Friday, April 19, 2013

Soft Martial Law Works. What's Next?

more photos of the occupation

And the lord said...

"In the name of terrorism thou shalt comply."

One day of voluntary martial law as asked for by officials was easy. Saying a 19 year old terrorist may kill you is all it took. "The most wanted man on the planet." he was called.

Good god, with these magic muslims it takes thousands of heavily armed lawmen to take down just of couple of them....with citizen help of course.

Officials announce...
"You've all been good little Indians and stayed on the reservation today so now we'll let you go out and get a six pack."

Conditioning is a slow one step at a time process. Today was a large step. The test was successful. The next test will be even more intense.

On a personal note, we have been babysitting a one year old boy who is in our extended family. He is a wonderful little person. Innocent and curious. I'm concerned for his future.




    Leave it to "former NSA" to nail this one! SCREW YOU FBI

    These three "police officers" were the STARS of Sandy Hook. So why then are they ALL at the finish line in Boston when the gig goes down? WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR BACK PACKS AS THEY RUN FROM THE SCENE?.


  2. "On a personal note, we have been babysitting a one year old boy who is in our extended family. He is a wonderful little person. Innocent and curious. I'm concerned for his future."

    And that's the single greatest reason to resist this entity that is judaism.

    Our great-grandfathers failed, but a few of them did what they could to lay a foundation.
    Our grandfathers failed, but a few of them used that foundation and added the frame.
    We're pulling the hard duty. Because our common enemy has greatly increased its power and scope.

    Yet, as their old testiment teaches: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
    For a long time David has been a hero of theirs.
    Yet now they are Goliath.
    If we are to use their story, we now possess the power of their King.

    More are awakening.

    We should feel inspired.

    We possess the rock. We just have to figure out the way to throw it with power and accuracy.

  3. Boston false flag.

    Two young innocent patsies.

    "Show me the evidence." Aunt of the accused

    What total zionist bullshit from A to Z.

  4. Classmates: Bomb suspect was on campus this week

    DARTMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth this week after the explosions killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, his classmates told The Associated Press on Friday

    Students said Tsarnaev lived on the third floor of the Pine Dale dormitory. Harry Danso, who lives on the same floor, told the AP he saw him in a dorm hallway this week after the bombings.

    "He was regular, he was calm," said Danso, who described Tsarnaev as a quiet kid who would sometimes ask him for a homework assignment.

    Sonia Ribeiro, 19, of Boston, was in a philosophy class with Tsarnaev. She also said he was on campus this week, although not in class.

    "He was laid back. I would never expect this at all from him," she said.

    OOPS, who let this gem out? Better stick to ZNN and FUXD for your daily ZioCON updates, GOYIM!

  5. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick take the Patriots and win the Super Bowl that's all that matters in Boston lmao

    1. Yeah. That's Effing important. LMAO...or is it LAMO?

  6. The informally, but identically uniformed men with black backpacks seen at the Boston bomb site just before the explosion have been possibly identified as CRAFT contractors(?)or private mercenaries. However, there are youtube videos identifying these men as Navy SEALS because of the similar logo on their caps. Because of this, Navy SEALS are being blamed for planting the Boston bombs, not CRAFT. Would any real SEAL stand for being blamed for the bombings because of the skull logo, if they were actually innocent? Are SEALS traitors to their country, or not? They should prove their own patriotism by using their own specialized, military skills to deal with the real Boston bombers.

  7. I had driven down to Philly, PA. There were military checkpoints and even stops coming up. I was smoking furious pissed. The Gulf of Tonkin never was a real event, but was the cause of 10 years of war in Vietnam. The ATF faced budget cuts then came the Oklahoma City Bombing. Sept 10, 2001, Rumsfeld was on the hot seat for the Pentagon's lost 2.3 Trillion "lost" taxpayer dollars. Then Fast and Furious and much more over the years. The more the officials kill and bomb innocent civilians the more power and money they get.

    We're getting the shaft at geometrically increasing speed. It won't be long from when UN helicopters will be machine gun platforms for shooting at us as we are seen from the air. Drones will bomb. The US is a warzone under Martial Law. International Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime have declared their secret war on us decades ago. We the people are just going to have this war in our face soon.

    The authorities will continue to push to the maximum that we the people will accept. It is time to say "when".

  8. i have children...and grandchildren....i feel the same way... intense concern...this has left me with a very bad that doesn't go away. sigh...

  9. How they faked the blast victims. Photo evidence as it happened. Somebody got it on camera!

    Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?
    POSTED BY BMAN ⋅ APRIL 20, 2013 ⋅
    Digger shared a link [ ]with me that contains a sequence of events from a video that focuses on the double amputee that supposedly had his legs blown off. I want to share those with you here and ask you, especially if you have any trauma medical background (in the Armed Forces or ER or whatever), what is wrong with these pictures? (pictures and narrative by Fist-Of-Freedom)

    I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

  10. "The so-called national debt is a scam and a fraud. This debt is a scam, is fraudulent and can be cancelled anytime Congress exercises its Constitutional power properly to exercise its responsibilities to produce and distribute real money, not imaginary private central bank notes from a central banks which is pretending to be a USG agency when it is nothing but a private corporation owned by foreign Banksters from the City of London."

    The US national debt can never, ever be repaid - no matter what. Nevertheless, the banking system of the Fed and private banks can sieze ALL your money and property trying. :)


    Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
    Frame 14

    Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
    Frame 20

    These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.

  12. Monsanto bombs fertilizer factory?April 21, 2013 at 11:26 AM

    Fertilizer plant in Waco was suing Monsanto, you know the one that blew up.

  13. " have done latex appliances for cheap horror movies and my trade is SFX and game development. Those skin flaps are latex appliances. The blood is too bright red. I would have sent the fake blood back to the bench for an addition of a darker pigment in the blue or purple range. Goddamned black ops idiots have not a real artist amongst them. To them red is red. To me red is an entire range of colors with various specular powers. The specular highlights are way too strong for real blood which also has a subsurface scattering component to it which is totally lacking in these photos. To create a proper blood shader for 3D SFX you need the subsurface scattering of light in the luminance or incandescent channel of the shader or it looks like paint or plastic with only a surface specular…just like the photos look like paint. No doubt in my mind these are faked. I was also a CAF medic in my younger days trained in battlefield triage. These EMT’s are correct."

  14. Did they cut his tongue out too?April 21, 2013 at 1:56 PM

    "Dr. Kevin (Ilan) Tabb, president and CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston told the Israeli website Ynetthat Tsarnaev is in stable condition but that because of wounds to his throat, he may never be able to speak again."

  15. watch:!

  16. "Bend over Rover and let Obama take over"

    Sorry, Jimi Hendrix.

  17. Dozens of officers and federal officials moved into the backyard on foot and as they neared the boat, Tsarnaev suddenly moved from his hiding place and raised his hand. He looked to be holding something.

    >Maybe surrendering?

    Immediately, officials opened fire. Officers backed off, keeping a distance of about 30 feet from the boat.

    Worried that Tsarnaev might be wearing an explosive device, police brought in an armored vehicle, equipped with a robot that could peel back the wrap covering the boat for the winter.

    >Why am I thinking overkill?

    The standoff lasted nearly two hours, as officers watched the boat closely. “No movement,” they would report occasionally.

    As the guy was bleeding inside the boat - almost as if they were waiting it out until he WAS dead!

    Then, Tsarnaev stirred. He held his hands up. He was covered in blood.

    >Yeah, police and authorities are now saying he shot himself in the neck in some sort of suicide attempt. Puhleeze! Right after a barrage of bullets?

    Not taking any chances, officers began to hit the boat with flash grenades (sic), which emit a loud blast and a bright light designed to disorient suspects.

    They used at least a dozen of the devices, trying to ensure as much as possible that Tsarnaev would be too stunned to fight back. SWAT officers then swarmed the boat.

    From what I am gathering here HE NEVER EVEN FIRED BACK! And yet they DID ALL THIS?

    >And what the web article added:

    Also Saturday, federal authorities swept through the same New Bedford residence that they had searched the day before in relation to the manhunt for Tsarnaev. But this time, they left with two men in custody.

    A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement would only say, “ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents arrested two foreign nationals this afternoon in New Bedford, Mass. These individuals were arrested on administrative immigration violations.” No other information was released.


    >"I cannot discuss these two israelis connection to the Boston bombing - information about these men is classified for national security."

  18. "Not taking any chances, officers began to hit the boat with flash grenades (sic), which emit a loud blast and a bright light designed to disorient suspects."

    Are these what were used in Boston? Were these what were in those black backpacks? In the pics of the fake victims being readied for show, there were quite a few disoriented looking persons next to the fake victims who were NOT messed up or bloodied in any way. That would not be possible if they were all together when a bomb exploded. Where are these close-by witnesses who were not hurt?

  19. Hey everyone. Been in and out with no time to respond individually. I appreciate the continuing narrative and links. We seen to be in a psyops that has no end and even though it's absurdly's working. Sort of. As long as we still have a voice, there's still a chance the whole charade may fall apart.

    1. Mr. Yan Von SkarskargardApril 21, 2013 at 10:58 PM

      On the first day of media coverage, they were even referring to the government's temporary 'command post' or whatever as the "SYOP". wink wink

  20. Netanyahu Aide: Boston Will Boost Israel Support

    Ron Dermer, a diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston marathon bombings would increase American support for Israel - just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

    Dermer made his remarks last Wednesday, two days after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding nearly 200 more. Dermer, considered one of Netanyahu’s closest associates, is currently on vacation, after having finished his stint as a senior adviser at the Prime Minister’s Bureau.

    “The bulk of the American people stand firmly with Israel and identify with Israel,” Dermer said, in a video filmed by blogger Jacob Kornbluh. “If you can look, historically, there was a big change after 9/11, and I am sure that after the tragic bombing in Boston, people will identify more with Israel and its struggle against terrorism and we can maintain that support.”

    As in any more proof was needed to show that the BFF was pulled off by Israel.

  21. Kenny

    Checkout Flicker account of hahatango. He has 150+ photos of the pre and post bombing. In particular DSC03172.
    Lower left if you don't notice it. I am not sure if the Vogt/Bauman thing is real but that photo is interesting because it is so close to the action. Why tie up a wheelchair and emergency medical responder to make a phone call.

    The guy who just happened to snap a single photo with his cell phone that showed the younger brother leaving the area. David Green is supposedly a businessman from Jacksonville, FL. You can see his Facebook page by searching "Daggerjax" and not David Green. There you will see he is founder and CEO of 110% Play Harder and its web site. They don't show where the business is located but only where the sports clothing can be found. If you search you won't find any company doing business as 110% Play Harder nor will you find any such business by David Green. He texted to his photo to Jason Lubin but Jason is not a good enough friend as a friend to be on his facebook friends list.

  22. White House Spokesman Jay Carney said a media briefing “We will process this terrorist through our system of justice”.

    So he is already a "terrorist" without ever having set a foot in court? Justice? What a travesty of truth the USA has become. America, you are lost.

    These two brothers never bombed or killed anyone.


  23. I refer to comments and links posted at
    and at

    The brothers appear to have been set up by their FBI handlers so they could be at the right place to get their pics. They didn't do the bombs, but somebodies official did. With all the official spotters and bomb sniffing dogs, only officials would appear to be non-suspicious, especially since the bomb drill had to have a "cue event." If there were actually real bomb explosions which caused real trauma wounds, why did the fake victims still act? When responders came to their aid, how could they know which injured to help immediately? There was a special medical tent staffed by at least one doctor(Jewish?) that was there to aid runner recovery. A trauma drill has to replicate a real event, so medical responders had to have been a part of the drill plan. The doctor stated that when he heard the explosions, he expected many casualties. He went to give help. Could he have known immediately who were real victims, and who were not? Or would he have been expecting only fakes, being part of the official drill plan?

    1. Protocols move forwardApril 22, 2013 at 3:21 PM

      My theory:

      Bomb number 1 (near the finish line) was a smoker out of the inside of Lens Crafters shop. Actors, red paint, amputees. Fake.

      Bomb number 2 (one block from the finish line) was real in a backpack placed on the ground by Mossad/FBI.

      The brothers are patsies. Paid by the FBI to show up at the BFF. They placed no knapsacks or bombs anywhere, ever.

      The Craft operators were contracted by the FBI and tipped off there was a bomb threat. They were there to increase security.

      The two bombs were a trap for truth seekers since the fakery of bomb nr 1 would cause a generalisation that bomb nr 2 was also fake. Bomb nr 2 did explode in a crowd and kill 3 and injure over a hundred.

      The brothers and Craft were ALL patsies which were photographed to yield maximum confusion of the truth.

      Mossad and FBI did it. Multilayered. Mossad police coming from israel to put it all to bed.


    2. Protocols, You may have come very close to what actually happened.


    "If this is not the most amateurish production in American “black op” history, I cannot imagine what comes close. There can be no doubt that the authorities want to claim the case is closed before more Americans wake up and smell the stench. It is embarrassing that an event of this clumsy character should be swallowed by any American–not to mention the blatancy of the hoax being promoted by all of our television networks, without exception. This is a major scandal, where no one capable of thought should be taken in:

    The man in hood sets up the fake leg wound prosthetics. Notice the absence of blood. With an injury of this magnitude, if you lose both legs from explosive trauma, half your blood is gone in one minute and you are dead in two. This man, Nick Vogt, survived because he actually lost his legs in combat in Afghanistan.

    If this man had really lost his legs due to blunt force trauma, there would have been blood everywhere. The victim would have been drenched with it. Here not even a tourniquet is applied to staunch arterial bleeding. And the others are treated first, before he receives any attention. The bombing was staged."


    This story is coming apart faster than a cheap suit.

    BOSTON — The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings remained under heavy guard in a hospital Saturday, with an injury to his neck complicating how he would be interrogated and held for trial.

    The neck wound apparently did not initially silence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, who was swearing profusely in the ambulance ride after his final confrontation with the FBI, according to a source familiar with the case. The Justice Department remained quiet Saturday on whether officials had been able to question Tsarnaev, or whether they would attempt to do so before he consults an attorney.,0,4816464.story

    That 'gunshot' wound to the neck was probably caused by a knife held to his throat, telling him to STFU and then the knife was used to reinforce the warning.

  26. I checked out the Flicker account photos of hahatango. Most of them seem to be the area Protocols referred to --

    "Bomb number 1 (near the finish line) was a smoker out of the inside of Lens Crafters shop. Actors, red paint, amputees. Fake."

    Photos seem to have been taken from an office building above that site. As morbid as it seems, I looked to see if I could identify any blown off body parts, especially after the area was cleared of people, but not "garbage." I saw none. So I assume that the other site--Bomb #2, had the severely wounded.
    "Bomb number 2 (one block from the finish line) was real in a backpack placed on the ground by Mossad/FBI."

    It is reported that many persons had body parts blown off -- seen flying through the air, even. Knowing that there are vets lacking limbs being used as wounded replicas for reality practice gives justification for questioning authenticity. A few years ago there was even MSM coverage of a female vet in the hospital with both legs blown clear off. Military reality simulation, a way to earn a paycheck after actually suffering it.

  27. Kenny,

    Naughty Al Gaydas are back in the limelight. And that's not all, them and Iran working together, Oh Mine!

    Two men were arrested and charged with plotting a terrorist attack against a Canadian passenger train with support from al-Qaida "elements" in Iran, police said Monday.
    Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser, 35, who live in Montreal and Toronto, were planning to derail a Via Rail passenger train in Toronto but posed no immediate threat, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.
    "This is the first known al-Qaida planned attack that we've experienced in Canada," Superintendent Doug Best told a news conference.
    RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia said the two men had "direction and guidance" from "al-Qaida elements located in Iran," though there was no reason to think the planned attacks were state-sponsored.


    I think Kim Lardasshsians & Loonsey Lohans aren't genarating enough ratings these days to keep people glued to the tV. What do ya think??

  28. Kenny,

    New in visitor, found you by way of The man behind the curtain is not in Boston blog.

    Tendency to read comments as usually as much info there as in articles sometimes, especilly when getting into these false flag deals.

    Just wanted to say that Protocols comment is genius and makes utter sense.
    Explains so much of just how this could be pulled off.