature into making something legal - then it’s “legal”.
    That’s why Jewish Interest Slavery is “legal”.

    Here is some “sanitized” information on the National Debt. It is sanitized because it appears on jew-pedia. They do not explain the role played by jews.
    Here is a visualization of the National Debt using pictures.

    Here is a real-time National Debt clock.

    Why isn’t anyone explaining what group out people that money is owed to?


  32. Some of you people who still cling to the “big Lie” of the political system need to grow up.

    Grow up and face reality.

    Your support for Ron Paul is wasted energy. Ron Paul is controlled opposition. Ron Paul is a fake placed there so those of you with half-a-brain can have someone to rally around.

    Your shadow government is laughing at you.

    Your “belief system” is laughable.

    Listen up idiots – “International Jewry” is running your joke of a country.

    And they are going to continue doing what ever they want largely because you are idiots and cowards.

    That’s right. Idiots and cowards.

    Hell, all the jews have to do is call you an “anti-semite” and you sh*t your pants.

    You are a nation of obese, disgusting, deluded losers.


    So You’re Proud to be an Ameri-Kwan?

    When tomorrow all the things are gone

    I’d worked for all my life

    And I have to start again

    with just my children and my wife

    jew bank will take my unlucky stars

    and I’d be reliving it today

    ‘Cause the flag don’t stand for freedom

    the jews are taking that away

    And you’re proud to be an Ameri-Kwan

    where at best your heart pumps pee

    And I won’t forget the misled men who died

    So the jews could take everything away from me

    And sadly you bow down

    before the jews and defend them still today

    Well, we’re comin’ to take back this land we love

    God damn the jewSA


    You unlock this door with the key of understanding. Beyond it is another dimension, A dimension of Lies. A dimension of Swindle. A dimension of Subversion. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance – methods and madness. You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.

    In this episode we’re going to take you on a tour. A tour through a place familiar to you. It’s a tour through you own town. Where you work. This is the place where you live.

    Come along – let’s immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds being generated right now by “Your Town”.
    We join you just after work when you pull your car into the Walmart parking lot. You’re there to pick up a few things…and some earplugs. Remember the earplugs.

    Walking into the SuperStore – you are “greeted” by an elderly White man in a wheel chair who is wearing a cast on his left arm and has a black eye that has turned an odd shade of brown.

    His blue nametag set askew on his shirt says his name is “Ronald”.

    He says “Hello” to you. “Hi”, you reply. “What happened to your eye”, you ask? “Oh – I was assaulted by a group of “youths” about two weeks ago right here at my greeters post. This is my first day back”. “Oh – I’m sorry…I hope you feel better” you say, as you continue inside the store. You finish your shopping and get out of there as soon as you can.

    Your headlights pan around the final corner leading into the parking lot of your building. Suddenly thousands of tiny glittering diamonds strewn on the blacktop are illuminated by your headlights as the come into view. “Oh no – not another break-in” you say under your breath as you drive slowly past the remnants of an anonymous tenants car window. That’s the third one this week and it’s only Wednesday.
    You live in a “Multi-Family” apartment building. This is where highly disparate groups of people live in very close proximity to each-other. They don’t actually live in the same rooms all together – they are separated by thin walls and reside in little boxes called “apartments”. Think of it as a mini “Multi-Cultural” environment.

    Unfortunately, ever since you moved in there has been a fairly constant drone of Mariachi Music blaring from the apartment directly above yours. So you’ve had some difficulty sleeping. You’ve also noted the inescapable thumping of foot steps at all hours. Often you are awoken by trampling overhead. It turns out that there are 15 “Undocumented Workers” from Mexico living upstairs.

    Right across the hall from your unit is the source of the rhythmic wall-penetrating bass of unmistakable rap music coming from one of your black neighbors. This din competes in both volume and vibration with the upstairs mariachi music on a daily – and nightly basis.

    Sometimes you briefly catch a glimpse of her with her six “keeds” while she opens the door for one several of her “boy friends” as they come and go. You notice that it doesn’t seem like she works or has a regular schedule. Must be nice.

    But at least you remembered your earplugs. Maybe tonight you’ll be able to get more than one hour of uninterrupted sleep.

    This sorry existence is only a brief snapshot of what “Multi-Culturalism”, Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Interest Slavery has yielded.

    Retail establishments have been “Walmarted” out of existence.

    Local hardware stores have been “Home Depot’ed”.
    And your cities are being “Detroited”, one after another.

    Walmart is the largest company in the world. Bar none. As you know, Walmart and other stores like it spell the ruin of the small shop keeper. They exploit local labor – just ask that Walmart greeter with the black eye what he gets paid.

    1. Funny, I am related(and I am white) to someone with "7 keeds" and she gets welfare too. Of course that doesnt bother you nearly as much as the black ones with "6 keeds" does huh you pile of shit? Go back to Friends disinfo den.

  34. Much of what is sold in the large stores is of inferior quality and those stores tend to treat their employees badly. The few high quality items to be found in the large stores are usually more expensive than the exact same item carried in the smaller shop.

    Lower quality products wear soon, fail sooner, and are thrown away sooner. The retailer thinks that’s good because it means they have to be replaced sooner.

    Here is an example of what I’m talking about. How many of you guys have a cordless hand drill? Like those “good deals” you can get on Dewalt cordless drills at Home Depot? The cordless drills sold at Home Depot here in the US have plastic gears, while the ones sold at contractor supply stores have metal gears. They make different grades, but they don’t advertise that. So you buy a “Dewalt”, thinking you’re getting a contractor grade tool – right?

    Um….no. Not from Home Depot you’re not.

    Large stores, such as Walmart are really an organic outgrowth of Jewish Capitalism. Jewish Capitalism does not really seek to provide the necessities of life – it exists to produce huge profits for the shareholders.

    The same process of destruction is going on in every business sector, including food. Local farms are being driven out of existence by “Factory Farms”.

    Now, they are even introducing “GMO” foods that come from seeds that can’t replicate. That means that the GMO seeds produce only ONE generation of crops and no more. Farmers need to keep buying seeds from companies like Monsanto every year…at increasing prices, of course.

    Are you aware of what this has done to farming in places like India?

    What is it that it is ILLEGAL to clearly label foods as NOT BEING GMO FOODS? Yes – that’s illegal. Why?

    Does anybody actually WANT to consume GMO foods? I don’t think so – yet it is illegal to know if the food you buy is GMO or not GMO.

    Do you think this is an “accident”?

  35. I'll try my hardest to stay away from the comment section here for the time being.

    But I will let my groupies to take over!

    1. Go suk on a diseased n***er dik.

    2. stop using sexually frustrated lil sister's handle.

    3. I would rather lick your cracker hick mothers diseased cunt. No wait, thats your inbred job.

    In medicine, it’s easy to understand the difference between treating symptoms and curing a medical condition.
    Sure, when you’re in pain because you’ve broken your wrist, you WANT to have your symptoms treated – now!
    However, taking painkillers won’t heal your wrist, and true healing is needed before the symptoms can disappear for good.
    But when you have a problem at work, how do you approach it? Do you jump in and start treating the symptoms? Or do you stop to consider whether there’s actually a deeper problem that needs your attention?
    If you only fix the symptoms – what you see on the surface – the problem will almost certainly happen again… which will lead you to fix it, again, and again, and again.
    9/11 is kind of like that. Why were the Jews warned to stay away? Were there planes? What hit the Pentagon? Yad yada yada….
    Some people are saying that a Coup D’Etat was performed on 9/11 – and that is why we need to solve it.
    Some people say that a Coup D’Etat is what the JFK Assassination was – and that is why we need to solve it.
    The evidence clearly shows that the Coup D’Etat was performed MUCH earlier than either of those two events.
    How far back? Very far. There is evidence of Jewish infiltration pre-dating the revolution itself.
    If look deeper to figure out why the problem is occurring, you can fix the underlying systems and processes that cause the problem.
    How? Believe it or not – there are cognitive tools available to you that enable you to ferret out the Jew.
    One of them is Root Cause Analysis.
    Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a popular and often-used technique that helps people answer the question of why the problem occurred in the first place.
    Root Cause Analysis seeks to identify the origin of a problem. It uses a specific set of steps, with associated tools, to find the primary cause of the problem, so that you can:
    1. Determine what happened.
    2. Determine why it happened.
    3. Figure out what to do to reduce the likelihood that it will happen again.
    RCA assumes that systems and events are interrelated. An action in one area triggers an action in another, and another, and so on. By tracing back these actions, you can discover where the problem started and how it grew into the symptom you’re now facing.
    You’ll usually find three basic types of causes:

    1. Physical causes – Tangible, material items failed in some way (for example, there is a hole in the ground where the WTC complex used to be).

    2. Human causes – People did something wrong, or did not do something that was needed. Human causes typically lead to physical causes (for example, Jews were warned, Jews were arrested, Jews delivered the “news” of the event, Jews benefited financially, Jews benefited geo-politically, Jews are actively involved in the cover-up, etc. ).

    3. Organizational causes – A system, process, or policy that people use to make decisions or do their work is faulty (for example, why do Jews actually possess the means to perpetrate the 9/11 event? What enables the Jews? How do they possess so much power and influence?). Hint: it’s “usury”.

    RCA is a tool to be used in conjunction with other tools such as the Scientific Method and Logic and Reasoning.

    Stay away from emotion.
    Stay away from the Jewish Smokescreen of Ethnic Conflict.
    Get to the root of the problem - and fix it. When that is done - the symptoms will take care of themselves.
    If you notice, emotion is a tool of obscuration used by the Jew. Oh – the suffer-hink! It’s a smoke screen used to deceive.

    Remember, the enemy’s motto:

    “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War”.

  37. Certain identifiable groups of "brown people" are a lot like Special Olympians. They both have their limitations.

    Most White people are disgusted by their chosen way of life and behaviors.

    This is a simple fact.

    The skin color issue is a Jewish topic. The real issue is BEHAVIOR. BEHAVIOR.

    This issue is behavior. Not appearance.

    You gullible White people need to get with the program and start acquiring the necessary skills to recognize a basic scam. This one isn’t even sophisticated.

    The Jews try to confuse “Appearance” with “Behavior”. Why does that work? Because many times appearance correlates directly with behavior.

    If you’re hiking through the woods and you see a Grizzly Bear - what is the sensible reaction? Are you going to go over and try to pet it? You might if you’re an idiot.

    Grizzly Bears are known for certain types of behaviors. Sure, maybe not EVERY SINGLE ONE displays those behaviors. But, most do.

    Get a clue.

    1. Yep, black people are "special olympians" AKA retarded right clown? Go back to Friends with that kind of blatant JEWISH SUPREMACIST and divide and conquer type of thinking. Seek help.

    2. Resorting to lil sister's twitter pals as attack dogs wasn't a very good idea. Groupies are 'bout to topple boy wonder's holiness! tisk tisk

    3. You are being beaten soundly you Jew Tool.

      They are eviscerating you with facts.

      You are doing just what they said - avoiding the Jewish money scam.


    4. Don't try lecture me about usury. Unlike you, I've learned about it as a child. Do I need to say that I am a Muslim?

      Again and again, the Quran cautions Muslims against indulging in usury.

      “And their taking usury though indeed they were forbidden (to do so) and their devouring the property of people falsely, and Allah has prepared for the unbelievers from among them a painful chastisement." (4.161)

      It is useless to preach that to you, since your White supremacist ideology is no different than the Jewish supremacists. Remember Frank Collin? Used to be leader of your kind. Don't think you will treat me any better than your imaginary arch enemies. F*ck No to you both.

    5. Frank "Colin" was Frank "CHOEN"..a Jew.

      Your lack of reading comprehension is revealed.


    6. Listen, Sand N**ger...your peeps are getting blown away daily by Jew controlled American Troops.

      Your stupid race spew isn't going to help your Towel Head brethren.

      In fact, it's only going to hurt them more.

      If you want to stop being part of the problem - drop the race talk and focus on the real problem.

      Got that, Hadji?

      If not - sit tight and watch your people die.

    7. You're gay like Frankie? JF will tap that.

    8. Anon@2:21 just showed his hand. I knew he was a jewish supremacist bastard. He can barely even hide it at this point.

  38. We have a troll here who only wants to lie about race issues.

    Very Jewish tactic.

    Jews use mud people as tools in support of their Worldwide Usury Scam.

    Observe this Jew Tool continue to spew on the Jewish Smokescreen Race Issue and AVOID at all costs talking about the Jewish Usury Scam.

    You know - the Jewish Usury Scam that the evil Jews adopted directly into their "religion" which is really nothing but a "CULT".

    That same evil Jew Cult called "Judiasm" preaches that Jews are "Superior" to all else.

    This Jew on here suffers from the typical Jewish mental illness projecting "Supremacism" on those they perceive to be their only rivals....White people.

    There is a very high incidence of mental illness among Jews.

    Proven fact borne out here.

    You unlock this door with the key of understanding. Beyond it is another dimension, A dimension of Lies. A dimension of Swindle. A dimension of Subversion. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance – methods and madness. You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.
    In this episode, we are embarking on a journey into the near future. This is a future where fact meets fiction in a titanic battle. A battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
    Computer programmer Thomas Anderson is secretly a hacker known as "Neo". He is restless, eager and driven to learn the meaning of cryptic references to the "Fed" appearing on his computer.
    A female hacker named Trinity confirms that a man named Morpheus can help him; however, three sinister Agents, led by Agent Smith, arrest Neo and attempt to prevent him from collaborating with Morpheus.
    Undeterred, Neo meets with Morpheus and agrees to take a look at some damning evidence that Morpheus has collected about something he refers to as The Jewish Matrix. Neo accepts an offered red flash drive.
    Neo views a video on the flash drive that clearly depicts a scene in a control room at CNN where he observes CIA officials literally “creating” and “manipulating” news feeds on 9/11. The video makes it clear that the aircraft that “hit the towers” were computer generated. The control room also interfaced directly with designated “actors” and embedded agents working together to create the “illusion” of the events of 9/11. He is then goes with Morpheus aboard a private bus called the Nebuchadnezzar.

  40. Morpheus tells Neo that humans are fighting against The Jews who through the use of Usury have taken control of much of the Earth. The Jews harvest the value of labor produced by humans, who are kept docile within the "Jewish Matrix" – a synthetic reality created by the Jewish Media Complex to provide an illusion of freedom and self determination.
    Neo has lived in this synthetic reality since birth. Jewish synthetic reality encompasses a campaign of lies that stops at nothing. It is single-minded and unappeasable. Their lies are unrelenting, unyielding and grimly vindictive. Neo had been exposed to thousands of hours of lies broadcast to him on his Tel-Aviv-Vision. Countless hours of lies had been screened to him in the form of jewish written, produced and directed movies. He had read page after page of lies printed in books published by Jewish publishing houses. He had listened to hundreds of hours of lies spoken to him by his bought-and-paid-for politicians who are servile apple-polishers for “Israeli” interests.
    Morpheus and his crew belong to a group of free humans who "unplug" others from the Jewish Matrix and recruit them to their rebellion against The Jews, and who are able to gain strength within the Jewish Matrix by using their understanding of its true nature to manipulate it.
    The method the group of free humans use to “unplug” others is called “Exit Counseling”. Exit counseling is distinguished from deprogramming by the fact that it is a voluntary procedure, that the follower is treated with respect, can leave any time, and that the decision to stay with the group or leave it is wholly up to the follower and will be accepted by the exit counselor.
    Generally, the person is presented with information about the group in question or other groups, including especially information which is usually not available to Jew-followers, testimonies from former members of the Jew-Cult, along with information on the nature of mind control theory.
    Morpheus is an ex-Marine who loves his country. Morpheus’s life experience has taught him quite a few things - not the least of which is that political reality as perceived by most people is actually synthetic reality created by employees of The Jewish Matrix to pacify and subdue the human population. Thought the Jewish Matrix does instigate wars among certain groups - the Matrix works to ensure that the population is pacified when dealing with Jews. Jews and only Jews.
    Aboard the bus, Morpheus and “the new guy” - Neo sit discussing their plans over a cup of coffee. “So how did you get into this,” asked Neo.
    Morpheus used to be a real “Patriot”. He still is. But not in the same sense he used to be. Morpheus used to be what he derisively calls a “Patriotard”. Today, Morpheus is an Exit Counselor helping people to exit the Matrix. The Matrix of confusion and lies that the Jew operates behind.
    “Yeah, I used to be a real Patriotard,” Morpheus says to Neo. “I had been fully indoctrinated by the Cult that is currently in charge here. My work is to help other people understand what is really going on - and to enable them to free themselves from a Cult that is designed specifically to enrich and empower themselves, while at the same time - destroy you”.

  41. Patriotards are people who have essentially been coercively influenced/brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. The BITE model describes the primary controls over human behavior. Behavior - Information - Thought - Emotion.
    The Jewish-Controlled-Government and Media apparatus recruits and retains its followers by using, among other things, systematic deception, behavior modification, the withholding of information, and emotionally intense persuasion techniques (such as a staged atrocity like the Jewish perpetrated 9/11 event, politically charged movies or even false flag theater shootings). Collectively, these described as "Mind Control".
    “I used to think mud people were the problem, rather than just a symptom. I even used to listen to Rush Limbaugh. That fat bastard had me thinking it was Patriotic to want to protect Israel and the Jews. After a certain point, I was so far gone that I really started thinking that White guys were the real problem - my own people, people just like me,” said Morpheus.
    “Essentially, a Cult has taken over here. And we need to stop it,” said Morpheus.
    Is it really a “Cult”? asked Neo. “Let’s see here,” Morpheus said, as he reached into the lower left hand pocket of his dark blue BDU pants and pulled out a dictionary. “It says here that the definition of the word “Cult” is:
    1: formal religious veneration : worship
    2: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
    3: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents

    “Well then - what’s a Religion,” asked Mike. “Religion” - here it is” said Morpheus as he paged through the dictionary.

    “A religion is:
    1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
    2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
    3. the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions.”

    “I don’t really see much of a difference in those definitions,” said Neo. “So basically we’re going out to try to f*ck with peoples religious beliefs” asked Neo.

    “Judiasm is a cult that codified the usury and the idea of Jewish Supremacism into what they call their religion. It’s an evil cult”, said Morpehus.
    “Our objective is to help people make informed choices and decisions based on tangible evidence and truthful analysis. I don’t inject opinion. We work with objective tools that are designed to separate fact from fiction. Lots of times, that’s the same thing as separating good from evil. That all,” Morpheus said.
    “Hey, it’s time for us to go”, said Morpheus. So, both Neo and Morpheus headed out to work. They were going to spend the next three to four days “Exit Counseling” another person - and freeing their mind.

  42. Dear good sir, the man with the honest tongue, you wiped the floor with them. Never raised your voice, never missed a beat. My hat goes off to you.
    Well done sir!

    Usury is the ultimate afront. It makes all the other crimes possible because we all use and accept the zionist "money".

    End all usury and evrything else will sort itself out in time.


  43. Ugly girls with no bodies? Check. Pseudo-rebellion? Check. Effortless virtue? Check. I don't support these skanks at all. Even if it weren't a psyop. They deserve no freedom or "rights." If this were not a developed and technological society, would whores like this be a liability to the tribe? Or would you be glad to have them? Down with Pussy Rot.

    Oh, and by the way, their music sucks.

  44. thanks for sharing.