Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wherever we look

We are now entirely,
more than entirely, devastated!
Towers stand like smouldering charcoal,
the church has been thrown down.
The Town Hall lies in rubble,
the strong are vanquished.
Virgins have been ravished
and wherever we look
there is fire, plague and death.

       Andreas Gryphius,
       Tears of the Fatherland, anno 1636

From the 30 Years' War almost 400 years ago up until today.....not much has changed except for the players and the ever evolving weaponry.

Wherever we look, someone is teasing us to get our hopes up. Franklin Lamb is the latest with "America Planning for a Post-Israel Middle East?" found at Al-Manor and Foreign Policy Journal.
So what is all the fuss about?

It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the American national interest in fundamentally at odds with that of Zionist Israel. The authors conclude that Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests because its nature and actions prevent normal US relations  with  Arab and  Muslim countries and, to a growing degree, the wider international community.

The study was commissioned by the US Intelligence Community comprising 16 American intelligence agencies with an annual budget in excess of $ 70 billion.

Interestingly, it notes Iran as an example of a country and people that have much in common and whose citizens have a real interest in enjoy bilateral associations (here an apparent reference to Israel and its US lobby) not determined by the wishes of other countries and their agents. It also highlights the need for the US to undertake the repairing of relations with Arab and Muslim countries, including the drastically curtained use of drone aircraft.

The coming days will clarity the success of Israel’s in making an issue of the finding in the soon to be published daft report and the degree to which the Republican Party will gain for its findings in the race for the White House.

Note: the 'daft' misspelling is being copied and pasted all over the internet as is and may be a hint.
There's a lot truth in the whole article but until I see this 'analysis' with signed names I'm going to say Mr. Lamb is teasing us, to put it mildly, or his sources have him fooled or on the chance it's true, the cornered rattlesnake Israel is about to be confronted head on. You decide.

Wherever we look, there is a fringe of society that most likely will never see a recovery.

The local media does a feature on a place that helps a few, "Hippie Hill a haven for homeless,"
 a pre-apocalyptic community. Perhaps coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Hippie Hill website


  1. The idea of israel being set up for destruction has been floating around for at least 3 decades. You recall Sarcozy was fired upon once when he visited israel. Shimon Peres and Sarcozy are both Jews and Knights of Malta.

    Some Jews believe israel is being set up for destruction i.e. Israel Shamir who wrote a book claiming the Vatican & Knights of Malta are behind the idea. Glen Beck, Henri Makow and others think so too.

    Rudolph Hess knew Communism was an experiment and predicted the date of its end exactly as it happened. Is Zionism an experiment that must end only to be replaced by something far worse?

    Here's a 25 year old debate:

    Is Israel set up for destruction ?

    1. Yeah, I'm familiar with the idea. There's about 6 million jews in Israel so the number is there.

    2. Hillary's convoy was also recently shot at on her visit to Israel. You've gotta question security or lack of it in this instance.... I go for the (intentional) latter.

    3. wiggins 8:52 AM

      Lack of security? In an israeli airport? How about a warning shot?

    4. I was intimating just that.... People like her who are so far up the greasy pole and consider themselves untouchable, are as expendable as you or I.

    5. yep, there is big money in destruction, ask Lucky Larry. israel didn't even try and hide it's roll in 911, why? they were set up to take the rap, better them than London bankers.

      first- high level jews leave town, then the entire middle east gets nuked, then TV will have some 911 justice, verdict- 'israel did it', but they just got nuked and cant pay up, then after the dust settles all nations pay into the 'rebuild the holy land scam', then they say ' 911 was done by rogue zionist extrmists' this is the 'new israel' and of course all old debts will be cancelled, rinse, repeat

  2. Daft is: "...16 American intelligence agencies with an annual budget in excess of $ 70 billion."

    Asking questions a taxPAYER could have told them for less than 7 cents.

    They're TAUNTING us.

  3. The world will not be free of corrupt israel until Rothschild has his usury sins ended.
    Usury is the grip the zionist jews have over every country, every person on this planet.
    We are all slaves to fiat usury currency created out of thin air by Rothschild affiliates and loaned at interest for infinity.

    A crash is coming. Usury in any form must end.

    1. this is true. dimitri khaelezov said something like '911 wasn't done for money, the elite can just print more money, it was done for control'

      hovever, this is not true, it was not done for just 'money' -it was done for control of the money printing scam- 911 and every war and 'the new world order' have one goal- to continue the central banking scam, that's it.

  4. God Bless - Rachel Corrie wannabes...


    Queen Noor delivers actionable "INTELLIGENCE"....for the masses


    Daft,........HELL YES


    {thanks for not having that captcha hooliganism thingy}

    1. The latest blogger captcha is a pain. At least folks can refresh the thing on sites that have it until you get one you you can read.

  5. I just noticed that the original IranContraScumDid911 youtube channel has been terminated.


    Everything there was 'fair use' but that doesn't seem to matter to the censors.

    1. DAMNIT! Hopefully he'll be back up soon. MoxNews was terminated recently but he seems to have gotten back up quickly. Youtube/Google sucks. In fact thats the name of my own Youtube channel.


    2. Daily Motion is getting bigger and better. So far (5 years later) my videos that were censored by jewtube are still there. IranContraScumDid911 has a channel there.


    3. Perhaps I should've joogled "IranContraScumDid911" before my comment above. He has a few other a/c there




  6. Another Dog down. Aroooooo! 75 yr old Woman Pisses herself. Goddamn Pigs. May God shine no mercy on you, Fascists.

    1. Ahem.

  7. Yep, I copied the "daft" too in my repost. Just because Franklin Lamb always has typos I left it as his signature. My focus from the article was that Cuban witch Ros-Lehtinen. I hate her more than words can say and always highlight her with her biography. She is a ferocious Israhell defender, ultra traitor worse than any I have seen and, naturally, a psychopath. She has Zionised Miami and cashes in on the old generation of Cuban refugees and elite. The good news is that a lot of the new generation of Cubans (the ones I grew up with in Miami) don't give damn about Castro and don't like Republicans. Don't know what the actual statistics would be, though. I more worry about the Florida racist white trash and New York Jews.
    I also followed the link to the hippy hill website, they had a fire in June and lost all their equipment. They seem to be a do- gooder lot.

    1. Strong words about Ros-Lehtinen. Dead on accurate.

      Mic check.....


  8. There they are, the Jews making war plans from within our country, aiming to use our money and our blood.

  9. Just give it some time, NTS will come up with some new off the wall conspiracy.
    That is his job, too bad he sucks at it.
    Like his cohorts in the msm, he is pattenly see through and is a liar.