Sunday, September 30, 2012


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 According to 'officials,' deaths of US military personal in Afghanistan have now hit a milestone, 2000. Statistics. The kind where if none of them were your family or friends, it is rarely thought about. Most don't care.

Put into the perspective of the wars of the 20th century the death toll is small but even one death in the name of evil is too many. 

The toll in treasure we won't get into but the significance is immeasurable. 

Those with the power who send our 'volunteers' to these foreign lands aren't very concerned about lives. Their concern is money. The first thing we did after invading Afghanistan and kicking out the anti-opium Taliban, our former allies, was to re-establish the crop of debilitation, destabilization and death. Newly built heroin processing plants and CIA drones carrying the bounty have become the norm. Just how much has been made in the opium/heroin trade in the last 11 years? It has to be in the trillions. That money props up the illicit banking cartel and lubricates the palms and pockets of anyone who has influence in keeping the trade going.

2,000 lives and the debt put on the backs of taxpayers are a small price to pay for such a lucrative business say the bankers, politicians and high level traffickers.

Some analysts want us to think that Obama's surge was filled with incompetence and naivety. 
“Nobody bothered to ask, ‘Tell us how many troops you’re sending here and there,’ ” said a senior White House official involved in war policy. “We assumed, perhaps naively, that the Pentagon was sending them to the most critical places.”

The problem escalated later in 2009 when McChrystal asked for 40,000 more troops. Some of the new forces would be sent to Kandahar. Others would secure the regions around Kabul as well as a few Pashtun-dominated pockets in the north and west where insurgent activity had increased. But thousands of the additional troops were slated to go to Helmand — on top of the nearly 11,000 Marines who already were there.
I don't buy that analysis. Helmand is the biggest opium producing province.  The surge troops not only guarded the crops but gave time for the logistics and allies to be set up so the profits flowed into the right hands. Bringing the surge troops home was an indication that the ruling powers at least thought they had the growing and distribution under control. Will most of the rest of the US troops leave by the end of 2014? We're already being set up with the meme that leaving would bring disaster. Unless we still have control of the resources or something unforeseen happens, we won't be leaving. Please correct me if you think I'm off base in this line of thought.

As if 2,000 US dead in Afghanistan and over 4,800 in Iraq is not bad enough, probably over 1 million natives of the two countries have been slaughtered. We tend to forget that.

It's just the tip of a sinking ship. Veterans are dying everyday. Suicides, killed by police, drug overdoses, drinking themselves to death, 'accidents,' maybe DU and radiation poisoning. So similar to the tens of thousands that came home from Vietnam and died early and often.

Just yesterday at about the same time the 2,000th died in Afghanistan, a local 26 year old two tour vet only back home less than a year was stabbed to death by his brother in the parking lot of the Tennessee Titans stadium. His whole life led up to that point and did his service time have anything to do with it? An educated guess says it very well could have.

It's a harsh thing to say but all of the soldiers died in vain, the civilian victims of war too. Profiteers and the deceived masses may say otherwise but many of us see the picture as it is really painted. We want to slash that painting into pieces and burn it, never to be seen again. We fail at the moment, it still hangs on the wall.

Friday, September 28, 2012

As a Last Resort

So just what is the last resort of madmen? The unthinkable, the unimaginable? No, it's all been done before and we've all thought of what could be. It's only the scale of horror that varies.

Just how far does Hollywood go in its predictive programming? The latest is ABC's  "Last Resort." A scenario of false flags, rogue military where killing one's own is a means to an end, nuclear war and of course...the good guys.

Are we being played for the future of a military coup with competing factions? Is the show similar to the 'Lone Gunman' 9/11 episode but with a new spin and having Pakistan as the fall guy instead of Iran? The message will never be dead on target, only close.

Perhaps it is as simple as catering to the ever increasing number of 'conspiracy theorists.' Perhaps as we sit on our couches and watch the TV version of beginnings of a real new war we'll be saying "But where are the good guys, that show said there are some." Yeah, where indeed are the 'good guys.'

There's probably no need in watching future episodes of  "Last Resort." This one may be telling us all we will ever need to know...or what the powers that be through their programmers want us to know.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Netanyahu Steals Bomb Diagram From Boris and Natasha.....or Was It From Donald Duck?

The yahoo says it is Iran's plans but we know better.

Rocky and Bullwinkle cry "Copyright Violation!"

Donald Duck claims Bibi stole the plans from him. 

The full UN Speech...

What Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO Should {Have Said} at the UN 


The lawyers for Wile E. Coyote are now saying the plans are from their client's custom and proprietary blueprints with Bibi altering the shape in an attempt to hide his dastardly theft. Wile E. is calling for the Acme Co. to suspend all bomb shipments to Israel.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One of Them is Lying

On Syria, Obama says this at the UN.....

Sondos, 6, Syrian refugee

"In Syria, the future must not belong to a dictator who massacres his people.  If there's a cause that cries out for protests in the world today, peaceful protest, it is a regime that tortures children and shoots rockets in apartment buildings.  And we must remain engaged to assure that what began with citizens demanding their rights does not end in a cycle of sectarian violence.

Together, we must stand with those Syrians who believe in a different vision, a Syria that is united and inclusive, where children don't need to fear their own government and all Syrians have a say in how they're governed -- Sunnis and Alawites, Kurds and Christians.  That's what America stands for.  That's is the outcome that we will work for, with sanctions and consequences for those who persecute and assistance and support for those who work for this common good.

Because we believe that the Syrians who embrace this vision will have the strength and legitimacy to lead."

This filmmaker tells a much different story.....

               hat tip to Penny for the video

Of course the liar once again is Obama. Mercenaries and Wahhabists...killers for profit and power and Israel hegemony...that's who we support. 

"It is a total falsehood that the international community has been trying to halt the bloodshed in Syria, since it took them so long to build the violence to this point.  For the "international community," there is only one acceptable way to halt the war against Syria--the removal of Bashar al-Assad and the empowerment of an Islamist (Wahabbi) government.  The sheer audacity of American hypocrisy is unmatched in all of human history."   Peter Chamberlin

Journalists are seen as fair game by the mercenaries.

FSA Terrorists Caught Robbing Convenience Store on Security Camera

Yom Kippur 2012...Day of Atonement...very funny but we're not laughing.
"Atonement excludes penance for occupation harshness. Crimes of war and against humanity remain out of sight and mind. Few rabbis discuss them. Media scoundrels ignore them. Decades of Palestinian suffering go unmentioned."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Reasons to Attack Iran Now


1. It seems that Iran is doing research into GMO crops and producing a few but moving very slowly in that direction. That's because they are not doing business with Monsanto. There's also a debate involving the Quran that regards crop pollutants an abomination. How can we expect Iran to be the next Iraq unless they are 'controlled by seed?'

2. Iran has a 5 year plan where at least 25 percent of agricultural crops are to be produced through organic methods and the organic farmers receive subsidies. This is a very un-American stance and they should be subsidizing factory farms and paying some of the large landowners not to grow food like we do.

3. Apparently Iran does not add enough fluoride to their drinking water as all the good American cities do. Iran seems to have varying degrees of fluoride in their natural water supplies and has done studies showing that children's IQ's are lower where the fluoride levels are higher. We can't have them spreading this pseudo-science all over the world. Only Harvard can do that.

4. Iran may or may not produce aspartame but they do trade in it, probably with China. Not only does this cut into the profits of American companies but is proof that they traffic in WMD's. No wonder Donald Rumsfeld was so hot to trot to go to war with them.

5. Besides Ahmadinejad questioning the jews magic 6 million number he jumps the shark by claiming that Iran's enemies are creating a drought by destroying the rain clouds before they can reach his country. Is he calling those who say chemtrails is a myth and that HAARP is only a peaceful means of communication with submarines deniers? 

6. Can you believe this? Iran is allegedly dealing in UN carbon credits worth millions a year. Al Gore says "bomb them now, that's my scam."

7. Rumors. Iran is actually working on free energy technology and we can't have that. 

8. More rumors. Iran is one of the biggest buyers of gold bullion over the past decade after China, Russia and India, and is among the 20 largest holders of gold reserves. Everyone knows that only central banks, legitimate countries and the super-rich can be trusted to hold that much gold. How can there be a one world currency with the illusion of gold backing if Iran has that much?

9. Doesn't Iran know that sanctions are meant to destabilize their economy and that any attempt to stabilize its falling currency is an act of war? If at all possible Iranian children must starve to achieve Israel's and the banker's goals. As Madeleine Albright says, "We think the price is worth it."

10. Although the mainstream media is shy on reporting it, the Iranian Central Bank has got to go. Iran just doesn't get it that our system of the Federal Reserve and such upstanding Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs must be the way of the whole world. Why, Iran even has a law called The Usury-Free Banking Act of 1983 and as we all know that's Sharia economic law and we don't want anything similar coming to a town near us. As Pamela Geller would say, "They're savages, savages I tell you."

Sarcasm aside, the children of Iran are just like ours.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

At the End of the Line

It's always great to have Ahmadinejad come to town. He gets to sit down with pricks like Piers Morgan and make fools of them while giving a few Americans the chance through the media to hear the other side and get some semblance of reality and a little bit of the truth.

Here's a sneak preview with Ahmadinejad responding to a question on the likelihood of conflict between Iran and Israel.
"Of course the zionists are very much, very adventuresome

very much seeking to fabricate things

I think they see themselves at the end of the line." 
Sounds like the lyrics to a song. Someone should come up with a tune, maybe a jazzy rock take.

Ain't the US a great country? We let our designated enemies come right on in to New York, talk with the MSM, give speeches at the UN and let the media spin the story as their bosses want it. This is the guy who according to some folks will be a key player in new wars and possibly the ultimate one, World War III. At least while Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad are here we probably are safe for a few days and we miss an opportunity for a Yom Kippur 'event.'

In some kind of suddenly sane world, Obama would be rounding up Bibi and Mahmoud while he's got them here and all three would be sitting in a room discussing the future. A future that doesn't include a nuclear holocaust where all the little people lose. A future where Israel's perverted dream of from the Tigris to the Euphrates and the breakup into tiny pieces of not only the Middle East but the world for the benefit of the bankers and some few corporations will never happen. A future where psychopaths and criminals do not rule the world. A future of peace and prosperity.

 ...Pipe dream...sorry for temporary lapse of reason. We'll be seeing the reality soon enough. Maybe the end of the line...for whom is the question...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's throw some gas on the fire and see what happens

Charlie Hebdo.....Is that a jewish magazine?

The French like nudity. First it was Kate's itty bitties now it's Muhammad. The Hebdo sold out. It's all about the money unless there is something more to it and it very well could be.

Charlie has a history of doing these things. In a court case against them in 2007 even Mossad squirt Sarkozy defended them and expressed his support for the ancient French tradition of satire. But not all satire and freedom of speech and expression are equal in France.

I have this new cartoon I'm sending Charlie. It shows Nazis herding 6 million smiling jews into the front door of an imaginary gas chamber and they all exit out the back into a Tel Aviv brothel waving fistfuls of cash. That issue would sell out too but there's a wee problem. Some overzealous French fried prosecutor might look upon imaginary gas chambers and less than 6 million dying as some kind of denial and even as anti-semitic which might cause incitement to smirk which is of course against the law and get me and the publisher 5 years in jail.  I guess I'll send it to the Onion instead. They'll print anything.

There was some gas thrown on the fire here this week with the Mother Jones release of some Romney private statements at a $50,000 a plate get together. From the angle of the video it looks like it may have been taken by one of the help and that's exactly the kind of folks the Mitt was talking about. Don't you just love those little spy cameras? We should all have one.

I really liked that flare up but before we get all gaga about Mother Jones, let's remember exactly what they are. Yes, they speak some truth about a few things that we may agree with but the bottom line is that they are deep in the two party scam and provide left cover for Obama. They do hit pieces against 9/11 truthers and try to make us think that there actually is a legitimate debate on whether Obama has the right to assassinate American citizens and detain whoever he wants without charges indefinitely. They also promote that 'we' killed Bin Laden. Really?

It's only symbolic that we throw gas on the fires. It's really money that stokes the flames.

Image borrowed from here

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sowing, Reaping, Pillaging and the Black Crow Night

Updated-Better photo-click to enlarge

Update: The photo apparently is not Stevens but reporter Andrew Malone of the Daily Mail.

See the original report here.

My apologies for the error.

This is a very rare image of the former US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens who died alongside three other embassy staff following an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi last Wednesday.

The image shows Christopher Stevens leaning over {alleged} Muammar Ghaddafi's body after the heinous murder of the former Libyan strongman by a gang of rebels.

Reportedly, Christopher Stevens was deeply involved with anti-Ghaddafi rebels.

Ambassador Stevens, had directed illegal arms supply to various groups of rebels including Al-Qaeda members during the Libyan crisis.

Before his death, Stevens and staff were involved in a wide range of clandestine activities aimed at promoting US-NATO interests inside Libya.
Stevens was no hero. He was nothing more than a cog in the war machine's globalist expansion. Sometimes you do reap what you sow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Working the Crowd

Well, that didn't take long. The ground zero of the mid-south, the Murfreesboro Mosque, once again hits the news as phone threats including one with no words, just the sound of a bomb exploding, come in to the mosque.

We just so happened to drive by the mosque today on our way to somewhere else and saw the cop car there. My only thought was 'uh oh.'

The staged 'event' in Libya  is having its desired effect. Work the crowd, stir 'em up. Get 'em ready for more killing, more wars, more thievery and not just over there but right here in our back pocket.  Whether the calls to the mosque were from real redneck bigots who can't see the psyops for the blinders they choose to wear or they too were staged I don't know. Let's just say that divide and conquer is the dish of the day and it tastes very bad.

a possible scenario

Man I Was Mean But I'm Changing My Scene...

The Road to World War 3

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/11 ~ Where Do We Go From Here?

MTSU students and alumni are 'beaming' with pride over 9/11 memorial

For those of us who watched the events of September 11, 2001 unfold and were aware that everything we were about to be told would be a lie, there has been a vindication of sorts. Our eyes and gut feel did not fail us that day and although it was a slow motion ride heading to the truth at first, the train did pick up speed even if it has been uphill all the way.

Some of us over the last 11 years have read what seems like a million words, watched hundreds of videos, studied thousands of images, posted and re-posted things we felt were relevant, made comments all over the internet, gained friends and allies, made enemies, got ridiculed and called names, evolved in our thinking, picked flyspecks out of pepper, waded through the muck of disinformation, debated and argued the hows, watched as the trolls and paid provocateurs came around to infiltrate the narrative, became frustrated, exhilarated, encouraged and discouraged and never once thought of giving up. We never made a nickel out of it. Our schooling didn't get us a degree. We did it because we had to. We had no choice. When we were told 'you are with us or you are against us,' we chose the against side. It was the side of right, not might.  We may not be the brightest light bulb around but we haven't burnt out yet. We continue just because someone has to and we aren't afraid.

We pick and choose our battles. We walk away at times if that's what is needed. There will be another day. In our daily lives we try and speak calmly and clearly as if the truth is matter of fact. It is. We don't raise our voice while others raise theirs. We reject the arrogance of know it alls both in and out of the truth movement. Those who say they have all the answers usually don't. We try to keep in mind that there are many who have a hard time overcoming a lifetime of deception. Satire and humor are useful tools. We like to laugh and use that medicine to make us and others feel better. If we can't have fun in our pursuit of knowledge and truth then we've missed a most important part of the process. We will never win over everyone. If it's only one we hope they will carry on and do better than we have.  We don't have a problem saying 'I don't know' because there is so much we don't.

Justice is a funny thing. In the case of 9/11 it's elusive, almost a ghost at the peripheral of our vision. It's there but when we reach out for it our hands grab hold of nothing and we doubt it exists at all. That's by design. We fall in with the crowd and say 'there's nothing I can do' or 'I don't want to hear it, it's too scary.' or 'it's out of my control.' When the seeds of doubt get planted and well rooted, the chaos can never be overcome. Justice is all we're asking for. Not only for 9/11 but for the wars and the financial crimes. If we get it for those eventually everything else will fall into place. Much easier said than done but without goals we get no results. Without results we get the same over and over again but it gets progressively worse with each spin of the cycle. We have the names, the faces. They are etched in our collective consciousness. We just can't seem to get them rounded up for their turn to cry for mercy. 

So what can we do differently? Where do we go from here? How do we stop the madness?

Having another 9/11 memorial to a lie is certainly not going to get us anywhere although this one may be a good symbolic reminder of our police state and loss of rights situation as it sits right in front of the jailhouse.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 11, 1941

Not only did the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon take place on September 11, 1941 but it was also the date of a famous speech given by Charles Lindbergh, the American hero who became an activist against entering World War II. By some accounts this was the speech "that fully knocked him off his pedestal." Others will make the argument that he was correct in his analysis. Controversial and perhaps somewhat flawed, as all humans are, it would be hard to argue against Lindbergh being one of the most interesting figures in American history.

I can't vouch for the authenticity of this Mullins article. He puts his own spin to it and he is off base, if I read it correctly, when he suggests that the Republican Party in 1932 was considering Lindbergh to run against FDR. Born in 1902 he wasn't old enough per the constitutional requirement of a minimum of 35 years old. That would make 1940 the earliest he could have run but he did not except in the fictional hit piece on Lindbergh by the hack Philip Roth.

Still, Mullins gets his point across that Charles Lindbergh was a potential threat to the moneyed interests, the war machine and jewish power... just as his father was.

       by Eustace Mullins

Why did Charles Lindbergh perjure himself to send an innocent man to the electric chair ? Would the arrest of the murderers of the Lindbergh child have prevented the entry of the United States into World War II ? Why did "Editor and Publisher", the house organ of the journalism industry, note on the Hauptmann trial, "No trial in this century has so degraded the administration of justice."?

These questions are raised, but not answered by a painstaking examination of the Lindbergh kidnapping in "Scapegoat" by Anthony Scaduto. Published two years ago, it proves that Hauptmann was innocent and that he was convicted solely by suborned perjury from the Jewish prosecutor, David Wilentz. Scaduto found the paybook of Reliance Property Management and photographed the page showing that Hauptmann was working in New York on March 1, 1932, when the baby was kidnapped. Wilentz not only hid the paybook in police files where it remained for forty years, but got the timekeeper to testify in sworn testimony that Hauptmann had not been hired until March 15 !

Wilentz had an eighty-seven year old New Jersey neighbor of the Lindberghs, Amandus Hochmuth, testify that at one p.m. on the day of the kidnapping, Richard Hauptmann drove up to him, told him his name, and said he was looking for property in the area. Yet Social Security records showed that Hochmuth was legally blind from cataracts and was also senile. At the time of Hochmuth’s testimony, Wilentz was concealing the Reliance paybook which proved that at the very hour that Hochmuth claimed Hauptmann was conversing with him outside the Lindbergh home, he was actually working in New York !

When J. Edgar Hoover learned that the Jewish prosecutor Wilentz was manufacturing evidence and preparing a horde of perjured witnesses to testify in the Hauptmann trial, he hastily withdrew the cooperation of the FBI in the prosecution. Foreseeing a complete debacle, he remarked to his associate, Clyde Tolson, "Goddamit, I don’t know if Hauptmann is going to jail, but I’m sure Wilentz will."

Governor Hoffman of New Jersey later wrote in Liberty Magazine that J. Edgar Hoover informed him that he and the FBI had formally withdrawn from the case on October 10, 1934. This was three weeks after Hauptmann’s arrest, when Hoover’s agents reported to him that Wilentz and his chief co-conspirator, the Jew Col. H. Norman Schwartzkopf, head of the New Jersey State Police (Schwartzkopf means "blackhead" in German; [father of General Schwartzkopf of Gulf War fame]) were concocting a completely phony case against Hauptmann. Despite Hoover’s hunger for publicity, he was forced to sit on the sidelines throughout the most famous trial in American history. However, the FBI tour in Washington ever since has included a lengthy discussion of the Hauptmann case, with great emphasis on the role played by the FBI agents in the locating and arrest of Hauptmann. Actually, the arresting force included one FBI agent and nine New York and Jew Jersey policemen. Of course the tour guides never inform the gaping public that Hoover refused to participate in the trial because all of the evidence presented by Wilentz, with the exception of the ransom money, was completely phony.

Historians tell us that the First World War was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. It was not until the Scaduto book appeared that this writer realized that the Second World War actually began on March 1, 1932, when the Lindbergh child was kidnapped and ritually murdered. It was a year and a half later that the Jewish leader Samuel Untermyer formally declared war on Germany in his speech of August 7, 1933, before the International Jewish Boycott Conference in Amsterdam, Holland. Yet that war had begun when the murder of the Lindbergh child ensured the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the enthronement of the Jewish power in the United States.

For more than two years, the Scaduto revelations have ticked away like a time bomb, threatening to topple the unholy combine of Jewish officialdom and the Jewish-controlled press which holds power in the United States. Because of its ramifications, it has been ignored by the press, of which Scaduto was a member in good standing, having been a reporter for the [Jacob] Schiff-owned New York Post. Instead of winning a Pulitzer prize for his brilliant journalistic research on the Hauptmann trial, Scaduto has been relegated to limbo, and his great work on this case is never mentioned. He has no idea of the real forces at work, and apparently has never heard of ritual murder. Indeed, he naively ascribes the Lindbergh kidnapping to a plan by the Mafia to force Lindbergh and other pilots to stop reporting sighted stills seen in their mail runs ! In fact, Lindbergh had never reported but one still, which he merely noted in his flight log, and did not even report it to the authorities !

It becomes the task of this writer to answer the questions raised by the Scaduto book. Why did the world’s most famous hero, Charles Lindbergh, cooperate with the murderers of his child and perjure himself to send an innocent victim to death ? A typical gentile, he was putty in the hands of the wily Jew, Wilentz, who quickly converted him into a robot-like shabez goy, repeating only what he had been told to say. The facts are a matter of record.

On the night of April 2, 1932, Lindbergh had accompanied his go-between, Dr. Condon, known as Jafsie, to St. Raymond’s Cemetery in New York for the payment of the $50,000 ransom. Lindbergh had remained in the car while Dr. Condon carried the ransom money into the cemetery. He was unable to see the kidnapper, who finally whispered to Condon, "Hey Doctor." This hoarse whisper, some three hundred feet from Lindbergh in the closed car, was barely heard by him. He testified at the Bronx grand jury indictment of Hauptmann that he positively could not identify Hauptmann’s voice ! These grand jury files remained sealed for more than forty years, until Scaduto obtained access to them.

During the Hauptmann trial in New Jersey, Wilentz became fearful that the parade of perjured witnesses he and Schwartzkopf had suborned, as well as the clumsily manufactured evidence against Hauptmann, was having little effect on the jury. In fact, the testimony of senile witnesses like Hochmuth was prejudicing them in Hauptmann’s favor. One of his star witnesses was Albert Osborn, the famed handwriting expert, who positively identified Hauptmann as the man who wrote the ransom notes. It was this same outfit of Osborn and Osborn which more recently positively identified Clifford Irving’s forgeries of Howard Hughes’ handwriting as being "unquestionably genuine", thus enabling Irving to defraud his publisher of $300,000.

To understand Wilentz’ predicament, we should realize that he was a typical Jewish fraud and loudmouth. Although he was prosecuting the most publicized case in American history, Wilentz had never before tried a criminal case of any case! Like most Jewish officials, he had not been elected to the office of Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, but had been appointed by Gov. Harry Moore as a political payoff after he had persuaded a number of Jews to switch their votes !

If he could get a conviction against Hauptmann, he was assured he would become the first Jewish Governor of New Jersey, and perhaps follow Woodrow Wilson’s example in moving from that office into the White House. Since he had nothing to connect Hauptmann with the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh child but the possession of the ransom bills, he and his fellow Jew, Schwartzkopf, enlisted the state police in manufacturing a phony ladder and other evidence, and rounding up a group of perjured witnesses who would place Hauptmann at the scene of the crime. Because more than a dozen persons were involved in Wilentz’ conspiracy, it was inevitable that J. Edgar Hoover and other officials would be warned of what Wilentz was doing. It was even more imperative that Wilentz convict Hauptmann in order to protect the real murderers, the Jews who actually kidnapped and ritually murdered the baby.

As a Jew, it was his duty to his tribe not only to erase all leads to the true killers, but also to prevent the public from learning any details of the nature of the crime, a Jewish ritual murder. This was the real reason that Wilentz had taken the unprecedented step of a state attorney general personally taking over the case, which otherwise was even more inexplicable since he had no experience in organizing and directing a criminal prosecution. Traditionally, a state attorney general would remain in the state capitol, and would select a prosecutor who would personally report to him on the developments in the case. Yet all of the hundreds of reporters at the trial unquestionably accepted the explanation that "political ambition" was the sole reason for Wilentz’ unusual behavior.

Seeing that the case was going against him, with the possibility that Hauptmann would be freed and that investigators might then discover the true murderers, Wilentz was forced to play his last card. He had a hurried conference with Lindbergh in his office.

"Mistuh Lintbug," he said hoarsely (a New York University graduate, Wilentz usually was well spoken, but like many Jews, when agitated, he reverted to a thick Yiddish accent) "Mistuh Lintbug, this monster is going to be set free ... unless," He turned away from Lindbergh and suddenly whirled back towards him, his outstretched forefinger almost poking Lindbergh in the eye, "unless you go out there and tell the jury that Hauptmann’s voice is the man you heard in the cemetery !"

"But I can’t do that," protested Lindbergh. "You know I’ve already testified before the grand jury that I can’t identify Hauptmann’s voice."

"That doesn’t matter," Wilentz reassured him. "Those grand jury records are sealed. No one will ever see them. Besides, Reilly [Hauptmann’s lawyer] doesn’t know about it."

"It doesn’t seem right, somehow," said Lindbergh.

"You know that this man murdered your child," said Wilentz. "I know it. But that jury still doesn’t believe it. You’re the only one who can convince them. You must decide now. Is this man going to pay the penalty for his crime, or not ?"

A typical goy in the hands of the clever Jew, Lindbergh agreed. Coached by Wilentz, he returned to the courtroom, and testified, "I heard very clearly a voice coming from the cemetery ... In a foreign accent, ‘Hey Doctor’ ... That was Hauptmann’s voice."

Reporters in the courtroom noted that as Lindbergh spoke, the wife of the accused, Anna Hauptmann, stared directly at him as her lips moved to form the words, "You lie."

Adela Rogers St. John who was William Randolph Hearst’s resident sob sister, wrote that afternoon, "Watching Lindbergh today in this ordeal I cannot believe he would swear away the life of any man unless he was sure. Automatically, I looked at the jury, even before I looked at Hauptmann. Yes."

Adela Rogers St. John knew that Lindbergh had just condemned Hauptmann to death. She did not know that he had previously testified the opposite to the grand jury, or that he had been suborned to commit perjury by Wilentz, as had so many other witnesses in this case. However, her unusual credentials should have told her something was wrong. The daughter of a brilliant attorney named Earl Rogers, she had grown up in the courtroom, and was famous for her instincts as to whether a witness was telling the truth, and how a jury would vote. Most importantly here, she did not say that she believed Lindbergh’s testimony. She said the jury believed it, which they did.

Wilentz had achieved one vital goal; he had turned the trial into a circus. Hundreds of reporters and thousands of spectators had swarmed into the little town of Flemington, New Jersey, and tried to batter their way into the Hunterdon County Courthouse. Wilentz’ opponent in the case, Ed Reilly, had from the beginning played Wilentz’ game. Inexplicable at the time, it now seems to have been no accident. Big Ed Reilly, known as the Bull of Brooklyn, had defended more than two thousand clients, most of them accused of murder. Many of them were mobsters, for whom he won acquittals, earning fabulous fees in the process. Now fifty-two years old, he looked sixty-five. Red-faced, with a tremendous paunch and thinning hair, he had been an alcoholic for years. He had spent several million dollars in high living, and was paying alimony to four wives. He was nearly bankrupt, and his law practice had dropped alarmingly. Yet this was the man whom an unusually generous William Randolph Hearst had hired to defend the penniless Hauptmann, for a fee of $300,000 !

It was well known that Hearst wanted a conviction. He was haunted by the fear that one of his children would be kidnapped, with a probable demand for a million dollar ransom, which he would have difficulty in paying. He had already relinquished control of the Hearst newspapers to a Jew, Richard Berlin. Few people knew that the Hearsts themselves were Jewish, the original name having been "Hirsch". This fact gave further dimension to Hearst’s interest in the case. He had forbidden any reporter to ever mention the words "Jewish ritual murder" in any story. Thus he had a common bond with Wilentz in seeing Hauptmann convicted. This meant that Reilly’s lackluster conduct of the case was due to more than his failing memory and his alcohol blurred speech. Reilly had refused to cross examine Hochmuth about his 87 year old memory or his loss of eyesight. He was famed as "the Bull of Brooklyn", a man who could tear any witness’s testimony to shreds with a few sardonic thrusts, yet not a single prosecution witness was attacked by him.

Hearst himself had abandoned his wife and children to live with a cheap showgirl. As a result, he was no longer received in polite society, and he was reduced to entertaining the Jewish offal of the silver screen in his palace of San Simeon. His granddaughter, Patty Hearst, became the nation’s second most famous kidnap victim. After some weeks of intimacies with her captors, a group of degenerate Negro men and lesbians, she lost all desire to return to a normal life.

Although Hauptmann knew that all of Wilentz’ witnesses were perjuring themselves, including Lindbergh, he never had an inkling that he had been set up with Reilly as his attorney. The $300,000 fee proved to be a profitable investment for Hearst, as his accountants later found that the additional revenues generated by the coverage of the trial totalled more than eight million dollars !

Although Hauptmann’s entire defense consisted of his story that he had legitimately acquired the ransom money, not knowing this was the result of a crime, Reilly did nothing to develop witnesses or evidence which would corroborate this story, nor did any of the hundreds of reporters who swarmed into Flemington. Yet forty years later, Scaduto was able to find reams of evidence corroborating every detail of Hauptmann’s claims. He had for several years been a partner with a Jew named Isidor Fisch, buying, trading and selling furs and other commodities in a small way with their very limited capital. He had no idea that Fisch was a notorious confidence man. One of Fisch’s coups had been to take Al Capone for twenty thousand dollars, but instead of winding up in the bay, he had slick talked Capone until the supposedly vicious thug had laughed and said, "Oh, hell, forget it." On December 6, 1933, Fisch owed Hauptmann more than five thousand dollars. On that day, he sailed to Germany, undeterred by the news that the country was in the grip of an extremely anti-Jewish movement. Before he left, he assured Hauptmann that he had no cause to worry about the debt. In any case, he wanted to leave a box of his effects with Hauptmann. This box contained part of the ransom money. Hauptmann put it away without examining it. In March of 1934, Fisch was reported to have died of tuberculosis in a Leipzig hospital, although this is a disease which usually takes many months even years to develop. In any case, most doctors in Germany were Jews, and the report was a fake. Hauptmann was never informed of it. Fisch survived the Second World War and emigrated to Israel, where he died in a kibbutz in 1969.

When Fisch did not return, Hauptmann opened the box. He saw the ransom money. Not knowing that Fisch had set him up, he began to spend part of it, offsetting the $5,500 Fisch owed him. However, he did keep meticulous notes of money taken from the box, indicating that he expected Fisch to return for an accounting.

Unlike Hauptmann, Fisch had been definitely linked to the Lindbergh household, for he had been seen a number of times with a twenty-eight year old English girl, Violet Sharpe, who worked there as a maid. After the police questioned her about the kidnapping, on June 10, 1932, she was found dead at the Morrow household. A can of potassium cyanide was nearby. There was no record of its purchase by anyone in the household, and it could not be traced to any store in New Jersey. No one had ever seen it or knew what it was used for. Schwartzkopf’s police promptly ruled the death a "suicide", and made no attempt to trace the cyanide, after deciding that Violet Sharpe herself had brought it there. As she was the only person in the household who could identify the kidnappers, there is little doubt that she was murdered and that Schwartzkopf’s police were guilty of collusion in covering up the murder.

Throughout the trial, the news media conditioned the American people to accept as a fact Hauptmann’s guilt. Newsboys screamed on the street corners of the nation. "Burn Hauptmann". One reporter, Eddie Mahar, persistently described Hauptmann in his daily stories as "the Nazi monster", even though he knew that Hauptmann had no connection with any political groups in either Germany or the United States. The Hauptmann trial became a national sounding board for the newly inaugurated "hate Germany" campaign which was to herd American gentile youths to Europe to die for the Jews in profitable slaughter. The trial was being held in New Jersey only a few miles away from the spot where Jewish saboteurs were to set fire to the Hindenburg, a German Zeppelin visiting the United States on a peaceful goodwill mission. Every Jew in America cheered at the newsreel photos of the German crew dying a horrible death in the exploding Zeppelin. It is now obvious that if Wilentz had not successfully directed the course of the trial away from Fisch and the other Jews who had committed the ritual slaughter of the Lindbergh child, Roosevelt would never have been able to involve the United States in the Second World War. The arrest of the Jewish murderers would have caused a nationwide current of feeling against the Jews, and would have invoked national sympathy for Germany’s struggle to become "Judenfrei".

Convinced by Lindbergh’s testimony, the jury brought in a unanimous verdict of "Guilty". Hauptmann was sentenced to die in the electric chair. Throughout the trial, his wife had been warned to stay out of the hall when Lindbergh was coming into the courtroom, as he dared not face her. He told the bailiffs he would never enter the courtroom until they assured him that Anna Hauptmann had already gone in and was seated.

Several Christians, aware that Hauptmann had been railroaded, now began a desperate struggle to save his life. At their own expense, and with no personal involvement in the case, they sought only to work for justice. One of these men was Ellis Parker, former chief of detectives of Burlington, New Jersey, and considered one of the most brilliant and incorruptible detectives in America. Having known Lindbergh’s father-in-law, Dwight Morrow, for some years, he went to Morrow and told him how Wilentz had faked the evidence. He asked only that Morrow persuade Lindbergh to ask for a commuted sentence to life imprisonment while he gathered evidence on the real killers. Morrow’s health was failing rapidly, as he had been overcome by the horrible death of his grandson and the resulting publicity. Nevertheless, in June of 1935, he summoned Lindbergh for a confidential talk. "Charles," he said, "you must ask the Governor to commute Hauptmann’s sentence, at least for the time being."

"Never," replied Lindbergh, "he must pay the full penalty for his crime." "I didn’t want to tell you this," said Morrow, "but Hauptmann is innocent." "I heard the evidence against him," said Lindbergh.

"It was all faked," said Dwight Morrow. "I know that from an unimpeachable source."

"But the money!" exclaimed Lindbergh.

"The money was real," said Dwight Morrow, "but Hauptmann was set up. Can’t you understand ? He wasn’t the man in the cemetery."

"But I identified him," said Lindbergh.

"Any lawyer knows your testimony was worthless," said Dwight Morrow. "Reilly should have invoked the doctrine of familiarity. In a capital crime, you can’t identify a voice you have heard on only one occasion. Yet Reilly didn’t challenge your testimony. Do you know why ?"

"No," said Lindbergh.

"I do," said Dwight Morrow. "He was paid to see that Hauptmann would be convicted. Any competent attorney would have had your testimony stricken, and the jury would have been told to disregard it."

"Even if that’s true," said Lindbergh, "I can’t take back my testimony."

"You don’t have to," said Dwight Morrow. "Just ask for a commutation of the death penalty. I’ve never asked you for anything, Charles, but I must ask you, in the name of Heaven, to do this. I don’t have much time left, and I don’t want to see another death added to those of young Charles and Violet Sharpe. Call the Governor today."

"I won’t do it," exclaimed Lindbergh. "Why, I’d look like a fool !"

"Please," said Dwight Morrow, half rising from his bed.

"Never!" exclaimed Lindbergh.

Dwight Morrow fell back in complete collapse, and died. Lindbergh never mentioned this conversation to his wife, claiming that his father-in-law died without speaking.

Ellis Parker now enlisted the aid of the newly elected Governor of New Jersey, Harold Hoffman. When he was shown the evidence of Wilentz’ perfidy, Hoffman began a frenetic campaign to have Hauptmann freed. Schwartzkopf and Wilentz blocked every move he made. J. Edgar Hoover admitted to him that he had withdrawn from the case, but refused to let Hoffman use the FBI files which showed that the evidence against Hauptmann had been faked by the New Jersey State Police. The press launched a nationwide campaign of ridicule against him. The condemned man wrote a despairing letter which was printed in Liberty Magazine. Hauptmann said of those who had framed him, "their suffering, their agony, will be greater than mine. Mine will be over in a moment. Theirs will last as long as life itself."

Governor Hoffman told Wilentz that if he ever dared to run for public office, he would expose his handling of the Lindbergh trial. Wilentz settled down to practice corporation law; soon, he was earning five hundred thousand dollars a year. Much of his work consisted of handling business matters for the Mafia. He represented the Mafia leader Anthony Rosso in a series of multi-million dollar deals. Eventually, he had his revenge on Governor Hoffman. He and other Jews framed Hoffman for income tax evasion. Hoffman had been wont to entertain groups of politicians and journalists at a night spot in Manhattan called The Pen and Pencil. Some of his tabs were picked up by an insurance agent who liked to be with celebrities. The Jews called this "unreported income", and Hoffman was convicted.

Meanwhile, Ellis Parker had located the real kidnapper of the Lindbergh child, a man named Paul Wendel. Wendel had been Isidor Fisch’s lawyer, and had regularly dated Violet Sharpe, who set up the kidnapping. Wendel’s sister lived behind St. Raymond’s Cemetery. This was the reason this spot had been chosen for the delivery of the ransom money. Parker had Wendel sign a full confession. When he turned Wendel over to the police, Wendel immediately repudiated the confession and accused Parker of kidnapping him ! Parker and his son were convicted under the new Lindbergh kidnapping law, and sent to Lewisburg prison. A few months later, Parker died in prison. His gallant effort to aid Hauptmann had cost him his life.

On March 31, 1936, Richard Hauptmann was electrocuted for a crime he had not committed. To the end, the press, showing its consistent bias, referred to him as "Bruno" Hauptmann. Although his first name was Bruno, he had never liked it, and had been known as Richard Hauptmann throughout his stay in America. The press seized upon Bruno because of its overtones of "brute" and "Brutal", as another instrument to whip up anti-German sentiment. Hauptmann went to his death reiterating his innocence.

As this writer has spent thirty years investigating Jewish ritual murder, the entire handling of the Lindbergh investigation shows the typical reactions of Jews to this crime ... the furious activity of Jewish officials such as Wilentz to cover up all traces of the true murderers, and to find a gentile victim who can be accused of the crime. Was it a coincidence that Richard Hauptmann shared his home in the Bronx with Victor Schuessler ? Victor Schuessler was the grandfather of the two Schuessler boys who were murdered in one of Chicago’s most famous cases of Jewish ritual murder ! The ritual murder of the blond, blue-eyed Lindbergh child was a crime so horrible that it leads one to cry out, "Is there no pity under Heaven ?" But, seen in its context, this crime, had it been solved, could have led to the saving of millions of lives in the approaching Second World War. Today, the Lindbergh case is more important to us than ever before, as a symbol round which "the wise and the good can repair", a cross upon our banner behind which we can rally, as did the Emperor Constantine, to march forward once more to bring the benefits of white civilization to a suffering world.

America could not seem to realize that this murder was the high water mark of the confrontation of the black subterranean satanic forces and the forces of white civilization in modern history. In this encounter, white civilization was found wanting; it sank back, bewildered and defeated, to endure the agony of another world war and the unbridled rule of the satanic Jews over the gentile masses. Destiny had marked both Charles Lindbergh and his father, Congressman Charles Lindbergh, to become Presidents of the United States. The senior Lindbergh won immortality by leading the battle in Congress against the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, when the Rothschilds imposed their Jewish system as the chains of slavery shackled onto the citizens of America. Logically, the American people should have chosen him as their President. Instead, Baruch and Jewish gold reelected Woodrow Wilson and led us into the mass slaughter of the First World War. When Congressman Lindbergh opposed our involvement in this slaughter for the profits of the Jews, federal agents were sent to his home to burn copies of the books he had written opposing the war. One might suppose that his neighbors and constituents, on seeing their champion under attack by the agents of the Jews, would have rallied to his defense. Instead, they believed a whispering campaign against him, reasoning that since he had been attacked by "federal agents", he must be some sort of super criminal. Congressman Lindbergh was defeated for re-election. Instead of backing his courageous stand, his wife left him, preferring to live independently and earn her own living as a school teacher.

The attack of the agents on their home left a permanent scar on the young Charles Lindbergh. This fear was aggravated by the insecurities he developed when his parents separated during his adolescence. Overcompensating for this, he threw himself into the study of mechanics, and resolved to devote his life to flying. Soon he had his own plane. One of his first assignments was to fly his father around the state on a new campaign to regain his seat in Congress. The Jews sabotaged his plane, and he crashed, but due to his great skill, he brought the plane down without injuring himself or his father. The crash put an end to his father’s hopes of a successful campaign, and he died a broken man. It was then that Divine Providence selected the young Lindbergh as the new champion of America. In this light, his incredible feat of flying alone across the Atlantic becomes more understandable. Handsome, shy and inarticulate, he had become a familiar figure at the nation’s airports, but no one would have thought of him as an international celebrity or as a national leader. Nevertheless, he found financial backers who put up the money for his flight across the ocean. As he prepared for his entry onto the world stage, everyone believed he was setting off on a suicidal mission. The Jew Zolotow, in his biography of Billy Wilder, claims that a cynical reporter, not wishing to see young Lindbergh die a virgin, paid a prostitute to spend the night with him before his takeoff. He claimed that this accounted for Lindbergh’s overwhelming fatigue and drowsiness during much of his flight. A more likely explanation is that the Jews put drugs in his thermos, and concocted this out of character explanation for his planned disappearance. We should not forget that he was taking off from Long Island, a stone’s throw from the world headquarters of international Jewry, the bankers whom his father had nearly thwarted. From his own account, in his book, "WE", he seems to have been unconscious during much of the flight, but his plane was borne up by Divine Providence, and instead of plunging into the ocean as the Jews had planned in wreaking their revenge on his family, his survival and future role as Leader was ensured.

Nothing less can explain the hysterical outpouring of joy which greeted him when he landed at Le Bourget field. He had already been given up for dead, and for the rest of his life he would be known as "Lucky Lindy". Others nicknamed him the "Lone Eagle". Instantaneously, he became the most famous hero in the world. Because Movietime News filmed his takeoff, his flight also inaugurated the era of sound in films.

All of Lindbergh’s predecessors who had attempted to fly the Atlantic Ocean had vanished into the water. All of them had better equipment and were better financed than Lindbergh, yet this drugged youth in his tiny plane succeeded where others had failed. The Divine Plan was in operation. Lindbergh’s succeeding years including the kidnapping and murder of his first-born son, also illustrate the workings of the Divine Plan. He returned home to worldwide acclaim, with a ticker tape parade down the financial center of the world, Wall Street. Everything had been prepared for him to embark on his world mission as the leader of his race. The government requested that he make goodwill missions to many countries. On one of these missions, he met his future wife, Anne Morrow.

Dwight Morrow, Lindbergh’s father-in-law to be, had been a member of the famous Wall Street law firm of Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett, when the great J.P. Morgan himself, struck by Morrow’s burgeoning reputation, asked him to draft the legal provisos of the Panama Canal treaties. Morrow’s work on these treaties was superb. For many years, the Communists have sought to abrogate these treaties, but to the present day they have been unsuccessful. Convinced of Morrow’s capabilities, Morgan summoned him to his office and informed him that he was to be a full partner in J.P. Morgan Co., with an assured income of one million dollars a year. After several years with J.P. Morgan, he amassed a fortune and went into public life, becoming a candidate for the Senate, and was later appointed Ambassador to Mexico. When Lindbergh came on his goodwill mission to Mexico, he was a guest at the Embassy. Here he met Morrow’s daughter, Anne, who had confided in her school diary that her one ambition in life was "to marry a hero". Although Lindbergh, as shy as ever, paid little attention to her, she arranged future meetings, and soon they were married.

Lindbergh’s marriage to the daughter of one of the world’s leading international bankers is one of the keys to the mystery of his life. It explains his lifelong silence about the Federal Reserve System, despite his father’s courageous opposition to it, an achievement of which any son should be proud. Overnight, the penniless flier had become a worldwide hero and a member of one of the world’s most influential families. This financial security was intended to provide a platform from which he could proceed on this Divine mission and carry on his father’s work against the Jewish monetary lords. Instead, Lindbergh became moody and irritable, spurning the adulation of the American people. His wife abetted his reaction by encouraging him to retreat into the pleasant and secluded lifestyle of the very rich. Throughout their life together, Anne Lindbergh persisted in leading the lifestyle of a typical suburbanite, with a large staff to maintain her home while she wrote lightweight "philosophical" books propounding a vaporous Junior League attitude towards the real problems of the world, from which she was comfortably insulated by her inherited fortune. Her writings which would never have been published for anyone with a less famous name, were ecstatically received by the Jewish publishing world in New York, who extolled her airy pleadings for more "brotherhood" and "understanding".

Charles Lindbergh’s escape from the world of reality was to be short-lived. Even while he was soaring across the Atlantic, subterranean forces were at work which would bring him lifelong sorrow. In New York, the misshapen Franklin Delano Roosevelt was already gathering about him the crew of diseased cripples who would inaugurate a Jewish dictatorship in the United States. As the year of 1932 dawned, they had succeeded in capturing the Democratic Party, and the road to the White House was unencumbered. Herbert Hoover, the likely Republican candidate, had already been saddled with full blame for the Great Depression, which had been caused by classic gold movements of the Jewish international bankers. Suddenly a threat appeared on the horizon. A panicky subordinate informed FDR that the Republican Party leaders, despairing of re-electing Herbert Hoover, had made overtures to Charles Lindbergh to accept the Republican nomination. In fact, his father-in-law, Dwight Morrow, one of the Republican party leaders in New Jersey, had suggested to him that he should seek the nomination, but he had refused. FDR’s crew did not know this, and they were appalled at the possibility that the handsome blond world hero would oppose them. There would not even be an election; he would simply be elected by acclamation, as the ancient Roman emperors had been. The crippled Roosevelt would roll his wheelchair back to his mother’s estate in ignominious defeat, destroying the plans for world dictatorship of the sinister crew of Communist degenerates, Frankfurter and Bela Moskowitz, who had made his meteoric political rise possible. Something must be done, something so drastic that Lindbergh would abandon all thought of public office. We must now ask, "Would the Jewish conspirators, who had sent federal agents to wreck the Lindbergh home, sabotaged his plane, and drugged his thermos, actually murder a helpless child in the furtherance of their plans ?" Let history ask this question of the Lindbergh child, Violet Sharpe, Richard Hauptmann, Ellis Parker and Dwight Morrow, all of whom were put to death in this conspiracy.

After the murder of his first-born son, Lindbergh never again considered public office, yet this atrocity should have given him the iron resolve to come to the rescue of his nation and to make such crimes impossible. Some day there will arise in America a magnificent cathedral, the Lindbergh Cathedral, to honor the memory of this slaughtered child, rivaling the splendor of the world famed Lincoln Cathedral in England, which was built to honor the martyred child St. Hugh of Lincoln, ritually murdered by the Jews. (It is now a criminal offense for any Englishman to explain to tourists that the Lincoln Cathedral was built to honor a victim of Jewish ritual murder, because this is a violation of England’s "group libel" laws.)

In thirty years study of cases of Jewish ritual murder, this writer has found that in almost every case, the slaughtered child had been selected for massacre from a poor white working man’s family. Rich and powerful families would be expected to spare no expense in tracking down the murderers of a son, whereas white working people in the United States find that justice is a commodity which they cannot possibly afford. American courts have become cattle pens in which leering Jews buy and sell the gentile victims for their own profit, and in which the white worker ventures at his own peril, to be robbed of everything he has, and then sentenced to a long prison term for a crime of which he is innocent. The father of the murdered Schuessler boys in Chicago was immediately arrested, accused of the crime, and turned over to a Jewish psychiatrist, Dr. Schoenfeld, who gave him electric shock treatments and killed him that same afternoon ! The police then admitted that he had no connection with the murders. He was the son of Victor Schuessler, who shared the Hauptmann home in the Bronx twenty years earlier !

In every recorded case of Jewish ritual murder, both in the United States and Europe, the formula has been the same. With the discovery of the child’s body, Jewish officials immediately take over the investigation, even if they have no jurisdiction. All leads to the killers are obliterated, and false evidence is fed to the press. Large sums of money are offered to the bereaved parents, and a gentile victim is arrested who can be framed for the murder. Persons of known mental instability are introduced into the case, so that whatever is discovered can be discounted as being from an unreliable source. An atmosphere of complete confusion is cultivated by the officials and by the press, until it is impossible to discern any facts in the smokescreen which has been raised. The officials, both Jewish and shabez goy gentiles, have but one mission, to destroy the evidence and to protect the killers.

The Lindbergh murder was unusual in that the victim was from a rich and influential family, but pressing considerations were at stake in this case. The entire Jewish program for the world was imperiled by the possible candidacy of Charles Lindbergh for President. Also, Lindbergh himself was a member of no political group or organization, and stood entirely alone. The money belonged to his wife’s family. He had no official position or influence. The very modest ransom demand of $50,000 indicated that this was no ordinary kidnapping case, as the son of a world-famous hero and the grandson of a J.P. Morgan partner would have brought a demand for at least $100,000 !

From the very outset, Lindbergh was inundated by visits from apparently deranged persons who offered false clues, improbable stories, fake letters and other maneuvers designed to prevent him from uncovering any leads to the kidnappers of his child. The Jews Wilentz and Schwartzkopf never presented a single legitimate clue in the case ! Instead, they manufactured an impressive array of completely false evidence ! Lindbergh was so demoralized by this campaign that when he was notified that the child’s body was in the morgue, he walked in, hastily glanced at it, and turned away. "Yes," he said, "that is my son." In fact, he did this solely to spare his wife further grief over the missing child. The body shown was two inches taller than the Lindbergh child, and completely decomposed, so that no identification was possible. The Lindbergh doctor, who had examined the child a few days before the kidnapping, Dr. Phillip Van Ingen, declared there was no way he could identify this body !

After the trial, the Lindberghs went to England to live. Anne Lindbergh complained that "the English don’t seem to like us." Only one person paid any attention to them, a pushy journalist named Harold Nicolson, who rented them a cottage for an exorbitant sum, and who hoped to make money from a book about Lindbergh. When they returned to the United States, Lindbergh made several public appearances, calling on the American people to repudiate Roosevelt’s campaign to get us into the Second World War. He abruptly halted these appearances, and never again made a public speech, after he received a telephone call late one night.

"Mr. Lindbergh," said the caller, "you must cancel all of your public appearances immediately."

"Why should I do that ?" asked Lindbergh. "Who is this ?" "You will do it," said the caller, "because if you do not, we will kill your wife and children. There will be evidence that you did it in a fit of insanity, and you will spend the rest of your life in an institution."

"You’re insane," exclaimed Lindbergh.

"No, I’m not," said the caller, "but you will be, once we have you in an institution for three days. Don’t hang up, because we want to tell you this ... we killed your baby and we can kill the rest of your family whenever we wish. There will be eye witnesses to testify that you did it."

For several moments, Lindbergh was unable to speak. At last he said, "Then Dwight Morrow was right."

"Oh, he knew, did he ?" said the caller. "Good riddance. Now, listen to this. Anyone who dares to oppose us is diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic with extremely hostile impulses. If you make one more public speech, you will spend the rest of your life in a mental institution as a madman who slaughtered his family. You saw what we did to Hauptmann."

"I can’t listen to this," said Lindbergh. "Can we talk later ?"

"You only have to say yes or no," said the caller. "Say no and our plan goes into effect tonight. If you tell anyone what we said, you will be diagnosed as having extreme paranoia and will be given immediate treatments."

"All right," said Lindbergh, "I agree. I don’t believe anything you’ve said, but I can’t risk my family. I can’t take the chance."

"You don’t have a chance," said the caller. "And remember, if you think you can change your mind, we will always have someone near you who can carry out our plan."

When Roosevelt was informed that Lindbergh had capitulated, he tried to enlist him in his war against the Germans. He sent him an offer that he would be given the newly created post of Secretary for Air. Roosevelt, who fancied himself a true Roman Emperor, loved nothing better than to bring former enemies into his camp where they would be forced to humble themselves before him. Lindbergh ignored the offer, and Roosevelt issued orders that he was never to be given any consideration of any kind. After Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh supposed that Roosevelt would renew the offer, and make him Commander of the Air Force. He heard nothing for some weeks, and when he contacted the White House, he was rudely informed by an underling that orders had been issued that he was not to be allowed to serve in any capacity with any of the armed forces !

To the end of his life, Lindbergh never understood that those who do not seize the power when it is available spend the rest of their days at the mercy of those who do seize it. Trotsky found this out when he got an ice axe in his skull in the tropical climate of Mexico. Prevented from serving his country, Lindbergh persuaded Henry Ford to hire him as an aviation consultant. Roosevelt was furious, but could do nothing, as he needed the airplane production of Ford’s River Rouge plant. Lindbergh then went to the South Pacific theater as an "observer". Still a civilian, he began to fly combat missions, engaging Japanese pilots in single-handed duels which he always won. Like boxing, combat flying is a young man’s game, with everything depending on the quickness of one’s reflexes, yet Lindbergh shot down men half his age. Perhaps he sought death in those Pacific skies, as relief from the recurring tragedies in his life. If this was the case, in every battle his superior skill came through, as he shot down the best pilots in the Japanese Air Force. Absolute censorship was imposed on his wartime exploits, and nothing was known of them for decades after the war.

In his later years, he dabbled in airline management, while his wife continued to publish her jejune works of "philosophy". In their divorcement from great issues of the age, they came more and more to resemble another famous couple of the 1930s, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke was the only King of England who ended his life as a Duke, with a Jewish "princess" by his side who had caused him to abdicate because of his sympathy for the struggle of the German people to free themselves from domination by the Jews. Pegler wrote of him, "He will go from resort to resort, getting more tanned and more tired." Like Lindbergh, Edward VIII had significance for all of us in the Holy greatness thrust upon him, but was unable to rise to the demands of a lifetime of service to his people. As a result of the abdication of these two men from their responsibilities, the peoples of the world endured the horrors of a Second World War and the indignities of Jewish domination. Lindbergh made a historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean, but in the almost half a century that he lived after that heroic deed, his life was a continuous flight from reality.


SCAPEGOAT, The Lonesome Death of Richard Hauptmann
by Anthony Scaduto, G.P. Putnams Sons NY, 1976 

KIDNAP, The Story of the Lindbergh Case
by George Waller, Dial Press, NY, 1961

Books by Charles' father Congressman C.A. Lindbergh - PDF
Banking, Currency, and the Money Trust

Why is Your Country at War?
 On a spring day in 1918 several government agents entered a printshop at Washington, D. C., where the original edition of this book was being printed. “Destroy all the Lindbergh plates in your plant,” they told the head of the institution. He was forced to comply. The hysteria of war-time brooked no delays. Not only were the plates of this book “Why Is Your Country at War ?“ destroyed, but also the plates of Congressman Lindbergh’s book “Banking and Currency,” written in 1913 and attacking the big bankers and Federal Reserve Law. So was the painstaking effort of months wiped out. Only a few hundred copies of this book had been printed, and they were sent to Minnesota for use in Congressman Lindbergh’s campaign for the governorship of that state.

"This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President Woodrow Wilson signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized....the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill."
                                    C.A. Lindbergh


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Hava Nagila in Charlotte

Not singing the song

Just when you think that maybe Obama and the Dems are showing some backbone towards Israel in trying to prevent an attack on Iran and what could be a major war and fiasco, they show that their backbone is really made of jelly.

After already publishing their 2012 platform which did not mention Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, Romney and his neocon boys throw out a little criticism trying to out zionist the Dems. It worked. Amendments were added and in a voice vote that may have actually had more no's, they declared the motions passed.

The Democratic convention speakers are doing nothing but talking about the minor issues in an attempt to divert attention from all the major ones. Banking crimes, the Federal Reserve, wars and rumors of wars, outlandish military spending, subversive support to overthrow sovereign states, assassination and the potential of illegal detention of Americans without charges, the illegal foreign agents of AIPAC and government drug and gun running of course don't get the time of day. Same as with the Republicans.

Bill Clinton gets cheered like he's something we should be proud of. Liars, war criminals, thieves and drug smuggling enablers have become the heroes of the deceived.  And just what happened to all that Haitian relief money Billy boy?

America's top rabbi, the ardent zionist David Wolpe, who just so happened to be Mossad asset Monica Lewinski’s former rabbi gave the benediction shortly after Clinton spoke. Monica and her handlers taught Bill and Hillary a little lesson that they dare not deviate from the scripted walk and a little reinforcement is needed every now and then.

We've been warned that there will be small steps taken to criminalize criticism of Israel and corrupt jews until free speech on those issues is gone. It's starting and they've got their foot in the door. If we don/t push back and slam the door hard the muzzle will be forced upon us.
California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism

This is a rather blatant attack on free speech by the California General Assembly—and of course whenever we see attacks on free speech these days, the pro-Israel lobby often is not far away. The measure seems limited in scope; it only deals with California college campuses, and as reported here it is a “non-binding resolution and has no policy mandate.” But the danger, of course, is that if this resolution is passed by both houses of the California State Legislature and then signed by the governor, it will set a bad precedent, and we could see more restrictive measures passed. 

In case you are wondering, Hava Nagila is a popular jewish folk song and is a staple at jewish celebrations and holocau$t museums. It's being hummed in Charlotte just as it was in Tampa.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

" My own mind is my own church"


For his thoughts on religion Thomas Paine is considered everything from a genius to a heretic...and worse. In the United States, The Age of Reason initially caused a deistic "revival", but was then viciously attacked and soon forgotten. Paine became so reviled that he could still be maligned as a "filthy little atheist" by Theodore Roosevelt over one hundred years later.

Sometimes even a 'founding father' gets no respect if he strays from prevailing thought. Romney misquotes Paine and Obama quotes him without mentioning his name.

It seems to me that a well rounded citizen would read Paine objectively and come to their own conclusions but 'Common Sense' appears to have lost much of its luster these days.

Excerpts from The Age of Reason {PDF - complete, all three parts}
I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.

It is impossible to calculate the moral mischief, if I may so express it, that mental lying has produced in society. When a man has so far corrupted and prostituted the chastity of his mind, as to subscribe his professional belief to things he does not believe, he has prepared himself for the commission of every other crime. He takes up the trade of a priest for the sake of gain, and in order to qualify himself for that trade, he begins with a perjury. Can we conceive any thing more destructive to morality than this?

I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.

But, lest it should be supposed that I believe in many other things in addition to these, I shall, in the progress of this work, declare the things I do not believe, and my reasons for not believing them.
When Moses told the children of Israel that he received the two tables of the commandments from the hands of God, they were not obliged to believe him, because they had no other authority for it than his telling them so; and I have no other authority for it than some historian telling me so. The commandments carry no internal evidence of divinity with them; they contain some good moral precepts, such as any man qualified to be a lawgiver, or a legislator, could produce himself, without having recourse to supernatural intervention.

When I am told that the Koran was written in Heaven and brought to Mahomet by an angel, the account comes too near the same kind of hearsay evidence and second-hand authority as the former. I did not see the angel myself, and, therefore, I have a right not to believe it.

When also I am told that a woman called the Virgin Mary, said, or gave out, that she was with child without any cohabitation with a man, and that her betrothed husband, Joseph, said that an angel told him so, I have a right to believe them or not; such a circumstance required a much stronger evidence than their bare word for it; but we have not even this — for neither Joseph nor Mary wrote any such matter themselves; it is only reported by others that they said so — it is hearsay upon hearsay, and I do not choose to rest my belief upon such evidence.

Selected Works of Thomas Paine PDF

Common Sense by Thomas Paine PDF