Sunday, March 31, 2013

Roll Away the Stone

I hope everyone has the chance to gather with friends and family on this day. It will also be an opportunity to mention an important aspect of the complete story that is still applicable if we are ever to achieve peace on earth...the casting out of the money changers. Usury and money manipulation as a tool to enslave us is mostly misunderstood. It's past time to correct these misunderstandings and move towards solutions that are both ethical and spiritual.

One of my favorite 'hymns,' Roll Away the Stone.....



  1. Happy Easter Kenny

    Leon was very influential.

    I wonder if Leon ghost wrote 'Beware of Darkness'?

  2. Justice Scalia has dramatically resigned from the Supreme Court. Drama fraud con made a big show for the media, denouncing sick America! He knows he has rolled away a judicial stone so Obama can now appoint another malicious Jew in his place. Scalia even taunted Justice Thomas to resign, too. A completely fraudulent court already, it will become the court of America's killing dictator's dream.

    1. Yeah, that's a pretty good April Fools satire.

  3. Augureye ExpressApril 1, 2013 at 2:59 AM

    "if by this late date you still don't see anything drastically wrong going on simply everywhere you look, indeed if you aren't outraged at these atrocities then I accept that you never will, & refuse to waste any more precious time trying to wake your ass up. It's that definition of insanity thing, you understand. With the amount and frequency of truly insane behavior we're witnessing across the planet, to not recognize that insanity is, well, insane. And is it any wonder what with all the nasty toys the powers that be are using against us that are designed to interrupt and mess with the normal functioning of the brain? HAARP facilities (there are many), GWEN towers, electromagnetic soup from cell phones, smart meters, psionic devices, scalar technology, and these are just some of the ones we know about. If these are not common terms to you by now...get googling! Just as the chemtrails make us sick, weak, and lethargic, these technologies give us headaches, confusion, depression, fear of insanity, & hostility. Toss in constant poisoning from fluoridated water, GMO food-like-products, Fracking, & of course the aforementioned radioactive fallout from Fukushima: and maybe it becomes clear that we are all not just mad here, we are dying the death of a thousand cuts here, and in some kind of macabre death ritual, we are dancing with the elephant in the room."

    1. Ain't it the truth.....

    2. Amen, friend!

      How to make the blind see?


  4. Mind control is realApril 1, 2013 at 5:03 AM

  5. great musical memories. thanks. leon russel. lovely. rolling a joint listening, and having my morning cup of mud. yoga nidra and leon russel. hehe. wtf. how did we get here. last time i checked i had a mohawk and was listening to the dead kennedys, trying to get the dead memories of a failed south american adventure, courtesy of uncle sam, outta my head. now here i am listening to leon russel, contemplating yoga nidra, reading a bunch of old fucks. i'm one of them old fucks now. hehe. cheers you old fuckers. you made it.

  6. In 74 years we havent learned a thingApril 1, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    On April 9, 1939, Catholic priest Father Charles E. Coughlin broadcast his Easter Sunday message via his weekly radio program, to the people of the United States. As a preface to his Easter message, Fr. Coughlin warned his listeners of an impending world war involving Europe (World War II, which started in short order just as he had predicted). During the months prior to this Easter Sunday message, Fr. Coughlin had broadcast what was characterized as a very controversial series of thirteen weeks of hour-long radio programs, in which Fr. Coughlin refuted false claims of anti-semitism against him, and educated the public about the athiestic Jews funding and promoting communism worldwide. He also condemned the system of the private federal reserve, banks whose monetary policies are enslaving the people. He mentioned the Rothschilds specificlly, and insisted that the American people must heed the founding fathers edict of limited government refraining from foreign entanglements.

    1. Fr John Sheehan SJ also said at a later date: "Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think, that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."

  7. A great video for John Friend and company.

    The enemy is not the Blacks or Latinos or Asians: the enemy is the zionist jews.

    The "jews" are NOT a race, they are a religion. 95% of world "jewry" including israel are not semitic, hebrew or judaic - they have zero right to genocide the Palestinians off their own land. The Palestinians ARE semitic.

  8. When Jesus threw the 'money changers' out of the temple he must have had a good reason, provided it's a true story and even if not he should have. So they, the money changers, took their nefarious business practices to indigenous cultures all over the world under many disguises. Christ consciousness means nothing to them.

    Fast forward, trying to comprehend what's going on in Cyprus, my level of tolerance is diminishing. The 'money changers' at it again. Just a little time difference of a couple of thousand years, but who cares, right?

    The parasitic nature of the joo-mind-set has become pretty obvious. But they have no right to the Palestinian land between Euphrate and Tigris and beyond. They are imposters making their way through history by lies and deception.

  9. is it the language...?

    can we argue about what is highly irrelevant for another 2,000 years..?

    isn't a conditioned response a de facto admission of PROGRAMMING....seriously

    why don't we focus like a laser beam on making the parasitical currency printers and media owners approaching into a

    GIANT OVEN OF TRUTH so blindingly WHITE HOT they vaporize instantly on entering the OVENS OF TRUTH....

    somebody stole the was his disciples...they rolled away the stone

    means - MOTIVE - opportunity...

    N Korea...



    A documentary revealing oil and gas companies are fracking and poisoning the drinking water all over America.

    They are lying for money.


      Any person with a modicum of curiosity and intelligence must hugely suspect that the Louisianna sinkhole was caused by FRACKING.

    2. Fracking causes congenital mutations in the species (including man) who are exposed the the aliphatic hydrocarbons. Think DU but oil based.
      You will get mutations, cancers and death - guaranteed.


      Fish deformities linked to oil pollution in US and Alberta.

      Fracking will KILL YOU - just say NO!

  11. The UN is Rothschild NWOApril 3, 2013 at 6:52 PM

    In January 1994, Lt. Col. Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian officer commanding the UN contingent in Rwanda, learned that the Hutu-dominated regime was planning to massacre the Tutsi population. He sent an urgent fax to UN headquarters requesting permission to disarm the government-backed militias by raiding their arms caches. He wasn’t allowed to take this pre-emptive action, because the UN’s self-assigned mandate called for civilian disarmament, not the disarmament of government operatives.


    Less than three months later, the massacre began – a 100-day orgy of bloodshed in which roughly one million people were slaughtered. Most were hacked to death with machetes – but behind the machete-wielding goons were government troops, police, and militiamen armed with guns. Dallaire’s troops did nothing to protect the victims; indeed, many of them were butchered as well.

    The UN official who was given advance warning of the massacre, and ordered Dallaire not to take any preventive action, was Kofi Annan – who at the time was undersecretary general for peacekeeping operations. In the finest tradition of Soviet career advancement, Annan was rewarded with a promotion to Secretary General, and eventually received the Nobel Peace Prize.