Friday, September 28, 2012

As a Last Resort

So just what is the last resort of madmen? The unthinkable, the unimaginable? No, it's all been done before and we've all thought of what could be. It's only the scale of horror that varies.

Just how far does Hollywood go in its predictive programming? The latest is ABC's  "Last Resort." A scenario of false flags, rogue military where killing one's own is a means to an end, nuclear war and of course...the good guys.

Are we being played for the future of a military coup with competing factions? Is the show similar to the 'Lone Gunman' 9/11 episode but with a new spin and having Pakistan as the fall guy instead of Iran? The message will never be dead on target, only close.

Perhaps it is as simple as catering to the ever increasing number of 'conspiracy theorists.' Perhaps as we sit on our couches and watch the TV version of beginnings of a real new war we'll be saying "But where are the good guys, that show said there are some." Yeah, where indeed are the 'good guys.'

There's probably no need in watching future episodes of  "Last Resort." This one may be telling us all we will ever need to know...or what the powers that be through their programmers want us to know.


  1. I must say, a very interesting hour of tv. I cannot figure out yet if the producers have an agenda of simply catering to the "conspiracy theorists" or catering to the conspirators. Probably the latter.

  2. And running select clips of this non-stop at your local Wall-Mart getting the sheep prepared.
    Just like 9/11.

  3. I was thinking the same thing Kenny, thanks for the post. Can't help but feel they're telegraphing something...with all the hulabaloo over Bibis cartoon bomb, etc. The tribe would plaster something all over their newspapers that made Bibi look like a fool. I think they put him up there so he can claim that he insisted "Something must be done!"...before they go and do something.

  4. the tribe "wouldn't" plaster, that is.


    Glenn Beck does his best for Israel again. And boy don't those zionists project like a son of a bitch?

  6. "Last Resort" apparently got really bad ratings. Something like a 2.1 or 2.2. I forget how many millions that is but its a pretty weak showing. It will be cancelled soon if the numbers dont pick up.

  7. There is another show on TV right now that I consider predictive programming. The premise is that our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Show is called "Revolution". Truly I wasted about a half hour on it... I would rather read a book than soak in too much Talmudvision.

    1. Talmudvision is for entertaining [PROGRAMMING] the braindeadgoy....

      but how did the braindeadgoy become braindead...?

      [MOSTLY]...not thinking, not critically analyzing the "Jewish" narrative, avoiding examining the OWNERS of the LIE FACTORY {currency printers} with laser beam specificity as to the actual origin of the FIRST LIE....

      {remember 90% of so-called "JEWS" are Ashkenazim "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism}

      ...check out the comments in FORWARD, YNET, ARUTZ SHEVA,....etc...

      here's one...CHOICE

      88. Words and gesture go together...
      The more often I listen to the speech, the more amazed I am about how excellent and unique it was - including the pedagogical-didactical side of it. To read such a mean thing as a "Nazi salute" into a gesture which underlined and illustrated the words of this speech could only have come from an utterly perverse mind and imagination, being completely disconnected from the person and his background. This is not only not worthy of journalism, but I, being a theologian - call it even demonic.
      Dorothea Killus, Germany (28/9/12)

      Happy times in Paris...

      remember the Shoah business...

      ZOG PIGS TRAINED BY ZIONAZI "Israeli's"...DUH !! &

      ...can a Talmudic "Proselyte" from a turko-mongolian "TRIBE" that looks like a DERSHOWITZ {CURDLED YEAST} gain entrance/time travel to Jericho ?

      ....just sayin' Isaiah 4....

      mene mene

    2. I saw maybe 15 minutes of 'Revolution.' Gratuitous killing in a sort of Mad Max world. A poor attempt even for predictive programming.

    3. Watched the first 2 episodes of "Revolution" hoping for a good show in a sea of crap, so far not so good. Ive seen nothing overtly propagandistic yet though. "Last Resort" looks like it absolutely has some sort of agenda, though its only been one episode so I'm not sure precisely what it is yet.

  8. Kenny and switters,

    The farcical Betty Yahoo IS being plastered all over the zionist mudstream media. Wots up wit dat? The Rothschild rulers of the world are planing something (understatement I know). I wonder if israel's number is up and the zionist Rothschilds are going to sacrifice that shitty little country on the grand chess board in order to further their agenda of defrauding all people the people of the world of the land they live on. Like sacrificing a queen in order to check-mate your opponent with your horse.

    That the MSM is ridiculing Nitwityahoo is under Rothschild control. What is the stategy in that? Is israel being goaded into a suicidal attack on Iran? A world war results with israel being blown off the map and the Rothschild zionists somehow using the carnage to set up a one world currency that they issue exclusively. The elders of zionism need the people of the world to accept a one world currency and to accept ceading over all land that is presently owned by individuals or countries. The so called new world order is a 1:99 split where the 1% own all the land and make all the laws and rules. Anyone then challenging the NWO system can be instanting deleted from their monetary system and will not be able to get a legal job. All opposition to the 1% rulers will be sidelined from earning a living. Complain? You don't work or eat. So called useless eaters will also be disposed of. A viable 500,000 is the target total population on earth. Is the sacrifice of israel a chess move to achieve that goal.

    Something isn't making sense in the grand zionist playbook. Why let your owned mudstream scribes lambast your frontman? Rothschild controls the media. Why let the media you own discredit your puppet for a zionist world order?

    The reason those with billions more than they can ever spend in 10 lifetimes are securing more and more money for themselves is because they want to buy the whole world. Ironic because all the money was created out of nothing and usury garantees all the land of the world will gradually be used to pay back the Shylocks. Result is the zionist 1% will own everything everywhere and THEN they can do exactly as they want forever. That's their plan anyway.

    I suspect little israel is going to attack Iran with false promises a la Sadam Hussein's attack on Qatar. As soon as israel attacks Iran the world is going to neutralize israel permanently. What I can't figure out is how this event is going to further the Rothschild zionists plan to take complete ownership of all land in all countries on earth. The Rothschilds don't need any more money - they can print up as much as they need in 194 of 197 countries by way of their ponzi central banks. What they want is the land we are living on. Once they have that everyone will be in reality a slave to the rulers of the NWO.

    How the destruction of israel is going to further their plan I don't understand yet.

    Gladly correct any incorrect assumptions I have made and offer your own explanation of why the zionist media is hanging Yahoo and israel out to dry.

    1. My bad, Kuwait not Qatar was invaded by Sadam in 1990 after he got the 'green-light' from Washington.

    2. April Glaspie, but how did the Khazars turn into all 12 tribes of the Children of Israel ?

      HINT : Israel has never been "Jewish", and "JEWS" cannot be Israel...

      properly defining words assists, and or enables a closer orientation towards a sound logical conclusion...but calling a "Jewish" state [Psychopaths] Israel is like calling an Elephant a Giraffe...

      Just sayin'...

      putting lipstick on a pig wastes fetal tissue...
      as Sam Jackson sez...WTFU....

      TO SEE THE "JEWISH" HOMELAND :{where Chris Matthews Lives}


      See also Ed Asner...

    3. The idea of destroying Israel to further the ruling elite's plans goes back to Albert Pike or whoever wrote the alleged Mazzini letter attributed to him. It's not so far fetched that this could happen. There are almost 6 million Khazarians in Israel now.

      Maybe it's all for fear and we're being played to breathe a sigh of relief when World War III doesn't start. The slow burn and killing would continue. We'll see.


    1. I had seen the video, but not Ken and Max's breakdown of it. I just came across this one today, another one, straight from their own mouths in June.Have you seen it? "James Baker & Hillary Clinton on 06/20/2012, laughing at the thought to destroy Iran." and the full video, mentioning Syria as well.


  11. by Mike Rivero and Snordelhans

    As of this moment I can't access WRH through any means or browser. On the sidebar to the right, direct links from WRH to other sites are OK.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    1. Nope, its working for me. And my computer sucks big time.

    2. It's working now but not because of anything I did to try and fix it.

    3. everyday... till about 5 o'clock p.m. eastern time, i get a google screen that says..we cannot find whatreallyhappened. everyday.

  12. Hey Kenny, I'm not much of a TV watcher, I guess. I watched about 7 minutes of the "Last Resort" video, found it a bit too "Hollywood-ish," and turned it off. That being said, I don't doubt that predictive programming is produced and aired. I did want to thank you, however, for posting the new Snordelhans video, which I hadn't seen yet. Quite interesting. Also, if I may, wanted to ask your opinion of this:

    ...and specifically a video posted there showing the windows of Building 7 being blown out by what seem to be internal explosions. It's one I hadn't seen before, although some of the comments on YouTube are of the opinion that it's fake. You and the readers here at this web site are probably better experts on 9/11 than I ever will be, so thought perhaps I would check in here before posting it.

    1. I do think the WTC7 video in question is fake. It's been around a while and debunked by more than a few. None of the other videos of WTC7 show what this one does.

      While on the subject, I'm very skeptical of pakalertpress. Some good articles, some suspect. Too many Sorcha Faal postings over the years, many of them without even mentioning where they came from although they do seem to cite the Faal source now. They deleted every comment I ever made there, none were antagonistic, only asking questions about some of their sources. Maybe someone else has an opinion on pakalert?

    2. "Lone Gunmen" is the most obvious example of what you speak Richard. I own the entire series DVD. Its a legit good show that only lasted one season. X-Files spinoff show actually. The pilot episode is about a rogue gov group remotely hijacking planes and flying them into the WTC. Seems like more of a warning than anything to be honest.

      The WTC7 video is probably too good to be true. I actually spoke to a woman at work on Friday about WTC7 and also about Oswald being a patsy. I love fucking peoples minds up with truth. I told her to go home, go on Youtube and watch a video about WTC7 and the Oswald-"Im just a patsy" clip. I also had to set her straight on her irrational fear of muslims(she also got on Obama for not wearing a flag pin. I explained "jingoism" to her as well). It felt good to reach one person and make them think but also depressing at the same time because she is only one of many who need to be woken up. We are surounded by zombies. Always be vocal and bold. We need to lead the way.

  13. Hey Kenny

    thanks for stopping by and thanks for the hat tip too!
    Regarding the Ambassador's funeral???
    It's a big question.
    I replied at my place there has been no news in Canada regarding a funeral
    Anything being reported locally in the US?
    From where the family, extended or otherwise resides?

    Should you come across anything will you stop by and let me know?
    I would appreciate it

    1. I did a fairly extensive search for Steven's funeral before I left the comment at your place and could find nothing.

      It could be as simple as the family not wanting the publicity or it could be something else altogether.

      If anyone reading here finds something out, please let Penny or me know.

    2. Another Ken Lay fake death? Its entirely possible.

  14. Kenny, Anon, thanks for responding. I will not post the video. Kenny, I too have noticed that Pakalert is very much a mixed bag, and yeah, I've also seen the Sorcha Faal posts there (extremely repellent). Anon, at the risk of having them think I'm crazy, I, too, try and occasionally talk about some of this stuff with people I work with. It's like--sometimes you get through to a degree, sometimes not.

    1. Oh I know that some people come away thinking I'm crazy. I also know that I plant some seeds. I try not to care what people think about me. I love your site by the way.

  15. "Netanyahu praised the Canadian government’s decision to sever ties with Iran during his meeting with Harper on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday.

    'I want to express my pleasure at seeing Stephen Harper again. He's proved he's a real statesman, and Stephen, I think that what you did, severing ties with Iran, was not only an act of statesmanship, but an act of moral clarity,' said Netanyahu."

    Fuck Harper.

    Do something really worthwhile you sabbat's goy - sever all ties with apartheid israel!

    A very un-proud Canadian

    1. "A very un-proud Canadian"

      I hear ya Mouser

  16. The UN is set to hold debates to consider whether several global taxes including a carbon tax and financial transaction tax to fund Agenda 21 initiatives.

    Hell no. A tax to fund the establishment of Rothschilds' NWO?

    Are you f*cking kidding me?

    Digging our own graves? Unf*cking believable!

    1. Al Gore is 100% a Rothschild lackySeptember 30, 2012 at 5:33 PM

      Carbon tax - for what? What a load of propaganda global warming is, just look a their 17 bathrooms frontman.

      Agenda 21 - bollocks. The people own the land not the corrupt governments and not the zionist international bankers.

    2. Maybe some good news on the Al Gore front.

      "Al Gore’s Current TV was on life support even before it fired its only bankable star, Keith Olbermann, in March following a set of battles. Reuters reported earlier this year that Current TV’s audience had fallen enough that cable giant Time Warner Cable would have the right to discontinue the channel. Gore does not have the pocket depth to keep a network with limited prospects going."

      I'm looking forward to a good laugh. Let's hope it happens.