Friday, July 5, 2013

The Deceived and The Dangerous

The Christians United for Israel Washington Summit will convene once again on July 22-24, 2013.

Here in America we call this freedom of speech, religion and the freedom to assemble peaceably. While we still can, we also have the freedom to call those pictured above what we consider them to be...traitors and lackeys for the illegitimate state of Israel. Mouthpieces for wars for Israel and disseminators of bizarre religious doctrines.

In America people have the right to be deceived and even to repeat their deceptions to as many who will listen. Apparently there is also the right to lie and be paid to lie to further an agenda. Many of those pictured are paid professional liars.

Freedom of religion means that one can call themselves a preacher, a pastor or a theologian and stand up and say the most illogical and absurd things and then pass the hat for donations. Here are a couple of examples from CUFI...
"Genesis 12:3 mandates that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but the entire Bible is a Zionist document. During this panel Christian leaders will discuss God's commandment that we stand with Israel and His everlasting relationship with His chosen people."

"Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terror." 
Proclamations like these should be going into the dust bin of history's trash talk but unfortunately for many people they become legitimate because of the perception that those speaking them have authority, have standing and have the truth. The truth is that they only have madness.

Lest we forget, Netanyahu also has said...
"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in their way.”

On the proper way to deal with the Palestinians: "beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly, until it's unbearable".

In the immediate wake of 9-11, the New York Times’ James Bennett asked Netanyahu what the attacks would mean for Israel’s relations with the United States. “It’s very good,” Bibi replied before quickly correcting himself. ”Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy.”

In a world where discernment and sensibilities prevailed, the ravings of these lunatics would be ignored and laughed at. That's not exactly what we have. These religious 'leaders', politicians and media propagandists are dangerous, not only to our own country but to the world. We can't look the other way and hope that they will disappear.

We can boycott, divest and support sanctions against Israel (BDS). We can walk away from liars and deceivers. We can try to educate others. We can refuse to enter into a relationship with churches and organizations whose message is not one of peace and who literally worship the tribe of the 'chosen ones' including all of their criminal elements.

We can approve of the notion of Eretz Yisrael, World War III and crimes against humanity in the name of God. Fallacies of epic proportion. 

No, we reject those fallacies emphatically.

Yes, we are as opinionated as the CUFI crowd. We just don't have the mass media to talk our opinions up, few politicians attempting to stop the foreign influence and our collection plate is empty.

Heart...maybe that's all we have left...maybe


  1. the entire "Jewish" narrative is a LIE...according to Jesus Christ.

    Abraham did not have a Talmud, did not HATE Jesus and Moses was a Levite...

    there were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament and America is not getting BLESSED for blessing the ASHKENAZIM "PROSELYTES" to the dung doodling "Religion" called ....


    "Jews" are not Hebrews, Not Judahites,
    Not Israelites,

    ....and not even Semitic.

    Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

    It is good to tell the truth to "JEW" worshippers & so-called "Jews" who could leave the cult of psychopathic paranoid schizophrenic members of the stool sculpture deity cult compound..."JEWTOPIA".

    The Bible says to provide a double witness, therefore, for a second witness: "Then will I make this house 'like Shiloh,' and will make this city (Jerusalem) a curse to all the nations of the earth. (Can there be any doubt that Jerusalem is becoming a curse to all the nations, with the damnable "Jews", who - according to Christ are the children of Satan; there and their plans for world conquest, and their efforts to make Jerusalem the capital of a "JEW" worshipping world of braindeadgoy?

    The so-called Jews who are not Israelites, but are the enemies of Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the True Israelites;

    and are so bloodthirsty and thieving
    [ledgerdemain & premeditated mass murder]

    that they have been driven from every country on earth at one time or another, and sometimes several times....

    No one on Earth HAS to live in the spiritual dungeon of TALMUDIC JUDAISM unless as Jesus said in John 8:44 that they are genetically designed to be lying murderers....


    1. Great summary.

      The "jews" are not Hebrews, Judaic, Israelites or even Semites. They are Ashkenazi proselytes descended from Khazarians.

      No one has to be a lying murderer, is is not in the genes.

      Anaughty Mouser

    2. Christian Identity and the Khazar theory are one hundred percent bogus.

  2. "Why Are We So Afraid Of Nazis" :

    [Article dated : July 5th, 2013]

    From : Chris

    1. Maybe it's the fear of failure. For many reasons the Nazis ultimately failed the people of Germany.

    2. The failure of Nazism is that the foundational ontology of Nazism was/is based on Existentialism, and Existentialism originates in the Kabala, so Nazism was bound to fail. The Kabala is the main book of Satanism. Germany was set up by the high powers in the world to be destroyed,yet another step towards the New World Order. Hitler either was a willing accomplice or too mesmerized by Dasein/Satanism to see clearly. Nazism/Fascism was a giant failure for Germany/Italy, and ultimately all of Europe for that matter.

      The Nazi Party investigated everything in Germany for Jewish influence, Except the IG Farben Cartel, the very Cartel that put Hitler into power in the very first place.

      It's true Hitler broke ties with the world's banking matrix, but it's also true there are other ways to bank-roll political parties and regimes. The Third Reich was bank-rolled by Wall Street and London via the IG Farben cartel. The very cartel the Nazis Did Not investigate for Jewish influence, the very cartel that put Hitler into power. Amazing.

      It's all in the 1945 US War Dept. Report to Congress concerning the working relationship between IG Farben and Hitler and the top leading Nazi party officials. The Report can be read at the Library of Congress, or one can go to :

      "Albert Pike Three World Wars Planned"

      From : Chris

  3. You write consistently good stuff Kenny. Thanks.

    I find the most illuminating way to study and understand the history that has brought us to the deperate predicament of 21st century humanity (and if we do not understand history, we are most certainly doomed to repeat it), is as a 2,000 years old struggle between occult Talmudic Judaism and the genuine adherents of the New Testament message. The mass of western populations - when according such categories any significance at all - fondly believe that Christianity won and has behaved in a most unchristian way towards the defeated Jews ever since. The reality, as with most thing geo-political, is the precise Orwellian opposite.

    The occult (in its classical meaning) dominates ALL western Establishments and 'The Occult' is itself dominated by Pharisaic Judaism - God help us all.

  4. More of the Jews owned Nazi Germany BS, from "Chris". What a bad lie used to denigrate (even farther) the attempt to thwart the NWO.

    The NSDAP failed the entire world, but by God they tried to stop it. They saw what was happening to their country (precisely the same thing that was happening and now has taken root here and the rest of the world). They warned Europe and the rest of the world.

    We had criminals who were subservient to the Jews back then. They had infiltrated us, even as the NSDAP were warning us.

    Not only did the NSDAP fail, every single one of us that sees what has transpired since (a certain continuation of Marxism/Judaism/Jew World domination) and keeps silent, or worse, blabs BS like Chris does (sounds like that BS Mick spouts now), are even more guilty of allowing hell to take over the handbasket.

  5. @Anonymous, July 5, 2013, at 7:47 PM,

    It is a pity that you try to refute the folly of Christian Zionism with the folly of Christian Identity. Common sense and some morals should be enough.

    @Anonymous, July 5, 2913, at 8:39 PM,

    Yep, that's you "Crazy Joe" again with your pet theories. I wonder how long it will take before you will be banned here too, like from so many other websites.

    Christian Zionists are either people who never really grew up from their childish Biblical myths or are utterly corrupt. In both cases they are dangerous.

    "Iran is the world's leading sponsor of terror".

    They cannot give even one example of that, not even Hizbollah. Iran supports no doubt Hizbollah but that is not a terrorist organization, but a local group of freedom fighters, originally founded to expell the Israelis from South Lebanon. Hizbollah is not active internationally.

    The greatest sponsor of terror is Israel and its puppet the US. Iran has been the victim of Israeli/US terror attacks already many times. Israel has also committed false flag terrorism in Argentina to blame it on Hizbollah and Iran. Its dirty game is becoming transparent now.

  6. Hitler and Spartacus had much in common, both lead slave uprisings. If time stopped right now then yes Hitler failed but time hasn't stopped and we are still too close to the end of WWII to judge it's effects. The Greeks, Golden Dawn, aren't shying away from the NSDAP and as more people learn the truth, we won't either.

    CUFI is a front organization, another jewish mask much like the Russian Bolsheviks. These "born-agains" are no different then the Russian peasants. Ask yourself what other issue besides support for Israel has these "christians" been able to achieve? NONE. We have gay marriage, legalized abortion, no prayer in schools.. so who's needs are being met? See the similarity to the peasants?

  7. so how did "THEY" get here ?

    and how are you going to explain that to a flock of bleating sheep ?


    in good faith...

    when did the first "JEW" ooze... - - - - -

    from the swamp or the spiritual dungeon of Talmudic Judaism ?

  8. Search Terms to learn more about the true nature of Hitler and the Third Reich, and the true nature of Fascist Italy :

    "Eustace Mullins On Nazis"

    "Rabbi Antelman"

    "Hitler's Muslim Legions"

    "Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

    "Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

    "Menachem Begin Nazi Collaborator"

    "Jews The Chosen People Fascist Italy Rejected"

    "Margherita Sarfatti Jewish Mother Of Italian Fascism"

    "EWTN + Nazi Persecution of Catholics"

    "EWTN + Pope Pius XII"

    "Golda Meir + Pope Pius XII"

    "Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

    Hitler's Heritage :

    Even the Jews in Israel know Hitler had the blood/DNA -- the spirit -- of a Donmeh Jew. Donmeh Jews are Jews who worship Islam-Sufism-Existentialism.

    Excellent Search Term :

    "From Fuhrer To Florida Militant Islam"

    @ Chris : Thank You for your contributions to this discussion. I just finished reading "Why Are We So Afraid Of Nazis" at Diversity Is Chaos website. Very solid,truthful information there about the true nature of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

    The Profit-Over-Life website is one of the best websites around to learn the true nature of the Third Reich and how Wall Street and the Rockefeller family bank-rolled Hitler and the Third Reich via the IG Farben Cartel.Don't let the online Nazis get to you. It's not your fault.

    The US War Dept. Report to Congress concerning the fact the IG Farben Cartel was financed by Wall Street was written in 1945. We know you're not the one who wrote to report to "derail" us White Americans.It's not your fault the White Nationalist "narrative" of the Third Reich is bullshit from top-to-bottom, just as the Zionist/mainstream "narrative" of the Third Reich is bullshit from top-to-bottom. The two websites you were considerate enough to share with us readers are excellent sources to learn about the true nature of Nazism and Fascism. Thank you.

    For Catholic readers especially, though all would benefit from reading the following. Very important reading :

    Three excellent videos about World War Two and the true nature of the Nazis and Fascists under the article here at Kenny's, "Grace And Me : A Forbidden Tale of War"

    From : Walter Audisio II

  9. I think it's best if we remain true to our Founding Fathers and Bill of Rights and stand opposed to both Nazis and Commies.

    "Frank Collins + Jew + Skokie Nazis"

    On Nazis and how way over-board they get singing praises to us Whites ;

    "Pessimum genus inimicorum laudantes" :

    Flatterers are the worst type of enemies.

    From : Jimmy

  10. Isn't Alex Jones always on about the "evil nazis", that ought to be enough of a clue for any thinking man.

  11. Isn't the jew-Nazi-jew John Kaminski always going on about the "wonderful nazis",that ought to be enough of a clue for any thinking man -- and any thinking woman.

    "Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski"

    YouTube : "Eustace Mullins On John Kaminski And Other Infiltrants"

    From : Valerio

    1. The difference is Kaminski is right.

      BTW-K isn't jewish

    2. @ helvena

      yeah, yeah, yeah, Kaminski a Hyperborean Viking Aryan from the Valhalla Mountain range on Thule island north of the North Pole -- farther north than Santa's workshop even, and I star in James Bond movies. And Hitler was a big tall strapping blonde Aryan god from the Tibetan Himalayas -- why anyone can see Hitler is a big tall strapping blonde Aryan god just like Odin by simply looking at Hitler photos.

      From : Valerio

    3. Kaminski tells us the truth about the true nature of the Soviet Union, then lies about the true nature of Nazi Germany. He tells us the truth about the true nature of the Soviet Union. That's very nice, but we all knew about the true nature of the Soviet Union before Kaminski ever showed up on the scene. Plenty of other authors tell us the truth about the Soviet Union. One doesn't need Kaminski to find out the truth about the Soviet Union. Eustace Mullins, for example, is one of the first to tell us about the true nature of the Communist Soviet Union.

      Many don't know about the true nature of Nazi Germany however, and Kaminski is NOT telling them -- he is Not telling his readers the real story about Nazism, Hitler, and the Third Reich.

      Kaminski continues to push the White Nationalist "narrative" of the Third Reich. A "narrative" as abridged of truth and as mendacious as the Zionist/mainstream narrative is -- they're mendacious and abridged in different ways, but the end result is the same : A great abridgement of history -- a great abridgement of truth. Lies of omission for the most part. A million lies of omission.

      I don't how Kaminski did it, but he seems to have managed to get his own Kaminski "trademark" on Mullins' work -- especially :

      "The Secret Holocaust PDF"

      As if Kaminski himself was somehow a partner with Mullins in searching for historical truth. As if Kaminski and Mullins were partners -- that's the unspoken, yet very palpable impression Kaminski leaves with his readers : It's what he wants his readers to believe. It is a giant lie. Kaminski was NOT Mullins' partner in real life. In point-of-fact Kaminski is Actually one of the Jews who hassled Mullins while Mullins was searching for historical truth!

      Now that Mullins has passed away, Kaminski somehow put his Kaminski "trademark" on Mullins' work. Kaminski proceeds to distort and twist Mullins' work to steer his readers to Nazism. Yet, Mullins himself was opposed to Nazism. Kaminski distorts Mullins' work to steer his readers to support an agenda Mullins himself was AGAINST. Kaminski is NOT a "truth teller". If so, Kaminski would tell his readers that Mullins was AGAINST Nazism. Yet, Kaminski never tells his readers the truth about Mullins. He leads his readers to think Mullins supported Nazism. Kaminski takes the work of an honest historian, an honest historian who was AGAINST Nazism, and then usurps the work of Eustace Mullins to goad his readers on to Nazism : Nazism -- An agenda Mullins himself detested and stood opposed to.

      He wants his readers to think that he -- Kaminski -- played a role in Mullins' work, was somehow a "partner" with Mullins, while in reality -- in real life -- Kaminski is actually one of the Jews who hassled Mullins for being an honest historian and was one of the Jews who tried to stop Mullins from his search for historical truth.I find Kaminski really and truly disgusting. He has a lot of nerve to try to usurp the work of one our most honest historians and distort Mullin's work to suit an agenda Mullins was opposed to. It's called "usurpation" NOT "truth-telling". Kaminski has all the negative traits he says all Jews have -- and he has the negative traits in abundance :

      Lots of Eustace Mullins videos at YouTube. And also :

      "Eustace Mullins PDF"

      Learn about Mullins without Kaminski standing between you and the great historian. Mullins payed dearly in his life to bring us truth, and Kaminski is a member of the very gang of those who made Mullins pay dearly for telling us the truth. Kaminski defames the great historian by trying to "abridge" and distort Mullins' work, and how putrid that Kaminski hassled Mullins while Mullins was searching for historical truth.

      From : Joe

  12. "What We Need Is The German Confessing Church"

    "Dietrich Bonhoeffer Hanged On A Twisted Cross PDF"

    From : Owen

  13. Kenny,

    I tried to post a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. I didn't get any acknowledgement that it had been sent and was awaiting moderation. Anyway, the gist of it was to provide the following links to educational resources relevant to the topic of your article:

    One may not agree with everything that Christopher Jon Bjerknes writes, but the following articles of his are insightful:


    The Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, is saturated with racism and expresses the genocidal Jewish plan to exterminate all non-Jews.
    The genocidal Jewish "Old Testament" is an incitement to exterminate the human race. Christians and Muslims share in the guilt of the Jews for believing and proselytizing these Jewish myths.

    1. Comments have been acting up. I didn't find your previous one in moderation or spam but at least this one came through. You are definitely on target that the jewish myths had plenty of help in getting established.

      I don't know if you caught Richard's article this week but it's an interesting historical tale.

      "A Man Who May Have Had a Good Idea"

    2. The problem with my first comment not getting through may have been due to a glitch in the browser Opera. I posted the second one with Firefox.

      Thanks for the link to Richard Edmondson's article. I like to read different opinions, including (and especially) those totally outside of the mainstream. One major issue that I have with all religions is that they are based on conjecture. Where is the proof that any of them is true?

  14. Seems to me the White Race was doing well enough under the banner of Christianity until the White Race rejected The Faith en-masse sometime in the 19th century and took up Existentialism.

    Existentialism has been nothing but a disaster for the White Race : Two very destructive and bloody internecine wars [ really 3 : The War Between the States], the break-down of the family, very pervasive immorality -- sexual immorality and all kinds of immorality -- the great disdain and disregard for Western European culture and heritage, and the great rejection of our Spiritual Patrimony -- a very rich Spiritual Patrimony ; All that rejected for Existentialism and "do your own thing". Now we're suffering a silent genocide because of "do your own thing"; "To suffer" means "to allow". We are allowing it by our very own "religion" of Existentialism. Both Nazism and Communism are based on Existentialism.

    " Nazis And The New Age"

    " Savitri Devi + Hitler's Priestess PDF"

    The online Nazis are not doing America any favors. The online Nazis make it that more difficult for those patriotic Americans in Washington and in the military to stop -- or at least slow down -- the warmongering Zionists.The intense, die-hard Zionists only have to point to all the Nazi websites online and get the Jews in America scared so the Jews keep supporting the intense Zionist agenda. The online Nazis are actually contributing to - Buttressing if you will -- the Zionism they say they're opposed to. The Nazis are making it a lot more difficult for those of our fellow citizens in Washington and in the military to put an end to the wars.

    From : Joe

  15. " Israel Shahak + The Weight Of Three Thousand Years"

    Jewish leadership foments Nazism as way to keep the Jews in-line, and to make sure the Jews remain scared so they continue to support the Zionist New World Order agenda. Jewish leadership has always fomented anti-Semitism. They have a very long history of doing so.

    The thing is: The NWO agenda is ultimately anti-Jewish as well as being anti-Christian [ and anti-Shia, the peaceful sect in Islam]. The die-hard warmongering Jewish Zionists are bringing destruction upon their fellow Jews.

    About 10 months ago Kissinger said, "Israel Only Has 10 Years Left", so it seems to me the big-shot banking Sanhedrin plan on sacrificing Israel to the NWO also -- as the US is being sacrificed to the NWO.

    I mention this to bring an added dimension to the discussion. A dimension - a dynamic -- very rarely mentioned on any websites. Henry Makow, however, mentions it; He has a lot articles about the phenomena of Jewish leadership fomenting anti-Semitism throughout history, and I think he should be commended for it.

    I would like to add that the Jews are NOT the only Zionists in America. It's time for the Nazis -- if they're really against Zionism as much as they claim -- to start pointing their Nazi fingers at the Mormons, the 501c3 Zionist Christians, and the Shriners: They never do. The 3 groups support Zionism to-the-hilt, and NOT because the Jews are twisting their arm and forcing them to -- they support the agenda because they see some kind of advantage in it for themselves. And the advantage is "religious", not necessarily monetary. The Zionist Christians, the Mormons, and the Shriners also worship "messianic" faiths as the Jewish Zionists do. The online Nazis of course leave all of this out of their Nazi "narratives".

    From : Owen


    Search terms for more websites and info about how Nazi mentality is not doing America any favors :

    "First Light Forum + Why Pro Hitler White Nationalists Are Undoing And Destroying"

    From : Jimmy

    1. Chris=Walter Audisio II=Valerio=Owen=Joe=Jimmy. Same troll, same crap. On other websites he mostly goes by the moniker "Joe". He has been banned already from many sites, due to his compulsive repetitiveness.

    2. Yeah, it's obvious it's all the same person. Not only compulsive but obsessive.

  17. @ Franklin Ryckaert

    I don't know, and I can't speak for, Audisio,Valerio,Owen,or Jimmy: What I do know :

    All my posts to Nazi websites never make it through "moderation" when I mention :

    "Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam PDF"

    "Who Owned IG Farben During World War Two"

    "Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler PDF"

    "Mussolini + Margherita Sarfatti"

    "Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

    "Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

    So many more topics are VERBOTEN at ALL the Nazi websites. Too long to list all the VERBOTEN topics.I would have to write an encyclopedia. I don't have the patience.

    I get "banned" if I in any way don't show Hitler, Mussolini, Heidegger, and Nietzsche the Utmost Respect -- as if they're Gods. How I "blaspheme".

    And what are your other online "handles", Ryckaert? Are you "MachNichts"? MN bolted on me when I asked him a few logical questions [ yet he himself started the debate]concerning the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Transfer Agreement of 1933, Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood, the nexus point of Nazism, Islamic Jihad, and Zionism, etc. under the article:

    "Death Rays For The Enemies Of Israel"

    Right here at Kenny's. Article dated : June 20th, 2013. Go to "Older Posts". It's easy to find Ryckaert. I see MachtNichts is dragging out his heavy-duty artillery and his elite SS troops today:

    Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.

    From : Joe

    1. Ok Joe, if you're not all these other guys then they close like you do for a purpose.


    From : Joe

  19. Learn more about the Nazi "philosopher" Heidegger and Nazi Existentialism [Dasein] :

    From : Jimmy

  20. You live here(or near) don't you Kenny? Scary.

    1. Yeah, near. I can't say that the sheriff's dept. is directly Mossad trained as Duff does but it's close.

  21. Joe is a well known subversive.

  22. Out of the 30 comments above, 15 were from Davy, Chris, Joe, Walter Audisio II, Jimmy, Valerio, Owen. The style and links pretty much the same; those guys must be related. "Joe's" unqualified comment about Kaminski earlier made me answer in a derogative way because I agree with helvena, K. is right. The difficulties he has trying to publish on the net speak for themselves.

    Shouldn't have done it, I unleashed the beast, LOL , tried to take it over to Mick's, didn't work. Tongue in cheek, of course. Also tried some of Joey's links and just found the usual, pervasive shoah business.

    I mention Davy as a relative although he pretends to be a little more civil. And you might as well add Tassinari.

    Sorry Ryckaert, for being thrown into the same pot with me. Shows you his state of mind (paranoid schizophrenic?), just guessing.

  23. Kenny posted an important article which should have inspired some relevant comments on the topic, but instead the thread was immediately highjacked by mythmongers and by the interjection of a subject guaranteed to derail any thread — Nazis — which should be debated elsewhere. Disgusting.

    1. @ No More Myths & MachtNichts

      Everyone is still free to send in "relevant" comments. I never stopped anyone from writing in and opining. I did NOT "hijack" the thread because the commentary thread is NOT an airplane. It's obviously a thread of commentary.

      The article is still here, and everyone and anyone is still free to write in and opine. The article is still here, everyone can still read it, and everyone is still free as a bird to write in and share their thoughts about the article -- Yes, even "relevant" thoughts and "germane" opinions. I'm not stopping anyone from sending in comments "relevant" to the article, nor have I ever stopped anyone from writing in and sharing "relevant" comments on the article, or stopped anyone from writing any kind of comments period.

      If it would be possible to "hijack" the thread, I would have "hijacked" it a long time ago and we'd all be in Tahiti by now, surrounded by hula girls and drinking margaritas. Everyone would be raising toasts to me & feteing me for my common sense and for being a man-of-action, for getting us out of NWO America, and for delivering us from all the bullshit that never ends.

      And anyhow what does MachtNachts care if the thread of commentary was "hijacked" [even though it wasn't really ever hijacked]? I notice he runs away even if the commentary thread remains "relevant" -- like the commentary thread that follows, "Death Ray For The Enemies Of Israel" for example.

      By the way, Nazism,Sunni Islamic Jihad,and warmongering Zionism are very much relevant to the article.The State of Israel arose from Nazi Germany and the Third Reich in the very first place -- So Yes, Nazism is Relevant to the main article.

      A discussion of Nazism here is NOT out-of-place, not at all. Israel came about exactly because of Nazi Germany. For example the Transfer Agreement and the Haavara Agreement of 1933.

      The desire of the warmongering Zionists for their "Eretz Israel" is Exactly the same "philosophy", the same desire, as that of Nazi Lebensraum. As is clear in the video about Hitler's heritage and the abundance of truthful information at all the websites I left for the readers, Nazism is Sabbatean Donmeh Jew-to-the-core, so ipso facto my posts about Nazism are very much relevant.

      Not my religion exactly, but the articles are very informative. Overlook the religious aspect :

      From : Joe

      From : Joe

  24. NMM and MachtNichts. Thanks for your support.

    Having to apply moderation to comments is bad enough and my 'liberal' policy of allowing most of them to be published is not always the best choice. Hijacking a thread seems to be the goal of some and it's my fault for allowing it.

    I do appreciate all the comments from real folks and need to think twice about what comments are published.

  25. NetanYahoo... you are a Dunce to fall for the christian crap!!!

  26. Banging the drums of war: Christians United for Israel

    “Show that your house stands with Israel! Place a beautiful CUFI mezuzah on your doorpost!”

    For the bargain price of $36, you could not only further the work of CUFI, but stamp Israel’s sovereignty on your home as well.

    The influence of CUFI is not to be sniffed at — it is the self-declared “largest pro-Israel organization in the United States,” serving 1.3 million members and conducting hundreds of pro-Israel events each year. CUFI has a vast empire of support and a significant platform with which to infiltrate public opinion with hatred towards the peoples of the Middle East. Its web of influence contributes hugely to the entrenched pro-Israel discourse in the US; newsletters like these are dropping into hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, both real and virtual, on a regular basis.

  27. Christians United For Israel: Building an Evangelical Army to Defend Zionism

    "Religious coercion is a powerful weapon, and one that the global Elite have been working like puppet masters behind the scenes for centuries. Zionists hold key positions of absolute influence in entertainment, mainstream news media, banking and multi-national corporations. They are now gearing up to push their agendas through all avenues of control."

  28. Holy Oil

    SAN ANTONIO – Christians United for Israel, the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, announced Monday that Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (NASDAQ GM: “ZN”) will sponsor the Night to Honor Israel and the Ambassador’s Reception at CUFI’s 2010 Washington Summit.

  29. Christians United for Israhell

  30. @ Kenny

    With all due respect,I think all my posts are very helpful. Well, at least I hope so. Maybe some 501c3 Zionist Christians, Mormons, and Shriners, will read the article and all the posts that everyone sent in -- including mine -- and re-think their support of Zionism.

    If they see the true nature of Zionism -- where it began and all the various dynamics of Zionism -- Nazism being a major dynamic of Zionism as it was via Nazism the Jews got their State of Israel in the first place -- they'll re-think their support of Zionism.

    If they see the Jews themselves played a giant role in creating and building the Third Reich -- which is the truth -- maybe they'll re-think their support of Zionism.

    One very important reason Zionism gets so much support is because of Nazi Germany and the holocaust. Many Christians still think the Jews were victims - while many Jews were victims, of course - the Christians and other Non-Jews don't know that the Jews who were victims of Nazism, were victims -- to a large and substantial degree - because of their own fellow Jewish financiers, their own fellow Jews serving in the Third Reich, and their very own fellow Jewish Zionist Rabbis who wanted to "manifest" a "holocaust religion".

    Many Jews were involved in Nazism and the Third Reich : For example, even Menachem Begin, a Prime Minster of Israel, was a Nazi collaborator. The Christian Zionists don't know that. And the online Nazis certainly aren't telling them.

    With all due respect, I think all my posts I sent in are very relevant to the main article.

    Thank you for your time and work -- Thank you for your website. I appreciate your work.

    From : Joe

  31. Thanks, Kenny.I recently had a conversation with a Christian Zionist in town who was trying to explain to my that we must support Zionists no matter what they do, even if what they do goes against the Bible. She seemed intelligent otherwise. I don't get it.

    1. I don't get it either except that indoctrination often overrides common sense.

    2. Here's some information that you might find useful, Salina:

      We are often told that we should bless Israel or god will curse us. Those who are not familiar with the origin of such important information might be surprised (and perhaps amused) to learn that it involves a certain prophet named Balaam and his talking ass.

      The story is found in Numbers 22 and 23:

      For more information on Balaam:

      All the prophecies that Balaam makes take the form of (Hebrew) poems...
      In the view of textual criticism[2] the narrative, excepting the episode involving the donkey, is simply a framework invented in order to be able to insert much older poems. Whether the poems themselves are considered to constitute prophecies, or simply poems created after the events they appear to prophesy, tends to depend on whether the commentator is religious or not.

      Read more:

  32. the Z in " N A Z I " stands for Zionist...Zionism.

    from Hansel & Gretel...

    a breadcrumb trail...Did Martin Luther live before the NAZI's ?

    common sense would indicate a willingness to unravel [Spaghetti mess]
    the LYING PEN of the scribe....H/T - E. Mullins {curse of canaan}

    and find out where the MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES came from...

    and it wasn't a Catholic University or the Catacombs of the Vatican...

    there was another Library that didn't burn down when they torched Alexandria

    just sayin' exactly did "JEWS" get sooooo "JEWISH" ?


  33. And the online Nazis are not helping none. Not at all. The Christians in America DO NOT want Nazism here in the States. When they see all the Nazi websites online, that just serves to push the Christians into the Zionist camp even more intensely. They think they're helping the Jews that way. They want to help for good reasons -- at least the laity -- because they DO NOT want Nazism here in the States. They DO NOT want to see the Jews -- or anyone else --dragged out of their homes and brutally murdered en-masse!! It's true many Christians are indoctrinated, it's also true all the online Nazis are part-and-parcel of the indoctrination.

    All The Nazi websites only serve to remind the Christians to support Zionism -- because if they don't the US may turn Nazi and the Jews will be dragged out of their homes again like in Nazi Germany and brutally murdered en-masse : "Look at all the Nazi websites".

    The Nazi webmasters play their role well.

    From : Joe

  34. Glenn Beck: If Israel is threatened, ‘count me a Jew and come for me first’
    11:25 PM 07/19/2011

    If the world goes down the road of dehumanizing Jews again, “then count me a Jew and come for me first,” Glenn Beck declared in his keynote address at the closing banquet of the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) summit in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night.

    Standing up for Israel “may be the cause of our lifetime,” he said to a crowd of thousands of Christians at the Washington Convention Center. “Each of us will be judged as a people and a nation by how we treat Israel.”
    “This still is America 2011. We are not the Christians of the Crusades. We are the Christians United for Israel,” he said.

    From the comments:

    Beck is a charlatan – he lost his place at Fox because he attacked some left wing Jews by name – namely Soros – that is not something you can do in our culture – the tribe left, right, and center does not like that. They collectively fear anything negative being said about any of them.

    So now Beck is on the attack, working to get back in the good graces of the US Jewish community by going overboard in supporting Israel.

  35. In Israel’s Knesset, Glenn Beck Plays to the Home Crowd
    July 11, 2011

    Glenn Beck’s tour guide in the Knesset on Monday was the same fellow who squired Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee around Jerusalem: Danny Danon, the sleek, arch-conservative deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament and a man who knows how to inspire Christian fundamentalists. ”I do a lot of fundraising in the United States,” Danon told me one afternoon last fall over coffee. “The Jews give, but it’s always, ‘Yes, but.”’ Here he grinned. “With the evangelicals,” he said, “there’s never a ‘but.’”

    With Beck, it was even better, said Dannon.”If we didn’t have someone like Glenn Beck . . . we would have had to invent someone like him,” Danon said...


  36. Glenn Beck signs $100 million radio contract
    June 11, 2012

    Glenn Beck will remain a force in radio for at least five more years. The conservative firebrand has inked a new five-year, $100 million deal with Clear Channel's Premiere Networks...

  37. It's taking you a rather long to time to "moderate" the last post I sent you. I didn't write an encyclopedia. One can read the post in less than 2 minutes time.

    Why are you not putting the post up on the commentary board? It's not off-the-wall. Makes sense. It's relevant to the article and to the tread of commentary. Are you afraid of MachtNichts and his SS troops?

    From : Joe

    1. I've been gone all day and you want to come here and demand something. Your other 'demanding' comment is gone as well as several others from: whoever the names are.

      Maybe you need to find another place to post your 'sense.' Better yet get your own website and say what you will.

  38. Connect the Dots

    Orit Gadiesh (Hebrew: אורית גדיש‎) is an Israeli-American corporate strategist and chairwoman of management consulting firm Bain & Company.

    Gadiesh was born in Haifa, Israel in 1951, the daughter of a Berlin-born Israel Defense Forces colonel and his Ukrainian-born wife. After completing her compulsory service in the IDF, serving in military intelligence, Gadiesh studied at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduating in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Gadiesh graduated from Harvard Business School in 1977 in the top 5 percent of her class and was awarded the Brown prize for the most outstanding marketing student.[citation needed]

    Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)