Sunday, August 10, 2014

We're all being taken for a ride

Yazidis being taken for a ride?

I've been searching for any photos or videos that can be even semi-verified that show damage to ISIS from US bombing in Iraq. So far I haven't found any. The best we have is said to come from Centcom and they don't show much. Help me out here if you know of any.

I'm reminded of when we started bombing the empty mountains of Afghanistan right after 9/11 saying we were going after the elusive cave complex of bin Laden. It was show time.

Aangirfan has an article that covers some of what I've been thinking... Obama Won't Kill Mossad Agents. Basically the US operation against ISIS is show time once again.

Whatever the situation, the truth and the numbers of Yazidis (and Christians) being used in this psyops, does anyone really think that there are any leaders involved in 'saving' them who really give a damn? Of course not. Expendable pawns always serve a purpose in the bigger agenda.

While Barry (it's a long term project) Obama is on yet another vacation, two members of the cabal, opposing party members but on the same side, Diane Feinstein and Peter King warmonger and cry how ISIS is a direct threat to the US. They're coming here next. Rinse, repeat and repeat again.

Break out the hellfire missiles mama. Pound 'em into the sand. We'll make more.  And get those false flag plans in order...just in case they're needed. There ain't no profit in peace. Just ask a big banker.
The bankers have been running a scam and causing wars for hundreds of years at everyone else's expense including at times their allies in the major churches, the aristocracy and the major industrialists. At any time throughout history and up to the present day, the bankers are at risk of being exposed, overthrown and put in jail. That risk will not go away until they control every country and every central bank in the world. So they are hell bent on controlling the world and cannot give up that quest while ever they have a dollar in their pocket to buy people with and breath in their body to tell lies.

No Society Wants You To Become Wise
 "if people are wise, they cannot be exploited. . They will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them. . . The moment they start using their intelligence they become dangerous . . . In fact, a wise man is a fire, alive, a flame. He would rather die than be enslaved"


  1. Excellent post. No evidence that Obama is going to hit its friends in IS/ISIS/ISIL. No evidence that the CIA ever attempted to arrest bin Laden.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Of course part of the ISIS tale is oil. The Kurdish are allied with Israel as well as with some big oil companies, aren't they? Israel wants that oil and at a very good price.

    Here's Brandon Turbeville's take and excerpts.....

    "The fact is that al-Qaeda, IS, and the other related terrorist organizations function as the CIA’s Arab legion. They are used to weaken and overthrow governments as well as to act as a constant bogeyman for populations back home so that civil liberties and Constitutional rights will be sacrificed willingly for the perception of security.

    When these proxy armies begin to endanger oil production or any other project of the world oligarchy, however, they are eliminated and the threat that they pose is neutralized."

    That may be correct but another scenario is that after a lot of ordnance is blown up in the empty desert, ISIS will be called back by their handlers and head to another area. There are already reports that they are retreating. Moving assets around is fairly typical in any criminal enterprise. Syria is still on the table as well as Lebanon and beyond.

  3. Kenny, I did the same search, probably found the same thing, decided it was impossible to tell if if it was real or if it wasn't some piece of footage from one of the other 152 times we've bombed something in a dry desert environment. The Satanic folks in charge are just going to ram this one home and they are going to keep on ramming until they are the only things left standing.

  4. Read a few headlines...US is backing the "president" of Iraq" not al Maliki the PM. It was always in the cards that the US was going to change horses in midstream....ISIS is a mossad/CIA construct. They don't trust leaving Iraq to the Iraqis so they have to create more instability. Hey, if nothing serves as a cautionary tale to the rest of the Middle East countries...and the world.

  5. It is indeed Showtime. It is all crap. Why black out the date, time, geolocation, and frame stamp? I think it would show something other than what is depicted. Was the lock on received on the ground acquisition from a TACP? If so, then that TACP was pre-positioned and the narrative of "helping the Yazidis" is BS. An FA-18 self acquiring an artillery piece from stand off range is hard to "imagine" as well. But I usually lack imagination when it comes to these things. Laser guided means it was laser guided by something.

    As for other Showtime stories we have the Hipster Jihadi AKA Islam Yaken . When effectively employing that "sword" you gotta maintain a solid core. Go to his VK page to see him sharing his workout videos while working on his law degree. Well, youtube used to have them but now you get the "this video does not exist" despite the thumbnail picture of the video. Before he went with the sideshow bob look of the Hipster Jihadi, he sported a full beard no stache look. I can't help but notice a comparison to the CCTV footage/stills of the recent- Islam-convert-stabs-French-Soldier-Woolwrich-copycat-psyops conducted last year.

    The corparrot news talking heads will continue to spread fear that the oh mighty ISIS Jihadis will plant a flag in New York some day if not dealt with, as if they really exist. Fauxlternative media sites like Zero Hedge will have articles from STRATFOR and the Institute For The Study of War and not mention that Kagan was Gen Betrayous's handler and implemented the "Surge" that the NEOCONS and other war pigs said was so effective and we should have "stayed the course" up to now. Michelola Obama's top partner (maybe he is the bottom in that relationship, I don't really know) will keep saying we were all surprised by the "rise" of ISIS and due to Intelligence Failures did it happen. No one will mention (other than Aangirfan) that McCain bedded down with the fancy wrist watch wearing Bad Guy Daddy when he was tapped to play a bit part in the Free Syria Army are the good muslims photo op. But we will get lots of stories about him "saying I will see you in New York" when he departed Abu Ghraib.

    Welcome my friends to the show that never ends, come inside, come inside.


    1. Thanks Aris. You always cut through the BS.

  6. Monday, 11 August 2014

  7. I was just thinking about the expression "The Revolution with not be televised" but will be tweeted to us in "newspeak" terms in 140 characters or less. I stopped by Zero Hedge to see what they are pushing today. Notice the search terms at the beginning of the article are Twitter and Twitter. Maybe there is something to that synchronicity stuff after all.

    We will be getting close when you see #doubleplusgood and see footage of Gazan children and east Ukrainian housewives getting laser guided humanitarian kinetic visitations. And retweeted to #Bellyfeel.

    Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are #Unpersons. Who?

    You have to wonder why twitter is pumped and legitimized so much. Why is there so much attention given to tweets and followers? Who gives a shit about social media in general. I just post long HD videos of kittens doing stupid shit to clog up system. I tag random people different made up names when I get a chance. And never let anyone "tag" me.

    Like if you agree with me. (grin)


    1. Aris, I think you are kidding yourself if you think you can play the game as some kind of social anarchist with a wry twist of your smile and a twinkle in your inner self that allows you to play tag. I'd like to see you up in front of the man and the woman whom I saw gently de-construct street tough kids from the Bronx and separate them from their destructive way of looking at things, taking the chip off his shoulder and replacing it with some form of loving and supportive insight. They took the punk down, and then they stood there and held him with verbal support and brought him back up the ladder to the point where he could stand on his own two feet and walk -- head up -- with as surety as to who he was.

      I just posted some material at BoyDownTheLane from a year ago that discussed the DARPA game Swarm, a another high-end bit of social engineering.

      Here's the point: By playing the game under your very own hidden rules, you are nevertheless playing their game. If you think you are de-constructing their game, you are mistaken. The only way to play is to withdraw from their game and invent your own that others will want to play with you and which has some kind of positive purpose in terms of building something lasting. You can't tear down their destructive machine because you can't match their money, wits, software, control or plan.

    2. Sullen Boy

      In the off chance you are not familiar with Faciabook. Faciabook tries to get you to "tag" a face in every picture you post or look at. Its their attempt to populate their databases with various facial recognition instances. They want to have every face in every picture identified to who it is. They even default to their best guess and will fill in the Faciabook name if it is recognized and in your friends list. You actually have to delete their their "tag". So even if their best guess is wrong, they get a benefit of removing that erroneous recognition. If you are familiar with Faciabook, and still believe I am playing their game by not wanting my face "tagged" or mismatching faces to gum up their facial recognition system, we will have to disagree on who is being kidded.

      As far as deconstructing some kid and subsequently building them back up, I will leave that to the experts and the professionals. That is a game for which I am unfamiliar, to borrow a sports quote. I know my limitations.

      With a twinkle in my inner self and wry twisted smile, I say, if you have a Faciabook account, then look me up and request me as a friend. I will totally accept you. (wink wink)

      And if everybody posted a 10gb meow meow video, they would soon have to build another Bluffdale facility to store it all and perhaps slow down any searches. I don't have any illusion that I can match the control system. But I might be able to put a file to a cog tooth or two.


    3. Aris:

      I don't do Facebook. I haven't gone near Facebook since it was first suggested I go there in 2008. It smelled back then of spookiness; now it reeks. You will find my face there, but I didn't put it there. And no one really knows or cares, especially me. I've recommended people stay away from the place for years, and have frequently posted the reasons why. Posting 10 gB meow meow videos isn't going to chip away at anything since Moore's Law has had a 45-degree linear angle since 1971 and the folks who run it have elves working underground at fiat money presses to pay for it. If you want to go out and blow up the water intake system for the Bluffdale installation, that'd be chipping away in a meaningful fashion as well as highly illegal, highly dangerous, and suicidally insignificant. And Facebook is just the more currently powerful example of the mega-social-engineering game being played. Baseball got supplanted by football, and soccer boasts more followers. Good music died, and even sex isn't what is once was.

  8. Hold is my good side Although it is translated as being a pro-Russian separatist. I think it shows that it is all just a show. Or...

    "It's just a ride.

    But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that"


  9. Hi Kenny

    good post- are we being taken for a ride, I suspect as much

    "I've been searching for any photos or videos that can be even semi-verified that show damage to ISIS from US bombing in Iraq. So far I haven't found any"

    There was one video I had seen, making the rounds, of the initial bombing- but I have seen nothing sense
    And the Yazidi's? The Kurds known as Yazidi's
    The image you used? Notice no dust from the wheels?
    It's not moving
    Looks to be a photo op
    The other images from the Telegraph? I think? It's linked at my place
    Did you see the Toyota Truck? On the move
    ISIS has a whole slew of white Toyota trucks as do the Kurds- what's up with that?
    Are the Kurds part of the "ISIS" gang- would not doubt it for a bit
    Are their Kurds in the Sinjar mountain- being genocided? no
    There is another motivation for the 'humanitarian' drops to the mountains
    But, isn't there always?

    1. Hey Penny, we're on the same page. Nothing is as being portrayed.

  10. Cr-ISIS! What cr-IS-is?

  11. Truth Is The New Hate Speech

    Official Public Discourse in America: Censorship and Orwellian “Double Think”, “Publicity of the Unspeakable”

    And it's not just official public discourse. There are also people within the "alternative media" who, depending upon the truth being told and whose belief system is being exposed, prefer that the truth-teller shut up, or at least be ignored.

  12. boy you can say that twice, eckspschully on Wodensday....
    so exactly how did the Gog & Magog "Jewish" so-called STATE!
    manage to pull the word
    "Israel" out of the June of 1948...?

    on what stool sculpture did the first "Jew" ooze onto...just out of curiosity ?
    {see any BIBLE verses?}


  13. "They Pulled Me Back In"

    By Eric Margolis

    August 16, 2014 "ICH" - Armed humanitarianism 2.0. That’s our new western version of old-fashioned 19th century imperialism, now feminized by President Barack Obama’s lady advisors, painted pink and accompanied by the kind of soft piano music you hear in ads for women’s products.

    Last week, the Obama administration latched onto the plight of Iraq’s Yazidis who were being persecuted by those awful ISIS folks – just in jolly good time to divert attention from the massacre in Gaza.

    How handy. All three US networks and the increasingly shackled BBC were ordered to drop Gaza reporting and refocus their camera teams on the suffering Yazidis and, all of a sudden, Iraq’s fleeing Christians.

    This was a brilliant media ploy. The world, which was furious at the US for enabling Israel’s savaging of Gaza and killing of almost 2,000 Palestinians, switched its attention to the hitherto unknown Yazidis, and to Iraqi Christians. No one in the US had ever heard of Yazidis but that was ok. Uncle Sam to the rescue.

    No mention was made that Iraq’s Christians had been safe and sound under President Saddam Hussein – even privileged – until President George Bush invaded and destroyed Iraq. We can expect the same fate for Syria’s Christians if the protection of the Assad regime is torn away by the US-engineered uprising. We will then shed crocodile tears for Syria’s Christians.