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Volunteers of America

'Her Mistress's Voice' art by Grace Slick
Did a very large number of folks unwittingly volunteer for the 'elite' social engineering program of psychedelic drugs, music and new age philosophies? For the purpose of control.....

Was the 60's phenomenon of the 'hippies' really a CIA and other assets manipulation of the mind through supplied LSD and created cultural memes? An experiment to see just how well these techniques would work? One that was decades in the making?

Those of us who were around during those times and had a very good time may not want to see ourselves as social lab animals in a grand game but I think we would also want to know some of the hidden details of our past. We're still learning and maybe that's what matters.

Dave McGowan went fairly deep into some aspects of the psyops of psychedelia in his Laural Canyon series.
n 2012 Jan Irvin made an important discovery.

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin have continued in that tradition with their Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering…

excerpts from their conclusion:
The authors are in disagreement about the use of mind-altering drugs. One believes that we do should not dismiss the potential of these substances as biological tools to open doorways of the mind, and possibly spiritual dimensions; but those who consider these substances as only spiritual tools often ignore their dark side and never consider that they can be easily used as much for control. He recommends they not be used without a prior thorough study in something such as the trivium method, and suggests that, like a knife which may be used to cut your food, and also used to kill; psychedelics can be used to empower or control. It is important for people who use these substances to consider what others think of them who don’t use them for spiritual purposes. The other believes that given their provenance, they should not be taken under any circumstances.
We must consider: Does the predator think that these substances are tools for spiritual awakening, or for the control of others? What the reader may believe is not necessarily the whole truth.

Though it seems incredible, Esalen, and Huxley, McKenna, Bernays, Wasson and Dulles appear to have been part of a secret agenda within the U.S. government that intends to usher in a post-modernist, neo-feudalism Dark Age and slavery in America. What makes this particularly difficult to believe is the unanswered question of the organization’s motivation. What would motivate such a group? Racism? Classism? Religious fervor? Power? All of the above? And how would it be able to maintain such secrecy, involving certainly hundreds, if not thousands of individuals over such a long time?

One thing is clear.  Whatever is the basis for this organization, it resides within identifiable secret societies. The number of individuals that can be demonstrated to have taken part in creating the Deadhead who are also members of Skull and Bones, the Century Club and the Bohemian Club is simply too large to have been circumstantial. Moreover, Dr. Colin Ross has shown that high level Freemasonry was responsible for funding the original LSD research (waiting for citation from Ross) and this group should also be inspected closely.

We appeal to scholars and to the public to help us find the truth behind MK-ULTRA and the creation of the Deadhead and the post-modernist, neo-feudalism movement.
The authors are not looking to bring anyone out of one cave and into yet another, but to free humanity from this insanity. And only the truth is capable of that. Esalen, Aldous Huxley, Gordon Wasson, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, and the peddlers of this agenda: The spell is now undone and the true secrets of Eleusis, of the CIA and the psychedelic revolution, are now revealed for the entire world to see.  more

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin interview with Vinny Eastwood: CIA, MK Ultra & Origins of Acid Counter Culture

Deanna Spingola interview with Joe Atwill on Manufacturing the Deadhead

Deanna Spingola interviews Jan Irvin on Manufacturing the Deadhead - See more at:

It's an interesting subject. That rabbit hole has not been fully explored. Control through social engineering seems to have around throughout human history and it is reaching a peak today through technology.

I'll leave it to others who experienced the 'acid days' to decide what's what. All I know is that during that period we began to question pretty much everything and some of us are still doing that up to this day.

and Grace Slick was hot in 1969.....


e At

d Jan Irvin
Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin


hat tip to JJ Cale
J.J. Cale, Musician and Songwriter, Dies at 74

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ubiquitous Spying and Cell Towers

The vote is in. The House rejects the Amash amendment to an upcoming Pentagon appropriations bill which would have barred the NSA from using a PATRIOT Act provision to collect the phone records of all Americans.

The White House lobbied heavily against the amendment with Jay Carney, or Jay Carnage as he is also called, saying

We oppose the current effort in the House to hastily dismantle one of our Intelligence Community’s counterterrorism tools.  This blunt approach is not the product of an informed, open, or deliberative process.  We urge the House to reject the Amash Amendment, and instead move forward with an approach that appropriately takes into account the need for a reasoned review of what tools can best secure the nation.

So much for Barry's 'debate' on the spying issue. Did anyone really think it would go otherwise? The shills against the amendment of course had to invoke 9/11.

The vote was 217-205 against the amendment. Close but probably a number of negotiations took place, getting some to vote yes when they are not in much danger of not being reelected in 2014, to make it look like it's a real debate.

All this only confirms in my own mind that the Snowden affair is an engineered event. We knew most of this spying deal already, more were catching on everyday, the Utah data center is coming on line, the secrets are out anyway so why not let it be well known through the controlled media. What are the folks going to do? Talk talk talk...then accept it. So far the plan that was is working. When Forbes posts, from the well,-look-at-that dept., the blueprints of the Utah NSA datacenter, well, you know everything is not as it is portrayed.

Which brings us to the cold hard fact that cell phone data grabbing needs a whole lotta cell towers. Towers that could have other uses as well. Greg Bacon's Cell Phone Towers Being Used for Mind Control touches on that issue and there is much more insight on what could be with a simple search. Over 220,000 cell towers already in this country and many more to come.

Then there's the potential health issues from living too close to a tower. There's not a lot of exact information on this but if you're within 1,300 feet of one, it may put you in a real danger zone.

Through no wish of my own, it looks like I will soon be within line of sight of a 300 foot tall tower.

A couple of months ago there was some hillside land about a 1/4 mile away that went up for auction. It was bought by someone from out of town. Two weeks ago in the county newspaper there was a public notice of an application to the FCC for a cell tower site there. Obviously the one who bought the land already had an inside track on putting a tower there. At $900 or more a month in rental to the owner, there are no shortages of folks wanting one on their property.

My 'office' is in an enclosed porch with big windows overlooking the road with not much traffic. Sitting here today I saw a bearded long haired young guy walking down the road carrying a clipboard and a camera. When he came back around he stepped about 15 feet onto my property and took some pictures. Well , I immediately went out to where he was and asked if I could help him. He was with this company and doing what he called an historical viewshed study. It's required by some federal rules when there is an historical element to the tower's visual line of sight. The community I live in goes back over 200 years and there's one house designated as historical, a large doctor's home that was used as a hospital in the civil war but with many sites, including my own, where there have been dwellings for a long time. This must have qualified it for an historical study.

The archeologist guy taking the photos knew less than I do about cell towers and their potentials but he did give me the number of his supervisor to get the viewshed study. He marked out on his map that I would be about 2,000 feet from the tower. He also said he had run into some hostility from a couple of others asking what he was doing. We have a fairly good unofficial neighborhood watch here.

Just how many cell towers are needed in this county to get what someone has decided is an acceptable percentage of coverage for the whole population? State of the art solar cell sites are coming to national forests where no roads are allowed. All materials and personnel will be helecoptered in. The cost will be covered mostly by homeland security. Rumors are that the newer cell phones can be tracked even with the battery removed. The more cell towers to pick up even the weakest of signals, the better.The more folks that could get health problems from the radiation emitted, the better big pharma likes it. It's a win-win for several profit motivated endeavors.

But hey, we can't do without that cell phone, can we?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help Me Lord For I Am Insane

Did Lindsey Graham actually say that during a confession at the Christians United For Israel summit? Did his schizophrenic, multi-personality, sociopathic, psychopathic zionist self have a slip of the tongue and reveal his most secret innermost thoughts?

It's too late Lindsey. You are well past the point of no return. No self respecting god will ever help you.

There are about 1 in 300 people in this country who say they are members of CUFI or at least that's what the organization says.  That's sort of scary. How did this ever happen?  This is a fairly big cult that certainly acts against the best interests of humanity. Our government puts the little cults like the compound at Waco under siege and ends up burning most of them alive but the John Hagee faux christian/jewish cult church of wars for Israel and the bankers gets a pass. Cultists are sure judged differently in the zionist world.

There's no help for the CUFI crowd. Their god of Israel doesn't exist. Never did. That's common sense for most of us but unfortunately common sense, logic, reason and discernment has been educationally corrupted by the very same ones who created these cults.

I'm at a loss for words.....maybe you have some?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fairy Tales Are Dangerous

In a real world in which you and I must live
fairy tales are dangerous
dangerous because they are untrue
anything which is untrue is dangerous
and it is all the more dangerous when the fairy tale is accepted as reality
simply because it has an official seal of approval
or because 'honorable' men announce you must believe it
or because powerful elements of the press tell you the fairy tale is true
                                                                      Jim Garrison

Garrison's words from 1967 are just as true today as they were then. They were a warning that went unheeded by most and getting by with the JFK assassination coup, the same criminal cabal, emboldened in their success, went on to continuously deceive the world with ever more deadly fairy tales.

Did Garrison get everything right in his investigation of the JFK assassination? Probably not. Were some things like the possible Israel/Mossad connection left out, not because of him covering up some aspects but perhaps because he just didn't have the information? Most likely. Was he at least on the right track? Definitely.

The below video is amazing in the fact that after NBC had done a hit piece on Garrison, he petitioned the FCC who agreed that the program was biased and granted Garrison a 30-minute rebuttal. That would never happen today.

While watching Garrison's response I couldn't help but mentally substitute elements of  9/11 for JFK in his narrative. The two events are similar in so many ways. Both were a massive psyop, false flag coverups with devastating aftermaths including millions of deaths for the profit of a few.

History is littered with dangerous fairy tales and collectively we still are yet to learn how to keep them from repeating.

The video was found at 50 Years Since JFK Assassination Retrospective.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Farm is at a Crossroads

The Farm community near Summertown, Tennessee is a subject near and dear to my heart. An experiment in alternative living that has had its successes and failures, it has been an inspiration to many around here and beyond.

I have mentioned The Farm before here and every now and then the mainstream media chooses to do a little feature on what continues to go on there. The Tennessean had one today.

The Farm, home to free spirits for 42 years, is at a crossroads

Aged with years of cannabis and communal living, Stephen Gaskin’s body is worn and his words unhurried. At 78, he walks with slow intention. But the spirit of this tie-dye-clad hippie philosopher — iconic founder of The Farm — remains vibrant.

Ask him about the beginning, and his blue eyes come ablaze.

More than four decades ago, Gaskin led a caravan of nonconformists across the country, taking his band of beatnik brethren deep into the Tennessee woods. They traveled from San Francisco and settled on a 1,750-acre spread of land in Summertown in 1971 to form their own society — a spiritual commune called The Farm.

For some, it was an adolescent experiment; for others, such as the Gaskins, a lifelong commitment. “We felt like we had to be grandparents before our time,” says Stephen’s wife, Ina May Gaskin, now 73.

Today, many of the first-generation Farmies, as they called themselves, are grandparents. Their once-long hair is shorter and grayed. And the community they founded is at a crossroads.

Once a home to thousands, The Farm now has only about 140 residents. There are 23 children under age 16, but more than two-thirds of the population is over 50. As the community ages, The Farm’s founders and the generations that have followed must assess the future.

Collectives across the country face similar situations. The Farm formed in an era when people were rebelling against the father-knows-best suburban-America model. They recognized rampant racism and sexism; much was being questioned. People sought positive alternatives and “intentional” communities surged. Since that time, interest in that type of living has ebbed and flowed.

Today, there are about 30 groups from the hippie era that have a fairly high public profile, according to Laird Schaub, executive secretary of Fellowship for Intentional Community. The Farm is one of the largest in the country, he said, set apart by its midwifery practice, its international aid mission and the peaceful transition around leadership that in 1983 changed the commune to a cooperative.
More Farm Photos
Still, graying elders wonder who will carry on their legacy. As the country experiences another surge in interest in collective living, the next generation brings its own opinions about how The Farm should progress. Some are children of founders, returned to take care of aging loved ones or start families of their own. Others have come without connection, seeking a place to improve their lives and the world around them.

But as residents both new and returned find a place for themselves, they speak of devotion to The Farm’s original vision and making sure it survives and thrives — a synthesis of old and new.

“I see the continuation of the vision of the founders,” says 36-year-old John Schweri, who was born on The Farm and soon plans to begin a family of his own there. “A vision of creating a safe place to live and to work toward helping the world.”
On The Farm, residents wake up with the roosters and the woods. Hummingbirds flit from feeder to feeder. Wind chimes at the welcome center add music to the morning.Amid the rolling hilltops in one of the poorest counties in rural Tennessee, The Farm is 30 miles from the nearest hospital, 50 miles from the nearest interstate and 75 miles from the nearest major city — Nashville.

To live on The Farm, an applicant must go through a personal interview and write a letter of introduction and intent, which includes a biographical sketch, method of livelihood and a vision of what he or she hopes to contribute to the community. He or she must have a sponsor — a resident who already lives on The Farm — and must move there for a time before being voted in by the current membership.

Once members are accepted, they agree to share the land and the buildings — all held in a trust by the members. Homes get passed on to family or are returned to The Farm. Residents pay fees of about $100 a month to cover road maintenance, water service and other utilities. They can pledge money toward other projects, such as preservation of the swimming hole or expansion of the blueberry patch.

Freedom allows the residents to determine their fortune. They embrace pioneer practices such as natural homebuilding, gardening and midwifery. Their school teaches courses on radical civics and applied psychology. They run businesses devoted to solar power, soy products and sustainable living. They head Farm-based charities focused on permaculture, preservation, international aid and peace efforts.

But one of the most challenging aspects of relocating to The Farm has to do with availability of adequate housing within the community and career opportunities in the vicinity.

About a third of the adults in the community work in nearby towns to support themselves and their families. Some work as independent contractors, while others work in local shops and industries. The rest make a living within the community, working industries established during The Farm’s beginnings — the Mail Order Company, the Soy Dairy, the Tempeh Lab and the Book Publishing Company. MORE

Additional insights on The Farm...
Farm videos

Throughout the history of our country there have been a number of attempts to create and sustain communities outside the 'norm.' It's all about ideas and ideals. The longevity and evolution of The Farm is a tribute to some of those ideals. May their community continue and thrive for as long as possible and practical and may the best of their ideas live on.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Helen Thomas: One of the few mainstream journalists that mattered

Helen Thomas ~ August 4, 1920 – July 20, 2013

"The First Lady of the Press."

White House reporters who question the legitimacy of Israel no longer allowed.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"On the Cover of the Rolling Stone"

"Gonna buy 5 copies for my mother"

Leave it to the jewish gatekeeper media to give us yet again a 'diversion of the day.' We just never know what they're going to come up with next. As our attention span fades away from the last distraction we always get a new one.

The Patsy The Bomber, The Monster...Jahar's World

Oh the outrage, oh the dishonor to the actors victims. Ban the sell, burn it!

Oh the money to be made through controversy and of course there's the propping up of the official myths. 

The RS article did at least manage to get out a very important message that Jahar tweeted which is the essence of the story.....
"Most of you are conditioned by the media."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Verdict Is In: Media and Government Guilty

"If It Makes You Feel Righteous and Better"

If there is anything positive in the Zimartin trial, it's that the media and federal government are proven liars, race-baiters and psyops managers. Left-right, up-down, there is enough guilt coming from all sides in this passion play that everyone should see exactly what is happening. We are being manipulated to divide us and to hate so that we can never come together to fight against our real enemies. This is working to some extent but it is not going as well as the ptb expected.

Jon Rappoport spells out some of the failed engineering efforts as does Jim Dean and Sherrie among many others.

Our opportunity now becomes, once again, to point out that if those who have the mainstream platform would lie and deceive us about this one case, what wouldn't they do to establish the control through chaos that they so desperately want? Of course we have seen it all before; JFK, Waco, OK City, 9/11, the wars. The examples are many and varied. It's transparent, it's criminal and it's sick.

We are all tired of this sickness and unless they shut us all down we will continue to try and expose the liars for what they are. They are relentless and so should we be. We don't forget and with some...we don't forgive.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Some alleged unseen photos from the 9/11 event have surfaced. They are supposedly from a NASA employee.

A new leak obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera shows Bin Laden's 'hidden life,' an investigation into AQ chief's life on the run. It "outlines how "routine" incompetence at every level of civil governance structure allowed the once world's most wanted man to move to six different locations within the country."

There's that incompetence meme again. The 'leaked' report is 337 pages and I haven't read much of it but I'm calling BS. It seems to prop up all the official stories and we're always trying to point the finger at Pakistan for their involvement in one thing or the other. Always remember that we want to break up this country into factions as well and steal take necessary control of their nuclear weapons so the terrorists won't get them.

Also. on the bin Laden psyop..
The nation’s top special operations commander ordered military files about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout to be purged from Defense Department computers and sent to the CIA, where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.
Of course they can never be made public. It's one of those lies that just can't be leaked.


Spying on the lawyers of a 'terrorist' is AOK. Since everyone is a potential terrorist, this looks like an attempt to set a precedent that could be used against anyone who has to go to court. If the NSA has the phone calls, emails and the like of a defendant, why not allow prosecutors to take a look at them? Government logic.
A federal judge on Monday declined to temporarily block U.S. government agencies from conducting special surveillance on lawyers representing Osama bin Laden's son-in-law, which those lawyers view as illegal spying. 
Even if the agencies monitor the communications of lawyers for Suleiman Abu Ghaith, "there isn't a shred of evidence" that prosecutors are privy to that information and using it to Abu Ghaith's disadvantage, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan said at a hearing.

"There's just no reason to think that this occurred or that it will occur," Kaplan said.
"Suppose it is going on, and the prosecution team doesn't know anything about it, what's the harm to your client?" Kaplan asked in a sometimes heated debate.

Federal prosecutor John Cronan denied that the case against Abu Ghaith has been tainted by any surveillance program.

"Let me be perfectly clear, the prosecution team had absolutely no exposure" to communications among Abu Ghaith's lawyers, he said.

Kaplan will never allow anything contrary to the government's tale. Besides that, it seems that Abu Ghaith has some dubious lawyers. Calling this a show trial is an understatement.

Coup, coup, ca-choo

Can't call it a coup in Egypt. Can't cut off aid to the military.  They have some more killing to do. More strife to foment.  
♫ Breaking up is hard to do.♫
This act of rebranding, (the coup that wasn't) will guarantee the divide is widened amongst the people. Without it appearing to be tied to any western backed manipulations. On the surface. The discord will come straight from the people. Who because of the way they have been manipulated will very naturally feel cheated and resentful.
Therefore, the discord of the people will simply have to be dealt with by the western powers, who created the disenchantment in the first place.  more from Penny

Mass resignations at Al Jazeera over "biased" Egypt coverage

The War on Terror is a Fraud: How the West has Fostered Radical Islam and Actively Keeps it Alive 
The people of the world are being lied to by those with an incentive to maintain militarism and hegemony. The first step towards dismantling the beast that has been created is to become informed and then inform.

Twenty-six ways to slander and intimidate conspiracy advocates

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Deceived and The Dangerous

The Christians United for Israel Washington Summit will convene once again on July 22-24, 2013.

Here in America we call this freedom of speech, religion and the freedom to assemble peaceably. While we still can, we also have the freedom to call those pictured above what we consider them to be...traitors and lackeys for the illegitimate state of Israel. Mouthpieces for wars for Israel and disseminators of bizarre religious doctrines.

In America people have the right to be deceived and even to repeat their deceptions to as many who will listen. Apparently there is also the right to lie and be paid to lie to further an agenda. Many of those pictured are paid professional liars.

Freedom of religion means that one can call themselves a preacher, a pastor or a theologian and stand up and say the most illogical and absurd things and then pass the hat for donations. Here are a couple of examples from CUFI...
"Genesis 12:3 mandates that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but the entire Bible is a Zionist document. During this panel Christian leaders will discuss God's commandment that we stand with Israel and His everlasting relationship with His chosen people."

"Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terror." 
Proclamations like these should be going into the dust bin of history's trash talk but unfortunately for many people they become legitimate because of the perception that those speaking them have authority, have standing and have the truth. The truth is that they only have madness.

Lest we forget, Netanyahu also has said...
"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

On the proper way to deal with the Palestinians: "beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly, until it's unbearable".

In the immediate wake of 9-11, the New York Times’ James Bennett asked Netanyahu what the attacks would mean for Israel’s relations with the United States. “It’s very good,” Bibi replied before quickly correcting himself. ”Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”

In a world where discernment and sensibilities prevailed, the ravings of these lunatics would be ignored and laughed at. That's not exactly what we have. These religious 'leaders', politicians and media propagandists are dangerous, not only to our own country but to the world. We can't look the other way and hope that they will disappear.

We can boycott, divest and support sanctions against Israel (BDS). We can walk away from liars and deceivers. We can try to educate others. We can refuse to enter into a relationship with churches and organizations whose message is not one of peace and who literally worship the tribe of the 'chosen ones' including all of their criminal elements.

We can approve of the notion of Eretz Yisrael, World War III and crimes against humanity in the name of God. Fallacies of epic proportion. 

No, we reject those fallacies emphatically.

Yes, we are as opinionated as the CUFI crowd. We just don't have the mass media to talk our opinions up, few politicians attempting to stop the foreign influence and our collection plate is empty.

Heart...maybe that's all we have left...maybe

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Dancing Israelis Docs

andie was so kind to allow me access to the pdf files she received via a FOIA request.....

The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident 

The files were on Scribd but it seems like they won't allow us to download them without having a paid account so I have uploaded them to an open public account.

Here they are:
Police Report
Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 1

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 2

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 3

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 4

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 5

Dancing Israelis FBI Document Section 6  

The files are fairly heavily redacted but still are important historical documents that you may want to save and pass around.

9/11: Israel did it (with help)

The Mossad Role in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy