Sunday, June 9, 2013

PRISM Whistleblower Edward Snowden - Manufactured Hero?

This NSA spy scandal is nothing new. It only confirms what we have known for many years. There's something going on that is much deeper than what the MSM gatekeepers are telling us.

One clue is that the Israeli connections to the NSA spying are not being talked about much in the big time US media. The Israeli media does cover some of it though.
What was the Israeli involvement in collecting U.S. communications intel for NSA?
IDF Unit 8200 Cyberwar Veterans Developed NSA Snooping Technology
Don't gloat fellow Israelis: 50 companies admit cooperating with NSA but it's much worse here

So is PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden a new American hero right up there with Danial Ellsberg as some are saying? Or is he a Julian Assange type? My first thought was that he is not what he is portrayed to be. The cynic in me says we have to speculate "is he is still on the payroll?" As much as we would like to have heroes, deception is the way of war. If only Glenn Greenwald wasn't one of the biggest gatekeepers around? Where are your 9/11 leaks Glenn? We're still waiting for them.
Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden – The NSA Whistleblower Exposed as Career NSA, CIA, Special Forces Trained Agent

Here's one for a laugh...
Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page deny knowledge of PRISM

Booz Allen Promptly Condemns Snowden's "Grave Ethical Violation"

Rand Paul waltzes into the limelight to try and build his cred for 2016.
Rand Paul On NSA Spying: 'I'm Going To Challenge This At The Supreme Court'

I take Webster Tarpley with a grain of salt. He speculates that all the leaks and scandals of late are a warning to Obama to get with the war program. You never know...
Britain, France prodding Obama into attacking Syria


  1. Ken

    I think you might be on to something; I've sent my report concerning SAICs offices being empty around the world; nobody will leak that!

    Moreover, the day before concerning the NSA leak this comes out:


    June 5, 2013: FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security”

    Mystery of Sarasota Saudis deepens as Justice moves to end FOI lawsuit citing national security

    The FBI apparently has known for a decade about links between powerful Saudi interests and the alleged 9/11 hijackers, and has been forced to tacitly admit that it lied about it for all of these years.

    In case the import is not clear, let us state emphatically: this is a huge development.

    In court filings seeking to stave off a media Freedom of Information request, the FBI has stated that releasing documents relating to this issue will harm “national security.” As proof of the sensitivity of the matter, the FBI gave the judge a document dated April 4, 2002, in which the FBI states that its own inquiries “revealed many connections” between a well-connected Saudi family with a house in South Florida and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001.”


    I've sent Mr. Greenwall my reports and hear back nothing?

    Are you ready for the day when it "comes out" main-stream that the NSA's hidden programs also have a "Weaponized Offensive" construct and they are being used against American's here inside of the U.s.?

    Your not even scratching the surface on what Top Secret America is really doing!

    Love "Light" and Energy


    On record - It's Going To Come Out:

    1. Thanks for the additional info and confirmation that Greenwald picks and chooses his leaks. Some things just can't be said...yet.

    2. Anyone who still advocates that any Arabs were involved in 9/11 is pushing the false "official" story. If the FBI supposedly knew then what they claim to have been forbidden to divulge at that time--pure rot! Arab guilt as hijackers was being promoted loud and clear immediately then. Most were identified as patsies, even falsely named. The truth is that the FBI was forbidden to publicly identify ISRAELIS as the 9/11 guilty ones, not Arabs.(Classified due to national identity of the guilty--Israel's ) So this is just another lie "FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied to Protect “National Security”". Revisionist information aiming to deceive those new to the subject? Let us not forget Carl Cameron's censored Fox news reports--all about Israel's 9/11 agents being arrested and deported BACK to Israel after 9/11.
      A rehash starting place for the uninformed:

    3. I read partially only the ..pm3cqzm document. It makes me sick. What is written there, is very similar
      to what I am 'living' for a dozen of years, as a foreigner in France.

    4. Saudi ties to at best patsies more likely just made up names.

      you still peddling nonsense.

    5. finally figured out how to get the codes to appear for comment

    6. why releases to the jews gelman and greenwald?

    7. Joe anon 1

      How do you get the codes unlocked to post on Kenny's? All I get is the blue square here.

  2. How much more "with the program" can Obama be? That's Tarpley for you, always trying to prop up Obama and this administration by pretending he's doing something to stand against the globalists.

    1. It's funny that Press TV keeps going with Tarpley and Gordon Duff articles.

    2. You'll never hear Tarperly mention Jews involved in anything...probably why Alex Jones likes him and Icke on his show.

  3. Joe Pesci could probably speak to this...enigma


    these creatures should be rounded up...

    and DNA extracted...

    before WWZ breaks out into the open

    Stay Strong


  4. Maybe it's a real glitch but since I put up the post about the Bumblehive on May 30th my yahoo mail has been acting up, making me go through an extra step to access my inbox and not sending all the email notifications of comments here making me have to remember to check my blogger account for comments awaiting moderation. This is the same yahoo that applies my real name to my anonymous accounts and sells the info to people like my senator Bob Corker who unsolicited sends me his email updates. Is yahoo sending a message that nothing is secret and any attempt to be anonymous is in vain?

  5. Kenny

    Since posting this:

    The 9/11 Operation – Ensuring The Vanguard – The Numerous Blocked, Stymied and Obstructed Security Measures Of 9/11 (Updated 3 June 2013)

    My site will not update on Google Blogroll/The Neighborhood's stuck on:

    The 9/11 Operation – Prepping The Cui Bono – The PNAC Projections

    Regarding the email issues....standard protocol in my world:( Thanks for letting me post on your site, which, usually is not allowed *.* on the web.

    Keep up your excellent work....BTY concerning Bumblehive...did this some years ago:


    1. The blog feed not working does keep folks from reading new posts doesn't it? Little censorship things that often get overlooked.

  6. Not to worry. As soon as they pull off that Cyber 9/11 FALSE FLAG, all those Internet problems people are having will go away, and the sheeple will be content to watch only government sanctioned 'Net sites, like FAUX, ZNN and all sorts of glitzy Hollywood gossip.

  7. but seriously...aren't the braindeadgoyum just begging to be holocausted..?

    haven't they invited the Enemy inside the gates with 30 million invaders..?

    FLASHBACK..operation wetback

    "We, to this day, don't know why NORAD told us what they told us. It was just so far from the truth." -- 911 Narrative Facilitator Thomas H. Kean, Commission Chairman:

    At best, the top ZOG US generals tasked with defending the skies above America failed miserably on September 11, 2001, and not just in the Dereliction of duty,

    US Generals Myers, Arnold, Eberhart and Weaver, among many others, are guilty of something far greater...... NORAD and the RUMSFELD Pentagon TRAITORS not only failed, but WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT intended to fail to protect the skies above America .... . . .resulting in the alleged deaths of nearly 3,000 unwitting sacrifices to the . . .easy credit terms...blackmail & extortion racket . . .

    "Jewish" stool sculpture deity. . . .cult

    incidentally the L3 facility in WACO is visible from the DAVIDIAN homeschool/ center...

    down on their knees begging...
    AL QUIDA is going to ...make us use our credit cards to purchase cheap plastic crap from we can JEW worship.....24/7....365

    one more time for the children in the hospital


  8. Maybe Snowden is legit and it's the co-opted MSM that's in bed totally with the PTB?

    What’s in Edward Snowden’s 41-slide PowerPoint deck that’s so hot that nobody dare publish it?

    Now that Snowden has revealed himself to the world as the NSA whistleblower, details about his interaction with the press are surfacing. And at the center of the drama is a still mostly unpublished 41-slide presentation, classified top secret, that Snowden gave to the Washington Post and the Guardian to expose the NSA’s internet spying operation “PRISM.”

    Only five slides from the presentation have been published. The other 36 remain a mystery. Both the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald and the Post’s Barton Gellman have made it clear that the rest of the PowerPoint is dynamite stuff … which we’re not going to be seeing any time soon.

    To us geeks, the tech methods, of course, are the most interesting part. Snowden evidently wanted the entire presentation published, at least at one point in his discussions with the Post’s Gellman. On May 24, “Snowden asked for a guarantee that the Washington Post would publish — within 72 hours — the full text of [the] PowerPoint presentation,” Gellman wrote Sunday, in a fascinating account of his interactions with the whistleblower. “I told him we would not make any guarantee about what we published or when.”

    Julian Assange, tweeting from his haven in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, weighed in yesterday, and made it clear what WikiLeaks would do in this situation. “Snowden demanded all 41 pages of PRISM document be published but neither WaPo nor Guardian had the courage,” he wrote.

    In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Assange said today that WikiLeaks has had “indirect communication” with Snowden – a development that probably isn’t comforting to the NSA.

    In other words, if everyone that comes forward spilling some info about the thugs who've got the world by the short hairs is branded as some kind of 'disinfo specialist,' or 'limited hangout,' or a 'gatekeeper,' or some other negative connotation, then we're either TOO paranoid or if it's true, then we are really past the tipping point into tyranny.

    One way to gauge how far past that tipping point is to find out how many of your friends are on 'CIABook,' an obvious front for the trench coat mafia.... oops, did I just use a phrase, 'trench coat mafia,' from the Columbine massacre, that will get this blog even more scrutiny?

  9. Jewish superstar Shia LaBeouf tried to warn us about the NSA programs, and that was 5 years ago. Hmm...I see a Steven Spoilberg movie coming up.

    While today's NSA conversation will mostly revolve around Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower who is currently hiding out in Hong Kong, it is important to take a moment and recognize the efforts of Shia LaBeouf — who, according to this video, was out there trying to spread the spying word back in 2008. Granted, the phone-data aspects of the NSA's surveillance program were made public in 2006, and the sourcing here is a little underwhelming. (Pretty sure he meant "CIA consultant," for example.) But still: Here is Shia LaBeouf, on the Tonight Show, telling the American public that "one in five phone calls which you make are recorded, and logged." Shia tried to warn you, America.

  10. Interesting interview...but what amazed me were the amount of spam comments! Wow!


  11. Maybe if OBOMBA had 'Libyarated' Syria and reduced Tehran to rubble, there wouldn't be all these scandals popping up in the MSM?

  12. You have a great site here Kenny but its ashame you feel the need to link to flaming racist ADL helping trash like AmericanGoy and "No ONe To Vote For" etc. I cant share your site as long as that scum is on the right side. Not that its a huge loss for you, just giving my 2 cents.

    1. You forgot to include golden boy John Friend to that list!

    2. No doubt about it, I have no clue why Kenny still links to him after he clearly jumped the shark with the Hitler love and anti-black stuff. Not helpful at all. Except to the ADL set of course.

  13. I say Bravo Sierra on this Snowden story. I sincerely believe that this Snowden guy is fabricating his "revelations" for monetary gain or fame. I doubt that a 29 y.o. with only a GED could have ever gotten to such a sensitive position (supposedly making $120k or $200k , whatever - rotflmao on that amount!!!) with a NSA contractor where he could have been able to access such highly classified info, either as part of his job OR accidentally. Point in fact, if he says the "govt." is tracking us all by every electronic means 24-7, how come they can't track down undocumented immigrants or ,worse, folks really trying to do harm to this country. Rush just said Booz & Allen just fired Snowdon and that he was ONLY making $120k...what?? Why would a guy with only a GED throw away a $120k job in Hawaii with a hot stripper gf to head off to Red China to "blow a whistle". I'm thinking the Chicom intelligence operatives co-opted this poor schlub to embellish his activities to embarrass the U.S. administration, promising him security, money, etc., in return for this fairytale.
    He is no hero, but rather a zero if he is a fraud. If he is telling the truth, he's no better than the wikileaks guy and his sources, all of which are rightfully under criminal investigation, by both international and u.s. military/federal authorities.

    1. U R so ignorant of the stoopid hiring our agencies have been doing for years

      they do not want college grads who learned to think for themselves
      they do not want people of conscience
      they want only clean slates that they can mould and thier hiring shows this

  14. Was going to say there are two types of People. Those who say "Wanta Smoke?" and ones who say "Gotta Smoke?" Trust Neither Group. Then I remembered the Non Smokers. Oops. Flawed Data. In retrospect... Don't Trust them Either.
    A Mulder Moment, on a roadside, somewhere.

  15. A warning about this subject. I posted a comment at
    American Everyman

    I provided this link for it to be viewed at this site:
    The Future of the NSA
    Jim Stone, June 10 2013, updated June 11

    Because he was not knowledgeable about Jim Stone, he and another reader googled him first before going to Jim's site. He immediately got zapped and shut down. The snoops got to him before he could get to Jim's site. Now he and others are being warned not to go there, OR ELSE! I have personally been there today and have read the material. Jim's information is in direct conflict with what is being posted at American Everyman. Jim claims Snowden is legit and Scott is going with fraud. If Jim's site is booby-trapped, it could be person specific, but avoid the google-tracker-zappers for sure.

    1. Jim says that Edward Snowden is not a high school drop out, he says he must have a degree from a difficult university, and that his pole dancing girlfriend (who calls herself a "pole dancing super hero") is not his girlfriend, she is his wife...

      ... and he makes all these claims because, as he puts it, the NSA guys are all brilliant. His proof? He says he used to be NSA so that is enough proof right there.

      I did not warn people or use his name. His site loaded something on my computer and it reset my internet connection, so I had to go through the hassle of reconnecting it.The guy offers nothing by way of proof. He even has a pic of the place Ed supposedly works and drew in an area he said was an "underground airstrip" (entrance in the side of the mountain, not provided by Jim)

      I got rid of the name and the link you put up because it caused me damage to my computer and as a website master, I felt it was my responsibility to protect my readers and I said as much in the comment section. I also said it could have been a fluke, but now you seem to confirm it was sent directly by someone. thanks.

      If you want to believe his baselees suggestions that the guy is brilliant, has a high school diploma and a college degree, you go right ahead, but that's not an argument, he's just making it up.

    2. Jim Stone, ex NSA. Interesting but maybe best when kept at an arms length. Never had a problem accessing his site even though he claims it's always being hacked. As anon hints, Jim says the spooks can customize what is seen when visiting him depending on one's IP address. That's pretty far out there. I guess it's possible. Much of what Jim says cannot be verified but that also applies to what many of us of speculate. We'll see.

  16. Kenny,
    something hokey has been up with yahoo email for a while. It is prone to viruses, hacking, and like anything on the internet is not secure.

    Greenwald still cashes a corporate paycheck.

    Whatever happens to Snowden in the near and far future will expose whether he is a ploy, or a real whistle blower. I would like to see more insiders get fed up and then spew.

    Love your posts and your blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes, even if Snowden is a ploy, I'm sure there are more than a few who would like to tell what they know. Would the MSM give them equal time? Only if it fit the agenda of the moment is my guess.

  17. This will make you sleep easier at night.


    Inside Fort Meade, Maryland, a top-secret city bustles. Tens of thousands of people move through more than 50 buildings—the city has its own post office, fire department, and police force. But as if designed by Kafka, it sits among a forest of trees, surrounded by electrified fences and heavily armed guards, protected by antitank barriers, monitored by sensitive motion detectors, and watched by rotating cameras. To block any telltale electromagnetic signals from escaping, the inner walls of the buildings are wrapped in protective copper shielding and the one-way windows are embedded with a fine copper mesh.

    This is the undisputed domain of General Keith Alexander, a man few even in Washington would likely recognize. Never before has anyone in America’s intelligence sphere come close to his degree of power, the number of people under his command, the expanse of his rule, the length of his reign, or the depth of his secrecy. A four-star Army general, his authority extends across three domains: He is director of the world’s largest intelligence service, the National Security Agency; chief of the Central Security Service; and commander of the US Cyber Command. As such, he has his own secret military, presiding over the Navy’s 10th Fleet, the 24th Air Force, and the Second Army.

    Between the lack of oversight and the amount of power he's grabbed, this General sounds like he's not protecting what's left of our democratic republic, but getting ready to overthrow the government.

    1. Well Greg, if they ever decide to shut us all down, it was good knowing you...and most everyone else who came around here. Maybe we can figure out to communicate in other ways even if it's only locally.

      I'm watching ABC news. They are pushing that it has now been 'proven' that Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people, crossing the 'red line.' More warmongering. What will Obama do? It's all very sick.

  18. You guys are idiots.

  19. The announcement was made a couple of hours ago that they're providing all types of arms to Syria now.

    They're in.

    Thanks for your mind-clearing services.


    1. The timing of this on the heels of PRISMgate is suspicious. On Tuesday Bill Clinton provoked Obama on Syria and he caves. Who is calling the shots and does blackmail figure in on these new war moves?

  20. There is a new email coming soon this year. If yahoo is giving people problems. I have a yandex acct but don't use it much.

    Yandex has one now.


  21. question.

    clicked link to whatreallyhappened (rarely go there)

    got rinf

    is wrh gone

    1. You probably clicked on the latest updated post there under the WRH name and it took you straight to the source of that story. That's normal.

  22. This is what Dr. Ed Ward thinks anyway. google and the yahoo search engines won't make any money on this one anyway. Of course none of them are fool proof.

    Make no mistake, the promotion of Startpage has nothing to do with the security of your personal information. Startpage professess, and I believe correctly, that it is the ‘most private’ search engine on the net. But, like ‘low fat’ doesn’t mean ‘no fat’, ‘most private’ does not mean ‘private’. ECHELON assured that can NOT happen, and PRISM gave them the tools to sort and use their treasonous, criminal information effectively.

    In the above scenario, I contacted Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Startpages ‘head honcho’ for US contact. The primary inquiry, since Google is their ‘semi-search engine’, ‘Does Google get any funds from Startpage?’ In a very pleasant and quick response, Dr. Albrecht assured me Google gets absolutely ‘no funding’ from Startpage. Startpage allows up to 100 results per page, as well as a few minor features I like, not 10 like Google with the ‘introduction’ of ‘related’ searches when it is trying to hide information contrary to government propaganda. Also, as far as I can see, no money is funneled back into the US to assist in its fascism.


  23. I was a contractor for them in the 80s, and the things I found out even back then about what they were doing, and the "agents" of the interest group that had already consolidated its hold and was running the joint, even back then, people would think I was nuts or extremely paranoid if I said anything. I only told a few trusted people who were in the know about the issue. Pollard was the tip of the iceberg, let's say.