Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ukraine Blues

Pripyat funfair was due to be opened on May 1st. The Chernobyl disaster happened April 26th, 1986.
No one ever managed to ride the ferries wheel. It remains one of the most irradiated parts of Pripyat since the disaster, making it still dangerous today.

The regular folks of Ukraine, those very similar to you and I, have long been pawns in the geopolitical games of empire and contrived wars. From the banker created Bolsheviks and the ensuing Holodomor to the death of possibly 10 million citizens in banker created World War II to today's banker created 'revolution,' there has been little in the way of true peace. In between all this there was Chemobyl. April 26 was the 28th anniversary of the explosion heard 'round the world' and yet this disaster did little if anything to stop the proliferation of what could be called the most dangerous technology on earth, which is the offshoot of the nuclear weapons industry that threatens us in real terms at this very moment.

War crimes are now being carried out. Ukraine has cut off much of the water supply to Crimea. Mercenaries are being sent to eastern Ukraine.
The “Ukraine crisis” repeats a script as old as the Cold War. The narrative features rising attacks by corporate states and media on the traditional whipping boy of Russia. As usual, “escalating the crisis” is US-led. As usual, alarm about “increasing lawless aggression” is projection of US policy itself. In fact, one more US-directed violent overthrow of an elected government has carved off the biggest country of Europe from next-door Russia.

It is true that Ukraine – the biggest country and bread basket of Europe – has now been pried wide open for transnational Western banks, agribusiness, Big Oil and NATO to feed on. And it is true that all talk of “land grab” has been projected onto Russia even as US Greystone  and Blackwater mercenaries – now called “Academi” in the Big Lie lexicon – move on the ground in Ukraine as the US and NATO propagate ever more threats of force and embargo against “Russia’s aggression”.  Reverse blame is always the US geostrategic game. “Russia’s designs to take the whole of Ukraine” is again US projection of its own objective, as in the old days when “world rule plot” was attributed to the former USSR. Yet a line has been drawn at Crimea, and drawn again in Eastern Ukraine, and it is backed by a country that cannot be arm-twisted, propaganda invaded, or air-bombed with impunity. That is why the one-way threats never stop. It is the first line yet drawn by an historical power outside of China against the exponentially multiplying US-led private transnational money sequences devouring the world.
It is far from the first time but I am ashamed of my country. The government and media parrot lies without concern for the consequences. Most of the American people are silent or distracted or complicit. An old mostly now discarded document that mentions the right to the 'pursuit of happiness' is ignored in pursuit of money and power.

To borrow a phrase, "We are all Ukrainians now." Pawns whose lives are mere footnotes in the history of an ever expanding world order of death and slavery. If it doesn't give you the blues, stick around, it may soon.


  1. USAID Opens New Building in Kyiv
    October 2, 2012

    U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John F. Tefft, USAID/Ukraine Director E. Jed Barton and Assistant Administrator of the USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia Paige Alexander opened the new USAID building in Kyiv October 2 on the premises of the U.S. Embassy compound at 4 Aircraft Designer Igor Sikorsky Street. The event also marked the 20th Anniversary of the Freedom for Russia and Emerging [Eurasian] Democracies and Open Markets Act, or FREEDOM Support Act, which authorized the United States to provide assistance to the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union.

    “Over the past 20 years, the US Government has provided over $15 billion in assistance to these 12 countries, of which almost $3 billion has gone to Ukraine alone,” said U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John F. Tefft. “But to understand the impact, you have to go beyond the big numbers. You have to look at the number of people and societal institutions that have been helped by this assistance.”

    The bankers are running out of countries to loot, so it's time to try and bust open the Mother Load, Russia, and to hell with the consequences.

    If it takes setting off WWIII to protect the FED's funny money, thy will be done!

    1. USAID = CIA = the interests of the masses of the people be damned. They run out of techniques so repeat and rinse. I don't know what to expect next but we may soon find out.

  2. Take a look at the ethnic mix of the Chicago area and for every 2% worth ethnic, put a flag on their homeland. I have not done so because I want to believe in peace, however if I was a betting man. I myself live in an area that probably has a few political adventurers. The bloody cold Northern Plains, that is. Please a visit to the homeland and on your dime.

  3. Seen lots of articles of this type,but this one is very good- avoids the usual left-right kabuki shit.

  4. I am ashamed of my country too, actually both of them. Canada for supporting the 'war effort' in what is said to be the liberation of the Ukrainian people; and Germany for towing the party line by provoking Russia through sanctions.

    It is an absolutely insane scenario where only the bankers and a few big businesses can win. But who cares about the peasants, right? I guess, to implement the New World Order, every social advancement accomplished after the Industrial Revolution needs to be in ruins for us to beg for global oversight and governance. 'Thank you, Master, peace finally. We will obey.'

    The only big player in this world McMurtry seems to have missed out on is ... drumroll please ... The Nuclear Industry. They are the ones making the planet unlivable for human and all other life at an exponential rate. The local wars are bad but they are still somewhat local. Bring in the nukes and we are down to 500Mio in no time. But people can't see the contamination by radioactive elements and their consequences. So, what can't be seen, touched, smelled, heard or felt doesn't exist, does it.

    Sorry, Kenny, for my outburst. Maybe I'm not doing the good professor enough justice. But when he mentions banks, big oil, big agri and nato, where is big nuke?

    1. Also big pharma, big opium, lab created and unleashed diseases, geo-engineering etc. but who's counting. Depopulation requires a multifaceted approach.

  5. If they're really going to "depopulate" the planet like Alex Jones memes, then wouldn't they start in China and India rather than the much less populated areas of the planet? And why not just come up with a chemical to put in a food that most people eat that makes people infertile? That would do the trick & it wouldn't be hard to do. No need for all the rest of this slow-kill or fast-kill stuff unless it's for some other reason. The way I see it, they're not out to "depopulate" so much as control people like slaves and make sure they do not become too physically or mentally healthy and therefore balanced, just healthy enough to be able to do about 50 years of slave work chasing the carrot or avoiding the stick & then, having spent most of their money to cure manufactured sicknesses they otherwise would not have had, dropping dead without causing the power structure any problems. At the same time they're not necessarily averse to "health" foods and healthy philosophy breeding strong members of the human race that create things they can plunder in the win-lose dialectic of institutionalized collectivism pretending to be based on individual rights called democracy. The elites are smart, crafty and treacherous, but they're not creative, they're parasites, so they have to let a certain percentage of people escape the 'matrix' to a degree. As long as they stay in the minority and cannot put their knowledge into political action to dethrone them, it's a good deal for them, since their legalized counterfeiting will provide most of the capital for the ventures of these creators and they can always rig it so at the end of these people's creative they will own the means of production of the fruits of their labor. One failed business venture and they own whatever was pledged as collateral against their funny money printed out of thin air.

    ~ Negentropic MK I

    1. I tend to agree with all you say but do think the slow-kill has been in place for a good while. I don't know but reports are that some GMO's have been engineered to sterilize. Food, especially the good stuff, keeps getting higher with no end in sight. Conventional medicine only works sometimes. etc. etc. Maybe only the strongest, smartest will live a long life and as long as they stay in line.

    2. The whole "population reduction" meme from Alex Jones on down is simplistic and flawed. It's always about control, never about 'numbers.' If they really cared about their 'living space' staying luxurious & unmolested (not that they have anything to do with common rabble on a daily basis, jetting from place-to-place), they wouldn't leave the borders open in the USA for 30 million illegals to just walk in. Plus, the more developed a nation gets, the more the birth rate FALLS, so by developing India and China, they are already reducing the population. All this stuff is about control and maintaining power. Actually you could argue that in some places having MORE people maintains their power better and they are engaged in increasing populations. China and India have so many people that, as a result of the destitution caused by reproducing without planning for the sustenance of your offspring beyond a bowl of rice, there is much less value put on the individual human life, Therefore, they have their vast slave plantations & corporate barracks that are now 'voluntary' and no longer called slavery.

      Before the Law - Franz Kafka read by Orson Welles

      The JFK Zapruder film fakery and how it relates to 9-11 and other PsyOps:

      ~ Negentropic MK II

    3. Alex Jones has nothing to do with it. I'm not touching his rants with a ten foot pole. The elite is certainly not creative in a life sustaining way, but they are very creative in the destruction of human life and societies. For what end? I don't know. If they are some parasitical 'life form' trying to terminate the human experience they are well on their way. And with their slaves gone all their money won't do them any good either.

      I just came up with a few points for one money making entity.
      More and more people are chronically sick = money for pharma
      Factory farming, use of hormones and antibiotics = money for pharma
      Radioactive contamination of our food and bodies, cancers = money for pharma
      GMO foods, pesticides, glyphosate, people sick = money for pharma

      That doesn't even touch the banks and their usury or govts overtaxing people so they can't make a decent living anymore and feed their families. Where are the jobs? Where is our opportunity to live the life we want, not what the authorities tell us.

      No, that slow-kill is definitely happening. I think we have to consider other dimensions. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. Trying to explain what has been going on here for a while, is trying to explain a black hole. I don't think they have figured that one out quite yet. At least not in the market place.

  6. I wonder who the controllers have tapped to replace Kerry. Nuland perhaps?

    Talk about predictive programming. On season 1, episode 2, a State Department secretary nominee named "Kern" was lambasted by press for his anti-Israel position. What was that position? He was the editor of a college paper in 1978. Someone, not he, wrote an editorial that likened Israel's presence in the West Bank as an occupation. And as the editor, he would have needed to approve it. So you know how that will end with "Kern"

    Bonus. The writer of the editorial is a nowadays a "conspiracy blogger" who likes to snort cocaine and lives with a hooker.

    The director of the episode is David Fincher (Fight Club and Se7en) He got his start with Propaganda Films doing music videos.

    The old cliche "you can't make this stuff up" is wrong. You can. Make this stuff up.


    1. You must be talking about 'House of Cards.' I haven't seen it but did take a look after a search at the Kern character. Besides predictive, I think it's also to get us to accept whatever the ptb do.

      My wife's favorite show is Scandal and we always watch it. Probably similar to HoC. A soap opera but exposing much of the DC, CIA, shadow gov corruption and murder. We just nod our heads and say yeah, sounds about right.' Mostly rubbing it in our face and laughing that we will never do anything about it.

    2. House of Cards yes. Sorry about that. I was referring to the brouhaha over Kerry and the apartheid statement. I think it is a warning to others who might be say the wrong thing or appear to question the "special relationship".

      That POS Cruz was really campaigning hard for his masters. I do hope and actually believe this is all going to come back and haunt these Israeli Firsters, as more and more people catch on to the propaganda. I see it a lot in comments.


    3. How anyone could fall for the Cruz scam is beyond me. Look up his 'preacher' father. It's a freak show. Yes, comments all over are very telling. The taboo is being broken.

    4. @ "The old cliche 'you can't make this stuff up' is wrong. You can. Make this stuff up."

      Exactly. You can. Make this stuff up.

      They literally script quite a lot of this stuff, including most of the so-called supposed media screw-ups or miraculous 'returns of conscience' (as opposed to lapses of conscience for more-or-less honest folks) by high-profile figures. The reason they play this farce with Kerry is not because a complete asswipe like Kerry actually means what he says and gives a rat's ass about the Palestinians but because they want the millions of people who read or hear this story to know that if they do similar things to what Kerry did in this acted farce, open their traps about Israeli crimes against humanity, they are likely to be disciplined likewise. The message to the public from both the Kerry and Sterling/Tacowitz chardes is: listen, you rabble, you had better think twice before you open your traps about Israel or black people, regardless of how Jews or Blacks behave. If we can spank powerful and rich people like Kerry & Sterling/Tacowitz in the press until they grovel, what do you think we can do to a peon like you? Don't even think about making a 'racist' or politically incorrect statement of any kind and keep your mouth shut or else risk serious consequences to your life of unmitigated bourgeois cowardice. You have no right to your 'hate speech,' regardless of what facts you can back it up with.

      And, at this point, it should be obvious that all you really need to make your own 'his-story' is a Hollywood studio, plenty of legal funny-money to both keep all the whores in luxury (Bush, Obongo, Dan Rather, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Rick Leventhal, etc.) and buy all the muscle you need to intimidate them if they decide to step out of character and some actors to act in your stupid fear-mongering disaster movies or mostly media-faked PsyOps. No matter how absurd these movies are, as long as you call it 'news' and put a silly CNN or FOX logo on the bottom of the screen, most people will believe it. Total control of the mass media takes care of the rest, since ALL the silly-logo channels run the same BS until it's psychically driven into billions of brains, humble, arrogant and every other deluded shade in-between, and the PsyOp conditioning takes full effect in the mass subconscious. Once that happens, it becomes extremely difficult for most people to decondition themselves enough to get anywhere near the truth, since, as long as they keep watching their idiot box or the mainstream of their internet, the PsyOp is reinforced daily in many ways and from the most unsuspected sources, such as children's programming, & every step in the right direction towards deconditioning starts to feel like an uphill battle not worth the effort, so much so that until something literally threatens people's lives, those steps are postponed.

      ~ Negentropic MK IV

  7. Alex Jones has no credibility. His wife is a Jewess; it wouldn't surprise me if he was a federal informant.

    1. The principle to keep in mind with regard to AJ & literally everyone else in the half-truth movement is: direct agent or useful ego/idiot the result is the same: shillery. Some shill more, some shill less, but everybody shills sooner or later, if only due to incomplete knowledge. Whenever someone pushes a bunch of bullshit because pushing the truth would hurt whatever agenda they've built up, they're shilling. Plenty of these egos & fools & agents in the jew-wise movement too. It matters not if a reptilian has employed them or their own ego or naivete. What matters is whether they correct these shilleries or not once the facts become available to them. The biggest shills refuse to correct any of their shilleries until they are literally forced to do it by public opinion turning against them within the alternative media readership.

      ~ Negentropic MK III

  8. just be glad you are not a "Jew" in the Ukraine...
    according to the Jerusalem Post things are going to get really ugly
    by ....Le Weekend...