Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Speakers for Truth

A few speakers from the 'Seek Speak Spread Truth' conference held on November 23, 2013 in London. H/T to How Dare I.

Les Visible speaks about Metaphysical vs Material Truth

Kevin Schot tells his life story and presents his sustainable living project

Gilad Atzmon is talking about the 'open society' and its enemies and the continuum between Political correctness, Identity politics, Zionism and the New Left.

Gill Kaffash speaks about the use of accusations of anti-Semitism as a mean to suppress truth-seeking

It's possible there may be some more uploads from the conference later at Talifilms.


  1. Great stuff, Kenny! Thanks for putting it up here!

    1. Thanks Jody, all of them are fairly long but hopefully some will find them of interest.

  2. Switching gears...

    The Sandy Hook 911 tapes have been released today and are here in one place.Call # 3 mentions that the front glass is all shot out.

    Sherrie has some comments on them.

    When searching for the audio of the calls I ran across this article which includes a photo of what looks like an entry of a school with broken glass. Without saying so it looks like they are implying this is SH. As far as I know no photos of the alleged school broken glass has been released so this is a blatant deception.

    1. No, I had missed that the alleged photos of the shot out front glass were released several days ago Here. They are also being shown now on ABC News in the 911 tapes story.

  3. Very much appreciated, Kenny! Many thanks!

  4. I like Gilad - great saxophonist - but where I fall out with him is in his siding with Chomsky - apropos 9/11.
    Les was very enlightening....still sniffing - spitting my bad thoughts

  5. Sorry with Les Smoke and mirrors we get a lot of Mr. Apocalypse is coming and many excuses and run arounds of the catholic church and their involvement in pedophile rings.. Dog thinks it is a hit and miss rape now and then.

    Sorry this sounds like a Jesuit on his computer at the vatican, one who has no discernible job and a lot of time on his hands for "smoke and mirrors."

    He presents some very significant truths, yeah the jews are heavily involved in man y things that won't turn out for the benefit of mankind. They have also heavily infiltrated the vatican thousands of years ago. Their numbers are vast in the Jesuits, Loyola was Jewish, so was John Paul. We are pretty sure Benedict was, It sounds like a joke when you say is the Pope catholic ……… but he is not usually.

    Not impressed with his views on enlightenment. He prescribes abstinence just as the vatican does. Sorry this is the opposite of any eastern temple which is not afraid of the positive and negative of tantrayana. Mankind should not be afraid of the the attractions of male and female. It was considered fairly healthy until this modern age. It is the dance of nature when positive meets negative …. not denying nature. But then that is vatican… control

    Then there is the hare krishna he pumped for years. I can tell you that is one of biggest jokes ever perpetrated on American but it would take too long. I can paint a blue streak on my head but it doesn't mean I know anything more than you.

    Les is a weird trip I can do without.

    1. People have their own focus on things. I don't recall Vis being soft on the vatican or their pedophile rings, it's just not his main focus. It doesn't mean the vatican gets a pass. Historically they have been a plague with money and power being their god. The bottom line is the jew is still taboo. Catholic bashing was prevalent growing up, JFK lost to Nixon in democratic TN only because he was catholic. Many were up front about it although not very deep. Many were also wary of jews but always in my experience behind closed doors. They would boycott jewish businesses but say it's because their prices were too high.

      We have christian zionism, not christian vaticanism. I know cz's who say catholics run the government, media, hollywood, the bankiing system etc. For them the taboo and propaganda has worked.

      I think you are right that the vatican and talmudic elites have long been merged.

      I think my point is that no group should be off limits, that no subject should be taboo. If some want to focus on the jews, so be it, someone has to do it. Open the doors and let the debate happen but let's not in-fight without substantial evidence that relatively minor figures such as Vis, or you or me for that matter, are not what they project to be.

  6. There are Hitlerites and others who are impressed with Nazi Germany's dictatorship over and above the one they are under now. They neglect to mention that Eustice Mullins also described Hitler as a tool of Judaism although at the same time praising him greatly. It is all a big carnival show of alternative news. Stay on the Jews, build credibility and then deny common sense.

  7. curiously, the politically correct "Media" with their "Agenda" failed miserably to
    point out that the Apartheid "Jewish" state badly needs a Joe Slovo inspired Mandela...

    to make the Khazars do the EXODUS thingy back to Khazaria...

    oh, the irony. {Gold, Blood Diamonds}

    and now on to the New Pearl Harbor....agenda

    more better later


  8. Unsure where this comment should go. The Christmas tree as a Christian representation of Jesus Christ's (the Messiah's) birth actually came from paganism. It could very well have been pushed to become a commercial diversion away from Christ by Christian-hating Jews. It has worked, anyway! The Menorah is an historical, authentic representation of "the light of the world." The Menorah represents the holy lampstand that was in the original Temple. Jews are erecting Menorahs, like the huge one at the White House, to flaunt their control. But they do so in ignorance. Instead of outraged criticism which pleases these hateful Jews, the truth about the Menorah should be widely publicized at Christmas. Merry Messiahmas! Because Jesus Christ came as the prophesied Jewish Messiah to Israel first, but they rejected Him. So He became the "Light of the World" to everyone else. Is it anti-Jewish to tell their own historical truth? Let the light of the Messiah Menorah shine brightly!

    "One of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith is the menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum used in the Temple.

    It has been said that the menorah is a symbol of the nation of Israel and its mission to be "a light unto the nations." (Isaiah 42:6). The sages emphasize that light is not a violent force; Israel is to accomplish its mission by setting an example, not by using force. This idea is highlighted in the vision of the Prophet Zechariah who sees a menorah, and G-d explains: "Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit." (Zechariah 4:1-6)"