Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gates of Hell

The Hitman

So, Robert Gates writes a book which no one but wannabe traitors and criminal insiders would buy so he adds a little spice to his narrative and the media gives him diversion time and a plug. Without his 'criticisms' of Obama and Biden the yet to be released memoir would be soon delegated to the heavily discounted dustbin of mostly fiction and lies posing as fact. I won't bore you with the details, just read an article or turn on any news show and get the scoop. In essence it's one of those pot-kettle-black things that warmongers with something to sell like to throw around.

The Gates book, "Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War," would be more appropriate if titled "Dirty: Memoirs of a Cabal Criminal."

Gates was recruited as a spook in 1966 and never looked back. Neck deep in Iran-Contra and every other CIA/Pentagon scam during his career, Gates was the good little soldier of corruption whose last highlight was the fraud of the bin Laden 'killing'  where he got a front row seat in the photo-op.

Gates was officially out of government on 9/11 but once back in the game he was of course tasked with continuing the cover up. So, he deserves a seat at the table of defendants indicted for that crime along with most of his friends.

Criticism of Obama is easy. He deserves it and more but this prick Gates needs to crawl back into his hole and spare us his self-manufactured sainthood. He and his book can go to hell.


So if anyone is still thinking that Glenn Greenwald is a 'real' journalist and not an Israel firster hasbara 'take the money and run' agent, please raise your hand.

Not that many show of hands these days eh.
In Israel, Greenwald Reveals Whose Agenda He is Serving 

Glenn Greenwald Using “Snowden” Leaks, Shillin for Israel and … Jonathan Pollard

I'm glad that more people are aware of the NSA's criminality but where is this going to lead us? Is the Supreme Court going to rule that what they are doing is unconstitutional and shut it down? Is Rand Paul's class action lawsuit against the NSA with hundreds of thousands of names going to win? Is the blowback against the NSA going to result in a big false flag to 'prove' how much the spying is needed? Or will the whole uproar die without a bang but with a whimper and the people accept their slavery and surveillance as the new normal? I have hopes that the NSA will crumble under the weight of its own corruption and the will of the American people will prevail but we'll just have to stay tuned for the conclusion. The script is still a work in progress. 


  1. How can the NSA possibly 'crumble', when it has multitudes of satellite subsidiaries – Booz Allen Hamilton, subsidiary of the Carlyle 'investment' Group, among other corporations –, the FBI, CIA and data collected by foreign surveillance agencies, being fed to the NSA, with a whole lot else under independent management …

    Data collection / surveillance has become a veritable industry, with data figuring amongst the most versatile and profitable emerging markets, on so many levels [a new monetary unit of exchange, of a sort, perhaps?] Not to mention the political and military applications of blackmail and hacking capabilities.

    I have to admit, though, I enjoyed a good laugh, today, reading that California is raising the question of cutting off the water supply to the NSA, millions of gallons of water necessary to cool all that gigantic expanse of computer equipment.

    Talk about vulnerability, lol.

    But the NSA is liable to 'work it out'.

    1. Well, the NSA will not 'crumble' by just asking the admin, congress and courts to stop the data mining. It's going to take a lot more than that.

      You are so right, too much profit and criminal potential involved, especially blackmail. So what do we do? I don't think we can count on Jerry Brown to cut off the water but maybe there should be a CA ballot initiative this fall to do just that.

    2. So what do we do?

      I don't know that there's anything we can do. Global surveillance of telecommunications has been around since the 1950s [Echelon]. The internet and IT have merely improved the efficacy, breadth and storage capacities of the system.

      I begin to suspect, personally, that the 'release' of the details of the NSA's capabilities [if they're factual] could ultimately be a signal to Russia and China, for example –, a muscle-flex demonstration of Western financial and corporate power, at a time when the $US is being challenged in world markets.

      There come times when showing one's cards [or faking them] can bring considerable strategic advantage. Was the Stuxnet incident in Iran intended to reveal the extent of the NSA's ability to hack and destroy critical infrastructure – electrical grids, hydraulic systems, nuclear power plants? The NSA brags about its ability to hack into and compromise any number of foreign critical grids simultaneously; possessing a destructive potential as powerful as nuclear weaponry, but with the advantage of being much cleaner.

      Spine-chilling. All the more so since it is perfectly obvious that the globalized corporate capitalist system has run itself up against a steel-reinforced concrete wall, at this point. Something has got to give. What will it be?

      So many fret over the possibility of a third world war, without understanding that we're in the midst of it.

  2. "Well, the NSA will not 'crumble' by just asking the admin, congress and courts to stop the data mining. It's going to take a lot more than that." They won't stop what they have the power to do, and more.

    ENEMY OF THE STATE... (1998)

    1. Murdering opponents can be done in many ways that appear to be natural, such as was Breitbart's death. Or maybe even Tom Clancy's? Why would anyone who is any kind of a threat to TPTB think they would not be targetted for elimination?
      Atmospheric Lensing. A Weapon of Selective Destruction
      by Steven J. Smith
      Counter Measures:
      The best counter measure is "get out of the lensing beam path". Since the beam can be very narrow, changing locations within a room may be enough. Use the detector described above (1.4.1) to determine extent of beam path. However, do not expect more than a temporary reprieve. With the advent of GPS (global positioning satellite technology), the lensing beam can be repositioned quickly (within 20-30 minutes), and with remarkable accuracy. Basement locations (southeast corner in morning, southwest corner in afternoon) should provide some shielding. Concrete structures would also provide some shielding. However, please remember this weapon system is driven by the Sun, and is capable of truly awesome power levels. So far, the only restraint on it's use has been the need for stealth. If that need were set aside, the lensing beam could easily start wild fires across a 100 mile swath (October 2003, San Bernardino & Ventura Counties?), or even melt sand into glass. The North side of a mountain would provide an adequate shield, even at these extreme power levels. Long term, the best counter measure is public awareness of this weapon system. It's covert use on American citizenry is blatantly illegal. Those within (and outside) our government who authorized it's construction, and condone it's use, do so from the comfortable position of anonymity. Take away that cloak of secrecy and they will not long survive the public outrage their actions so richly deserve." [Note: I doubt very much that the last sentence is valid anymore.]

  3. Looks like HRM HIllary got to Gates and he's onboard with her planned takeover of the WH in 2017.

    Same with Rand Paul, he's just posturing for the upcoming presidential campaign. 'Wailing Wall' Paul will be another side show on our road to Perdition, courtesy of the Fed and Khazar Land Thieves.

  4. Read what can happen when a government is mostly honest.

    Bet the Wall Street banks and the City of London financial district are figuring out ways to 'relieve' Norway of this terrible burden!

  5. For I think almost 6 years I've been a member at the Daily Paul and would occasionally post things there. Mostly what was being ignored there, always within their guidelines and didn't link back to my blog here.

    Yesterday I posted this.

    Greenwald Tips His Hand

    which was the NSA links above. in my post. from Maidhc Ó Cathail and Scott Creighton. Questioning Snowden and Greenwald always tends to stir things up a the DP but there were some allies.

    Well, I've been banned. Someone doesn't like their 'heroes' challenged.

    No big deal. It's not the first time I've banned from an 'alternative site.

    Mouser was right. It was only a matter of time.

    Switts, thanks for having my back over there.

  6. Save your money on the Gates book. Just go to the back of the book and look up "Obama" and "Biden" references, read those and return the book to the bin. If you get the book for free, put it in the toilet paper cabinet.

  7. Gates is an example of how the CIA inserts itself everywhere. According to Gates' own ,gov bio he was recruited to CIA out of college in 1966 and and commissioned to the Air Force as an Intel Officer in 1967. Fletcher Prouty writes about these CIA in uniform types in "The Secret Team". Many so called military intelligence failures are actually CIA operations in disguise. And the CIA is in the business of doing the dirty work of monied elite. As long as there is a CIA there will always be power held by the monied elite.


  8. sorry you got booted from DP. Some good comments on that thread though. Almost makes it worthwhile. That's how I felt when banned from 9/11Blogger and ThinkProgress and Huffington Post...

  9. I crack up every time I see the situation room photo you posted. A higher resolution shows a bit more. The only laptop in the room hooked up to classified is the one in front of Biden. Notice the yellow cable matches the yellow sticker. The notebook that the AF general is typing on is behind the audio video media controller. Of course its a helmet mounted live feed. They had to shrink Obama to get him to fit where the striped burn bag would normally be. Look at the tiny chair back. Obama's tiny knee is supposedly up against the burn bag.The focal plane runs from Biden through Hillary and Clapper. Why have Hillary in focus when the POTUS is in the house? The thing was staged and they had to insert Obama after the fact. That is why Hillary has the briefing book in her lap. Either Obama was inserted or the rest of the people in that room have melon heads. Everything staged, everything bullshit.


  10. Just came across this snippet today....curious.