Monday, March 25, 2013


This year's Seder sponsored by Maxwell House, Kosher taxed to the last drop

In 1977, Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin visited Egypt's National Museum in Cairo and stated "We built the pyramids."

Begin loved the myths and talked them up.

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."

The slavery, Moses, plagues, passover and exodus tall tales have scarred the minds of the masses for a long time now. It continues at the White House to this very day.
After enjoying Seders with family and friends in Chicago and on the campaign trail, I’m proud to have brought this tradition into the White House,” Obama said Wednesday during a speech in Jerusalem. “I did so because I wanted my daughters to experience the Haggadah and the story at the center of Passover that makes this time of year so powerful.”
There is the idea that Barry's mother was jewish so that could explain passing the myths down to the kids. Or maybe he's just following orders.

There also used to be this idea of separation of synagogue and state but that doesn't seem to apply anymore.

The passover tale is a strange one. The blood thirsty Hebrew god kills all the first born Egyptians so his chosen ones can be free to kill others. It goes downhill from there. A classic example of man creating a psychotic god in his own image. I think I'll pass it over.

"Let my people go." No Passover Seder would be complete without clips from Charlton Heston and Louie Armstrong and Bob Marley.


  1. So, when G_d passed over the homes of the Hebrews, did G_d drop them each a can of Maxwell House? Just wondering how this tradition got started.

    1. Maybe Maxwell House was termed manna in the OT? If the Israelites could dodge the cans falling from the sky, it gave them a boost in all of their wanderings.

      Actually I think it was an early Edward Bernays type advertising ploy to a targeted audience.


    So all the Russian oligarchs got there money out of Cyprus during the bank holiday. Plus all savers under 100,000 euro are exempt.

    Translation: This was a staged event to get the world to think/accept a movement into SDR's which are fractionally backed by gold (20-30%). 10 billion euro ($13 billion) is just a rounding error. US Fed central bank pumps in $85 billion every month.

    This event was to scare the world into Rothschild controlled SDR's. SDR's are still a fractionally backed currency loaned at interest by the zionist bankers. So SDR's are not going to repair the debt crisis in the long run.

    Usury and fractional banking needs to be disbanded entirely. SDR's are only a temporary fix.

  3. 'Pass it over' is a good plan of action. I'll join you.

    Isn't it nice to see more and more jewish traditions incorporated into the WH? We really need to, by law, create a 'Jewish History Month' (has to be a 31 day month during the school year) where the little ones can study the Chosens for 1 month straight. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't happened yet, unless they are afraid the WRONG history might be taught.

    Since you included Bob Marley's 'Exodus', I have to show you this link I stumbled across a few days ago: The 'Artie Semite' ( a cute play on words, no?)

    Bitchin! Jews showin' the blacks that they both share a common pain of 'enslavement' (despite the fact that the jew enslaved the African!!)

    Gotta reinventing the show! :)

  4. it's an either or situation...

    the opposite of truth is promoted by an entity that prints currency and owns the media and operates a crack house called CONGRESS

    have they influenced the "Narrative" since oh...say 1500BC...

    can an individual determine objective truth by subjective feelings based on a contrived and maligned faux-narrative..?

    [who pays the scribes]

    does the universe swirl around how a single dingbat feels about objective validity ...?

    [ye shall be as gods]

    chances are truth isn't going to change to please an ignorant fool who won't actually do an objective analysis of FACTS...

    one undeniable truth is you now have synagogue and state as a single entity....
    how did that happen...even Mickie Kapner agrees with that even if he won't admit that the Khazars didn't have a time machine....

    there is no historical proof of any Khazar Proselytes in Egypt...being "Jewish".

    there were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament

    what percentage of the "Jewish" state is comprised of Ashkenazim "KHAZAR" proselyte "Jews" ?

    why is truth avoided by some instead of embraced

    seriously, are sodomites really happy because they call themselves gay, and when did it become unlawful for a man to have more than one wife if the LAW required a man to "wed" his brothers wife if his brother died...

    and where did "we" get our PROBATE LAW...?

    yeah this swirling pit of "Jew" worship really does seem to be a bottomless pit, wanna raise your debt limit ?

    Passover that...

    1. Beware of zionists offering a solution to the fiat crisis with MORE fractionally backed money created out of thin air and loaned to all governments at interest. Beware of anything like a SDR - it is just more zionist debt slavery disguised as financial freedom.

      Usury and central private fractional banking must end before the wars can. All wars ARE bankers' wars.

    2. "All wars ARE bankers' wars."

      Case in point: CAR invasion by USrael/NATO

  5. The zionist international bankers headquartered in the City of London are DELIBERATELY trying to cause chaos in the financial world - Cyprus is only 'chumpchange' in their world.

    "Central Bankers Want World Economic Chaos

    By initiating the economic turmoil that’s unfolding, London’s financial Wizards of Oz open the gate and stake out two roads through the inevitable chaos when it occurs (1) to a new world paper currency which they will control and (2) to a “new world government” with themselves in charge of earth’s food, fiber, water, land, money, minerals, industry, information, people, jobs, hope, militaries, and government; having foreclosed on what resources they didn’t already own.

    If this doesn’t occur with Cyprus, they will stair-step up to the next country; then others until the pressure builds, the bank runs start, and global chaos emerges.

    A deliberate economic collapse.

    These bankers aren’t dumb. They initiated the current financial panic in Cyprus knowing full well the possible outcomes; not caring if Cyprus officials gave it a thumb up or down; could buy the island for chump change in their world.

    No, they wanted to scare the bejeebers out of average bank depositors with a message from Cyprus that everyone could understand in case they missed IMF Global’s billion dollar confiscation of all of its depositors’ money. That message was: “Organized financial criminals can steal your bank deposits with no repercussions.”

    Know where the IMF Global citizen deposits wound up?


    The politicians?

    Their insatiable greed has already piled wood around their stakes and tied them and the governments they were elected to represent to it—neither being of further use to the bankers. Let their citizens have their way . . .

    The world financial shakedown and takedown by master Shylocks is under way."

    1. This is all planned down to the minute and pennyMarch 26, 2013 at 12:01 PM

      I want a bank run, please pull your money from your bank, then the system will sieze up, then I can ride to the rescue with my privately issued, partially gold-backed one world currency - and then my precious, I have all of you in the palm of my hand.

      Evelyn Bauer

    2. This guy makes some good points but moving towards a 'Bolshevik' type revolution may not be the best idea. We know how that ended up. A repeat may be in the making. Somehow we need a better approach to the coming chaos other than falling for 'solutions' that will leave the same ones at the top of the crime pyramid.

    3. This guy (in the video) has it wrong. The Russian oligarchs (mostly zionists) were given a full week (5 banking days) to get all their money out of the Cyprus banks through the banks' London and Moscow afiliates. So almost all accounts over 100,000 euros are empty. The under 100,000 savers are exempt.

      This whole event is to get people all over the world to pull their money out of the bank. This will cause the system to grind to a screaching halt in five days flat. Then Rothschild banksters will proffer their private partially gold-backed new world currency as the Hegelian solution after crisis and response (fear and bank-run).

      I agree a different response than accepting a privately controlled one world currency is needed - otherwise it is out of the frying pan into the zionist fire for everyone on earth.

    4. The term "Bolshevik revolution" is an oxymoron.

      In Russia <2% of the population who were Khazarian "jews" killed the czar and his family including children, rose to 83% of the government representitives and then genocided 66 million orthodox christians between 1917 - 1953.

      It was NOT a revolution. It was a zionist organised folk murder. See Juri Lina for the true history.

    5. agreed, 'under the sign of the scorpion' is a must read. Russian 'revolution'? Translation- 'gentiles should not be allowed to own real estate' All private property was lost to the new 'state' and decades later sold to well conected insiders. That heist coincided with the federal reserve heist. Let's be clear - in russia there was no revolution, just mass murder,mayhem, slave labor, land grab

  6. New World Order currency coming (maybe)March 26, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    The original plan of the European Union and the Euro was a test run by Rothschild of the new world order.

    But it did not work. Here's the really crazy part. The Rothschildeans decided to change the plan midstream because it was falling as a test run and to deliberately sink the SS Euro and force all the passengers to seek refuge on the SS SDR.

    Rothschild is sinking the Euro to FORCE the whole world to jump aboard the SS SDR.

    Think it will work? The Euro didn't, why does Evelyn think the SDR will? Or is it just psychopathological, maniacal wishful thinking?

    Watch the zionist Rothschild bankers try to force the whole world onto SDRs out of fear.

    I wonder what Ladbrokes is giving for odds on this one?

    1. Speaking of psychopaths! This one hour lecture is superb.
      4% of the population have psychopathology.
      They are everywhere, most are not serial killers.

  7. Said one frog to the other: "My, is this water getting hot or what?"

    Did you see that story about the remodeling job at the Tennessee state capitol that had lawmakers bent out of shape because a deep mop tub used by janitors looked like a 'Moozie' foot bath to some elected clowns?

    WWIII here we come, bankers are going to have some fun!

    1. Yeah, I saw it. Just when you think the crazed couldn't get any crazier, they do.

      One the other hand the old adage 'Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and then' applies at times. The legislature is taking up the issue of forced fluoridation. The so called 'progressives' are making fun of this too.

      As I mentioned on a previous thread, a constitute of one of the Repub reps wrote the legislation and convinced the rep to introduce it. The guy who wrote it was an activist, not from some neocon special interest group and knows the science and the scam.

      The acorns are there if the blind pigs just keep on digging.


    Rothschild revealed to tableguests over lunch today at the City of London men's club he is willing to seize the assets of savers in as many banks as necessary in order to foment a lack of faith in the present banking system and an allout bankrun. The Rothschilds are poised through their world bank and BIS gold bullion deposits to issue a new fractionally backed gold currency which they issue and control as the solution to the bank disaster they are causing.

    "We have been planning a one world currency for decades and we see 2013 as the right time to take control of the world's currency."

    Rothschild went on to say he felt his family's half quadrillion in assets was more than enough to base the economic future of the world. "Who else could conquer the world with debt?" Sir Rothschild added he would welcome the responsibility of exchequier of the world.

    "The sooner we can cause panic and savers emptying their accounts the sooner we can offer a solution to the problem we have orchestrated".