Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sitting in a nest of bad men

Perp walk for Ryan Loskarn
Sometimes when hearing news from  DC, I'm reminded of that line from an old Hollies song.

Tennessee U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander's chief of staff Ryan Loskarn was arrested Wednesday, Dec. 11, by authorities on probable cause for possession and distribution of child pornography.

"Stunned, Surprised" said Lamar as he announced that Loskarn is gone along with his $169,000 a year salary. 

Either the 35 year old was set-up or he's a perverted fool. You mean to tell he was oblivious to the NSA and others sucking up everything he was doing online and that for a price or a whim he could be taken down? It's part of the game in the nest.

I've seen where some are already calling it a Democratic dirty trick but in the case of tricks it very well could be the big buck benefactors of the tea party who would like for Alexander to get beat in next years election. Guilt by association and poor judgement in picking his staff is a good technique. They think Lamar is not destroying the US fast enough and speeding up the transferring of more and more of our wealth into their pockets. Alexander's opponent of the moment in the Repub primary, Joe Carr, hasn't been able to raise enough cash to build an outhouse much less a viable campaign. We'll see if this scandal helps him. Alexander needs to go but but as usual, real choices are non-existent.

Ryan Loskarn is not married and it is unknown whether he prefers boys, girls or both.

We have to wonder why some of the child porn and pedophilia in our capital and elsewhere are exposed while so much is covered up. If the charges on Loskarn are true, you know there are many more involved, some at a much higher pay grade than Ryan.


  1. And maybe he was supplying Lamar with reading material.

    1. All of these warmongers and money worshipers are perverted in one way or another.

    2. Speaking of warmongers and money worshipers:

      Israeli To Officially Take Over as Vice Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

      Current Bank of Israel Chairman Stan Fischer Said to Be Next U.S. Federal Reserve Vice-Chairman Under Another Zionist Chairman

      We all know the Zionist banksters control the world money supply. This is NOT news. What is news is that they used to try to hide their occupation of the U.S. American money system by pretending to be Americans.

      Now? Screw it! This time they are just blurting it out!


    3. This man is doing the "perp walk". When are the criminals of 9/11 going to do the same?


    4. I can't answer that. We do know some of the suspects. As of right now we have no one to round them up.

    5. US defence budget includes additional military aid for Israel

      Lawmakers in the US Congress reached an agreement on Monday in both the House and the Senate on the proposed federal budget for 2014, which would allocate $520.5 billion for defence spending and $491.8 billion for non-defence.

      The defence budget includes an increase in military aid to Israel that will be given as private aid, thus it will be addition to the $3.1 billion dollars already given annually to Tel Aviv.


    6. from the article: "Reuters news agency reported that the additional military aid to Israel would exceed $500 million." That's probably low if the truth be known.

      Also related is Richard's latest...

  2. "We have to wonder why some of the child porn and pedophilia in our capital and elsewhere are exposed while so much is covered up."

    Very true.

    The well-connected are always protected by the spooks.

    - Aangirfan

  3. Here's the criminal complaint against Loskarn.

    Loskarn possessed a hard drive filled with "hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaged in sexually explicit conduct," according to the complaint against him.

    He allegedly did not respond when police knocked on his door with a search warrant on Wednesday. When authorities used a ram to force the door open, an investigator saw Loskarn lean out a second-floor window and appear to place something on the roof, according to the complaint. That object was later determined to be a portable hard drive that contained videos of both underage girls and boys being abused, the complaint says. Huff Po

  4. I'm usually wrong about these things (as I have no interest in them, actually), but I thought the big story on Alexander some time ago was that his staff was largely gay men. Remember the fundamentalist house they maintained in D.C. being full of bi-sexual Rethug reps?

    Anyone else remember this?

    Someone once reported that the NSA surveillance "really" was exposed because it had gone on for a very long time before in order to gather blackmail information and was mostly about sexual choice and sexual "perversions." Don't forget Bradley Manning's exposure.

    And John Kiriakou was a particularly tough case for them to make because he was just a heterosexual married man.

    Seems to be bearing out.

    Or I could be way off base.

    Thanks for all you do for us, Kenny.

  5. I don't think you're off base at all. I don't recall ever hearing at all about Alexander's staff until this event but obviously his chief of staff was gay and no doubt the senator was OK with him, till now. It's probably a bet that Alexander is blackmailed in some way, as they all are.