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Volunteers of America

'Her Mistress's Voice' art by Grace Slick
Did a very large number of folks unwittingly volunteer for the 'elite' social engineering program of psychedelic drugs, music and new age philosophies? For the purpose of control.....

Was the 60's phenomenon of the 'hippies' really a CIA and other assets manipulation of the mind through supplied LSD and created cultural memes? An experiment to see just how well these techniques would work? One that was decades in the making?

Those of us who were around during those times and had a very good time may not want to see ourselves as social lab animals in a grand game but I think we would also want to know some of the hidden details of our past. We're still learning and maybe that's what matters.

Dave McGowan went fairly deep into some aspects of the psyops of psychedelia in his Laural Canyon series.
n 2012 Jan Irvin made an important discovery.

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin have continued in that tradition with their Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering…

excerpts from their conclusion:
The authors are in disagreement about the use of mind-altering drugs. One believes that we do should not dismiss the potential of these substances as biological tools to open doorways of the mind, and possibly spiritual dimensions; but those who consider these substances as only spiritual tools often ignore their dark side and never consider that they can be easily used as much for control. He recommends they not be used without a prior thorough study in something such as the trivium method, and suggests that, like a knife which may be used to cut your food, and also used to kill; psychedelics can be used to empower or control. It is important for people who use these substances to consider what others think of them who don’t use them for spiritual purposes. The other believes that given their provenance, they should not be taken under any circumstances.
We must consider: Does the predator think that these substances are tools for spiritual awakening, or for the control of others? What the reader may believe is not necessarily the whole truth.

Though it seems incredible, Esalen, and Huxley, McKenna, Bernays, Wasson and Dulles appear to have been part of a secret agenda within the U.S. government that intends to usher in a post-modernist, neo-feudalism Dark Age and slavery in America. What makes this particularly difficult to believe is the unanswered question of the organization’s motivation. What would motivate such a group? Racism? Classism? Religious fervor? Power? All of the above? And how would it be able to maintain such secrecy, involving certainly hundreds, if not thousands of individuals over such a long time?

One thing is clear.  Whatever is the basis for this organization, it resides within identifiable secret societies. The number of individuals that can be demonstrated to have taken part in creating the Deadhead who are also members of Skull and Bones, the Century Club and the Bohemian Club is simply too large to have been circumstantial. Moreover, Dr. Colin Ross has shown that high level Freemasonry was responsible for funding the original LSD research (waiting for citation from Ross) and this group should also be inspected closely.

We appeal to scholars and to the public to help us find the truth behind MK-ULTRA and the creation of the Deadhead and the post-modernist, neo-feudalism movement.
The authors are not looking to bring anyone out of one cave and into yet another, but to free humanity from this insanity. And only the truth is capable of that. Esalen, Aldous Huxley, Gordon Wasson, Timothy Leary, Terence McKenna, and the peddlers of this agenda: The spell is now undone and the true secrets of Eleusis, of the CIA and the psychedelic revolution, are now revealed for the entire world to see.  more

Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin interview with Vinny Eastwood: CIA, MK Ultra & Origins of Acid Counter Culture

Deanna Spingola interview with Joe Atwill on Manufacturing the Deadhead

Deanna Spingola interviews Jan Irvin on Manufacturing the Deadhead - See more at:

It's an interesting subject. That rabbit hole has not been fully explored. Control through social engineering seems to have around throughout human history and it is reaching a peak today through technology.

I'll leave it to others who experienced the 'acid days' to decide what's what. All I know is that during that period we began to question pretty much everything and some of us are still doing that up to this day.

and Grace Slick was hot in 1969.....


e At

d Jan Irvin
Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin


hat tip to JJ Cale
J.J. Cale, Musician and Songwriter, Dies at 74


  1. Gracie's old man was an "investment banker"
    See Grace singing El Diablo.

    1. yeah, her father worked for the tribe.

      nice nylon string guitar...

      El Diablo I can feel your power in my soul
      Dancing like your puppet though I try to break your hold
      Half succeeding still I find I’m healing quickly
      You’ll not trick me one more time

      El Diablo you are like a fountain blowing dust
      Peddler of delusion, dire confusion and disgust
      As you hook your mark with joyous heart you up the price
      Take your pleasure elsewhere cast your gaze not on my life

      El Diablo I can feel your power in my soul
      Dancing like your puppet though I try to break your hold
      Half succeeding still I find I’m healing quickly
      You’ll not trick me one more time

      El Diablo I can hear you calling in the night
      Pass me by in silence I’ll not follow you tonight
      Beat your breast like thunder vent your anger with a howl
      You’ll not pull me under I’ll not tremble at your growl


  3. through the fogbanks of confusion and ignorance . . .

    Truth is knowable...

    simply by examining the intellectual duplicity of the

    "JEWISH" narrative.

    "The paradox concerning the nature of OBJECTIVE validity is by design and degree instinctual."

    - the opposite of Nadir is APEX....right ?

    is there really a bottom to that pit ...?

    300 million murders, trillions looted...

    what is the source of the TALMUD ? really....


  4. I was listening to the Spingola interview, and they had me up until the mention of Girl Writes What, who by her own admission is a heavy drinker, states that Afghan women are liberated, and advocates domestic assault to settle disputes. Sort of a female Henry Makow. GWW is pawning to the MRA movement, who seem to be a gathering of violence prone rape apologists.

    The funny part is I've never heard of a single one of them defending Jerry Sandusky.

    Though the interview brought up some different aspects of the 60's than McGowan, I prefer McGowan overall because he tends to be more objective and does his homework on research.

    McGowan stated that the original anti war movement protesters were fairly conservative looking and that the hippie movement derailed war protest by giving it an unattractive face. Is it possible that the same thing was done with women and minority rights issues? Just a thought.

    1. I'm not familiar with GWW so I'll take your word that she's not worth taking the time reviewing her writings.

      What I've always liked about McGowan is that he's very entertaining. There's few dull moments in his writings.

      Despite the face of the hippie anti-war movement and despite the infiltration and paid provocation, most were sincere in their opposition to the war. I never forgot the majority of churches who did not practice what they preach. Propagandized the same as today.

    2. Always an interesting topic.

      Recently I watched a documentary film entitled 'Berkeley in the Sixties'.

      It begins with the free speech movement that exploded on the UC campus in 1960. The student protesters were well dressed and cogent in their arguments and were rigorous in their refusal to commit violent acts against fellow humans and property. One one occasion a police car rolled up to a demonstration to make an arrest. The 2 Berkeley cops put the speaker in the squad car and demonstrators surrounded the car, preventing it from moving. The police politely waited (for hours). They did not call in a SWAT team to rape and pillage. The free speech advocates also refrained from intimidating the police, instead they, as individuals, engaged the police and by all appearances, everyone made the best of the situation.

      The students gained traction, thoroughly shamed the regents at UC and gained support from professors (something that took years) and furthered their cause.

      A few years later the hippy and drug culture had begun to take hold. UC Berkeley protesters (and many hangers-on) decided to march on an Military Enlistment office in Oakland. Some members of the group damaged Oakland (black) resident's property and kept some residents from driving to work. This royally pissed off some black Oaklanders. Now, what sense would it make to drive a wedge between blacks and whites in the Bay Area when blacks at this very same moment in time are standing up for their civil rights? The whites who started this movement in 1960 were also standing up for civil rights! Wouldn't it be natural that ALL Americans against the war and in favor of civil rights would come together, regardless of race? Alas, it was not to be. Just bad luck, I guess.

      Finally, there's a great deal of evidence that LSD was a tool used by the government to sidetrack anti-war and civil rights activists. It took a very short period of time to derail the movement and, coupled with the concentrated message delivered via the media to middle America that all these folks are freaks, similar to Manson, turn off many people to the message of civil rights for all. We're still living with the backlash today as America devolves into a heavy police state and the majority refuses to fight back. No one wants to be labeled a subversive. Or a hippy. There's still, I think, a lot of this story left to be revealed.

    3. Hey Patrick. Divide and control. Label and demonize. It's been going on a long time. Not much need to change tactics even today. It's what works...somewhat.

    4. Also - in the interview w/Spingola he goes off on a tangent about food - how the brain is made of cholesterol, etc and therefore we need to eat meat.

      I am not a vegan, however I have tried to be one and failed miserably with health issues flaring up. Took a genetic test (Inherent Health) and found I was better able to digest protein and fat and had issues with carbs - thus my failure with vegan diets.

      However, there's about 20-25% of the population that does just fine with higher levels of carbs, and these people can be vegans. It appears to be a genetic adaptation. Pushing one diet or the other on people without knowing their genetic background is not responsible. Some people can eat grain and convert that in their systems to saturated fat, which is what the body needs, according to Weston Price. I don't think this guy, as I stated before, does all his homework.

    5. You are exactly right. No one should push any one diet for everyone. It should be that those so inclined would experiment with different diets and see what works best for them.

      I'm not a strict vegan but I haven't eaten meat in almost 40 years. My personal diet has been not only high carbs but also fairly high protein and fats, hopefully good ones. Would it work for others? Some maybe, some not. Heck, I don't even know if it works for me but I seem to be healthy and height weight proportionate. (another grin)

  5. Many a drunken night spent listening to Cale way back in the day.

    1. JJ lived in the mid TN area for many years, he may still have a house here, but he rarely played any local gigs so few people got to see him play live.

  6. Here's some more information on the subject:

    Operation Midnight Climax: How the CIA Dosed S.F. Citizens with LSD

  7. Army LSD Researcher Involved in Secret Military Projects Dies at Age 86

    1. Excellent additions to the narrative, NMM.

    2. Another interesting article from 1979 mentioned in the comments of your first link. Starts on page 12.

      "Sex, Drugs, and the CIA: The Shocking Search for an 'Ultimate Weapon' " by John Marks

    3. At the 1 hour & 48 minute mark of the following audio, Dennis Cimino makes a spot-on analogy :

      "I don't know if you've ever seen a movie that came out a number of years ago with Peter Sellers called 'Being There' ? The guy was a recluse, he was in the house and he spent his whole life in the house. All he ever did was sit in front of the TV set with the clicker. So he took the clicker with him out on the street and a couple of guys tried to hold him up. Now, he's got the clicker and he's not liking this reality so he's fervently pushing the button trying to change it, to get the channel off, because he doesn't like it, but it's not working. That's America in a nutshell. That's where Americans' heads are at. They're in the movie 'Being There,' they're Peter Sellers, they're standing there with the clicker. When their end comes, they'll be fervently tyring to click their demise away as it's happening to them, because they have no clue what reality is."

      The goal of modern mass media brainwashing is to make millions of average people, recluses from reality, within their own minds, as they go on having 'normal' social relations with their families and friends and all the others confined to the same mental prison. They relate to each other quite well, as long as the channel they have all clicked away from is reality or the level of truth which makes reality 'knowable,' a level of truth conducive to a cultural climate worth living in. Even the unreal fairy land they like to populate would be impossible without the firm ground built by the truth of previous generations being steadily eroded year-after-year until the bottom falls out and we have to start from scratch or the application of uncompromised principles once again.

      ~Negentropic MK I

    4. These few paragraphs written by Steve Tesich years ago have always been in the back of my mind as having identified a process which is crucial to the mass PsyOp puzzle but without factoring in the high levels of control exercised by media and instead giving too much credit to superficial 'freedom of choice' or will-power:

      "The problems confronting us now are no longer seen as problems. Truth is perceived as the problem, as the real enemy, and more and more we look to our government to protect us from it.

      They are no longer afraid of truth because they know that the truth will have little impact on us. Their message to us is this: we've given you a glorious victory and we've given you back your here's the truth. Which do you prefer?

      We are being told that we can't have both anymore, truth and self-esteem. We have to choose. One excludes the other.

      The implications are even more terrifying than this. Our government now perceives that we are entering a new phase where we, in return for self-esteem, are willing to lie to ourselves.

      All the dictators up to now have had to work and work hard at suppressing the truth. We, by our actions, are saying that this is no longer necessary, that we have acquired a spiritual mechanism which can denude the truth of any significance. In a very fundamental way we, as a free people, have freely decided that we want to live in some post-truth world."

      We have not simply 'acquired a spiritual mechanism which can denude the truth of any significance.' We have had this mechanism systematically programmed into us since birth through almost all channels of communication around us and the through the programming of our own parents.

      We have not 'freely' decided that we want to live in some post-truth world.' We have been given the dialectical prison within which to make this 'free' choice and it takes even a very strong-willed person quite a bit of de-programming to break out.

      For those who try to escape this prison, there are disinformation agents put out to neutralize them. Their job is to "make everything believable and nothing knowable."

      When the result of pursuing truth is endless confusion and derailings into dead-ends and swamps, rather than the firm footing on high elevation to see far that any honest investigation should provide in relatively short order of logic diligently applied without compromise, then even truth-seekers are programmed to find their 'self-esteem' by clicking onto channel 'Zzzz.' After all, a constant state of imbalance, doubt and paranoia is hardly fertile ground for healthy self-esteem.

      As Voltaire said:

      "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd."

      However, the discovery of truth is not 100% 'certainty' but the knowable minimal requirement -- that which is close-enough-to-truth to be counted on as firm ground upon which science and civilization can develop and be maintained.

      So the people trying to click away reality are the ones for whom the apprehension of reality has been made a cost too high to pay, with rewards few and far-between of a spiritual nature not applicable to their daily lives. The few that see the value of the pursuit and have the endurance are then run into a maze to expend all their energies and finally give up in frustrated burn-out, even if not necessarily joining the 'clickers.'

      ~Negentropic MK II

    5. First time I heard this song in its cranked-up, high-energy live version:

      was in another Hal Ashby film, "Shampoo," during the party sequence.

      Songwriters: Balin, Marty

      Her neon mouth with the blinkers-off smile
      Nothing but an electric sign
      You could say she has an individual style
      She's part of a colorful time

      Secrecy of lady-chrome-covered clothes
      You wear cause you have no other
      But I suppose no one knows
      You're my plastic fantastic lover

      Her rattlin' cough never shuts off
      Is nothin' but a used machine
      Her aluminum finish, slightly diminished
      Is the best I ever have seen

      Cosmetic baby plugged into me
      I'd never ever find another
      I realize no one's wise
      To my plastic fantastic lover

      The electrical dust is starting to rust
      Her trapezoid thermometer taste
      All the red tape is mechanical rape
      Of the TV program waste

      Data control and IBM
      Science is mankind's brother
      But all I see is drainin' me
      On my plastic fantastic lover

      The Warren Beatty character in that film was supposedly based on Jay Sebring, he of the seven-times-stabbed Manson family occult blood ritual (Same reason WTC 7 was the only standard demolition shown on fake video while WTC's 1 & 2 were shown as completely bizarre top-down demolitions in order to shock & awe; the other 6 demolitions of the 9 buildings brought down that day, they did not bother with any fake video for those but brought them down anyway). Not a nice way to die for the guy who created the famous hairstyle of the alcoholic son of the admiral in command of the Gulf of Tonkin fleet in 1964. Not only that, but he introduced Bruce Lee to Hollywood and stayed friends with Sharon Tate, even after she left him for that perverted half-Jew midget Polanski. Kaukonen, Casady and Balin from JA all have half-Jew ancestry and Kantner went to a Jesuit military school. Zappa remembers in his autobiography that Jefferson Airplane got an unheard of $20,000 sign-up bonus at the time from their record company.

      "When the Jews sink we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse. " --- Theodor Herzl - The Jewish State, 1896

      Abirato Radio 07 / 28 / 2013 - ep52 - 9/11 amateur photographer Guillaume Perret

      We talk with ElSushi, Guillaume Perret, and Simon Shack about Guillaume’s photos which he says he took on 9/11/2001.

      This French saxophone player Guillaume that was talking to Shack and Abirato on Sunday is really an amazing musician! Check it out:

      ~Negentropic MK III

    6. Interesting additions Negen. "In a very fundamental way we, as a free people, have freely decided that we want to live in some post-truth world." That rings true.

      Really cool jams by Perret. I wasn't aware of him but he's good.

      I haven't listened to the Perret interview but went to the clues forum

      There Shack says "There were no "thousands of burned-out/crushed/flipped-over cars all around the area" - (as 'documented' by the bogus Judy Wood imagery - crafted by Joe Marengo). If that were the case, surely Guillaume would have snapped some pics of those spectacular wreckages?"

      I just happened to watch this video yesterday of Vince Dementri of CBS 2 on 9/11. At about 2:00 to 3:00 minutes he mentions the burned out cars.

      Also this video of Diane Sawyer interviewing someone about the cars.

      The guy in the liveleak vid says at building 7 there was no fire whatsoever but the Dementri video seems to dispute that. That's not to say the fire brought building 7 down. We know it didn't.

    7. I don't know if this Sawyer video will be allowed to stay on youtube but here it is.

    8. What you have to remember is that the way they did 9-11 was to control literally the ENTIRE image pool of that 102 minute time span when the attacks occurred. Therefore, almost every video and every image you have ever seen anywhere that is supposed to have been taken DURING those 102 minutes of 9-11 was manufactured ahead of time. None of the 'Live' footage is actually Live but faked ahead of time and aired as 'Live.' All the amateur footage from all the supposed amateur photographers is also fake and this is further reinforced by the fact that almost ALL of these amateur films with different names on them came from one source:

      Steven Rosenbaum's Camera Planet.

      Believe it or not, Guillaume Perett is actually the very first guy with photos that he says he took on 9-11, not near the buildings but in lower Manhattan not too far from them (the entire area of the operation was blocked off) to actually agree to be interviewed. Nobody knew he had these few photos until recently when a member of Clues Forum named El Sushi who knows the bass player in Guillaume's band checked his facebook page and saw the photos posted.

      Here's a page that puts together most of the key No-Planer / Media-Fakery links you need in one place (when someone asks about media-fakery on 9-11, direct them to this link and they're less likely to be completely overwhelmed than directly on Clues Forum without a tour guide):

      Fetzer has a lot of explaining to do. He has proven himself a shill by refusing to investigate, even when confronted head-on by Brian Staveley about it a few months ago, the solid evidence provided in the 9-11 VICSIMS report that most and maybe even all the so-called victims of 9-11 were not real people but simulated identities. He acknowledges the VICSIM concept on Sandy Hook and for the Boston Bombings but refuses to go all the way with it on 9-11. He also defends the proven liar and actor William Rodriguez which, at this point in time, is really inexcusable shillery. The two positions are related because if he DID acknowledge the facts of the VICSIMS report, then he would have no choice but to admit that Slick Willie with his stories of 'rescuing people trapped in the towers' is a lying traitorous clown. By refusing to do this, Fetzer shows himself for what he is, Willie's willing accomplice in the controlled opposition alternative media charade.

      ~Negentropic MK IV

    9. The Sawyer interview is a fake, whether manufactured ahead of time or staged 'live,' (most likely done ahead of time and aired as 'live.' Sorry to have to break it to you Kenny but 'All American' Diane Sawyer (Mrs. Mike Nichols - Jewish Hollywood director) with her 7 million dollar a year salary and all the top newscasters are almost certainly IN ON THE WHOLE SCAM, since the only way they can be scammed themselves is if they don't know the person they're interviewing is an agent there to weave the false narrative of 9-11. This is unlikely because then, these news events with these agent/actors would have to be done in one take and that is too risky to screw up. They are in on it, they are traitors, just as much as Dan Rather was a traitor in the JFK assassination, and this supposed firefighter is nothing but a clown actor and/or agent, similar to the famous Harley shirt guy but more believable.

      The 'toasted cars' and all that Judy Wood 'top down' collapse pulverization stuff is an easter-egg chase for us troofers. Even while, she was sending us on the chase (and I did indeed go on that chase long enough to enrich her by $40 dollars by buying her silly shill book), she was identifying the very process of sending people on 'easter egg' hunts and away from the 'evidence,' of the photos which she claimed to have. Her job was to give pseudo-scientific authentication to the faked photographs and videos of the 9-11 demolitions exactly as Shack says. I'm surprised that Spingola can't see this after all this time. Judy Wood still believes that the 'jumpers' were real and Shack has 100% conclusively proven in his King Kong Man post that the videos of the 'jumpers' and all the photographs derived from them are not only fakes but very sloppily done fakes:

      ~Negentropic MK V

    10. I have no doubts that many of the videos and images were faked and/or altered. A version of the 'truth movement' was created ahead of time and blended in the narrative for the purpose of confusion and to keep us chasing our tails. Controlling the opposition is an age old technique.

      Vince Dementri in that video certainly seems to have the script in hand and yes, the fireman interviewed by Sawyer appears to be a plant. I wasn't defending those people, only bringing this aspect to the table for possible discussion.

      It has long been said that one source controlled all or most of the main videos shown on that day.

      Since 9/11, and even before, the MSM has been caught red-handed faking news numerous times. It works on some but not on all.

      Exactly what happened that day is still up for grabs as that was the plan all along. What we do know is that Muslims didn't do it and the real perps still walk among us. The big question is 'where do go from here.'

  8. "...we began to question pretty much everything and some of us are still doing that up to this day."
    You hit the nail on the head there, Kenny. I was there. If it wasn't for the '60's, I don't think I would have ever questioned anything in my life. If it was a mind-control experiment, it went horribly wrong. I have had this argument with McGowan before. It's funny how those that have not experienced something, magically become authorities. Grace Wing(Slick)or anyone else mentioned in his or Atwill's tripe were not part of any mind-control agenda. Even the spoiled jewish kids that thought they were part of that social revolution. McGowan and Atwill weren't there...they know nothing about it. Energy misspent. In producing this speculative junk and anyone buying into it.

    1. Thanks for your perspective Tim. I totally agree that if it was a mind-control experiment, it did not go exactly as planned. I always thought that when the CIA began contaminating the LSD supply, the strychnine laced orange tabs come to mind, it was an attempt to destroy the movement because they could not control it. That and the introduction of all the numbing drugs into the culture. There were a lot of casualties from that and I would guess you knew of a number of them as I did.

      You bring up a good point. Had we not lived in and survived that period, exactly where would our thought processes be today? I can't even imagine except that we may be like many around us who continue to say "I don't want to know."

    2. We are on the same page here. Excessive strychnine is a by-product of poorly processed lysergic acid. That happened a lot back then.
      The social engineering that everyone seems to liken to the sixties, was coming from the other side. That is what the era was about. Rejection of the materialism and war-mongering of post WWII amerika. It was pretty simple. No one was led by the PTB toward this social revolt. We saw this consumer society coming...we didn't accept it...we dropped out. That's it. There was no counter-counter culture...believe me. I was out on the road 'rapping' with these kids. They questioned everything, but had few answers save that what was going on wasn't a good thing. Our Grandparents were on our side. Our parents were seriously confused. The tv blaring commercials and the war raging was the backdrop. I talked to Leary once. That guy had NO agendas. I'm totally surprised that he could navigate as far as he did through life. The only establishment agenda that I saw in that time was a jewish one. It came from Abby Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Krassner, Rammed Ass et al. The Jew York crowd. Provocateurs to turn the movement violent and yiddish. They succeeded.

    3. I've mentioned it before but my skeptic meter hit a new high with the Chicago 8/7 trial with some of the characters you mention. We talked about it a lot then. It was so absurd that we figured it was a fix and never viewed those guys the same ever again. We didn't know exactly what was going on but realized it was best to keep a skeptical eye on all 'leaders' of any movement from then on.

      'Rammed Ass,' I never heard him called that but the name fits. I have a 6 disc album by him, 'Love Serve Remember,' that I picked up at a flea market around 40 years ago. I'll sell it to you for a premium price if you ever get nostalgic. (grin)

    4. thanks. I bought a cd collection of Lenny Bruce about that time frame. I remember running to the bathroom about half way through it. Maybe we could organize a garage sale for all this leftover crap.

    5. Ram Dass' father was head of The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad which went thru my home town - he ran it into the ground and bankrupted it, I recall my mom saying.

      I met Abbie Hoffman in the late 80's - stood right next to him for about 30 minutes while he was telling about the activism his son was into - for example, getting rid of teen curfew laws in Seattle. I'm 5' 6" and he seemed to be a full head shorter. Maybe 5' 2" at the most.

  9. Kenny is a heavy duty link, thanks for that. This is all very interesting.

    Anyone who has read McGowan will inevitably realize the 60s movement had serious government backing. During those days the news papers and magazines such as rolling stone promoted the counter culture with withering debate over whether or not pot was harmful. Perhaps an unintended consequence of pot and mescaline, was leaving many with a new feeling that everything they had been told was a lie. Many music icons began disappearing or committing suicide. Today it has all morphed into total animalistic degradation with raves and ecstasy and rap noise. I agree with you and Tim, if it was an experiment, it did not turn out they way it was planned. I certainly began to think for myself during this period. Another thing which helped me was divine light mission, guru Maharaji Ji. Drugs were discouraged, everyone sat around in a circle and gave their version of events and the way things are. It was called satsang or speaking from the heart so to speak.

    The december 2012 date certainly shows a relationship to the birthday chosen for Jesus by the romans and a date picked by the ancient mayans for the beginning of change. I think the romans were unaware of this Mayan date however until the codex was deciphered in Germany. I have often wondered about McKenna. His time wave zero amazingly corresponds to the Chinese I-Ching. That is something the CIA could have used to develop the McKenna program. I don't wonder about the I-Ching.

    The Constantine version of the bible certainly could not cover all bases and we see serious contradictions with exhortions to follow government decrees and yet Jesus counseled his followers to sell their cloaks and buy a sword.

    "The authors are in disagreement about the use of mind-altering drugs. One believes that we do should not dismiss the potential of these substances as biological tools to open doorways of the mind, and possibly spiritual dimensions; but those who consider these substances as only spiritual tools often ignore their dark side and never consider that they can be easily used as much for control. "

    This passage attributed to Plato concerning the earth is amazingly like those attributed to Jesus in the Essene scrolls and very much like native indian philosophy and the Celtic/Germanic nature religions were almost universal at one point and I believe common sense for anyone who looks into it deeply. How can one not honor the earth which gives us life? This concept is still under attack however using such slogans as tree worshippers, new agers, hippies etc. It has morphed into the endgame of destroy the gulf, earth and build some pipelines.

    ". . the earth, as being their mother, delivered them, and now, as if their land were their mother and their nurse, they ought to take thought for her and defend her against any attack, and regard the other citizens as their brothers and children of the self-same earth. " Plato

    The quote by Plato implying sons born of silver and some of gold seems to imply alchemy being used among the Greek ruling classes. The peasants are consigned to being iron and brass. (today we could say they are teflon, fluoride and aluminum) You know we see this philosophy today among those who consider themselves the rulers of society in that modern day Jews still use their kiddush cups made of silver and gold in order to provide colloidal elements to the system. The 15th century alchemist, Basilius Valentinus advised to come with him to the center of the earth and find the philosopher's stone.

  10. While I was in the army in Germany there were many reports on arm forces radio indicating that various GIs were ending up in the hospital due to strange doses of LSD. If I recall they were saying communist east Germany was making the stuff!

    I know one black American in my unit went down town and supposedly some bar girls slipped LSD into his beer. He came back to the billets and they said was up all night raising cane. When I crawled out of the sack, the first sargeant and the capt were coming down the hall towards this guy who now had knife and was telling the first sargeant I am going to kill Willie, you mfer.

    Then he started screaming I want out of this mfing army. The first sargeant said don't worry son we are going to get you out!

    He was sent to the hospital and anyone who tried to visit, he just pulled the sheet up over his head and said get away from me! They transferred him to another place for about 6 months and then he came back. I was in front of the billets when he came back in the bus. Some of the GIs said, Lawrence did you have a good trip and he just laughed.

    By the way I used to drool over Grace Slick!!

    1. Bad drugs made by state actors and their assets always work better for control than any that might be perceived as any kind of positive. This has never ended and as you mention, fluoride etc. along with the big pharma ones are still the mainstays.

  11. Speaking once again of control however, I think the next big move will be limit gun ownership to anyone with a marijuana conviction, magic mushroom or perhaps anyone who has ever stated such a possibly in electronic communications or any sort. Remember NDAA, they don't need to bother proving anything any more. It is a type of (hey see what you said right here son) boom you can't be armed. The same end appears to lie in wait for anyone using anti-depressant drugs and that includes veterans returning from the wars. Many of them had PSTD and received some type of medication. Domestic disputes also enter the picture now, let a spouse simply say so and so shoved me. Here in Florida people who get in a fight where police were called are informed they were in a crime of violence and no gun for 3 years.

  12. I was remembering SF Dalancy St. clinic recently which seemed to come along in time to sweep up the meth heads during the end of the Haight Ashbury era. Nothing good lasts forever. I was a bubblegum popping JR higher so mostly only knew what my older brother told me about "life on the outside." Well so I was wondering whatever happened to the place and to my surprise it is now a mini city complete with restaurant, movie theater and a 3 year program for hardcore addicts, ex-convicts. Dalancy ST will take them straight out from prison. They want the illiterate and uneducated ethnic minorities. And prostitutes. There to cut the ribbon on the new digs were Diane Feinstein and Tony Blair....? I kept staring at the photo of them, it was a wtf photo to me.

    1. Diane Feinstein and Tony Bliar.....sheesh!!! A marriage made in Hell.

  13. Richard EdmondsonJuly 29, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    Hey Kenny, interesting post. I haven't yet had a chance to read Atwill and Irvin's article (I see it's quite long), but some years ago I read Martin Lee's book "Acid Dreams: LSD, the CIA, and the Sixties," which was published back in the 1990s. My own personal take on all this is that the CIA definitely did have a role in introducing psychedelics into certain American communities (which Lee documents pretty thoroughly), chiefly on the theory that it would be useful as a mind control technique, but that it proved so disappointingly ineffective for this purpose that it was later abandoned. I mean you can kind of see by how things turned out that it wasn't very useful toward that end, and may in fact have been quite counterproductive (from the CIA's perspective). Consider that opposition to the war in Vietnam and the drug culture became virtually synonymous with each other. I don't think the CIA planned it that way.

    As to why we're in a "dark age" now, that's easy: Jewish domination of media and the Israeli lobby's power in Washington.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Here's a pdf version of Lee's book if anyone would like to take a look.