Saturday, September 1, 2012

They Should Have Hired Experienced Professionals

Saturday 01 September 2012

The demolition of an old Philips office in Eindhoven, Holland at the weekend was only a partial success, after part of the building refused to collapse.

It is not yet clear what went wrong, local media reported. According to Nos television, the building had been due to collapse yn its entirety in an easterly direction.

A large crowd had turned out to watch the 70-metre high tower brought down. The demolition company charged with the task had drilled 400 holes into the structure and loaded it with 100 kilos of dynamite.

People living in 30 homes close to the tower, who had been evacuated as a precaution, will now not be allowed back into their homes until further notice.
(Failed) demolition of the Philips VH Building, Eindhoven  {another view}

When it comes to demolitions, you get what you pay for.


  1. Talk about getting what you pay for...Bankers and their lackeys, politicians and the media- the professional destroyers, the 'experts' in the controlled demolition of countries, hope for payback on their investment.

    "Manufacturing Dissent is a documentary about the psychological-warfare by the media and political establishment of the west and their allies aimed at facilitating the US, European and Israeli agenda of getting rid of the current Syrian government. It demonstrates how the media has directly contributed to the bloodshed in Syria."

    h/t Richard Edmondson

  2. Its this kind of obvious shit that makes me most angry. "Professionals" screw up a structure like this but planes and office fires(and no plane in the case of WTC7) were able to cleanly and fully demolish the buildings on 9/11. We are fucked as a people because obvious truths like this are able to buried. I feel so hopeless when seeing such obvious lies. We had a chance with 9/11 truth. It was such a horrific but obvious pack of lies that if exposed could have brought down the whole rotten system. Instead we as a people(not all of us obviously) let them shove those lies down our collective throats. Shame on us as much as shame on the people who did this to us. Sorry for the rant, I'm pissed off.

    1. Nothing to be sorry about. Getting mad about it all is about all we have left.

    2. Anger is a gift:

    3. Even if you dont like Rage this is worth watching to see the police state in action. Its only gotten worse since 2000:

  3. It's the dust...

    anyone who has ever swung a sledgehammer at concrete, or just superficially dabled in physics can easily understand the dynamics...

    take the Emet Group....reported by Joel C. Rosenberg in - 18 August 2001....

    and Elie Cohn...."Our" man in Damascus...

    or Eric Amblers' - The Levanter...

    America needs an education on the what temperature STEEL MELTS

    How Concrete turns to DUST...and what TRIBE are the KHAZARS allegedly from anyway...?

    it has been quite a year for celstial events...the view of the Solar Eclipse on the Santa Susana's was spectacular...

    What time is it anyway...?

    ashes to ashes.....dust to dust...

    hit it Neil...

    puff, puff, pass . . .

    working it here boss,

    1. working it here too boss :-)

  4. Controlled Demolitions Inc did the 911 clean up. This fact leads to the conclusion that they also did the demolition, (They are 1 of 2 companies in the world capable of the 911 demolitions)

    Here is a likely scenario- CDI did the set up and demolition without any payment, then they over charge NYC for the clean up and inflate the tonage of debris removed - this way they would be compensated off the record and there would be no record of any demolition job

    1. What about Suter and the Urban Moving Systems boys? They clearly played a role as well.

  5. heh - there's the problem - the people. Lets face it- if you want to blow something up properly, that's something you don't need to give a toss about. Hell you can put enough power in there to create pyroclastic flows if you want to, but not if you have to keep people in the area safe. Yes, even after the event:-)



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