Friday, June 14, 2013

Arm the Mercenary Criminals, Balkanize Syria, Please the Money Men, Keep Americans 'Safe' Through Intensive Physical Searches At Public Events, Normalize Insanity

The tribal gathering see the Police State up close. All in the name of preventing another Boston.

Even the local Fox News crew could be terrorists.

Hey, it's Flag Day. Wave it. Support the NSA, Pentagon, Monsanto and especially the usurers. It's what we are.

NFL cracks down on bags and you still get to pay $8 for a beer. 
Approved bags include, small clear, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12," clear one-gallon plastic bags (Ziploc), or a small "clutch bag" the size of a hand.  

Addendum to our favorite war song, the National Anthem, proposed. Sing along.    A harder version may be appropriate for the ball games.

Insane McCain wants more than just machine guns for his thugs in Syria; a no fly zone, anti-aircraft missiles. How about mini-nukes? Maybe that would make him happy?

Russia is not convinced by the evidence which the US provided alleging that the government of Syria’s President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against rebel forces. No kidding. Most thinking people all over the world are not convinced either. I wonder how Putin is going to take this?

Oh yeah, Bonnaroo is a tribal event in more ways than just folks coming together. Are there social engineering  aspects in play there beyond just making some bucks and voluntary compliance with the fascist state control mechanisms? 80,000 people going back home from the event and vocally opposing the escalation of Syria's breakup and the myriad of other issues of criminality that will effect their generation for the rest of their lives would be a very positive step. For some reason I don't think it's going to happen and hope I'm wrong but the mixing of politics and music just ain't what it used to be. Say hi to Sir Paul. He understands the current policy.

Sometimes our bitching and moaning, talking and opining takes a backseat to bottom line reality. It puts things in perspective. Rest in peace Dr. Doug. 


  1. How to rule the world if you are a fake Khazarian NWO jewish zionist:

    1. Get the masses addicted to nicotine.

    2. Get the masses enslaved to debt for depreciating assets i.e. cars

    3. Bribe the government to enact laws to legalize the counterfeiting of public money and the lending out of same at interest.

    4. Control the media at every level so propaganda is perceived as news i.e. 9/11.

    5. Force the masses to buy oil and gasoline - even though Nikola Tesla invented an electric car which ran perfectly on free ether energy in 1931 called the Brooklin Eagle.

    6. Place puppets as leaders of all states e.g. USA, Canda, England, Germany, France etc.

    7. Use the armies of the controlled countries to invade, take over and destroy countries which resist a Rothschild central counterfeit usury bank e.g. Libya, Syria, Iran etc.

    8. Start a criminal country to hide your criminals and crimes.

    9. Kill everyone who will not bow down to you and your kind.

    10. Threaten to blow up the world if you don't get your way.

    1. I think you got all the angles covered Mouser..............

  2. "the American rock festival to end all festivals"
    Great Stuff, Kenny. Love your Magnifying-Glass Focused Sunlight Beam Concentrate in regards to the Hoopla and Jewpla.
    Ten Million Images Agenda-Beamed to my head since 9/11 and yet still not one of somebody somewhere, with a Broom, Sweeping. Permanent Hype. Layoffs for All but the Street-Sweeper.

  3. Stick it in there, this pic was made for the the Coffee County post. I wonder if these bone heads really believe they are stopping anything or are they just psychos themselves?


    "Looks like your car doesn't have enough freedom"

    1. This is just psy/ops train'g for the herd and their herders, its like train'g
      to shoot, do it over and over till it becomes normal.{or repeat a lie over and over till it becomes the truth}

    People in a permanent state of fear ask no questions.

    1. People in a permanent state of fear cease to work - so the system grinds to a halt in any case.

      No society was ever sucessfully ruled by fear, not for any length of time at least.

      Oh, you can murder the people like the jewish Bolsheviks did 66 million times, but you will not achieve a society where anyone is safe over time.

      Death to zionism and all jews (and gentiles) who support it.

  5. People in Turkey are practicing democracy and paying for it while back here, we'll stick to getting plastered on a beer that has the American flag on the carton and cry when they force us to sing along to the National Anthem.

  6. You gotta check this out!