Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lab Rats

Yesterday's rallies against Monsanto brought attention to the corporate plague of GMOs and agricultural poisons and maybe, just maybe, they caused a few folks who were unaware of the issue to ask questions.

This is an easy one. You educate yourself and you don't spend your own money to support the experimentation against your own best health interests.

Yeah, I may have to support other just as nefarious corporations, but I don't have to buy GMOs.

I may have to reluctantly indulge in the lab rat antenna, cable and satellite offerings but I don't have to buy GMOs

My internet provider may allow whoever to spy on me as a condition of their service but I don't have to buy GMOs.

My government, upon orders from above, may subject us to never ending false flags, psyops, wars and lies and expect their little lab rats to go right along with the program and anticipate that we will be thankful for what they allow.

No...sorry, we don't have to be satisfied with this engineered version of reality.

And we never have to buy GMO 'food'...

I Scare Myself...


  1. I can recommend the documentary "Food Inc" for a good insight into the scope of the problem and the solution.

    Like Kenny says, don't buy their shit. Besides, it's too expensive .... in the end. It costs people far more money in medical bills than they will ever save. Not to mention the lives of our children

    1. It's difficult to spend the kind of money it takes to eat properly. It also seems harder to grow one's own food. Our cool wet spring has pushed back gardens more than I can ever remember. Like you said, it's pay now or pay for it later.

    2. Depends on how you define 'eating properly.'

      Survival is not a problem, disciplining yourself away from having to pick 10 varieties of lesser poison out of 1000's of poisonous slow-kill foods is the problem. It's the conditioned taste buds of hundreds of millions that need their daily fix that's the problem, not because they really need these foods to be strong and healthy. That's why almost everything in a mainstream supermarket has sugar in the ingredients. Everyone is hooked on sugar because nearly everything has sugar in it. If people add all the little amounts of sugar they eat in all their daily foods, it will probably add up to a small bowl of table sugar a day. Everyone has to drink water every day in some form and if all the tap water has fluoride, then all the soft drinks, coffees, soups, beers etc., made in that region also has fluoride, so there's another soft-kill on you. After that you move on to the preservatives, then to wheat, gluten and too many carbohydrates itself, then to phony health foods like gmo soy, etc. and tortured animal flesh of kosher and halal becoming 50% of the meat sold in France without the French knowing about it:

      Monks used to survive in perfect health by eating 2 boiled eggs breakfast, lunch & dinner and drinking only spring water. Just make sure you buy the 4 dollar dozen eggs that are from free-range chickens, melt some cheese on it, eat hemp protein for all your enzymes and essential fatty acids and that's it, you don't need any other vegetables.

      Funny you should post Dan Hicks & the Hot Licks and Thomas Dolby. I uploaded that same exact Dan Hicks song for my brother's Mp3 player a couple of days ago. The other Hicks song I put on there for him is called "Woe, the Luck" :


      If I was to gather all my thoughts together
      Try to summarize the life I've led
      It would be safe to say, luck was on my side
      Luck was with me on the rise
      Fortune was to come to me early
      Accepting a love quite naturally
      Then the realization luck was on my side
      Luck was with me on the rise

      *Woe, the luck, more luck than he could use
      Woe, the luck, that got him so confused
      Woe, the luck, the luck he first loved
      Later he hated
      OK, luck was on his side
      OK, who could deny luck was on his side
      OK, who could deny luck was on his side
      Wasn't nothing he could be denied

      Surrounding myself in everything I wanted
      As my lucky streak went on and on and on
      Little did I realize, no I did not know
      What the lucky man must know
      It's no use to think my luck could've been without
      Cause the luck I had should be meant for me
      Now I'm on the question how was I to know
      For this luck, I was to give my soul

      The lone Dolby song I put on there next to "Fuck the USA" by the Exploited, "Second Skin" by the Gits, and all the punk rock he likes was "Weightless":

      Of course, Dolby was known for having mastered use of the PPG Wave 2.3 legendary German-made synthesizer/sampler first brought on the scene in the late '70s by Tangerine Dream:

      On her recent Spingola appearance, Veronica Clark talked about how she has developed a habit of calling the customer service departments of all kinds of different food companies and asking them if they use GMO's. If they say yes, she tells them straight up that she angrily tells that she will NEVER buy any of their products again and goodbye !!


      She says this is very effective because to these companies each person that calls presents a potential demographic of hundreds or even thousands of people who might have similar ideas in that region.


    3. Forgot to paste the Le Pen interview after the 50% 'halal meat' in France paragraph there:

      Full Interview with Marine Le Pen

      Now, that's a candidate with the balls Ron Paul seems to have left in his fruit of the looms 35 years ago. Just the fact that that talentless old kabbalah slut Madonna hates her enough to paint a swastika on her forehead in her concert backdrops should be enough for everyone with 2 brain cells left to rub together in France to vote for her.


    4. Dolby's company also made the polyphonic ringtone synthesizer that is in over three billion phones so he must have made a lot of money from that.

      I agree with everything you say regarding food. As individuals we can simplify what we eat but as a culture overall we are far from putting the poisons behind us. I've done the essentially the same thing as Veronica Clark except for the angry part. Others must be doing it too. I've noticed that Kroger's has expanded their selection of foods since the CA vote last year.

    5. Yes, Kenneth, obviously survival is not the only reason for eating food, just like reproduction is not the only point of sex, etc. Humans, at least in civilized countries, have long moved beyond that due to the fact that their basic survival is provided for & other psychic needs have been given the go-ahead to gamble for wisdom in the so-called 'hierarchy of needs.'

      It's always a question of no-vices struggling to find the new leveling point or balance of their generation within all the indulgences or 'vices,' by seeking the 'ad-vice' of one who has ventured the stormy seas of vice, de-storied what was camouflaged or hidden (as Dennis Fetcho puts it) & emerged somewhat wise & weathered, tempered by fire.

      At what point does an added 'vice' (something you don't really need to physically survive but which has its own psychic reasons for exerting a strong pull) become a pointless add-dick-shun (lol, you think that's a stretch ? Think again !) & to what extent should indulgence be allowed is determined by thousands, sometimes millions of individuals acting on their own & from the wise (a certain form of 'vice' spelled with two v's stuck together & an 's' and pronounced nearly the same) decisions of the most healthy of these comes the moral code or laws (or rules of bee-hive-ior) for that society which tend to remain constant for millennia but the specific applications of which are camouflaged constantly whenever the opportunity presents itself by those who would benefit from keeping others off-balance. Through creating fake his-stories comes 'life without balance.' Therefore, the old adage: 'In order to create, you first need to destroy.' Switch the 'r' forward & what that means is the need of de-storying histories every other generation. Sometimes, like in the case of Jew-created Abrahamic religions, centuries of de-storying might still not be enough to bury the cancer.

      This is not just done through the usual practice of reason & science alone but through expertise at seeing through multiple levels of lie and camouflage, through hyper-rationality or practicing the non-linear forms of rationality deliberately kept out of establishment-controlled science. This means major adjustments of perspective to evolve as civilization devolves, the new temperance or balance replacing the old balance given the added weights or factors on all sides of the scale. Which one of these weights or factors is an authentic new form of an old essence & which an artificially created 'cross to bear' by the powers-that-be to confuse & maintain power by keeping large numbers of people off-balance through the very carrots dangled in front of their noses ? Only Yahweh knows. LOL

      In the realm of ideas this becomes the Fetzerite practice of disinformation spreading or 'making everything believable and nothing knowable.' Since nothing becomes knowable, there is never a firm ground of know-ledge to stand on edge on.

      Who knows what you will suffer psychically if you only have sex with one partner your whole life or never experience a pizza or sushi or never ride on a roller coaster or jump out of a plane ? Probably not much except envy for those who have ex-peer-ienced levels of consciousness they don't really need to survive or even to achieve poetry in expressing themselves. How was this envy planted ? By messing with the hierarchy of values. A rational man couldn't give a rat's ass if he never rides a motorcycle or jumps out of a plane unless his life depended on it. He wouldn't consider himself a coward for avoiding unnecessary dangers, but a man who has been made to cult-I-vate a certain adventurism would suffer in self-esteem. This potential extra weight on the scale can then be exploited by encouraging pursuit of pointless thrill-seeking throwing his life off balance. Capiche ?

      ~Return of the Giant Hogweed that ate the shorts of Negentropic MK III

    6. To use a cliche, those are some deep thoughts. Interesting.

      It's always been a goal of mine to balance the perceived vices through a number of perceived positive techniques, including food. Everything is a lot more fun if you're healthy.

      "Fetzerite," I like that.

  2. Americans are lab rats for the TSA, the DHS, and FEMA. We are considered expendable in the harmful tactics they use to control and harm us. In dire circumstances it is not government agents that rush in to help Americans--it is non-government humanitarians who do! For example, this organized help was prepared and ready immediately for Moore, Oklahoma. There are good and bad people in all walks of life, but thank God for the ones who do "do good"!

    In Okla.: 'Faith-based FEMA' to be 'huge part' of recovery effort
    Posted on May 22, 2013 | by Staff
    MOORE, Okla. (BP) -- Southern Baptists throughout social media took note that NBC News anchor Brian Williams and reporter Harry Smith mentioned on air the quick response of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers in Moore, Okla., Tuesday (May 21).

    "In the briefings today it was apparent there's FEMA and then there's the faith-based FEMA," Williams said, standing in front of rubble left by the tornado that devastated the area Monday. "There are no fewer -- I counted -- than 30 churches that are banding together, and that's going to be a huge part of this recovery."

    Smith added, "As you and I have seen in so many different places in this country, if you're waiting for the government, you're going to be in for an awful long wait. The Baptist men, they're going to get it done tomorrow."

    Williams agreed, "They're already delivering food on the street."

    Oklahoma Baptist disaster relief workers were in action immediately after the tornado hit, responding with feeding units, debris cleanup and chaplains.

    1. Here where I live we haven't seen the massive destruction as in OK but we have seen our share of tornadoes and floods. It has always been amazing the number of folks who come out to help.

  3. Monsanto is rumored to BEE behind the massive killing of bees that pollinate some very vital crops and they are pleased the extermination is going as planned, for once the bees are killed off, we'll only be able to buy GMO food made from self-pollinating plants owned by Monsanto.

    Nutrionally deficient food, washed down with fluoride laced water.

    Our kids and grandkids will thank us for allowing this nightmare to occur on our watch.

    1. Occasionally there are small victories. Portland OR voters again rejected fluoride.

  4. This is one of those seeking the truth British sites I noticed on aangirfan. I have a post that is waiting moderation for 2 days now. This all drew my attention because one poster indicated that japan would allow no Muslims and no part of this religion to enter the japanese islands. He went on to say the Japanese were growing in his esteem. I offered a food for thought comment ... but no response. So you see the British slurpee drinkers are hard wired to see nothing but muslims wanting cut their heads off. There is no more disgusting spectacle than a British mob foaming at the mouth about justice and morality.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 25, 2013 at 4:45 am

    As for Japan someone brought up into Shinto Buddhism, it is the Asian form of Judaism basically. They use the Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1b, grouping to recognize each other. The khazars entered Japan through the silk road after wars with Alexander and Ghenghis Khan.

    The star seal of Jerusalem is on the emperor’s palace in Japan. So perhaps the Japanese are more British than you thought. :)

    I might add, Napoleon and Hitler both had this same blood grouping.

    1. Japan has had Muslims for years. I know, I used to live there. The Yakuza brought them in (Pakistanis and Iranians) in the late 80's to work in the factories because the Japanese kids wouldn't take jobs that were kitanai, kiken and kitsui (dirty, dangerous, demeaning),_Dangerous_and_Demeaning

      The Iranians got out of hand and started taking over Yoyogi park every Sunday and holding an ad hoc market there, selling videos and halal meat, among other things. Most were overstaying their visas - some guy wouldn't let me take a picture of this gathering, he got up in my face and started yelling - must've thought I was working for the cops or something.

      Where do people come up with this bullshit? You can't ban Muslims from Japan. You often can't tell who they are by just looking.

      Eventually the factory jobs petered out and the Yaks had these guys selling drugs. The Yaks are the same clowns acting as nationalists and protesting the foreigners in Japan (go figure - it's all a puppet show).

      The biggest number of "foreigners" in Japan are ethnic Japanese from Brazil who have repatriated. They act Brazilian (throw loud parties and flirt) , and this gets on the locals nerves.

  5. Unfortunately there is not much processed food now that does not have some GMO products. Soy is GMO and the corn. Fructose sugar flavoring is made from GMO corn and it is in many many foods that are processed. Rape seed oil is even GMO and they say that stuff is poison ... then corn oil.

    If you are not eating fruits, vegetables, beans and rice you are most likely eating some GMO. Now the fish is possibly radioactive due to Fukushima, workers were keeling over in the Tyson chicken plant in Indiana, due to some "new" chemical they were spraying to kill germs. Pond grown fish are full of mercury due to the food they feed them and it accumulates.

    When I say fruits and vegetables also, remember Japan is shipping all they have got here. I see Japan apples on the shelf all the time and I worry about the ones from Yakima. :)

    It is pretty amazing seeing people in the street over this and then nothing is done except pass a law where you cannot sue Monsanto. That is saying you are going to be poisoned and it doesn't matter what you think about it.

    Round up also depletes copper from the liver, deplete it enough and as Boutillier states in the unveiling, those vaccine viruses you took can activate and cause the disease and who knows what else. Like silver, which is 15 percent copper, viruses and bacteria cannot live in it. Copper in the intestine kills viruses. The old copper tea pots were good but watch the British ones, some were lead soldered! They will get you anyway they can!


    1. Soy and corn processed products are fairly easy to avoid but damn I hate it that even the chips at a Mexican restaurant are GMO.

  6. Given a choice, an animal will not eat GMO food. No long term studies and corporate manipulation of our government leads to rightful distrust. I marched in the Monsanto march here in Vegas...The Monsanto goons were present with video cameras in hand.

    1. Good for you Lee. The goons can intimidate and buy politicians but they can't make us buy. Yet.

      Animals force fed GMOs also pose a threat through their meat, dairy products and eggs. This makes it very difficult for most people to avoid them.

  7. In our rat maze world, today is a day of major reinforcement for our banker and corporate wars. I just have to say it once again...Killing, dying and being maimed for lies does not a hero make. Except for the very small number who tremendously profit, it is all in vain.

    1. Last Winter, bought some ear corn from Wally World for the squirrels and they refused to eat the damn stuff.

      Bought some from a local outlet that gets ear corn from some farmers and the little bastards ate that stuff like a kid eats ice cream.

  8. Absurdity of the day

    McCain goes to Syria

    Even many of the commenters at Rothschild's Reuters are making fun.